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hi i am really new to matlab gui. i have been trying to learn some basics from the internet but i am still unable to understand matlab gui very well. I do not know how to pass "Values" from one function to another. i have a burning question: i have made a popupmenu which has a list of videos and a push button. I would only like to (...)
1): I am not sure about it, are you asking how to use the calculator's error function ? 2): how about using matlab to solve erfc (Error function) or to approximate the Error function by Taylor series, or iteration method and etc. within the allowable error range? For the definition of error function, you (...)
You can use `assignin` function in matlab to assign value to variable in specified workspace and then you can use your workspace for simulink model
Hi all, I am using matlab's Rayleighchan function to simulate a fading channel. My OFDM system chip rate/Sampling rate = 5.55 MHz, but giving this rate to the function will cause an 'Out of Memory' error, so I enter a sampling rate of 4096 Hz and normalize path delays to this by multiplying path delays by 5.55 MHz / 4096 Hz. My (...)
Hi, What is the log scale in matlab exactly: is it 10 log to the base 10, or just log to the base 10? Thanks
in matlab ,i wrote a code like this v=-20:100; im=(v==0); b=; g=conv(im,b) i get the following error, ??? Error using ==> conv2 First and second arguments must be single or double. Error in ==> conv at 40 c = conv2(a(:),b(:),shape); Error in ==> del at 4 g=conv(im,b) please tell me why...? am i wrong?? thanks i
Hi, Iam new here. i need to draw a triangle (could say random triangle) using M-file function. I need to determine 3 lengths and make sure it creates a triangle. * Sum of 3 angles = 180 degree or * Sum of 2 lengths is greater than the third's Can anyone help pls?
Q: Write a function "xr = sreal(x)" which returns a symbolic expression representing the real (of "ireal(x)" for imaginary) part of x(t). (e.g. x(t) = exp(i*t) + exp(2*i*t)), any clues?? The real and imag functions don't return anything useful. Having crazy problems with this :S Any/All help well appreciated.
hello every body. want to use dsexample4 function in delt asigma toolbox matlab. when i run it i must use compile flattenStruct.c and in compile the error get me `mexErrMsgTxt' undeclared (first use this function) how can i solve these error?
Hello I need to compare the(7,4) hamming coded bit error probability with the uncoded bit error probabity and a Q function. The matlab code which i have compare the theoretial uncoded ber with hamming (7,4) code ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ clear N = 10^6 ;% number of bits Eb_N0_dB = ; % multiple Eb/N0 val
for i=1:2048 temp=dec2hex(i,3); size(temp) if(strcmp(temp,addr)) mem(i)=data; else mem(i)='000'; end end a String data is read in to addr and data and both of length 3...... but it's not working ??? In an assignment A(I) = B, the number of elements in B and I must be
hi does anybody know how to calculate impulse sensitivity function (ISF) for ring,current starved ring and differential ring oscillator in matlab. the formula is given in the ieee research paper "A general theory of phase noise in electrical oscillators". formula no. 38. but i dont know how to calculate the output function f(x). (...)
I want to delay a signal by 1/2 sample period in matlab, but the delay function block in simulink is all for integer delay. Does anybody know how to realize the 1/2 delay? Thanks!
I encounter a tough problem. There is a system which already shown in impulse response. But I need approach it to a transitional IIT (like ARX structure) . How do I do it in matlab? any direct command to do it. thanks a lot.
I am reading a text book and I wanted to use matlab to get the same answer as they deerived it in the text. The answer that the matlab displayed is not the same as the text, please this is the question, my code with result and the expected result from the text. The problem is getting the same Transfer function as it is. Note: Also (...)
hi everyone , i am using matlab 2009b xilinx 12.1 with system generator i found one error for using it undefined function or method 'xlgetpath' for input arguments of type 'char' please help me to set this , thankink you
matlab/simulink can export directly to xilinx ise System Generator for DSP
I am designing a 3-order single loop CT Sigma Delta Modultor with RZ DAC.But how can I get the NTF? I can get the NTF of the SDM with NRZ DAC. Mainly, the transfer function of z-domain to s-domain can not be transered using matlab command d2c or d2cm.Who can tell me the method? Thanks anyway.
