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please help me , I want measure 3 phase lines (Phase to Phase 380-440V) these three sine wave signals with same 50Hz frequency . zero crossing for these three lines like +ve as well as ?ve half cycles. I want to measure phase shift between these three signals. phase angle i.e 0 degree for R phase , 120 degree for Y phase and 360 (...)
if I wanted to "tune" a resonant antenna with some sort of varactor based matching network, I would measure the reflection coefficient and either tune for a minimum reflection power, or tune for a zero degree reflection angle at the start of the matching network. You would use a diode power detector for the former, and a mixer/phase detector for t
Friends, I would like to measure conduction angle of my PA. I found a ADS simulation file from Keysight. They have measured the conduction angle in that file, but when I try to use the equations, I cannot see the result. The point is when I type "freq" which is frequency (first harmonic), the equations become red, which (...)
I am using ADE7758 Energy meter ic . can any one tell me how to measure phase angle between two phase voltages using this ic.
hello There is no direct link between timer and adc ! timer depends of FOSC MCU prescaler value and your software ... at least you can use long integer for calculation and scaleing all your physical measures . your request is not so clear: is the potentiometer used as position measure of angle DC motor ? if yes , why do you want the (...)
Hi, You are not the first with this problem... * you have to deicde what "AC voltage" you want to measure (RMS, peak...). How often you need a new value and what precision you need. * do you have pure sine or is it distorted somehow? * do you need to know the DC component of your signal? * did you do a search in the internet? * did you do a searc
Sorry for giving too little information. I did plot my data in matlab and it looks same as NI showed My phase angle is very very small which is about 0.05 degree However, I have to calculate the phase angle by using an algorithm So, what is your problem? How do you know your phase angle is 0.05 degrees? Is that the p
You certainly do not want to make it difficult to take a breath. This reduces your list of devices. About the only method I can think of is to position a tiny pinwheel at each nostril. It must be friction free. It must have a guard ring around it, so the blades do not contact skin accidentally. The pinwheel will spin one way when inhaling, and th
Depends on the ratio of Xc to Resr. If it's large (Z mostly reactive), you'll have problems to measure the phase angle between voltage and current with sufficient accuracy. It also depends on your available equipment.
Dear all, I have a problem regarding the measure stability at 0 degree with ST L3G4200D gyroscope device. The problem is that when I turn on my board in rest position, the 0 angle begins to increase; my board is contained in a case, so my doubt is that maybe the problem is just the increase of the temperature inside the case, because gyroscope
The dissipation factor or Loss Tangent or complex impedance of water can be done with high voltage if in the GΩ range, but constant current is best method then use PLL quadrature detector to measure VI directly or use phase angle vectorfrom a phase detector and measure amplitude of voltage from CC source. . Omega Meters tend to use (...)
How to measure tilt angle with very small component? In goolge, the results is a little big in size. And I don't want to use A-sensor, G-sensor, because the reference plane may be not perticular. many thanks.
Is it sufficient to measure phase angle between current and voltage to calculate power factor? what if the phase angle is zero but current waveform is distorted? For non-sinoidal curents, power factor has to be calculated as product of displacement and distortion power factor. Technical
What you are measuring is "apparent" power ( V X I =VA). If the load has a significant reactive component (capacitors or inductors) then you have to measure the phase angle between the current and voltage and multiply your VA figure by the cos of the angle which gives you true ("real") power in watts. For some loads the correction could be (...)
I want to measure angle 0-90 degree's 0.1 by 0.1 using stepper motor.i use 1.8 degree stepper motor and 1 to 18 gear wheel arrangement reduce to angle.but there is a problem i want to use encoder and measure correct angle and system should be rotate to correct position(0.1 degree).how can i do this?i use pic (...)
Yes all para possible - - - Updated - - - Yes all para possible. Without ADC may not possible - - - Updated - - - Yes all parameter can measure but require ADC - - - Updated - - - Yes all parameter can measure but require ADC
Hi , I am planning to develop a project using 3 phase line ( 440v) below are my doubts 1.How we can decide the line current is in single phase or 3 phase? because based on the i need to do switch on the motor pump can we measure phase angle using ADC of pic 16 series( need some pointers ) 3.I don't want to use zero crossing detect
candela is a measure of light intensity. steradian is a measure of 3-dimensional (solid) angle. 1 candela is .0015 Watt/steradian. There are many, many light measuring instruments out there. You need to determine what your requirements are before we can suggest 'the cheapest way'.
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help. I constructed an inverted pendulum for my final year project. Time is running out and I am struggling to get it properly balanced. The system consists of the following. I use an POT to measure the angle and an optical encoder to measure the cart position. After the PID controller output I send (...)
is there a simple way to measure the peak wavelength of a led source?
Hello, I am building a sound following robot.obstacle avoidance. I want an obstacle avoidance system. I have read threads encouraging to use the ultrasonic sensor. Doesnt that sensor influence the sound in the environment. Also isnt that sensor used just to measure far obstacles? Is there a better system that measures 90degree angle? (...)
