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hello all, lets assume that i want to design a chebycshive filter using matlab filter design tool, how can i get the filter coefficients for the s domain transfer function out of this tool. many thanks
I have the following problem in my Controller LAB : Design a PID controller with matlab for the system that has the following transfer function : G(s)= 60 / (s*s + 4s + 6)(s+10), and a unity feedback i.e. H(s)=1 . 1. Add proportional >> get transient response for different Kp. 2. Add PD >> get transient response response for different Kp.
You can use the matlab command 'ss'. give the transfer function as input and get state variables out. for example a four state system is converted as below: = tf2ss(num, den); more info here , look at the end of the page.
hi You open help and use function "evalin",this function is used to pass variable from on caller wrokspace to base wokspace and back.Read it carefully and you will do. Or and very easy way is that using "global" .You declare y is global variable : In function of push button you write: global y; After you push putton just enter "global y" (...)
I already a behavior model of PLL in matlab Simulink. The question is how to get the Bode plot of this PLL in Simulink? Thank
hi i really need a program that make a watermarking in an image by any algorithm using matlab.:?:
I am trying to write a matlab function on peak and valley detection but it is not working any help will be great
Hi if you have the communication toolbox which is an add-on in matlab, there is a function, to know about it type help rayleighchan and/or doc rayleighchan if you think this info is useful click on "helped me" for statistics Sal
In matlab there is on tool named FDATOOL. So, you just type >> fdatool and you can design your filter. Study matlab documentation to use this.
if you have acess to matlab, you can try generating a standalone c code from simulink for the same. . .
can any one plz tell me how to make a gussian channel in matlab....i dont want to use the build in function awgn. Waiting....
I gave you the answer to convert from matlab language to VHDL there is only one program Acceldsp ..There is no other !.But don't go THINKING that it will convert every matlab function there is ..the reason is some matlab callable functions are not written in matlab language ,but for speed (...)
Search "normpdf" in matlab Help.
HI any one of u know how to generate 64 qam in matlab 6.5 please help me thanks in advance regards venkatesh
Hello Everybody, Is there a function in matlab that can time a code up to a microsecond resolution similar to QueryPerformanceTimer function in Windows? Or if there are none, how to import the QueryPerformanceTimer function to matlab? Thanks, neo
i need the code not the function At the matlab prompt type : " > type xcorr" you will have what you want.
Hi, I am a third year mechanical engineering student and have been assigned to design matching algorithm based on image "correlation" using matlab. I am free to research and inspire myself from any source code I can find, as I will be awarded with marks for research. The problem is I must use the matlab function normxcorr2(I,J) and i can't (...)
What you said is right but my problem is that I dont know anything about the transfer function of the controller which is built into the motor. I have to design a feedback control system which regulates the speed of the motor according to the load on it. Also i have to model my design in matlab. How can i do that when i
I want to put the data generated from spectre into matlab, and therefor follow instructions like this: but CIW gives me error note like: *error* for: too few arguments (at least 4 expected, 1 given)-((tt 1 51 (time=(&-&)) fprintf (out "%5.3" time))) I have no change in
you can use the vfm toolbox of matlab check the folowing link and download it. there is function for image capture.
its present in simulink model of matlab.
Hi, suppose, i define a function f'(t) = t at say that is, f'(t) = t 0<=t<=1 = t? 1matlab. Please suggest me how to do this. I couldnt find anything out of the help from matlab. thanks, cedance.
i need to use overlapping blocks to perform Gabor filter on fingerprint images. I'm new to matlab...then how can i release it in matlab?
Hi, Can anybody tell me a good source to learn the realization of Adaptive equalizers in matlab?? I have read the topic in some books but not able to understand from the implementation point of view. thanks
hi all Hi all what will be the coding in matlab to draw the graph of the following equation x+y+z=1; x^2+y^2+z^2=1 x^3+y^3+z^3=1 Thanks in advance
If u have coefficients a and b den use =freqz(b,a,....) built in function of matlab. Plot abs(H) against W because you have to compute gain at each frequency W
try to search on this web site
try this link,u can dwnld matlab files from there fileexchange/ hope that is useful to u
You can test with EC-SIM 1.1 Try and feedback!
