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I have a working assembly code for receiving and transmitting data on PIC16f886 via max232. I want to use max485 instead. Do I have to change anything in my code?
First check development kit documents of the CP21XX. for minimal implementation of RS-232 which uses only Rx and Tx you will need only a Phy. like max232. also for RS-485, a line driver/receiver IC like max485 is all you need. maxim and analog devices have several interface (RS232 and RS485) products. BEST
device is 3in1 converter: USB ? RS232, RS485 and UART. A fully dedicated system FT232RL acts as the converter. It is seen in the system as a COM port, and is assisted by two max232 and max485 systems. Any settings of the converter can be made through the system as it is in a norm
Use max232 for 232 to TTL convertion and max485 for 485 to TTL conversion. max232 is full duplex however the other is half duplex. Advares.
Hello everybody, To connect the PC to PIC we use the max232 to convert RS232 signal to TTL. max485,however, makes TTL-level signals RS-485 compatible. So, logicaly, to connect a PIC to a 485 Network we use the MAX 485 and then the max232 as interface (see figure). I saw in internet some guys connecting PIC directly to the (...)
Hi! Now, I having a problem with the protocol RS232 to RS485. I posted my schematic and could any body help me check it? follow this circuit, when I brake pin 9 (max232) and connect to VCC or GND, transmit and receive was OK. But I keep intact this pin's connect, I couldn't transmit or receive...:?: Please help me! My project was design
Hi, I want to make an RS232 to RS485 converter that is half duplex. I use max232 and max485 for this. But I don't want to control CS pin of max485 at RS232 side. Is there any way to make this control automatic? PS: Baud rate can be from 300bps to 115200bps. Thank you.
To convert RS485 to digital use max485, and digital to RS232 use max232.
I need tested, isolated or ESD/EMI resistant RS232/RS485 full-duplex schematic. I am currently using max232 and max485s with bias,termination resistors and TVS diodes. Which TVS diodes suitable for RS-232 and which are for RS-485? Which parameter of the TVS is important while selecting for RS232 and RS485. Anyone could give a sp