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Hi all, I want to design filter to implement on FPGA with a mentioned parameters in subject but when i am starting to design it on matlab fdatool, it gives very high order filter result, and when i decrease or set by myself upto 10 order its impulse response is not good as i want. Any idea will be highly appreciable. Regards, Umair
Hi all, I have a problem..I have a discrete sine with 20000 sample and with variable frequency. I need to plot this freq sweep, I expect a frequency ramp. How I can do this with matlab? Please someone help me? Thanks
Q1 : sir i want to ask you that if i am using an external ADC which have 400ksps t0 sample the frequency of 100khz. if i applied input of 100khz to ADC which converts into bits and these bits can serialy transmit to matlab through pic16fxxx, so it is possible for pic to work as fast to transmit all the bits before taking to next sample duration ti
Hi, Can any1 tell me what is sampling frequency for ADC ? How to determine the sampling freqeuncy for the ADC in PIC16F73? Please advice ! Thx ! :D
What 'll happen if the sampling freq is much larger than twice the maximum freq of the signal?
in a input frequency of 1Mhz *nyquist tell that the fmax must be at least x2 the fs and if i have fs of 1Mhz and must be have a 32 samples that this affect the fmax needed?
I'd like to ask you a question about some dsp capabilities. In the book "DSP and applications with the C6713 C6416 DSK" the author says that the sampling frequencies supported by the AIC23 codec are 8, 16, 24, 32, 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz (using DSK6713_AIC23_FREQ_fsKHZ). But my GSM modulator design with 271 kb/s rate with the use of an intermedi
Given a signal at a certain frequency, can anyone suggest me how do determine the sampling frequency? Must it be lower or upper then the signal frequency? Thanks in advance Lupin
In theory we study that 2 samples per cycle in a periodic sine wave are enough to reconstruct it back in Analog form. I wana know what should be the values for sampling frequency Fs in practical circuits ? Is it taken 2 samples per cycle ? 10 / cycle or what is the deciding factor ?? If by theory 2 samples / cycle are appropriate to represent in
hi all, this is my question: 100Hz carrier signal is modulated by another 0-10Hz sine wave. i wanna demodulate that signal but I confuse about sampling frequency. which one is the correct sampling frequency for me? 200Hz or 20Hz? and does sampling frequency depend on modulation technique? (...)
dear sohiltri ur statements realy helped me.... i appretiate ur concepts.... now please if u could help in these two QUESTIONS: 1) i want backpropagation algorithm implemented in matlab. For the patter recognition. 2) in kaiser or in Equiripple filter , what is the diffreence between small 'n', and capital" N". 3)
I use wavelet Transform and decomposed a signal then I use some detail coefficient and reconstruct the signal: the main signal sample frequency is 260Hz what is the reconstructed signal samplinf frequency? the main signal interval time is 20 second and the sampling frequency is 260Hz =wavedec(signal,8,'db4'); (...)
Hi I am using simulink NCO I can't find in help or in dialog boxes for the NCO , I can't find how to set the sampling frequency Fs for the NCO Do you know How to set it? Salam Hossam Alzomor www(.)i-g(.)org Added after 1 hours 26 minutes: Hi I have discovered it. In the function block param
Miguel Gaspar please tell me how i can define time period of a bit and please tell me how i can sample a data using matlab
What is the difference of Cutoff frequency and sampling frequency when it comes to sensor Input?
hello How to find the sampling frequency Fs from a given wave or signal?? thanx Regards Adnan
Hi Gents, I have a question that might appear stupid to you experts.... Is there any relationship between ADC input voltage range and its sampling frequency? Could you please advice some references? Thanks. Nass
Hello , i'm newbie here :D . Just a simple question , is there a relation between sampling frequency and quantization ? I implement a quantization script under matlab 7.0.14 for quantizating signals. Theorically the quantized signal must be like stairs , not a line ! These are my results : For fs(frequency (...)
Hi all What is the relationship between "sampling frequency" and "quantization noise" in audio signals?
