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Hi all, I want to simulate a PID or PD regulator in matlab. I can simulate a P and PI regulator in it.. but when I try to setup a transfer function (tf) of a PD or PID regulator I can't do a stepresponse of it... I see all the examples explain the step response in combination with a proces but I want to do only the PD or PID regulator Anyo
Can anyone tell me how to do FFT in matlab 7.0 ? What are different types of algorithms used for this purpose? Also provide a sample code.
hi i want to see a sine wave from a function genetator on matlab is it possible?????? if yes plz help
when we use matlab's filter tool box to design analog filter, does it return a transfer function?
Hi all, I have to plot a function, namely the transmittance T in a dielectric multilayer, in function of the angle of incidence and of the frequency. I would like to put the angle of incidence on the X axis, and the frequency on the Y axis and then plot the function T with a scale of grey. Does anyone know the matlab (...)
confused recently with this topic.Someone had some simple words about this as follows.But im still in obtacle. t=linspace(-5,5,40); %matlab based model =meshgird(t,t); z=peaks(x,y); surf(x,y,z) hfss_surf_exe();%the interface function %then the model is built in HFSS. I havent got the detail of function 'hfss_surf_exe()'.W
you need read some matlab book
Hi, You need to simulate the capacity formula for MIMO which u already mentioned. But then you have to run the simulations for long time, for Ricean fading use channel mean non-zero and for Rayleigh fading use channel mean zero. I am attaching a figure with this post, which is Sum capacity vs Number of users in the system. I can help you in
I have a analog signal through the lowpass Filter(fc=40hz) then I sample it which fsample =40hz, and I recieve 200 pieces of that signal into my computer by sampling which f(sample) =40hz.And my problem is how I can analyse spectrum of those 200 pieces discrete signal in matlab. PLZ help me some code matlab or tell me which macro in matlab
Hi All, I am looking for a matlab function that converts a character (e.g., 'D') to its ASCII equivalent ( i.e., 68 ) . The function char does the reverse conversion. Basically, I want to convert a text message to its ASCII codes, process that code, and go back to the message. Best Regards
Hello, Can somebody please tell me how I can plot a function of three variables in matlab? Please give examples. How about a Hyperboloid (described by the following parametric equations)? x = a cosh(t) y = b sinh(t)cosΦ z = c sinh(t)sinΦ Its not an assignment or anything....its just that I am having a hardtime visualizing su
Hi all, does anyone know how can I give a matlab function (or file) as input of COMSOL? Particularly, I need to simulate in COMSOL an anisotropic medium with ε and ? varying with r and Φ (cilindrical coordinates). Any suggestion will be helpful. Thank in advance.
I have datas taken from a spectrum analyzer they are in the form DATA.D2 and the question is how the files with D2 extantion read in matlab
Can any one help me to find a matla code for FFT implementation but not the built in function can anybody help me with that???
hello all I want to write matlab cod for : x=10:1:20; .5*pi*(1.5^2)*x^3=1250; plot(y,x)
I have ton ot good examples of BCD or decade counters but NONE have a "real" counter which can be loaded with arbitrary value just like the one depicted on the pix, which is a genetic SN74LS168 up/down ripple BCD counter with load? Building it out of D flip-flops and ton of gates as the function diagram suggest is possible but will be a lot of M
an anyone help me generate an IMPUSLE COMB(impulse train) both in time and freq domain.... let the sampling period be Ts=0.00025 or Fs=4000 , next 2Fs,3Fs and so on... kindly help me plot this impulse train and its FFT in matlab thanx in advance
Hello,all I'm a final year student . And I have some problem in my project. That is how can I generate C code from matlab code to use It in my Keil ARM project! I'm analysing Spectrum of Voice signal using my PC by matlab.I my problem is : how can i generate it to C code or header file *.h and use this code to write my program in KEIL ARM to le
Hello, I design a digital filter using matlab and output as a verilog. When i test this digital filter using FPGA, i can see the frequency response for my output signal. But i would like to see the frequency response for digital filter transfer function. What should i do? Thanks in advance for your help.
I have to build a controller (for position control) in matlab for a ptz camera ( dome camera ).The basic idea is that the target will be detected through out video frames.I want to build a controller so as my dome camera move in such a way that the target is being kept at the center of the image.PC is physically connected via RS232 with it.Which is
HI i am using matlab for demodulation of dqpsk signals, my approach gave a bit of faulty answers, but whe i used a built in function in matlab, the answer came out right upon a bit of search, i find out that matlab is using unwrap function, i looked at its help but it looks and sounds weird, inshort (...)
hi all if: 1. we Defined a time axis from 0 to 1 sec. and that it contains only 200 samples. 2. Generate the signal x(t) = sin(10πt) defined on the previous time axis. 3. Resample the signal x(t) by taking one sample every seven samples from the original signal. Call the resulting signal y(t). HOW TO : Without using the matlab function
How can I resolve this equation using matlab where e is the unknown variable with t0 ta and ta as known ones eTa=1-exp(-e(t0-te) exp denote the exponentional function
hi, Go to this link: It has what you need. Also u can find to this link some examples in matlab in order to calculate your PID controller. Good Luck! B.
here is the matlab code for GSM simulation. I got it from
Hi, everybody. I am using matlab toolbox "delsig" to do the system design of a second order ADC. In the "delsig" toolbox, function " realizeNTF ( ntf, form, stf ) " can set the coefficients for a particular modulator topology. It works perfectly with default input "stf=1", but when I set the stf has the same poles as ntf, matlab gives me (...)
