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guess there is some ambiguity in your question. do you mean image segmentation where you extract regions for different objects in the image?
Hi Do You mean image rejection?
The circuit is be operational in principle. However, without knowing the actual circuit wiring, it's difficult to guess about reasons for failure. The 12V supply is missing bypass capacitors, but I hope you have it. What do you exactly mean with "even when i don't apply any gate voltage"? You don't apply a gate voltage in the circuit, only control
What do you mean by frequency in an image??
please explain the meaning of variables in your equation..that will let other throw some insight in the problem.
hi everyone, i'm doing a project of palmprint for biometric authentication. Now, I want to find the mean and standard deviation of a person palmprint. How do i do it? the concept is to scan the image from row to row..use for loops? how do i do it? i am really weak in matlab.Pls help~thanks~
Dear all, If i understand correctly you mean as zkai2000 said and you should useing sth to capture images for example usb web-cam or a video capture card for your pc, and then if you are using windows as your OS af first it's better to have a look msdn and search for vfw function such as "CapCreateCaptureWindow" or "capDrivreConnect" ,and t
has anyone used an image sensor particularly the CDD one? What is the output of that image sensor, digital or analog, tnx Added after 39 seconds: CCD sensor i mean, not CDD
What is "8 bit RGB"? Do you mean 3 bits of red, 3 bits of green, and 2 bits of blue? Or do you mean that it outputs three 8-bit bytes in sequence, first red, then green, then blue?
What do you mean by converting pixel values to binary values? if there is a 8-bit image, you got a value 129 from a pixel, then you want to change it to 1000 0001?? If so, what you need is a function change from decimal to binary, but not a image processing problem. As I remember, there is a function called dec2bin, you may check about (...)
Thanks for advice!It's an idea.mean time I consult my son,he is an software engineer.The gif image is compressed and when resizing it to a smaller one there are a lot of pixels loosed!So the best thing is to redraw in PCB soft and to use with save as .emf ,printing after in Windows Xp tools. I saw also on net Tractrix progie which make the action
Hi All, I have a 4 component jpeg test image provided by ISO, but generaly it is of 1 compent (grayscale) or 3 component(RGB ), but what is of 4 component , if i run this image IJG code it is saying that the out put file must be gray scale or RGB , what does it mean .can any one explian me . Gemini.
I know that PSNR use for evalution of Video quality. Added after 6 minutes: I think it is show similarity of two image or frame. Added after 30 minutes: PSNR = 10 log 255^2 /MSE MSE = mean squared error between the original and decided frame or picture
What u mean by experience with image processing and DSP? I've done image processing using MATLAB.
hai, Anybody had done the pjt"combined Morphological spectral unsupervised image segmentation"? In this work a combined,2 stage approach for image segmentation is proposed.The first stage is a refinement of the texture_gradient watershed algorithm and provides over segmented,but homogenous texture the second stage,these primitive re
What you mean by convert square image to circular image? I can't imagine there is square image.
i mean i have an image 256x256. i want to upsample this image, how can i?
Hi, What do you mean by stabilization?
By global orientation you mean for the whole image ? OK , let me look through my papers and notes to see if i can help you out . Koosdoos
Hello, What do you mean the following : i realized that it is waiting for a null along with the transmitted byte Can you please explain more and post the code of your program. Anyway, the following forum is specialized in the Java technology and can be of great help
if you mean to standard flash : you can download the cpld code from xilinx site for ml403/ml405 boards.
hi every one , i want to transmit an image using the RF letz say i have 2 security cams ( i donot want to transmit a cont. stream but i want to transmit a frame each 1 second or 3 seconds or some thing like that ) and a centeral PC to receive within a range of 100 meters the image but i donot know where to start from can u suggest to me the appro
hi naddeem i get mean shift tracking for my thesis may i have your code
Just a question. If we are using a CCD to image an object, we know that we would need to have the size of a CCD element to be half of that of the smallest object feature we required to image in order to match the Nyquist Criterion. ie we would require two CCD element to image one object feature. When we display the image, (...)
In hardware.when reading mean that you process it pixels. Think simple it is digital values 8, 16 bit..belong to your image data. You should tell clearly.Maybe I can help you Regards.
you mean that i bought it ??? answer NO but i think i can use the demo version.
what you mean by top points of the image does it mean the maxima of the image... if you want to detect the local maxima then try using the laplacian filter on the image... i.e convolving the image with the laplacian mask... as you have said that you are using a gaussian filter before this it (...)
