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Hi brothers and Sisters of this blessed world. I'm doing a mini project on Multimodal biometric. Can someone please guide me to any source code for ECG authentication using matlab.
Hello, I have just started to learn about FDTD and electromagnetic simulation using this method. I have Sullivan's book about FDTD; but the code inside is not practical to run. it seems that there is a need to modify it. In order to write the codes in Visual C, I want to run in matlab (it is more suitable to simulate such kind of calculations).
Hi, We are doing a project based on G.726 ADPCM.We are trying to convert the source code in C language into matlab code.Could you please help us.Here we attaching the source code.
Hello, I have generated a signal in matlab, and now I want to use it as voltage source for a spice circuit. Is there a way to import the signal in Pspice? Many thanks. Anton89
I am looking to minimize the energy consumption per bit for in wireless sensor network with the help of incorporating cooperative MIMO techniques. Please help me with source code (matlab/ns2) for simulating such scenarios.
Hi all, I have a source and destination separed by a distance d=100m; I suppose that the energy consumption of this communication is a linear function of distance E=k*d; matlab code d=0:100; k=3; E=k.*d; plot(d,E); now I want to insert a node N every 25m, so, I get source and destination separed by 3 node (...)
In matlab you can write abs(hsr)^2
The manufacturer of this board provide a device driver source code so that you can create your own back end C++ resident application to get the acquired data and send it to matlab within supported communication interfaces such as a (virtual) serial port for example.
Hello Sir, Can anyone provide me simple matlab code for joint source channel coding. Thank you.
Hi, I have been doing some simulations in my PA using Lte signal and Wcdma signal generated by matlab. I used a bass band signal generated in the matlab to use in a source in ADS to simulate my PA in 2.4 GHz, but I had a script to do this signal and now I need a 802.11n Wlan signal. I would like to know if someone can help me in this case (...)
can any one help me in design turbo decoder please
i need FDTD-1D (gauss source) matlab code and with PML. please!!! help me.
hai can anyone pls send me matlab coding for 4*4 mimo mccdma system.i need this for my btech project.pls kindly someone help me,since we dont have any source online.
Hello everyone, I am a student of M.Tech VLSI Design final year. I am doing project on Viterbi decoder using Artificial Neural Networks. Please, if anyone are doing same project share your ideas. If any open source code (matlab or any other programming code) you are having means share me.
in my recent work for wsn , i faced some questions about what is the differences Gaussian source ,Gaussian *Noise,and and Gaussian Distribution nodes for wireless sensor network . and how i can implement that in matlab ? :shock::shock::shock:
hi every one; i am studied an article with title
Hi all I have code for single link (source- destination) using QAM simulation to produce BER curve. however I need to add relay node between source and destination and produce BER curve. can anyone help me with this please here is the code (matlab) M = 16; % Size of signal constellation k = log2(M); % Nu
Need C source code for Radix-22 FFT decimation-in-frequency algorithm. Need matlab code for Radix-2 FFT decimation-in-frequency algorithm.
I believe, the challenge in designing FPGA image processing algorithms is to organize the sequential processing of image elements, using internal or external RAM as data source and sink. I won't expect that a HDL coder has the intelligence to achieve this. The focus of the matlab HDL coder is particularly speeding up simulation code by utilizing
There is no instruction on matlab to include external files, just add their paths on system variable environment or copy them to the same directory of the current program.
A basic learning objective of this homework problem is how to implement modular arithmetic in matlab. Get an idea from this TEA related thread
hello sir i am doing my project on embedded pic controller 16f877a and i have got the meter for reading the solar panel data such as volts ,amps, freq etc .and this data is taken from MODSCAN software ,but i want to use or import the data from MODSCAN to matlab please do tell me the procedure to import the data and display in matlab.
I have work in matlab (gui) to recognize the image of beef and pork, was first performed with wavelet feature extraction meat haar and get the energy value of the meat... after then be obtained by using a probabilistic method of classification neural network (PNN) to determine whether the image of beef or pork? is there a source code gui matla
anyone that can help to do k-fold cross validation with image in matlab?? there are source code for this in matlab+ gui:-D
Hi, I use a 'vpulse' as the reference clock source. Since pll is a driven circuit, so I can't check the 'oscillator' option. I am wondering if it is possible to calculate the phase noise with the pll transient simulation result in matlab. Anybody knows? Thank you. You cannot simulate whole PLL with PSS and it
The new version of matlab R2014b contains some Simulink models demos that may help.