I would like to design a IIR filter that can deal with variable sampling frequency. Another way to say, the number of coefficient is changing and value is is different in real time. Is there any good book or article abt it? Besides how to design a efficient IIR filter in FPGA? thanks
hello... TO sample the signal such a rate so that we can reconstruct the signal...we all know that the minimum sampling frequency we have to use is 2*F. where(f=signal frequency) but i want to know the how can i decide the sampling frequency so that i can get the peak value for all the signal. so i (...)
Hi guys, I have this question, I know in OFDM system, when you upconvert the signal with certain carrier frequency with certain sampling frequency and when you downconvert it, if the carrier frequency is same, but the sampling is not, then you will have a sampling frequency (...)
hello friends, a signal is periodic with period T and number of samples in one period is N then what is sampling frequency and how to calculate this. thanks n regards
hi there ... I am working on EEG signals .. And sampled it using ADC0804... As I read in the forums here that : " Theoretically (Nyqist theorem) the cutoff frequency of the anti-aliasing filter should be 1/2 of the sampling frequency. In practice the cutoff frequency should be even smaller; it depends (among other (...)
Hi all, i have a quick question concerining sampling frequencies. I have the ADC of my microcontroller set up with the maximum sampling frequency of 15 kHz but the programme uses timer interrupts to fill an array with ADC values at a rate of around 2 kHz. My question is if i were to design an anti aliasing filter for the system would i (...)
Hi. I read a document about algorithmic adc and at the end of that paper the auther says that "to achive 10MS/s we must design an opamp with 250MHz bandwith to achive desired settling time" So I want to know that what's relation between settling time and sampling frequency? Thank you so much. Have a good time.
My question is : What should be sampling frequency of such signal : s(t) = \frac{ \sin( t \cdot 20000 \cdot \pi) }{ t \cdot \pi }? I know about Nyquist?Shannon sampling theorem, but what is the frequency of my signal ( this isn't just sinc(20000 \cdot \pi \cdot t) ) Pleas give me some clues :)
I read that the sampling frequency should not be the integral multiple of signal frequency...i want to know the theory behind this..if there is any document explaining this will be great help...thanks in advance..
Hello. To give some more information on what I am to use this for: I have two signals. Both are periodic sine waves with the same frequency, but with a constant phase difference. Let's call one of the signals for ref (reference) and the other sig (signal). They can look like this: ref(t) = sin(2*pi*f*t) sig(t) = sin(2*pi*f*t + θ) w
91903 I want to determine the system clock frequency under which my Fpga program is working. I assume the bandwidth = subcarrier number * subcarrier space, and the subcarrier numuber equals the ifft number so the bandwidth = ifft number * subcarrier space, 7.68MHZ = 512 * 15KHZ. bandwidth = 7.68MHZ. And in the p
I want to know the relation between sampling frequency (Hz) and sampling rate (sample per second). For example, a 1 Hz sin wave sampled at 8000 samples per second. Each cycle of the 1Hz tone will span all 8000 samples (since its period is 1 second). Thus sampling period will be 1/ (8000-1) s Or sampling (...)
Hi, could anyone help me. I need to determine sampling frequency for a system including many bands simultaneously. Here are bands with their center frequency and bandwidth. fc1= 117.18MHz and BW = 10MHz; fc2=168.33MHz and BW=20MHz; fc3=66.03MHz and BW=25MHz; fc4 = 106.72MHz and BW= 25MHz. I got stuck here, don't know what (...)
Hi, I need to choose ADC to sample these IF bands with their bandwidth respectively. Could you suggest me some type of ADC that is good for this application? I mean what type of ADC that I should use: Pipelined ADCs, Flash ADCs, Time-interleaved / parallel converter, Delta-Sigma A/D,... What sampling frequencies I can use? Thanks for help. [IM
Hi all, 1) I have Fosc=60Mhz which results to Fcyc=15MHz 2) I set ADCON2=0 ,ADCON3=0 from this information i want to calculate my sampling frequency. how can i calc that? i've checked the datasheet of dspic30F family but i don't understand how to go about calculating it.
