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Hi, This question has asked before: <- What I do: I use the plane wave excitation in CST MWS and then transfer the results to matlab, using the Resultreader.dll. For my project it is important to remove the Plane wave excitation from the grid. Everything is done in half space at a fixed freq
Hi all, I have been trying to interface matlab with rs232 i came across this I downloaded the GetSerialData.cpp file, GerSerialData.dll and StdAfx.h. I put the files in the same directrory as the link above suggests. I get to a point where the program asks to select a compiler, I typed matlab t
Hello all...i am trying to interface microchip pic 32 usb starter kit pc using matlab....i am finding difficult how to identify the port that was connected to PC and to write the matlab code for the interface...if anyone have information please post the reply
hi all i need to download wfdb-10.4.dll to use within rdsampl utility to convert the binary ecg file into txt format using matlab .... any help plz?
I am attempting the text2speech toolbox. I try to use it..i found error as below: >> text2speech('You can emphasis text.'); ??? Error using ==> loadlibrary at 480 There was an error loading the library "C:\Users\sakurarandom\Documents\matlab\text2speec h\wgText2Speech.dll" C
matlab is good for converting and programming all kind of files that need to be translated to machine language so a controller can run. a dll file is a link file between windows programs and it does nothing , and has no info that will make the controller do something.
Is it possible to have a code in C and its GUI in matlab
Use Inpout32.dll (url Inpout32.dll for Windows 98/2000/NT/XP ) in matlab
Hello every one. i have .lib and .dll files, can any one tell me how can i access it in matlab? or whats the procesure to access it...? am waiting for your answers. thanks
Hello, i've got a question if the new versions of matlab support also the compilation to .dll files? Versions prior to 2007a did it without any problems, but the next ones by using the compilation command generate the .mex32 file. Can I find it anywhere in the options and set to generate .dll? Regards Marcin
You can call functions in a dll from matlab. Google inpout32.dll for interfacing the parallel port.
When I try to compile the file "loadsig.c" the following error apears: >> mex loadsig.c -output loadsig.dll Microsoft (R) Incremental Linker Version 9.00.21022.08 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. D:\temp\mex_XnKl3r\loadsig.obj LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'loadsig.mexw
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen :D, I am trying to integrate matlab(/Simulink) with Labview. I could download only a pdf file (attached with this is not very useful.'Coz I cannot use mcc command to generate dll in my matlab version.:cry: Could anyone please help me to do this??? How to generate dlls in (...)
Hello everyone, Has anybody tried simulating Delay Locked Loop in simulink. I am starting off my thesis and it would be really helpful if anyone can attach the simulink files for dll. I searched everywhere in this website and couldnt find any helpful information to start off. Thanks a lot! Best Regards
It can be done. The way I have done it in the past is write the code to utilize the SPI in a language like C++ and compile it into a dll. You can then read in the dll and call the necessary functions from matlab You could also just read in the inpout32.dll directly. There are many resources online explaining the (...)
Go to matlabs web page and search for .MEX files. Good luck
Hi all, I am new here. I want to start learning matlab. I want to know what is .dll file? i got a folder of matlab program and I am going to run it however I cannot open .dll file. Please let me know. Thank you.
I have tried this code below for plotting ecg from physionet as given by echo47 during my last conversations that time it worked but now when i am get back to it it is not working i have downloaded the rdsamp.exe file,wfdb-10.4.dll file and the libcurl-3.dll and downloaded the .atr, .dat and .hea files in the matlab work directory but (...)
Supernec does not work with matlab versions newer than 7 It even has some problems with matlab 7. I use matlab 6.5 for supernec.
hi to all, i have to implement delay lock loop in matlab/simulink for fm demodulation.if you people can please guide me from where to start. i ll really apreciate your help thanks alot!
Dear All: I am surveying the matlab product for phase/delay locked loop design/simulation. Except the main program of matlab and Simulink, Which toolboxes are also helpful for the PLL/dll simulation?? Thanks a lot. slchen
Hi! I have a software package in c (including libraries, c functions-programs, c interface for parametres initialization )and I want to call it from matlab. Have I to convert in mex files every file in this package (except libraries)? Or is there an easier way to call it from matlab? Thanks
Check your matlab version. matlab 2006 a/b should have this function.
Hello... I am doing some research in OFDM and other wireless technologies Does anyone have any simulation in matlab for MIMO-OFDM and some good paper/matlab code on WiMax Thanx in advance... topic moved here by fragrance
I want to make file exe from a .m file in matlab R2006a, when process completed, i see a file exe but i cant run it . Because it noticed " This application has failed to start because mclmcrrt74.dll was not found. Re_installing the application may fix this problem " I cant find mclmcrrt74.dll by google :( Can you help me :( thanks
Actually there was! The new matlab 7 gives some strange and useless mixture between C and Java. You may try some old versions just to test it!
Search for the MEX funtion/command? on matlab's Help webpage. I think this is what you're looking for. Good luck.
I add hspice toolbox in matlab ,and mex the loadsig.c. But when I use "loadsig" command , it shows "error in hs_allocate_sf: unexpected values in block1 header ??? One or more output arguments not assigned during call to 'E:\works\matlabworks\hspice results\loadsig.dll'." What's the problem? Thanks!
how can make "dll" in the matlab if we used of the "matlab TOOLBOX" thanks
matlab can control a GPIB, DIO, and Serial ports/cards. You can look up the "Instrument Control Toolbox" and "Data Acquisition Toolbox" Hope this helps.
i need this to use the matlab function fft and its plot in my application in c# please help me
Hello All, matlab has some help documents about loading mat-files in c language, but not adequate help for me. can anyone help me or give a dll or h file containing necessary routines? matlab has mat-file related dll, but I can not link it to my program (in Visual C++). its lnk file is not provided.
iam working on a digital image processing project and have to design filters in matlab, MAKE A COM OBJECT THROUGH dll AND THEN CALL IT IN C# >i have created a dll. using matlab COM Builder, but i >got the following errors when i call the class methods > >#using MODIESTdll; >public void (...)
Hi Try on converting matlab codes in C/C++. tnx
I have a following code written in matlab: 2*postint(fem,'Wm')/postint(fem,'nJ','dl',5,'edim',2)^2 L=2Wm/I^2 is the formula This is an expression for calculating inductance of square-shaped inductor and I need to do the same thing in FEMLAB, but do not know how. 'nJ' is Current density, but I do not know where to find 'dl' and what number
Hi, Does any one help me in using matlab function in fortran? I convert m-files to dll using matlab com builder. But i dont know how i use it in fortran?
how can I use matlab to send and receive digital data through parallel port