This is matlab program "h_block" gives a complex matrix of order 512 by 1 "h" just reshape it into a matrix of order 1 by 512 I want to ask is this is the correct way to define rayleigh channel by the pathloss is defined to be 1,one.
I think you should search for "Compile" instead of "Convert" and "matlab function" instead of "matlab code". I guess it is a standard proccess to compile a matlab function to a C function (may be called C-MEX function). Look for these keywords in matlab help.
Dear all I need matlab source code for viterbi decoder of 16-QAM modulation. matlab help has viterbi decoding function only for BPSK. How i can use this function to simulate 16-QAM? Best Regards Morteza Mardani
I want to run a simulation written both in C++ and matlab.I have MS Visual Studio installed. How can I run the program whose one file out of many file is written in C++ please guide me through.
Hey, I wish to randomly generate SNR values between 0 and 35 dB. Does anyone know which function can be used to generate these values in matlab? Thanks!
in order to crosscrrolate two signals which of these two matlab uctions are true? "xcorr" or "crosscorr"
Hello, I am working on Reed-Salomon encoding/decoding program and I have one problem. I would like to convert gf object for example gfcode=gf(code,3) to string and figure it in terms of function set(handles.text15,'String',variable) into text field. It is impossible to use function num2str. Thanks for Your advices. Stepan
i need a function in matlab to solve trial and error problems such as Φ=atan(x)-atan(1/x) to find the value of x thanks alot
Hi all I have matlab code available with me I s there any way that i can implement it on DSP Any shortcut method Thnx in advance
So I have a program designed for matlab which I want to run on FreeMat. Everything seems compatible except FreeMat doesn't have a nlinfit function which is required by the program.
I may be wrong, but it could not be performed by a simple function, done by yourself ? ( I suppose you´re using ´C´ language ) This function which i wrote here,it works and it exist (in matlab). but i cant find which parameter i must change to input my matrix or simple array,which is in binary level and transpose in
hi all i'm doing my final task that makes me so desperate i have to make ANC FXLMS algorithm in matlab, but i have to make my own function without using the = adaptfiltfxlms(....) function i have done my own function for system identification using LMS algorithm, but i don't know how to make the FXLMS (...)
hi everyone, I need to know,what exactly is" band limited white noise?" and how can I generate it in matlab. my problem is to generate analog BLWN signal s(t), and it's delayed and It's time scaled version s((t+D)/a) where D and a are nonintegers. and then sample these two by 1Hz. I want to know how to generate s(t) as an analog function and
I need matlab code of QAM.
hey i am in need of help in matlab simulink badly. i attached an diagram of that. i will pass a binary number or string in the M-FSK modulator, so i need to generate a binary number specified by me, i tried with Embedded matlab function but i couldn't get output, it's not working. can anyone help me plzzz
I don't undrestand what "octave" means here? but if you want to read your wave file you should write the command as follows: y=wavread('mic1.wav'); the file shoiuld also be in the matlab path.
I want to compare two graphs: I have two matlab program which give me two separate graphs. I want to have the result of those two programs on the same graph,I mean two separate programs should give result in the same graph. How can I do that. e.g graphs show the BER v/s EbN0 and EbN0 is same in both of the programs. please reply
Hi, Can someone tell me how to do a pole-zero analysis (extraction) with matlab? I assume there should be a function for that. Say, I can get from circuit simulation magnitude, phase and frequency points (or correspondingly Re, Im and frequency points). How can I use this to find the poles and zeros of the circuit? I tried to run pole-zero ana
Hello, Anyone can provide me the matlab command that able to generate the coeffiecient for the single loop modulator?. The third order modulator transfer function is as below: H(z) = (1-z^(-1))^3 ------------------------------------------ 1+ c1z^(-1) + c2z^(-2) + c3z^(-3) I would like the get the coefficient for
i am doing the final year project about class D amplfier , use some algorithm to produce PWM , then pass to the power amplifier and low pass filter to generate sound. Since i finish to build the class D amplifier in fypga and also able to see the Power spectral of the generated PWM to measure the THD of the board. The only thing i need to do now
Hi We have developed a model for Wimax 802.16e on matlab using floating point implementation. Now we need to migrate this model to modelsim in order to automate it's implementation on TI DSP using real time workbench Is it Possible? What's the constrains? Salam Hossam Alzomor www(.)i-g(.)org
elslamo alikom i tried this code on m-files in matlab h = modem.qammod(4); h.inputtype = 'bit'; tx_symbols = modulate(h,coded_bits); it worked very well now i want to make this code in Embedded matlab function i made this block and wrote in it M=4; h = modem.qammod(M); h.inputtype = 'bit'; y = modulate(h,u); but it makes alot (...)
I am trying to calculate the cross-spectral density for a voltage signal using matlab. I am using the fft function to do the Fourier transform. The fft function is Y=fft(X,n). But I donot know how to pick the points n. My voltage signal Y is 2seconds long. dt is 0.0001s. so sampling frequency is 1/0.0001s=10KHz. I donot know what value I (...)
too simple but i cant see the solution..I do an exercise which i need to call the function from command line tou matlab..For example.. i have 2 matrices .. So1=randint(1,200,); Si1= randint(1,200,); wx=Si1-So1; ea = abs(wx); et=ea'; wh