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Hi brothers and Sisters of this blessed world. I'm doing a mini project on Multimodal biometric. Can someone please guide me to any source code for ECG authentication using matlab.
Hi, We are doing a project based on G.726 ADPCM.We are trying to convert the source code in C language into matlab code.Could you please help us.Here we attaching the source code.
hai can anyone pls send me matlab coding for 4*4 mimo mccdma system.i need this for my btech project.pls kindly someone help me,since we dont have any source online.
Hello everyone, I am a student of M.Tech VLSI Design final year. I am doing project on Viterbi decoder using Artificial Neural Networks. Please, if anyone are doing same project share your ideas. If any open source code (matlab or any other programming code) you are having means share me.
hello sir i am doing my project on embedded pic controller 16f877a and i have got the meter for reading the solar panel data such as volts ,amps, freq etc .and this data is taken from MODSCAN software ,but i want to use or import the data from MODSCAN to matlab please do tell me the procedure to import the data and display in matlab.
The new version of matlab R2014b contains some Simulink models demos that may help.
You can refer to Gender Recognition Based on Genetic Algorithms 1.0 - matlab source code
Hi, the following is the code I've obtained from VlFeat's open source library for image stitching using SIFT and RANSAC. I have a basic understanding of the algorithms though I'm quite new to the field of IP and matlab, this being part of a project I'm working on: function mosaic = sift_mosaic(im1, im2) % SIFT_MOSAIC Demonstrates matchi
hi gys im doin a project on "losses in bragg fiber" and i need a simple matlab source code for "multilayer division method" so that can b useful for my project.... pls if any1 cud help me out, wud b really gr8.... here is a link of the project or mail to shiva2012cm
Hi, I need matlab code for my final project about: " BSS using binary_mask at sparse domain (STFT) ". Thankyou
Hi everyone, I have a project about Kalman filter and its application in GPS. I need the source matlab code of ""Introduction to Random Signals and Applied Kalman Filtering with matlab Exercises and Solutions" -Robert Grover Brown v? Patrick Y. C. Hwang, and "Global Positioning Systems, Inertial Navigation, and Integration" (...)
Hi everyone, I am doing a project regarding musical instrument identification. I am using matlab like my programming software. And I am trying to do this project using wavelets. But I couldn't find any sample codes for this methods. Please if any one know this procedure and place to fine source codes please help me to (...)
hi guys im doing my final project about Fiber bragg grating filters. N i need a matlab source code about fiber bragg grating filters.. Did any1 could help me ? thanks so much guys (please send to
Show us your psuedo or attempted matlab code, indicating your problem areas so that we can help you
i need DCT DWT based watermarking project with matlab codes. can any one help me??
I am Student of Master (Computer Science) doing my research work in WSN I want to implement Localization 3D Algorithm. Anyone can guide me is it possible to implement 3D technique in matlab? and part of source code which help me to do this Thanks
hi everybody.... i want matlab source code for robot path planning in dynamic environment using genetic algorithm for my project.... if you can....please help me.. with regard aungthihasoe
i want to study robot path planning... if everyone have the matlab source code for robot path planning in dynamic environment using genetic algorithm, please help me .... i also need it for my project at now.. thank... with regards, aung thi ha soe
hello , I need your help please. I am on my way to begin a project in liver segmentation and tumor segmentation of liver using automatic method, can you please help me with a good technique to use , do u have a source code to do segmentation for liver, in matlab or any programming language Thanks in advance
Start form here Digital Audio Watermarking matlab example - Advanced source Code . Com - Digital Audio Watermarking
Hi, I have trouble in programming AF cooperative diversity technique. I have the following matlab code, but the result does not match the theoretical results. I assumed that the power at the source is equal to the power at the relay. clear all; clc N=10^6;%Number of bits b=rand(1,N)>0.5;%Generate 0s and 1s s=2.*b-1;%NRZ SNRdB=0:2:
Dorgem is an application to capture images that can be used in matlab. See URL Dorgem - Open source Webcam Capture Application
I want to do project on IMAGE PROCESSING usin matlab. Please will u tell me from what i start and can u give some sample source code for it. Also books whhich wiil give me basics about image processing.
what the matlab file should do ?
Hi You need to start with Hspice and obtain the impulse response of the circuit by applying a noise source. Then use matlab to calculate the equations. Rosa
Dear EDAboard community, I'm Edora last year student. I need some help. I'm doing my final year project this semester title "Fingerprint verification and identification using Kohonen Network". To extract the fingerprint image, I need to used Trace Transform technique. Is it possible if anyone can give me source code for Trace Transform on (...)