Hii, This is my first post.. I am currently working with Laser Triangulation method. The reflected laser light is received in CCD. I want to measure an angle of received laser light with respect to CCD axes. I found that CCD converts received energy into digital data... So, i want to know that How to interface this CCD and how to acquire this dig
Dear dinosaur Hi Any special method ! just suppose that you have an oscilloscope , and then see two signals . see how many are the difference squares . and then 360 divide by it . ok ? ( exactly alike with oscilloscope .) ( or use phase measurement menu ) Best Wishes Goldsmith - - - Updated - - - oh i forgot to say . a
Trying to measure the stability of my LNA. I obtained linear magnitude and phase angle data points for S11, S12, S21, S22 across 500MHZ - 18GHz data set attached to post. Using the Rollet's stability formula. k = 1 |S11|? - |S22|? +|Δ|? ---------------------------- 2|S21*S12| where Δ S11S22 - S12S21 My quest
HI, i want measure the angle using the Inclinometer , please give an idea abut how to up and run
guys the diagarm i have attached is the interfacing circuit for steering angle sensor in Electronic stability control /ESC/ESPused in vehicles. could someone expain how the waveforms are generated (which i have attached) from the microcontroller pins which is connected to optical encoder of steering wheel to measure steering wheel (...)
Give us more detail on your requirements / user stories for example: I want to measure the status of the brake (boolean ; on or off) I want to measure the angle of the steering wheel with an accuracy of 2 deg I want to update all the sensor measurements every 5 seconds I want to combine all the sensor data in a code I (...)
hi..i want to measure the power project is to make power factor meter, my approach is to find out the zero crossing of both Current and Voltage, find out the time difference and then calculate the timer (TMR0) start from 0x3c.The problem is that variable r didnt read the value of coding is as follows..
I'm having that issue here at work, our pf equipment is old and doesnt accurately measure pf, distortion is the cause of the problem, we have nearly a megawatt of heating elements controlled by phase angle thyristor modules. I think a better pf meter and a big line reactor is required. Pf measurement can be tricky depending on your load.
Fix potentiometer to servo shaft and measure with 2-ch memory oscilloscope 67709
Measuring RPM would mean simply measuring the period between pulses from your photodiode, then some clever maths (once you know how many pulses per rotation, and your CPU's osc frequency) to convert this revolutions-per-minute. However, in order to measure direction, you'll need a second LED/photodiode pair, perhaps with its own set of hole
Hi Using only microcontroller (+ A2D) to measure is complicated task Use AD7753 from analog device to measure reactive currents. All the best Bobi All the best Bobi
The purpose of work is not clear. You want to measure speed or angle ? If is only speed, a tachometer counter could be enought, but direction rotation information will be lost. However if is angle, should consider Index pin, to resset account and correct some accumulated error, every time turns at position 'zero'. PS : Some (...)
How quickly you rotate the gyro? If the rotating speed is low the PIC ADC will not have enough resolution to measure the signals. I would recommend you to increase the resolution to 12 -13 bits by using oversampling (on the price of slower response time).
It is that angle relative to the "face" of the turbine blades. It is used to control the speed of the wind turbine You can use a shaft angle encoder on the servo that is rotating the turbine blades, to measure the pitch angle ; and the pitch angle data will be available on the PLC that is used to control (...)
hi all, I have rule to check the angle between the edges of two non-interacted polygons,the angle should be greater than specified value. Do we have any SVRF function to check that?
I do not specifically know how to do it on an R&S, but if it is laid out like an hp: Set frequency to run from 1.4 to 1.7 GHz Calibrate for s21 measurement hook up cable as dut move cursor to your frequency of interst then: If it is a short cable (angle of s21. If it says something like 200 degrees and the cabl
I have to display the power factor(using 8051) of any load on LCD for this i measure time and then convert it in angle(i.e float value) take cos of it and display the result on lcd.The actual problem which i am facing is that how to convert time into float value and then how to perform cos operation on the rezult.plz guide me and fix my problem.
You may want to explain, how the sensors can be able to measure a roll angle. I don't see it. It works of course shortly above a horizontal plane, which shouldn't be considered as the general case - just for safe operation. A g-sensor can do perfectly. P.S.: In the 90th, several NATO Phantom jets were lost during low-level fligths over sea
measure the input power with consideration to the phase angle between voltage and current. The real power is V x I x Cosine of the phase angle between the first two.
Hello trail_hehe, Could you please elaborate a bit more on your application? The encoder could work if the mass of the pendulum and accelerations are enough as to overcome encoder friction, and you have a rigid link between pendulum bob and fulcrum. With reed type magnetic sensors you could only detect the presence of the pendulum's bob in
I need help to measure the take off angle of a loop antenna as well as how to modify take off angle of an antenna(parameter that affect take off angle). Also let me know the measurement set up of take off angle of an antenna. That would be of great help to me. Thanking you,
Thank Azulykit for your reply,and how to defind the angle of the fan-shaped microstrip?Any tool in HFSS to measure the angle?
any idea or maybe a project to build electronic polarimeter??
by definition group delay is :the negative-slope of the transmission phase angle with respect to frequency. check this site then u can create this equation in spectre , calculator khouly
When given a Black box with 3 or 4 terminals Where or how do u start? What do u test for? the frequency? phase angle? what component values are inside it? how would u find at what the component values are inside it? If the Black Box is a LCR circuit inside where and how would u start first at? 1.) measure the frequency and phase angl
you can also use ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. send 3-5 pulse and measure time between send and receive.
Hi, Is there any option to measure the angle in the Cadence Virtuoso Layout Editor without using the Tanθ calculation? Regards Sooraj S Ram
Hi, Is there any option to measure the angle in the Cadence Virtuoso Layout Editor without using the Tanθ calculation? Regards Sooraj S Ram
You can use a current probe in series with one of the input leads. Normally, the voltage is applied from a controlled power source, so as to adjust the phase angle. measure the peak current using this setup. To limit the inrush current, you can use thermistors in series with one of the input leads (check out the AVX website, they make inrush-l

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