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This is the Eti 549 metal detector circuit I'm referring to. I'd really appreciate it if someone could guide me and tell me what's exactly happening in the transmitter section. The first stage is a relaxation oscillator producing 800 Hz which is being fed into the next stage, which is a Colpitt's oscillator, which modulates the signal to 130 (...)
hello please send me metal detector circuit using induction coil ,,,,, end please tel some summery about circuit
i really dont know why you are repeating the post... this will lead to infraction and your post will be deleted.... any how check this metal detectors - Theory and Practice - VLF, PI and BFO Schematics ---------- Post added at 22:45 ---------- Previous post
works for me with firefox (mac version) be aware that the site I give ( doesnt exists anymore, and that I gave a link throught an archive system webarchive that still has the datas. if you want, I can reupload everything in the link here ? Added after 4 hours 2 minutes: BFO metal detector
does anybody have a metal detector circuit with cpu?
Hello. I am looking for a PI metal detector circuit schematic using the atmega8 micrcontroller. Could anyone help me with this?
I want to connect this metal detector 86193 to PIC16F877 analog pin, but don't know hot to do it. On LED there is from 1,5V to 2V voltage and 20mA current, and I need this voltage to be read by PIC16F877. I need that microcontroller would read voltage from diode and send signals to other microcontroller. Can anyone he
I don't think that this method would give very good results,. You have not shown the search coil, this is perhaps the most important part of a metal detector design. in total agreement was an idea, and maybe not a great idea
You have two options: simple unit or one that works .. I prefer the latter .. So, here is detailed description of MAGNUM metal detector .. Funny thing about it is that you can use a couple of plastic plates from you kitchen as bases to construct the coils .. Rgds, IanP :D
dear all greetings, i am trying to build a metal detector sensor based on LC circuit (at resonance). which leads to any metal come in the range of the magnetic field of the coil will leads to drop in the voltage so that i can sens it with amicro controller. now here is the problem the resonance frequency is 130khz (...)
Hi Send a Private message to Simbox. He loves metal detectors, and I think he's the best person who can help you. Regards No Fear
This is a microcontroller pulse metal detector.
i am trying to build a PI metal detector for it i made the research, which states that with the presence of the metal the pwidth of the decaying pulse increases can any one guide me how to made a circuit that could detect the width of the decaying pulse and with this we can detect the presence of the (...)
Hello I'm new to the forum and a total novice in electronics. I would apprecriate any help that can be offered about my project. I want to build a small metal detector, instead of having it beep or make any kind of noise when it detects metal I would like to have it signal by vibrating, or some element connected to it vibratin
Here is the Magnum metal detector: By today's standards it may look a little bit old-fashion, but it is well documented and easy to build .. IanP :D
Hi, yes metal detector. I consider any analog output from the circuit and using ADC + microcontroller to detect the coin. I need a simple circuit only. Just for hobbies. TQ.
Dear Shmosep: the effect you see is due to eddy current induced in a conductive object close to your coil. Inducing the eddy current effectively adds a loss to your resonant circuit; if the object loads it too much, the oscillation stops. In the application like metal detector, you can detect metal object close to your (...)
This article presents a very simple construction of metal
Hi I had found a reference design from ST application notes on inductive proximity switch
This should help:
I am looking for metal detector's shematic based on microcontroller. I'm especially interrest by the tesoro's metal detector shematics. If someone could help me. Thanks
I have stored 2 kind of metal detector based on microcontroller. I build both and i am sur it is good. Have a look at filemanager: Neron/metal_detector. If someone have other schematics i am interrest.
Oh well, the BFO type metal detectors are on the bottom of the food chain ;) Here is a nice colection of info about the metal detectors/magnetometers.
I am looking for good and simple schematic of sensitive metal-detector on large width (approx. 1,5-2 meter). Please, help! Please search forum first or use google. and I think both elektor and EPE mag have published such projects. Alos try to post in right topic
Here is a link to Magnum metal detector. Maybe uses old-fashion components but works very well ..
This one is maybe a little bit oldfashioned, but it is really brilliant: Magnum metal detector Good luck in hunting treasure .. rgs IanP
hi every one can any one let me now the basics of a metal detector i want to make one thanks
how can i get a lightning detector circuit?
hello I wanna buy metal detector to work for about maximum 50 cm but with high precision to find at least 20 coins together metal finders support this?
Hi there? I am experimenting with metal detector using PIC. I want to vary the inductance of the loop sensor in order to trigger the PIC to indicate the presence of metal. My problem is how could I simulate a variable inductance in Proteus ISIS. Any help would deeply appreciate. Thanks...
The Magnum metal detector is comparable with beach-type hobby metal (jewellery, coins etc) detectors .. A coin-size object will be detected at roughly 30 cm .. Regards, IanP
hi, i would like to construct a simple optical sensor.And for that, i need a simple design of a light detector circuit, using pin photodidode as the detector, with model spec. thanx.
Hi, (sorry to repost, forgot the attachment) An important part of a current project of mine is a peak detector circuit which takes a base audio signal from say a microphone (~50mV), amplifies it and squares it. I have attached the schematic of this circuit. (The first stage is a non-inverting amplifier, the second stage is a second (...)
hi i'm giving you metal detector schematic and pcb. its realy good. regards.
HOW can i get help of design a gold metal detector that deepest and sensetive one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and how i get the sensor of it please help me:idea:
here is a design for a tesoro of the usa metal detector this italian/american company produced it several decades ago i made this design several years ago for a pal who runs a school electronics class i used lochmaster {brillient vero tool} and it was built successfully by 30 students that year and is still being used i
Hi guys. I have started a short project about color lighting RGB Led is sequence to strike their light onto the object i want to detect, then LDR will get the reflected light from the object and make the voltage drop on the circuit(voltage devider).the voltage drop will get digitized by the ADC0831 to microproccessor(AT89S51) which pro
Hi, i'm looking for a good pic pulse induction metal detector
Hi all, I want a metal detector for a garments factory where socks are being made. I need to detect the presense of any "Common Pins","Steplers pins" etc befor sending socks to packing. Please can anyone help me to desing such a matal detector. Any meterial or help is required soon. Thanks in advance.. Dani..:D
I need a telephon remote hang up detector circuit or IC.
modulated laser light detector circuit
Hi gang, I need your help again. I'm using this simple ir emitter/detector the circuit output is 5 volts, when the detector detects the ir light, the voltage goes to 0 volts. My question is: Is there a simple way to reverse this? In other words, I'd like the voltage to
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How i can connect this motion detector circuit to an emergency lamp that we can buy in shop.When motion detector detect motion,it will activated the emergency lamp simultaneously with siren circuit(right images
there are metal detector like th ones in security gates but i think u can make a simple cct tht is shorted when the metal passes thru good luck
i'm newbie and nw working on project..but i dun hw photoelectric smoke detector circuit work?anyone got any simple circuit can let me easy understand and built for testing..:cry::cry:
i doing on research project nw..need to find some source for my photoelectric smoke detector circuit..hope got ppl can guide me on the circuit~:-o:-o
how to make a zero crossing detector circuit using atmega8535? does require a certain program? I have read the application note, there is written that needed checking program (loops), whether the program really needed?
Dear! Can anybody please explain this pulse induction metal detector.plz Please let me know what does these op-amp (741) do, and whats the logic behind this metal detector. Thanks alot.
check this link metal detectors - Theory and Practice - VLF, PI and BFO Schematics