Hi there.I'm new on the board and i would like some help from more experienced people problem is i have a term project to make.The topic is we'll record 2 people talking to each other(can be over 2 microphones) and i would like to seperate one from the other.For example the conversation goes like this, 1-hi 2-Hello 1-How are you toda
You may try this Eigenfaces for Expression Detection regards bassa
Hi guys.. My name is Lina and I'm working on some Fingerprint Recognition project I already test the matlab coding and it runs perfectly with the GUI . I get the source from but the problem is.. when i test it with my fingerprint sample the result is not so good for an example: when im trying to compare the sample (...)
i am doing a project on image wwater markin usin threshod based correlation. since i am a beginner in this field ineed help.. i need source code for visible water marking .please help.
hi frnds.. can anybody plz provide me the link from where i can get the matlab source code of Very early ? very late correlator used for code tracking of GPS signal of GNSS (Galileo Receiver ANalysis And DesignApplication) project. its urgently reqd.. plz help.. thankx...
hi, i’m doing my final year project using neural network and matlab. I have to predict an equation using mlp backpropagation and rbf network. In my project, i use demi span as input and the output is height. I really need the source code for my project.I have search everywhere but still did not find (...)
Yu can download these source codes (matlab code): Fingerprint recognition based on FingerCode (Gabor filterbank): Fingerprint recognition based on AOV (adjacent orientation vector):
hi ppl im doin a project on fiber bragg grating, and i need a simple matlab source code or program code for fiber bragg grating.... pls if any1 cud help me out, wud b really gr8.... thnx (can mail thm 2 me at ) thnx again !!!
I'm doing a project to simulate the methods to compress ECG signals of the table below. I'm looking for the source code of all methods in matlab language, but if there is in C it'll also be very helpful. And I also have question about the Precision (Bits) and Wave-Recognition from the table, in the article said Precision (Bits) is A/D (...)
Hi guys, can any pro & expert help me out in this character recognition using neural network in matlab? I would greatly appreciate if there is a sample source code for this project title..Please, I seriously need guide and help.
I have a problem in building code for TIC2812 dsp in matlab simulink-realtime workshop. i succesfully design a model in simulik, generate code, but when i open the CCstudio(ver3.1) i find the project i generated in matlab with the necesssry source code in C++ and asm, but when i do the compilation fot the (...)
I need a help regarding my MS thesis. I have read few papers on Wimax Handover.And decided to work on wimax handover. But still i am not getting any idea on which specific topic i should work. Also i dont know how to use matlab. I have to learn it as well. Also want to know can we do wimax handover related work in matlab? Please help me as i have s
try matlab file center
hello , I need help please. I am on my way to begin a project in liver segmentation and tumor segmentation of liver using automatic method, can you please help me with a good automtic technique to use :idea: ?? do u have a source code to use for segmenation of liver, in matlab or any programming language Thanks in a
I recall an Israeli university has some matlab codes for number plate recognition but you would have to find it yourself using google. There is also a source forge project but it is programmed in java.
hello frnds... Am new to this forum...kindly help me. Am a final yr student doing project on brain image using neural network and rule based... Kindly help where i can get the matlab source code r books,r papers related to that. plz help me
hi all I wana implement (delayless)adaptive subband noise cancellation using polyphase filterbanks. any help (thesis-paper-matlab source code-project report,..) would be appreciated. I have problem in starting polyphast filterbank implementation in matlab :cry: Need urgent help !!!!
I am currently involved in a project of "cancelable biometrics", any body who is also doing the same topics? what's the good directions to start the research work? any matlab source code available/? Many Thanks, Susan
I think the project is too simple for graduate student if you are majoring in communication engineering. Anyway, I recommned you to read a book, "Microwave Mobile Communications" written by W. C. Jakes. And then, goto matlab Central, where you can find a lot of source code related to communication engineering. The address is: www.mat
hi, my fyp is on g.722.2 wideband AMR coder using acelp.................If u hav any material or source (matlab) code than plz guide me........... My email id:
hi frnds.. find here a gr8 matlab dsp project named as: "Application of adaptive filtering in CDMA" complete source codes are also given... enjoy....:D:D:D
hi all, I need matlab source code for Ultra wide band (UWB).can anyone pls send me the source code?where can i get matlab version 7.1.1 ?pls help me,its urgently needed for my simulation project.
Hello Sagar Try this Link Maybe you can find something you want from here Regards Robin