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i have one SMPS ... my asking it psophometric noise in mv ... please help how to measure it and what is psophometric noise ...
There's no Vin, gain (transimpedance in this case) is measured with current source I1. Seriously I have no idea how the circuit is intended to work as oscillator, respectively don't know which transimpedance value you want to achieve.
Hi I have a micro with an A/D and I want to use it to monitor a voltage My application outputs a negative voltage of 0 to -1V and it does not allow to interchange poles, so that I use the GND of the application rail as a positive terminal for the micro. How should I measure this negative voltage? There is another
Hello, I have bought a MeanWell 3.3V switching power supply but when I measure (with a multi meter) the voltage is gives 18 volts. (Measuring over the V+ and V- poles). Is the unit malfunctioning or am I doing something fundamentally wrong? The datasheet: Regards Edwin
i have a question,for opamp,there are two parameters: UGF and GBW,are they the same?or are there some difference between them?and what,s the exact mean of UGF and GBW?Besides,in spectre,how to measure the two parameters(UGF and GBW)in caculator? thanks.