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Hello, I?ve got problem with my 3 Stage Filter Design in matlab (for a Delta-Sigma Modulator), it would be great if someone could help! The delta-sigma modulator has an input signal of 1kHz and wir OSR = 512 an output of 1 MHz. So I decided to do a 3 stage Filter: CIC w. 1 Bit input (decimation factor R = 128), CIC Compensator and a pol
Need C source code for Radix-22 FFT decimation-in-frequency algorithm. Need matlab code for Radix-2 FFT decimation-in-frequency algorithm.
Hi all, I want to design filter to implement on FPGA with a mentioned parameters in subject but when i am starting to design it on matlab fdatool, it gives very high order filter result, and when i decrease or set by myself upto 10 order its impulse response is not good as i want. Any idea will be highly appreciable. Regards, Umair
hi , any one have done this project before?? i am not getting the delta sigma modultor simulink(matlab) plzzz help meee:-?:sad:
Hello Everyone I designed a FIR Low Pass Filter (decimation Filter) for Delta Sigma modulator in matlab, After decimation filter the output is in the range of 0.5 to -0.5 (input to adc is sine wave, and calculated ENOB~11). I got confused because to my understanding if ENOB are let suppose 8 then your input will be divided to 2^8 levels (...)
hello Eminent.Engineer, I hve also designed a delta sigma ADC and i calculate the SNR order to caculate the SNR after the modulator you must make the fast fourier transform function (FFT) by matlab after the modulator. About the decimation,until now i have designed the complete ADC in Smulink (matlab) then by using CADENCE, i only designed t
i also need to ask if anyone have successfully tried interfacing matlab simulink with circuit level design. is that possible? i intending to create schematic design with ltspice and out bit stream to pump into my simulink decimation filter block the derive the output. wonder if anyone have already done it and is that possible??
I need help in my project. it's about sample rate conversion in matlab for a wav file I've done a few steps and I need someone to help me with the rest. >> =wavread(' .wav') >>sound then I need to write the instruction z=2y then sound(z,Fs) but it gives me error !!
If someone has used Delta Sigma Toolbox (Scherier or Malcovati) for modeling Delta Sigma ADC in matlab then kindly I need guidance. I want to model second order Delta Sigma modulator and decimation filter in matlab with non-idealities and couldn't know how to utilize these toolboxes for modeling. Any help in this r
I want to design Delta Sigma ADC in matlab but following are few questions/problems, any help/suggestion/guidance will be highly appreciated. 1. Continuous Time Delta Sigma or Discrete Time Delta Sigma. Why ? 2. What MASH ADCs are ? Pros and Cons 3. How to use available matlab toolboxes ? any tutorial etc 4. before starting design in (...)
You can do the FFT computation with matlab and Fixedpoit Toolbox for bit true modeling.
Hi, I have a project called "pitch detection using LPC parameters with matlab code".The input voice is lowpass filtered a cut off frequency of about 900Hz and then the sampling rate (nominally 10kHz) is reduced to 2kHz by a decimation process.The decimated output is than analyzed using the autocorrelation method with a value of p=4 for the filter
how can I decimate an image horizontally by using the following filter: .But I should do this first apply the filter to the rows and then down-sample the columns by 2. please provide me with the code. thanks.
hello friends, can any person tell me ' how to implement 7000pt radix-2 fft?' without using in matlab built function
Can't you look at the frequency response in matlab. You've completely speced out the filter above (3rd order, D=256, CIC).
hello i need some matlab programes to impliment radix2 & 4 decimation in freq & time ,&split radix. have any code ? do me a favor! post it to me. (i cant access to!!!!!!)
