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Hi everybody, I have to save a matlab vectror 1x256 in a text file. I'm trying with save function, is this the right way? thanks
Hi i want to that is my attachment is a digital bandpass filter 16hz-3khz. In my attachment myfilterMain.mdl & myfilter is the analog prototype. IS myfilter1.mdl is the digital converson of the above Anolog filter???? Please help.. I use "c2d " command to convert transfer function from s domain to z domain.
First up, that not really a square wave, a square wave should have equal low time as high time, or a least a constant duty cycle. you wave is low for 30, high for 30 and then low for 40? are you sure this is what you want? the typical way to generate real square waves is something like: x = 0:0.1:100; y = double((mod(x,60) > 30));
Dear all, I am trying to find a way calculate my componet values from first order section of my Transfer function. How can I manipulate the code in matlab to calculate the first order section. I put the code below and the results with error. This is 3rd order. Any response is highly appreciated. code: pp1=p{1}(1)/p{1}(3);pp2=p{1}(2)/p{1
i am workeing on equalization of ofdm. i created a channel object using rayleighchan() function in matlab but i dont know how to obtain channel coefficent using above command. plz help
matlab's help is very useful. try it. you can use wavrecord function or data acquisition toolbox.
Hi, Standard matlab calls are by value (not by reference). But you can get the modified values as ouputs, for instance you can call the "blue" function like this: newValueBlue = blue( oldValueBlue ); and the same for the other functions. Obviously, blue.m must return the new value as output. Regards Z
Thanks for these matlab files. I was looking for these files to calculate SNR of my Sigma delta ADC. When I simulate this file I have an error, "??? Undefined function or method 'calcSNR' for input arguments of type 'double'." function calcSNR is not defined..Can you please help me. Thank you
hELLO. I am using matlab =eig(ww); its returning expected values as required. But matlab is returning unexpected eignvector(taking unexpected values and relation is true) I do not know how these values are coming or i do not know the function. E.g. if W=; >> W=; >> =eig(W) Eignvector
suppose i have transfer function TF, input r(s), How to obtain Output C(s) r(s) = sint TF = 1/(s+0.5) How to obtain C(s) using M-file using matlab? here input is time varying one. TF is in S-domain. please help me out:? Regards Anand
I have created a GUI in matlab for Amplitude Shift Keying so that it would prompt the user to input the binary bit stream, then it would be able to produce the modulated graph and the bit rate and baudrate below. I have done three months research on the codes and it is successful; Unfortunately something went wrong when i programmed into the GUI
hi, how to code in matlab for marcumq-function to find the probability of detection in AWGN?
Fir Filter Hamming In matlab ebook download in PDF format FIR Digital Filter Design Applet: Notes refer this it is simple and it answers your question
guyz i'm using matlab to implement SSA data pre-processing on historical rainfall distribution to rescale the "0" value of rainfall... but the forecast value does not follow the original value i've already trigger the code but still, the problem remains. function =SCALE_DATA(p,upper) % p Original time series (column vector fo
Hi! I need to realize a time variant filter in simulink/matlab and discovered the function block "Transfer Fcn Direct Form II Time Varying" which should do the job. Unfortunately I'm completely lost with z-parameters. Can anybody help me here? I need the coefficients for a band pass at frequency "f0" and +-3db cut off at +-"df". The (...)
hello to All. as part of my work i want to add AWGN in my matlab program . it can be easily done by randn function. like this Noise = ( randn( 1,data ) + j * randn( 1,data) ) but my teacher told me once that multiply it also with *10.^(SNRdb/20) to normalize the Energy to 1 ! can any one explain it what is meant by Normalization the ener
Try the lecture notes here; MIT OpenCourseWare | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | 6.094 Introduction to matlab, January IAP 2010 | Lecture Notes
hhi everybody i need to code a simple function in matlab and i have some problems the function getting 4 variable and supose to plot 4 waves. if the user press just 2 variables thus the function plots 2 waves. i try to coded its like function present_sig ... if nargin == 2 plot....... (...)
I am total beginner using matlab so I need some help creating FIR and IIR filters with Mathlab. I have read audiofile: x=wavread('C:\Pinkpatka.wav',175142); and I should filter it with FIR, which have these factors: I must also filter it with IIR, which have factors b=, a=
Hi i am designing the simulink model of MIMO using multipath releigh channe model...but problem is that when i set the value of intial seed in parameters of multipath releigh fadding channel, it generates the matlab error of undefined function or variable... can any one help me??? can anyone tell me how to set these parameters in multipath relei
Hi, I am adding strong noise which has zero mean to an OOK modulation. I use for that the matlab function 'randn'. But after this, I apply a chebyshev 3? order bandpass filter and I don't really know if the output signal would have the same property of zero mean or not? Thanks in advance
HI EVERYBODY i need to create the function x1(t) = / in matlab. i did it by create the suitable time vector and assign the func like this t = -1 : 0.001 : 1 ; x1_t = sin(2*50*pi*t.) / pi*t.; the size of t is 1 2001 and instead of get the same size at x1(t) ' i get that the size of x1(t) is 1 1 i know its sm
Hi, I am new to programming in matlab. I was looking to get some heads-up on how I could implement WFQ and Round-Robin Scheduling in matlab. Can anyone help me out if there is a toolbox or some function to do this? Would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.
If your data rate is 20 samples per second. I think that you may use the uart port of microcontroller interface with PC. matlab provides serial communication function (matlab Central - File detail - matlab serial - code example ) and file tools. By the w
Friend when there is function available in matlab for the purpose, why you want to use for loops. Some special resons ?