I need to solve a unit commitment and load flow problem using Newton Raphson method which includes a function which minimizes the CO2 emmissions. The size of the problem is limited to 30 busses. I have a set of predefined functions one of which solves for the lowest cost. I need to modify it such that it solves for the lowest cumulative CO2 emm
hello i use subs command in my matlab programm: i want to get F in numerical mode,F obtained from integral of f1/f2 in x variable F=int(f1/f2,x); I defined all the parameters like f1 and f2 in matlab program but when i use subs command for getting F in numerical mode : F=subs(F) it gives me: 80000000/53*x-2189396249847878109458682588450
Dear all, I am writing a program and I have finished the analogue part and now it is time to convert it to discreet time using appropriate transformation which is bilinear transformation. supposed I want to convert this transfer function below to discreet time using bilinear transformation, how can I write it. H= 1/s^2 + 1.414s+1 p
hi.. im designin fir lowpass filter using fdatool... now i got the response n i generated the m file to see my specification which is shown below... function Hd = fir1 %FIR1 Returns a discrete-time filter object. % % M-File generated by matlab(R) 7.3 and the Signal Processing Toolbox 6.6. % % Generated on: 09-Mar-2011 21:56:57 % % Equ
Hey guys , help me to check this code.. i cant figure out how to make it run .. T.T Its just to filter out some high frequency in the song file i cut .. function filter_a() = wavread('cut2'); N = length(song); %length of song is 99093 k=; f1=k*fs/N; cf = 2000 ; n = ; t = n/cf; N = length(t); f = n*cf/N; hf = [o
Dear all, I am trying to arrange this transfer funcion in descending order in order to synchronize with the rest of my code. but it gives me error. look at the results with error. How can I arrange it so that the first order become last TF in the transfer function PLEASE SEE BELOW. ANY LOGIC THANKS. I put the code above as well Code: den2
hi any body knows how to plot impulse senstivity function(isf) of 5 stage ring oscillator in matlab. for eg. f=vout=sin(t) for colpitts oscillator so isf=(first derivative of f)/(first derivative square+square of double derivative of f). using his i can plot for colpitt similarly, f= sin(t)+sin(3t)/3+sin(5t)/5+sin(7t)/7+sin(9t)/9 for
Hello, Can anybody tell me how to find an ambiguity function of an LFM radar pulse using fft? I am trying to form the ambiguity diagram with doppler shift and time delay in the axises. But I need to do it using FFT blocks. Any help is appreciated!
I am creating a gui in matlab. How to implement a high pass filter in it? Can anyone please help me?
You can buy color sensor IC's like this one : Color Light Sensor - Avago ADJD-S371-Q999 - SparkFun Electronics or you can use a camera and process the image using programs alike matlab OCTAVE etc.. The simplest method is to use LDRs covered by color filters. This is really cheap but may not be very acc
Hi everybody, I have to save a matlab vectror 1x256 in a text file. I'm trying with save function, is this the right way? thanks
Hi i want to that is my attachment is a digital bandpass filter 16hz-3khz. In my attachment myfilterMain.mdl & myfilter is the analog prototype. IS myfilter1.mdl is the digital converson of the above Anolog filter???? Please help.. I use "c2d " command to convert transfer function from s domain to z domain.
First up, that not really a square wave, a square wave should have equal low time as high time, or a least a constant duty cycle. you wave is low for 30, high for 30 and then low for 40? are you sure this is what you want? the typical way to generate real square waves is something like: x = 0:0.1:100; y = double((mod(x,60) > 30));
Dear all, I am trying to find a way calculate my componet values from first order section of my Transfer function. How can I manipulate the code in matlab to calculate the first order section. I put the code below and the results with error. This is 3rd order. Any response is highly appreciated. code: pp1=p{1}(1)/p{1}(3);pp2=p{1}(2)/p{1
i am workeing on equalization of ofdm. i created a channel object using rayleighchan() function in matlab but i dont know how to obtain channel coefficent using above command. plz help
I need help in voice recording and mixing etc using matlab. can someone suggest some book or manual for that??
