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You can not measure receiver sensitivity without modulated signal generator at input signal frequency and level meter to measure signal/noise ratio or BER of output, demodulated signal. Kind of instruments depends on type of modulation you are using.
I understand you would like to measure E-field strength (expressed as power density, uW/m2). Here are a few links to RF field strength meters:
Good evening, I'd like to design a circuit to measure the terrestrial TV signal level (measured in db?V) on a display. As you well know, this is a function available on a TV field strength Meter. This circuit must allow you to select the TV channel (frequency) so you can then measure the signal level (...)
I need to design an antenna and a rectifier circuit at 27 Mhz in order to measure the strongness or weakness of the 27 Mhz signal by multimeter. please give me instruction for calculation of value of the single diode, rectifier capacitor, resistor Thank in advance
Dear all,,, I was woundering how to measure the total electric field strength from different simultaneous sources at a certain point. what I know is that the antenna factor is useful only if there is an incident plane wave from one direction. what if there were more than one plane wave? how can the (...)
Dear All, I want to measure the distance between two objects. One is Wireless Transmitter (1st Object) and the other is Wireless Receiver (2nd Object). In between two objects, there can be many (hard) objects. But, I have to measure only the distance between Wireless Transmitter (1st Object) and Wireless Receiver. Is that possible? help will
Hello antenna experts, I am trying to measure the peak of ac voltages across loop antennas. The more accurate, the better. I wonder what equipment I should use? Will a digital oscilloscope suffice? The voltage could be lower than ~100mV. And also, I'd also like to observe the phase difference between two voltages. Please advice some (...)
SAR is a measurement of near field strength. Somebody say SAR is proportional to antenna gain and pattern. But antenna gain is from far field measurement. Therefore, I think SAR can be reduced even using a larger gain antenna. But I don't know how. I (...)
Hi all, I have a GPS p@tch antenna with a very thick substate. Is there any way of extracting surface wave strength by software simulation or measurement? Cheers, Element7k Hi, buddy My suggestion is: - simulation in IE3D with infinite dielectric. This inf. dielectric layer will guide out the surface waves
I want to interface radio to PC plz note in mind i want to measure the electromagnetic field strengths of different FM, AM, TV stations can any body help me , or else is there any device that can be used to do it ,or any software
You don't provide much information at all. - involved RFID standard? - utilized reader chip? - did you measure the field strength at the card's location with a test coil? (A test coil is basically an oscilloscope probe with a wire loop of known area) - did you see any load modulation (card response) with the test coil?
You may need to know a measurement problem to decide how to measure.
As a first remark, induction loops for hearing assistance are in fact transmitting unmodulated audio signals, so they are wide band rather than tuned circuits. There are however other induction loop systems using modulation. To characterize the transmission system, you would want to measure magnetic field strength. A loop (...)
hi what do you mean by isolated antenna? do you want to measure practically or this is just a question? I meant do you have mesurment systems like VNA?
As a new prgrammer, im not sure what you mean by this. Can you provide more details on how to measure the field strength?