Hi all. As i know image reject mixer provides image signal cancellation, so does it mean than input noise (image band) is rejected too?
By 2D image u mean that plotting the graph from returned signal Or u mean a gray scale image
centroid of a object in labelled image: take the mean of all the coordinates of this labelled object both x and y coordinates, call this centroid (this is how regionprops in matlab does)
Hi every body , I'm looking for new topics in image processing that researches are done about them in 2005,2006,2007,2008 . I mean they are new topics and many people are interested in them. Thanks
am about to start working on image recognition system using AVR i.e ATmega48. If any one has any idea for matching a picture pattern which is stored in the EPRom to the out side world through a camera connected to the controller. If the picture pattern matches the controller perform some sort of task. The problem is that i dont have any
Hi my problem is how alignment two images without using control points in matlab can you help me in this code because I tried to deal with movement between the sequences images which mean (I1, I2,I3,I4,.....)several images I try to alignment ( I2 from I1) and I3 from I2 after alignment I2 I4 from I3 (...)
You mean decode a image to other formate for display?For example, decode a jpeg to rgb565 to display on lcd or other output devices. i need to convert image to hex format, then i can send over air and at the reciver end i can again conevrt to image.
can you explain what you mean by "trying to make sure the picture is in the grid" what software are you using?
Hi I am a Msc student working on simple image processing for my school project, can any one help me to find mean shift clustering for matlab. A working sample for color image and how can i use it ? Thanks
Please provide me the matlab source code for JPEG2000 image compression/decompression. The code should also display/calculate Peak signal to noise ratio(PSNR), mean squared error(MSE) and Signal to noise ratio(SNR). Thanks in advance
hi, Some one can explain to me? what is the different between of mean and mean2 in the matlab? For an example, i have a image picture and want to do mean and mean2 function in the matlab. As an engineer, when to use mean function? And when to use mean2 fuction? thanks
This is a very generic question, C programming on What? is there OS on the system? C programming means a compiler, an IDE and libraries and output assembly code that will be rendered, generally speaking it is totally different to produce a binary file that will work directly on a processor, that the same code the will work on a OS (even RTOS have l
friends, My main project have to use image processing using matlab.The things is that i need to take the picture of egg and analyse it using matlab and reach at a conclusionwhether its cracked or not(i mean minor cracks of order micron). My problems...are... 1.What camera i should buy to take eggs pic 2.How can i make and run the
dear tricky are you mean it should use ip ? or what? plz explaine regards
Hi; As i understand, if your images are pure artificial images (i mean in red picture there is only red color, no any other color component) then when you read image in Matlab you have an image mxnx3 where 3 is color components r,g,b. The non zero matrix layer gives your color on the image. (...)
I have some problem understanding how mean shift segmentation works. The four images below show multi-spectral images from a river. the question is how I can segment a 3*3 pixel area of the image below using mean shift algorithm in the 4d feature space. the image has to be segmented into 2 (...)
what does this file extension actually mean? '.coe'
63437 I need to remove the noise in the image to get the original image. Not sure how to do it. Woow :-o I will help You if You have other parts of picture. Of course I'm joking. Did You mean to remove noise with software or hardware?
I am working Currently on project that require me to do the following 1)obtain the histogram of an image X 2)play on that histogram and obtain a new one lets say Y My problem is how can i apply this new histogram to the original image I'm using the function histeq(I,Map) but my Advisor want me to not use.Which mean i need to build (...)
Hey every one I had to develop image processing algorithms in Verilog- Spatial Averaging and mean Subtraction I have developed them and have tested them as well on simulation. Now I have few questions. 1) I have verified them by giving just inputs (like values 5,6 etc or -128 etc. etc.) so is this the right way of verifying since I am
what you mean by binary to decimal?
huh? what you mean by a sports image? try to be more elaborate the guys here sure can he;p you but you NEED to be specific and clear.
If InStr(LuminosityValue, "Luminosity Value") > 1 Then Does this mean that when valid data is coming in, the variable called 'LuminosityValue' will contain the text "Luminosity Value"? Will it start at the first character? If so then you need to change the operator to '>0' (or '>=1').