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HI, We are looking for a mini project on dsp hardware.
there r lot of samiulated projects on matlab website
hello, i am interested in doing a mini project in DSP which can be completed in a month...i have basic knowledge of matlab,Code Composer studio...i would like to try my hands with the TMS320C6713 DSK board as my college has in my third yr B.Tech(ECE)...Could anyone please suggest any good topics on which i could do my mini (...)
What about a building block (module) for a Digital Terrestrial Receiver standard if it would be of interest. You would need to identify the basic functionality of the Digital TV receiver and then identify its main system blocks. Isolate one block and proceed to form a diagram and then use matlab, Simulink or some sort HDL (Verilog or VHDL) Coding
you develop your code in simulink using real time workshop modules support for TMS c6711.Again you require code composer studio to install in the same computer.see matlab demo for reverberation module using c6711
can any one upload a small C++ mini project please? Bye Harry
hi check the text document on mini project on JAMMING&BLOCKING TECHNIQUES
hi i want mini project with details related to HDL language i.e either in VHDL or VERILOG with details. pls anyone help me its urgent
Anybody working on RTLinux and have any simple mini project on RTLinux? ----------------- Prakash. (LinuxBaby) ----------------
hii...i'm chaitanya ...i'm doin my B.E 3RD in E.C.E.....i'm doing a mini project on designing a 114ghz vco in 0.13um cmos technology ....plz can anyone help regarding this..i've some prob in designing the attaching the file reagrding this..
ON MY mini project ON ELECTRONIC
hi all i require a matlab simulated project in wireless comm topic can be cdma ,ofdm ,mimo,channel estimation ,wlan plz help with documentation and matlab code reply soon thanks dhruva
hello friends I have a mini project at the end of my third yr. I plan to do it on networking, as its my field of interest. I request you to please provide me ideas or links to think in this regard. I will appreciate your help.
Hello .. i have a mini project and i need some help .. the cirteria is as follows: Please Read Entire project Description!! Please create a C program to meet the criteria. Digital System: A computer is used to monitor the flow rate of a liquid and the speed of the pump motor in a process control system. The computer will read (...)
hi does anyone have any vhdl mini project coding ? for that project i want to create test bench waveform to predict the output simulation waveform:!:
HI!!! I am a T.E E&TC student. I want to make a DSP based mini project which can be completed in 2 to 2.5 months duration.Cost range: Rs 2000(max). Please help me.
i am 3rd year student of electronics and communication.Can any buddy please give me a simple mini project with the help of hardware and simulation tools on digital communition. i have no idea on this subject(digital communication) so please give me a simple but good project...
Hi, i want mini project on communication using cadence,where can i get it?? please give me some link...
i need to choose a topic for mini project from dsp&dip,vlsi& embeded system which is better to choose
hello i am M.Tech student i am doing mini project.plz suggest me TANNER TOOL BASED or H-SPICE based mini project.
suggest name of mini project doing in back end (VLSI)
Hai, I am going to do my mini project in electronics. I have an idea . But i cannot predict it's success, becous i am fresh in this field. The idea is to make a GSM oriented home automation setup. By sending messege from mobile phone , we can controll the home applienses For this which micro control
Hi friends........ We are doing mini project on RFID. Our title is "RFID based Time and Attendance management System". Send documentation for this if possible to Thank u friends........
Hii........pls...anyone let me know about the mini project using embedded design.its very urgent i have very less time to finish it. pls guide me to go ahead. give me some projects title. Regards, Poornima
hi!!! can anyone suggest me some matlab based project name???
hi all, im new in forum,i want to do mini project based on 8051 microcontroller,i need an new idea for this.
hi, i am doing my B.E.CSE 2nd year. i want to do mini project for microprocessor lab can u please help me by suggesting some titles. i dont know any thing about microprocessor except the instruction sets.please help me
hello any body can help im doing mini project home security system using PLC... IM new to tis field.....
Hey guyz... I am a student of 2nd year B.E electrical... I have been assigned by my Teacher to create a mini project(on a breadboard);according to my subject... i have several ideas in mind, such as a digital stopwatch,digital counter..etc..But as i am pretty much new in this field so can't figure out a proper
I have to submit an mini project in my college as soon as possible. My teacher gave me a circuit on 4 in 1 Burglar Alarm and told me to do it as my project. I have been working on this project from last 4-5 days but I am not getting any output out of it. I tried to simulate it on various software like Multisim but in all of (...)
Hi, U can visit the following link which contains lots of matlab projects. ~R
hi...i am working on a mini project on GSM...i hv to provide a simulation in the project on matlab....on wt phenomena in GSM i can make the simulation...
hi my name is rohit natraj m doing T.E(ETRX) ENGG. i wanna know some mini projects on microcontroller
Firstly u must look matlab's help tool. u will see that imread function. U can use this function to read an image as matrix form. A = imread('cameraman.tif');
hey engineers am working on my graduation project on LTE, and i need the TTI bundling matlab code, or any related code that could help me to start my simulation.. am working on the coverage improvement, and TTI bundling is one of the methods i used.. best wishes omar:D
I guess you can design the following in both VHDL and matlab 1. FIR Filter 2. AES or DES Encryption Engine 3. ALU 4. BUS PROTOCOL (Not Sure if you can do this in matlab) 5. DFT - eg. JTAG
first:load voice sample into matlab and plot the audio signal in time domain and in frequency domain ---------- Post added at 22:16 ---------- Previous post was at 22:11 ---------- second:increase the amplitude of all frequencies below 200hz and above 5 khz by factor 2 ' 5 and 10 then plot the fourier sp
what the matlab file should do ?
can any one know about matlab simulation plz send the output in matlab ..... main project ...... "A NONISOLATED BIDIRECTIONAL ZVS-PWM ACTIVE CLAMP DC-DC CONVERTER" 5443454434
pls help me to find a simple project on dsp using matlab:?:
Hi,i'm doing mini project on ths plz help me how to design WIMAX using STBC technique model using matlab plz..................
Hi, You can implement a complete hypothesis testing software using matlab. This helps you in understanding the most fundamental part of SP. SINUSOID DETECTION. Hope this helps. B R M
hi can anyone suggest me some mini project in WINCE?pls help me as soon as there any links or is there any project book available?if so,can anyone share for me here.
Hi, For learning matlab there are a lot of tutorials in internet. You can also find help from . I think first of all you must learn building signals in matlab. Most of the well known signals can be created by built in functions of matlab. For example '>t=0:0.01:1; y=sin(2*pi*10*t); plot(t,y)' will give (plot) you a sinus wit
Hi Nart, checkout these threads. these are few matlab based books for various fields... 1) A Guide to matlab : For Beginners and Experienced Users Link : 2) Advanced Mathematics and Mechanics Applications Using matlab, Third Edition Link[/colo
hi...if u want thismini project just download it....
hi check the project
hi check this project with text and slides
hi here's another project...
hi here is another project...check it