I have used a matlab file named arena.m.. In this file i have used many variables(orientation,centroid...). i have called for 3 matlab files blue.m,yellow.m,black.m from main file arena.m,,,, can u suggest a way to pass arguments to files blue, yellow , black and get back the changed values correctly... is ther anyway to do it without arguments??
Thanks for these matlab files. I was looking for these files to calculate SNR of my Sigma delta ADC. When I simulate this file I have an error, "??? Undefined function or method 'calcSNR' for input arguments of type 'double'." function calcSNR is not defined..Can you please help me. Thank you
hELLO. I am using matlab =eig(ww); its returning expected values as required. But matlab is returning unexpected eignvector(taking unexpected values and relation is true) I do not know how these values are coming or i do not know the function. E.g. if W=; >> W=; >> =eig(W) Eignvector
suppose i have transfer function TF, input r(s), How to obtain Output C(s) r(s) = sint TF = 1/(s+0.5) How to obtain C(s) using M-file using matlab? here input is time varying one. TF is in S-domain. please help me out:? Regards Anand
I have created a GUI in matlab for Amplitude Shift Keying so that it would prompt the user to input the binary bit stream, then it would be able to produce the modulated graph and the bit rate and baudrate below. I have done three months research on the codes and it is successful; Unfortunately something went wrong when i programmed into the GUI
hi, how to code in matlab for marcumq-function to find the probability of detection in AWGN?
i have to design with matlab or lab view, i am still in (design ) paper work part, plz reply ..............,
guyz i'm using matlab to implement SSA data pre-processing on historical rainfall distribution to rescale the "0" value of rainfall... but the forecast value does not follow the original value i've already trigger the code but still, the problem remains. function =SCALE_DATA(p,upper) % p Original time series (column vector fo
Hi! I need to realize a time variant filter in simulink/matlab and discovered the function block "Transfer Fcn Direct Form II Time Varying" which should do the job. Unfortunately I'm completely lost with z-parameters. Can anybody help me here? I need the coefficients for a band pass at frequency "f0" and +-3db cut off at +-"df". The (...)
hello to All. as part of my work i want to add AWGN in my matlab program . it can be easily done by randn function. like this Noise = ( randn( 1,data ) + j * randn( 1,data) ) but my teacher told me once that multiply it also with *10.^(SNRdb/20) to normalize the Energy to 1 ! can any one explain it what is meant by Normalization the ener
Try the lecture notes here; MIT OpenCourseWare | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | 6.094 Introduction to matlab, January IAP 2010 | Lecture Notes
hhi everybody i need to code a simple function in matlab and i have some problems the function getting 4 variable and supose to plot 4 waves. if the user press just 2 variables thus the function plots 2 waves. i try to coded its like function present_sig ... if nargin == 2 plot....... (...)
I am total beginner using matlab so I need some help creating FIR and IIR filters with Mathlab. I have read audiofile: x=wavread('C:\Pinkpatka.wav',175142); and I should filter it with FIR, which have these factors: I must also filter it with IIR, which have factors b=, a=
Hi i am designing the simulink model of MIMO using multipath releigh channe model...but problem is that when i set the value of intial seed in parameters of multipath releigh fadding channel, it generates the matlab error of undefined function or variable... can any one help me??? can anyone tell me how to set these parameters in multipath relei
Hi, I am adding strong noise which has zero mean to an OOK modulation. I use for that the matlab function 'randn'. But after this, I apply a chebyshev 3? order bandpass filter and I don't really know if the output signal would have the same property of zero mean or not? Thanks in advance
HI EVERYBODY i need to create the function x1(t) = / in matlab. i did it by create the suitable time vector and assign the func like this t = -1 : 0.001 : 1 ; x1_t = sin(2*50*pi*t.) / pi*t.; the size of t is 1 2001 and instead of get the same size at x1(t) ' i get that the size of x1(t) is 1 1 i know its sm