Hi I have been trying to calculate FFT based on Radix-4 in Excel. Also I have been comparing my result with matlab. But I am stuck at the moment because I felt something did not seem to be correct. Please find the attached file. Any help would be appreicate MM
my Rf signal is 102.3 Mhz and it is fed to mixer and I need IF as 5Mhz so i set the local ocillator to 97.3Mhz to obtain the 5Mhz that is my IF. I have to pass this IF through low pass filter and then decimation and obtain the same IF frequency as 5Mhz. But my sampling frequency is 409.8Mhz for filter so i have to reduce to 20.49Mhz. so i hav
My IF is 5Mhz. I need to reduce my sampling frequency 409.8Mhz to 20.48 Mhz by using FIR lowpass filter, so i am decimating it in 2 stages , first time i am using cic filter and decimation factor 5 then i will get the new sampling frequency 81.9 which is given to half band filter by decimating factor 4 then we will obtain finally 20.48
Can one show me CIC filter(cascade of integrator comb filter) matlab code? I want to design a Sinc^2 comb filter followed by sigma-delta ADC. It is 1-bit input , 16-bit output decimation filter. How can I bulit and setting a CIC SIMULINK model? pls help me, thank you!
Hi, I am designing a decimation filter for sigma delta ADC. I have read some materials, and my design consists of 3-stages. 1 CIC filter, 1 CIC compensator and 1 halfband filter, with oversampling rate 128, input bitstream (1 bit). The output will be 16bit. I designed the filter in matlab, and with floating point precision, everything wor
Hi all, I need to implement a CIC decimator in an FPGA in fixed-point format. Everything works fine in floating point format in matlab simulations. I am now translating the design from floating point to fixed point, and have to design the bit width of each integrator and differentiator. I know the bitwidth at output can be calculated by Bmax
how to write the matlab code for decimation filter...consisting of one comb filter followed by two fir to start ...and which points to b considered for the design...
hi, how to build sigma-delta a/d converter in get the output in digital form to be fed to the decimation filter stage....
why you select matlab code in subject? I think if you request verilog code in the subject, you have better results. anyway,take a look at this:
Dear All, I need a matlab code that generates Kasami sequence. or how I can implement the the decimated version of the m-sequence to implement the Kasami code?? thanks in advance,
see the matlab online help and any d.s.p book
use fdatool in matlab to design ur filter quantize it to the required data format and generate a verilog/VHDL code + test bench. it would be really simpler to verify. regards srinivas The decimation filter is a multistage filter. Because I design each stage separately. How the testbench of the decimation filter be
Hi, I am trying to develop a function in matlab to calculate FFT using DIF RADIX 2. In order to test it , firstly I am working with a signal with length =8 x= . Unfortunatelly it is not returning the correct result, I cant find what is wrong with the algorithm. If somebody realise what is wrong in the code below, please let
>>How to determine the delay of the filter Check phase response of the filter in matlab, if it is almost linear, you can find time delay as phi(rad)/(2*pi*f(rad/sec)) Or you can check time group delay :-) In matlab too :-) Be careful - time group delay is defined as D(phi)/D(2*pi*f), where D(.) is derivative
in matlab Library there are CIC decimation block. I characterize it as my project application. now I want to give to this block Random digital input and see the output. Question : what kind of input should I give to it from matlab library ?
Hi I hope to answer to this question! In matlab Simulation for 4 stage CIC ( Cascade Integrator Comb filter ) filter ther are 4 stage Integratot and 4 stage Comb filter . these stage connect together by 1 sampling switch which decrease the sample frequency rate under decimation factor. in my project sampling switch should switch every 2
Now, I'm focus on the sigma-delta ADC, when I study the part of digital filtering, I found that the FIR filter uses convolution to implement decimation and digital filtering, I think the output must be a discrete signal (I simulated it under matlab), but the ADCs' output must be digital signal? who can tell me what happened? 3x.[/quo
Now, I'm focus on the sigma-delta ADC, when I study the part of digital filtering, I found that the FIR filter uses convolution to implement decimation and digital filtering, I think the output must be a discrete signal (I simulated it under matlab), but the ADCs' output must be digital signal? who can tell me what happened? 3x.
Who have experience in implementing a digital receiver (DDC) in FPGA? I'm searching books/documents/ etc. etc. about it? Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
Help file of matlab on dsp and filter design is another excellent introducing about different filter theory and design.