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How to measure current in variable power supply by using controller? if measure it by a shunt resistor how to calculate the current (Calculation ).
Similar procedure: you put the diffOpAmp into your application configuration (e.g. unity gain) and measure the settling time (which may depend on input voltage step and output load). See this tutorial: 118987
Hi all, i must measure ac voltage output of H-bridge inverter by INA118. the VDC of H-bridge is about 24v. so the output voltage vary between approximately +24v and -24v. the output of INA118 is connected to ADC of micro that its supply is 3.3 volt. the gain of INA118 can be changed between 1 to 10,000. so how can i (...)
The shown differential amplifiers have a gain of 1, that means the differential voltage magnitude is kept. I don't know how you are measuring input voltage, you should measure the differential voltage. I don't see however, how how you would get a (...)
hello sir, i want to make a circuit that measure negative voltage of battery.i am using pic adc to measure this voltage, but does not read negative voltage. so i have convert this negative to positive voltage. problems 1. i don't have negative voltage on the system,to (...)
Hi all. can someone help me how to find gain of an differential amplifier in cadence.. i mean what are going to be my virtuso parameters.. and how to plot graph, and how to measure gain ?? thanks, sreel
Connect it as unit-gain feedback buffer to measure input offset.
i think just do DC, and take the derivative of the output. BTW: why don't you measure the peak-to-peak swing instead of the gain? you can also plot the swing versus time.
I want to measure voltage between two points using PIC microcontroller ADC .The problem is that PIC will always measure voltage with respect to its own ground while i want to measure with respect to another point .How can i do this?
With +/-12V supply try to connect both inputs through (1kΩ) resistors to 0V and measure voltage on input pins .. Also, do you have any input protection in place? Regards, IanP
Put 0.5 VAC to the in+ and -0.5 VAC to in-. measure the output voltage as out+ - out-.
Dear all: I have designed a fully differential OP. However, I have no idea to measure it on real chip. I want to measue the open-loop gain. How should I do? Thanks a lot. Best Regards, slchen The open Loop gain will be infinity (however in the real world the max. outout voltage will a little (...)
I want to design a one stage differential opamp to sense some on-chip low voltage signals. The opamp's differential gain is to be 10dB around, the bandwidth is about 1GHz. Can anybody give suggestions how to send the opamp's differential outputs off chip for measurement? What prober could (...)