Try fdesign.bandpass(spec) function in matlab. check this link for more info: Bandpass filter specification object - matlab
I do not have matlab with me at this moment and cannot check your code but at a first look your code is correct. Now that you have the filter coefficients, you can use the "filter" function. This function just needs the filter coefficients and the signal in time domain, the output will be your bandpass-ed signal (try the fft before and after (...)
Hi, I have a signal witch spectrum (calculated with matlab fft) is 70 Hz wide. But I really need only the first 5 Hz. Is there any way to "concentrate" the fft only on that part of the spectrum? In this way (maybe) I can use the 1024 fft points only in the first 5 Hz, instead of 70 Hz, increasing a lot the resolution.. Thanks, bye, Vale
salam 3laikom guys i really need your help i want a matlab code for ASk i'm using version 6.0.1 please help i have to give it to my instructor after 5 hours i have been searching for 5 hours and i didn't find anything i tried this code but error has occured len = 10000; % Number of symbols M = 16; % Size of alphabet msg = randint
Dear define Order of filter. I think matlab is a good teacher also use matlab help. cutt of frequency is defined as (cutt off freq/sampling rate) try this in your function defination
A matlab description of a noise gate from literature: function y=noisegt(x,holdtime,ltrhold,utrhold,release,attack,a,Fs) %y=noisegt(x,holdtime,ltrhold,utrhold,release,attack,a,Fs); % holdtime - time in seconds the sound level has to be below the noise gate with hysteresis % threshhold value before the gate is activated % ltrhold - thres
hello friends consider having an array of numbers like Y how can i put an specific cell of this array into a transfer function for example : den= where n is an integer ( a loop counter or something ) is it even possible to do if so how ? thanks for reading my post
Iam trying to implement highest order digital filter of class chebyshev-I. while doing when I derive transfer function of chebyshev filter using POLY funciton of matlab. I found that it truncates the data hence stopping me to increase the order of filter. so could any body post the code which could replicate the POLY command
Hi, How to include Drude Model for the permittivity as a function of frequency in HFSS. I went through the some of the links in edaboard. It was mentioned, that we need to use matlab to generate the values and then export the values. Is it right? Or is there any procedure to do that. Thanks, sv
Hello All, I am looking for a function or command in matlab which gives the impulse response of the room based on room dimensions and such stuff? Does anyone have any idea? Best, A
Hey guys Hope u r all well. I have written a matlab code for PSK.. and it produces a graph... but i know that the graph is not what im looking for .. it doesnt produces a correct phase shift.. The code is : % % Generating a input square wave x1 = 0:(pi/100):(20*pi); y1 = square(x1); A = plot(x1,y1); figure(1),A,title( 'Square wave
how can i get the grey level intensities at each pixel (i,j) in an image I(i,j) using matlab? is there any inbuilt function?
hello everyone....a humble request to all...plz suggest a code for wiener filter in image processing in matlab without using the built-in function...its urgent...plz do help
Hi Folks, I am using matlab block interleaving and de-interleaving function. intrlv(data,ELEMENTS) deintrlv(data, ELEMNTS) How can make my own interleaver for good resuts handling? What is the row codes for matlab for making intrlv/deintrlv? thanks
Hey, i've line in matlab example code: LPF = LPF_b*LPF_prev + LPF_a*mixer_I + LPF_a*mixer_I_prev ; This is part of 'for' loop where is signal 'mixer_I' filtering. I see this is IIR but I dont know how could I write its transfer function. This is one of LPF in costas loop. I cant find any theory about designing this kind of fi
A complex function can best be implemented using a look-up table. If you don't need high resolution, try to linearize. There might exist a function for that in matlab, but it's just basic math.
hi, Some one can explain to me? what is the different between of mean and mean2 in the matlab? For an example, i have a image picture and want to do mean and mean2 function in the matlab. As an engineer, when to use mean function? And when to use mean2 fuction? thanks
hi, how to set the x-axis and y-axis by our own value? built in code plotting the chebyshev filter, but i cant have the ripple shape show in the graph. i would like make the scale more wider so i can get the ripple shape at the bandpass. Thanks
Hi guys, I am a newbee to this forum. But I am kind of familiar with matlab. Recently I have solved my laser rate equation with Euler method. But the result is not satisfying and thorough research proves that Euler method is not that precise compared to Runge-Kutta method. So im planning to use ODE45. But my equation is this: dN/dt = (I
If you've never done any VHDL coding (and I suspect, any digital design before), this is quite a hard one to start with. But you will need sin and cos look-up tables generated in something like matlab. Your whole design should be fixed point (not floating). Why do you need to convert to std_logic_vector? why not keep it all integers or unsigned/si
hei, can anyone help me with implementation of the function in matlab please: y(n)=1/n*summation of x(R); where n=1,2,3....N use N=100 or 1000 and x(R) is a gaussian random variable with zero mean and variance=1 plot x(n) and y(n) VS n in the same plot. thanks. ( i dunno why this summantion sign is not working.. !:?)
i have written many small small subprograms in matlab for my project,but now i want to form a single main program from them, how to join these small small programs? is it same as C program in which we define different functions and then we call those functions in the main program?? Yup, it is the same. It find i
how to match two finger codes using euclidean distance? i have to right code for it in matlab. how to do summation in matlab? is there any function available? how to get the grey level intensity in an image for each pixel value? plz help!
hi...i need matlab code for DEPSK modulation and demodulation without using depsk inbuilt function in matlab....... can u plzz help mee as soon as possible.......
GUI Pushbuttons + Call function