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You can simply use proteus COMPIM and interface RFID, GSM, GOPS etc... to your PC and communicate with proteus. Do not use max232 with COMPIM model. Also you should have a hardware COM port available in your PC and its COM port number should be between COM1 and COM4 then you can install eterlogic Virtual (...)
Remove max232 from proteus Schematic. You don't need it in proteus. Connect COMPIM pins directly to AVRs UART pins through your MUX. In your code there is no code related to baudrate setting. Also in the USART ISR Compiler shows variable value in blue. It seems it is a reserved keywork. So, change the variable value's name to some other thing.
Zip and post your CCS C project files and proteus file. Don't use max232 in proteus. Connect COMPIM directly to PIC.
Hi if it's working fine in proteus then most probably problem is in hardware. check your crystal, max232 and other connections Also check your settings of teraterm terminal e.g. baudrate, data bits, parity, start bit, stop bit and flow control settings and why don't you try to use hyperterminal for initial tests (hyper terminal is also available fo
Do not use max232 in proteus, in conjunction with the COMPIM. It uses digital ('TTL') levels like the Virtual Terminal, while transforms the phisical port to a virtual port.
I don't know if proteus(version 7.2) have gsm module in their library . You have to connect it to the physical serial port of the PC using max232 IC. You can connect your PIC to a serial port model in proteus which allows you to communicate with the device on physical serial port of PC.
i have problem about connect PIC16F877A with pc when connect microcontroller to pc using serial port and max23 received zero and when i send any char received zero too hex works in proteus (send and receive) and microcontroller works and max232 works too This is the full code just to test void main() { USART_init(9600); trisb
Hi all! I'm trying to create a serial communication simulation on proteus over RS232 with PIC18f6585, max232 and a COMPIM. I'm using Virtual serial port driver to connect the compim with Hyperterminal. What is happening is that before and after the max232 i recieve different things in the Virtual (...)
Exclude max232 in proteus and connect directly.
The problem is :--- proteus is a real time simulator so you have to do the practical thing USE max232 IC BETWEEN CONTROLLER AND TERMINAL then it will work fine I also faced same problem
hey guys i was trying to simulate serial programming on proteus and tried to send a character, i added a virtual terminal at the beginning before passing through max232 and i could see the character fine... but after passing through the max232 i never got the same character again... like if sent 'A' i would get '_' after passing through (...)
The RX and TX pins on the VTERM default to active high. Thus the idling state is high, the start bit is low and the stop bit high. Data bits appear as logic high for '1' and logic low for '0'. This is directly compatible with the on board UARTs present in many microcontrollers, and also with external UARTs such as the 6850 and 8250. However, if you
I am having problem while TTL output from max232 in proteus 7. I am getting +8V and -8V at output. Please help me. If schematics is available please send me.
hi Pls help me to find the circuit for PICF877A 40 pin downloader using max232
Here's my version of universal board: all ports on separate 10-pin headers with pull-ups/pull-downs (jumper), integrated max232 and USB connector, DC plug with 7805 and 4 multiplexed SPI connectors and an ICSP (RJ12) plug. Board can be powered either from USB, DC plug or ICSP But, there are two design errors to fix: 1. DB9 connector was (...)
hi, I would like to test a microcontroller serial connection in a software like ISIS Protues I just have small question about how to connect two microcontrollers using serial port I imagined that the design will be like this : mcu <--> max232 <--> db9(f) <--> db9(f) <--> max232 <--> mcu but checking the pin connections in this site :