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Hi brothers and Sisters of this blessed world. I'm doing a mini project on Multimodal biometric. Can someone please guide me to any source code for ECG authentication using matlab.
HI , Iam going to start my mini project on 'Wavelet Augmented Cough Analysis for Rapid Childhood Pneumonia Diagnosis' in matlab.Share your ideas and opinions.....
If u have a matlab, u can simply type "help " and get all details of the command. For frequency domain, u need to use FFT. A simple radix-2 FFT is good enough for understanding and implementation. All the functions are already given in matlab. Usually during design, i use z-transform to find the TF of filter. for e.g. u need a TF of L
hi, I am doing a mini project in fingerprint image enhancement using filtering techniques. Can you give me the different matlab codes for the same. plz mail me here: waiting eagerly for your rply
Hi , Iam Vinod sajjan , doing Mtech in VLSI&Embedded system i'm doing mini project on matlab with simulink tool And i'm beginner for this tool. therefore i want to know ,how to design simple communication system in simulink tool. help me please.
hello.. can anyone tell me an idea how to optimise a network say LAN using using genetic algarithms in any one is having code for genetic algarithm...if u hv any kind of info plzzzzzz mail me at
pls help me to find a simple project on dsp using matlab:?:
you develop your code in simulink using real time workshop modules support for TMS c6711.Again you require code composer studio to install in the same computer.see matlab demo for reverberation module using c6711
Hi, all In my mini project ,in the part of matlab code i have to find the correlation coefficent of 2 row vectors.I have used that " corrcoef " instruction ,which is giving 2*2 matrics .Actually i need to compare 2 correlation coefficients and need to which is bigger one.Can we take
What about a building block (module) for a Digital Terrestrial Receiver standard if it would be of interest. You would need to identify the basic functionality of the Digital TV receiver and then identify its main system blocks. Isolate one block and proceed to form a diagram and then use matlab, Simulink or some sort HDL (Verilog or VHDL) Coding
Hi venkatsr, You can write a code in matlab to decode Mp3 files. It will give you nice exposure in algorthim and programming skills
HI, We are looking for a mini project on dsp hardware.
hello, i am interested in doing a mini project in DSP which can be completed in a month...i have basic knowledge of matlab,Code Composer studio...i would like to try my hands with the TMS320C6713 DSK board as my college has in my third yr B.Tech(ECE)...Could anyone please suggest any good topics on which i could do my mini (...)
aoa friends i have to do a project on dsp using matlab can i m short of time can any one post some mini project on dsp for me i am a student of engineering khawar
hi check this one...
hi...i am working on a mini project on GSM...i hv to provide a simulation in the project on matlab....on wt phenomena in GSM i can make the simulation...