Hey I am using CST for 3D FDTD simulation. I can do 2D and 1D in C or matlab code but with 3D code becomes complicated hence I want to shift to CST. I understand that CST microwave studio can do the job for me. I just want 5x5x5 m 3D space and take a gaussian source somewhere within this space. I want to visualize how the E or H field is changing
I need a matlab code for Natural binary source encoding and decoding of a Quantized signal, where the output amplitude of the quantifier ranges from -1.2 to 1.2 with 0.001% step. If anyone has matlab codes then plz share. Thank you.
Why should you write them yourself? They are already written and working. If you mean you want to be able to see the source code yourself, just type the following into matlab: edit huffmanenco edit huffmandeco There will be some extra error-checking stuff that you probably won't really need... but you can strip do
I WAS LOOKING FOR THE matlab COD for Adaptive filter ,,,, and finally find it out in this page,,,,, soooooo good. :lol:
Obviously it's not matlab's fault but the programmer. What you see is the intermodulation of carrier due to aliasing with another 1 rad/s source. The simple solution cancels the interfering signal. Let me put on my gold tetrahedral hat for mind reading.... Perhaps the method of detecting the input needs an AC signal cancellation circui
i fully agree dave. While time goes on, some basic microwave problems, like converting S11 measurements into dielectric constant, never seem to show up on shareware! I too would love to see someone show, in simple language, how to do it. Sure, we can all download papers, research it, and throw it on matlab/excell and probably after a few weeks o
You can refer to Gender Recognition Based on Genetic Algorithms 1.0 - matlab source code
Dear all.. I have 5 sensors placed in a linear configuration at known location. There is a sound source at a specific bearing/angle(bearing/angle of the source is variable)and known distance from the sensors array. I want to record the signal received at each sensors. Please help me simulating the scenario in matlab. i will be really very
Hi, the following is the code I've obtained from VlFeat's open source library for image stitching using SIFT and RANSAC. I have a basic understanding of the algorithms though I'm quite new to the field of IP and matlab, this being part of a project I'm working on: function mosaic = sift_mosaic(im1, im2) % SIFT_MOSAIC Demonstrates matchi
I am working on three phase voltage source inverter and PWM techniques. I've implemented SVPWM technique for this inverter using matlab and found line to line voltage, line to neutral voltage etc. I want to use filter to filter out Vab and Van. can anyone tell me what is the syntax for filter in matlab? which type of filter should be used (...)
pls post blowfish matlab source code for data is very urgent.
i need matlab source code for blowfish encryption algorithm for data encrytion.i need it very immediately for finishing my projct submission date 5th i need it very immadiately.pls help me by giving this matlab code pls pls. if you do a forum search on blowfish it will give links to posts on
Hi, I am M.Tech student. I want to know is it possible to implement RSA algorithm in leach for wireless sensor network in matlab. Want the source code for leach which can plot the energy consumption by nodes.
You can do that with matlab Compiler: +++
please sir,help me i went the source code for finger print using matlab and submit to my email wich
HI, please, I need a matlab source code of the algorithm of Belief Propagation normalized. :cry: thx for your help.
Hello Everybody May I request the matlab source code for Bistatic Radar Cross Section of complex object using Finite Different Time Domain (FDTD) method. Please, help me. Thank you in advance.
Hi Can someone help with matlab code for Slepian-Wolf theorem? Thank you
hi gys im doin a project on "losses in bragg fiber" and i need a simple matlab source code for "multilayer division method" so that can b useful for my project.... pls if any1 cud help me out, wud b really gr8.... here is a link of the project or mail to shiva2012cm
i am working on destributed detection of a nuclear radio active source using fusion of correlated descisions in that i want to plot probability of detection versus probability of false alarm, but i cant get success in coding in matlab....please help me...
Hello everyone, I have a noise distribution ( vecto/array) in matlab and I want to add it as an additional source to a circuit in ADS. I have used the Data Access Component but not successful, it gives netlist flattening error which I don't understand. I would be grateful if someone helps. Regards
hii frnds.. i need one help regarding video watermarking coding in me to get a code in matlab Wavelet Video Watermarking 1.0 - matlab source code Imperceptible Video Watermarking
Can i get a c code for these algorithm. I tried to search,i got only matlab. Is there any open source to find. I want to implement in the Linux with gcc compiler. I will be thankful, if some one help .. - - - Updated - - - Can i get a c code for these algorithm. I tried to search,i
Hi, Can i get a source code for ofdma and sc-fdma in C. I don't want in matlab. I need only Ansi Code.