Dear all I have the Spectrum of a base band signal as attached figure Now i want to know what is the sampling frequency of the ADC to be used As I understand that to follow Nyquist Therom i need to sample at-least at double the highest frequency But in the Digital board we have the ADC which samples at 2.568 GSPS and the modem (...)
i am having trouble understanding the ADC module of PIC18F4550 i have configured it as follows clock 20MHz PLL prescaler divide by 5 System post scaler 96Mhz/6 Hence my Fosc = 16MHz now i selected Tad = 16Tosc(101) also Tacq = 4Tad hence by adding above two i will get 5us which means sampling frequency is 200KHz????? and if my
My datalogging system which consits of the Flora, RTC, SD card breakout board, LSM9DS0 sensor is shown in the picture below; The sampling rate/s is capped at 30 when writing into the sd card. If I disable the sensor and only save the time it goes up to 65. Writing into the serial interface rather than the sd card makes the rate goes up even high
Perhaps you could answer a few questions... > I am generating UWB signal of 2GHz with matlab sampling frequency(for >resolution) of 8GHz.Thus, each UWB pulse has 4 sample values. >Now the number of samples in the received signal are 800. >I do compressed sensing with Phi=randn(400,800) So is it correct that you generate samples (...)
Dont implement passband simulation of such a high frequency. I think it is a solver problem (menu Simulation - Configuration parameters). The internal default matlab sampling frequency. I placed in an empty model sine wave generator and scope. Set your frequency and set the configuration parameter for (...)
can somebody tell me what should i do for sampling discrete time signals in matlab i think u ask for the CODE... in that case it is done like... fs = 1000 (sampling frequency) f = 10 (signal frequency) A=2(amplitude) n=0:100; wave = A*sin(2*pi*f*n/fs) this would create 100 sample points wave (...)
Hi all, I am a matlab newbie :) How to get frequency spectrum of a vector data? (something like ) I heard FFT is the time-frequency fransform. And I tried fft() function in matlab. But it return a complex number. Is it stand for both frequency and phase? Any suggestions will be appreciated! Best (...)
Hi all, I'm still rather new to matlab and have certain questions to ask. Is it possible to generate a signal at a specific frequency? and is it possible to control the power spectral density of the signal?
hi everybidy, i have simulated a code in matlab for the demodulation of ofdm signal (dab). In the synchronisation process, i found the clock offset of 13.035 khz in the spectrum after downconversion. i used a nco to remove the frequency offset. Now when i differentially decode the symbols, i get 5th and 6th symbols corrupted. I think this can be h
I am new to matlab and I was trying to code a sampling and aliasing example. But I have a few questions: clc; clear all; %A is the amplitude A=1; %f is the frequency(Hz) f=100; T=1/f; %fs is the sampling frequency fs=1000; %phi is the arbitraty phase, phi = 2*pi*0.75; tstart=0; (...)
can u send me ur matlab code. my email thank u,.. plz.. its urgent
I do not seem to understand how sampling affects the frequency spectrum. Help me find the frequency spectrum before and after sampling. How to do it in matlab? I am interested in frequencies from 0~integer*sampling frequency. I want to see how different (...)
matlab is a discrete solver. When you write x=cos(2*pi*t1); (t1 not t, therefore f=1) you have already multiplied your cosine by an impulse train whose sampling rate is fs=6/1000... If you want to see the meaning of the Nyquist theorem just keep increasing the frequency until it is higher than fs/2. What do you see?
Hi, I tryed to analyze your data. You didn't specify the sampling time, however if the time data are in seconds I assume it is 4 us. What I can see in the FFT is a large peak at roughly 500 Hz and other low amplitude peaks. No DC is present. There is no need to subctrat the mean value since it is already 0 (very close to). Did you zoom the FFT
well in this I disagree, since increasing the sampling speed ofcourse helps, e.g. (and can test on matlab simply) if 1 Khz signal is sampled using 3 Khz the result is actually almost no use. while increasing the sampling rate will increase the quality of signal. Simply put the more the sampling rate, the less is the (...)
hi guys, when i generate a random data in matlab and i want to apply a lowpass filter to these data , how can i identify it's maximum frequency in order to determine the sampling frequency that i will use as an input to my filter for example : x=randint(1,10); %%% random bits a=modem.pskmod(4); %%%% QPSK object (...)