Go to search for jpeg. You can find several files in "Image Processing -> Compression".
Hi, If you are talking about 3D plot in matlab, then use matlab function "plot3". BR, Arif Khan
Hi, I'm simulatin a lecture in FIR filter desigening I'm to desigen the filter (not using filters in matlab) the desigen scheme is iterative in witch each iteration requires 2 FFT computations. any way, I need an initial estimate & the lecture uses the ideal filter (LP)(rectangular) . I use the fir2... function in order to compute the
hi fading channel simulate with matlab. thanks. ardalan
Hi ! guys, Somebody could tell me how to wite a matlab(or simulink) Laplace transform eq. (1-exp(-st))/s........... Thank you for your help!
Hi all I have tried matlab 3.5 DOS but I am NOT able to see the plotted function when I use plot command the DOS windows go to full screen and screen become BLACK . Another question is matlab DOS 3.5 really a FREE version ? Can someone help me ? Thanks a lot!
In order to make a symmetric FIR Filter in matlab I implement the function: b=; Hid=dfilt.dfsymfir(b) By wich function can it be sketched? & Do the function "ifft" compute the filter in time domain? thanks
Anyone here know how to generate rayleigh distribution(rayleigh fading) in matlab?I mean with cosider doppler frequency.i want to use it for SNR estimaion..... if any one knows please help me ... my email: engr_shahid(at) Hi. Are you using hard code or Simulink to implement the channel? Cheers,
Yes. For more info and examples, search your matlab built-in help for "function" (declare M-file function). Also search for "global" (declare global variables).
I am trying to extract a signal out of noise by integrating return echo pulses in matlab. i am using 'awgn' function to introduce noise. but the noise power increases as i integrate. shouldnt the sum of random nos. approach zero?
i have a problem regarding lsqnonlin.m file (that can be used for data fitting problems by minimising the error function) in the optim toolbox of matlab. i have a data set and i am generating another data set by fitting with some equatin using lsqnonlin.m by finding out the values of the coefficients of the equations. I am generating an error f
hi, i need matlab code for genetic algorithm which is used to design an array of antenna will u help me thanks
matlab can change .m file to c. i tried and didnt like the result much. try and deside for yourself. look here: mayyan
hi all How can i generate pseudorandom Gaussian binary sequence ( comprising 1 and -1 {?1} ) with zero mean and one variation in matlab? Thanks in advance
Hello friends... I am new to OFDM technology. I am trying to simulate it in matlab 7.0, with BPSK configuration. NOTE : 1. I have assumed the frequencies to be integral multiples of 1. So the frequencies used would be 1, 2, 3, 4 ... N; N - Number of sub carriers Nb - Represents the total number of bits being transmitted c - r
I have read about functions for digital modulation in matlab , pskmod pammod etc, but I could not plot the modulated waveform.. in matlab 6 there was dmod and you could plot the modulated carrier, can anyone help .. I dont want scatter plots I want time domain representation of digitally modulated signals...
hay i want to design a point to point link for microwave in matlab. i dont know how to make . can any body help me out. i shall be very thank ful to u. i ve studied some simulink function of signal genrator . how can i use them in my idea. Virus King
Hi, I'm having some problems in implementing a 2D near to far field transformation with matlab. I'm following Taflove's book, but I can't get it work! I have few questions: - Do I need both E and H tangential fields, or I can assume a PEC or PMC inside my surface and then use just one of them? - I'm using the fft matlab function to (...)
hi! an older version of matlab performs the FINDTHETA command. what is the equivalent command in matlab version 7? thanks!
can anyone plz tell me how to implement E in matlab. E is the expectance. Also tell me what exectly it is? Waiting....
Is it possible to see the step size or change it in the optimizatin algorithms in matlab?