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This is the Eti 549 metal detector circuit I'm referring to. I'd really appreciate it if someone could guide me and tell me what's exactly happening in the transmitter section. The first stage is a relaxation oscillator producing 800 Hz which is being fed into the next stage, which is a Colpitt's oscillator, which modulates the signal to 130 (...)
hello please send me metal detector circuit using induction coil ,,,,, end please tel some summery about circuit
sir , plz send me a simple metal detector circuit using induction coil
does anybody have a metal detector circuit with cpu?
i am going to start a project of metal detector.i need help for it .can i get any circuit diagram n description of this project that how it works?its really urgent
Hello. I am looking for a PI metal detector circuit schematic using the atmega8 micrcontroller. Could anyone help me with this?
You should design the metal detector circuit such that it gives 5V O/P by turning on a transistor when metal is inserted. If there is no metal it should give 0V o/p i.e., transistor turned off. Then you don't have to use ADC to read the analog voltage. You can use Digital i/p to read the 0v and 5v logic levels.
Hi Send a Private message to Simbox. He loves metal detectors, and I think he's the best person who can help you. Regards No Fear
Here is a link to Magnum metal detector. Maybe uses old-fashion components but works very well ..
This is a microcontroller pulse metal detector.
here is a design for a tesoro of the usa metal detector this italian/american company produced it several decades ago i made this design several years ago for a pal who runs a school electronics class i used lochmaster {brillient vero tool} and it was built successfully by 30 students that year and is still being used i
i am trying to build a PI metal detector for it i made the research, which states that with the presence of the metal the pwidth of the decaying pulse increases can any one guide me how to made a circuit that could detect the width of the decaying pulse and with this we can detect the presence of the (...)
Hello I'm new to the forum and a total novice in electronics. I would apprecriate any help that can be offered about my project. I want to build a small metal detector, instead of having it beep or make any kind of noise when it detects metal I would like to have it signal by vibrating, or some element connected to it vibratin
You have two options: simple unit or one that works .. I prefer the latter .. So, here is detailed description of MAGNUM metal detector .. Funny thing about it is that you can use a couple of plastic plates from you kitchen as bases to construct the coils .. Rgds, IanP :D
Here is the Magnum metal detector: By today's standards it may look a little bit old-fashion, but it is well documented and easy to build .. IanP :D
if you are considering just thickness or size, then it will detect any material even plastic. it will be too easy to cheat!! you can add metal detector. Anyway, are you using any dsp techniques? what is your background? things can be done in several ways... be more precise pls simple one not pro
Dear Shmosep: the effect you see is due to eddy current induced in a conductive object close to your coil. Inducing the eddy current effectively adds a loss to your resonant circuit; if the object loads it too much, the oscillation stops. In the application like metal detector, you can detect metal object close to your (...)
dear all greetings, i am trying to build a metal detector sensor based on LC circuit (at resonance). which leads to any metal come in the range of the magnetic field of the coil will leads to drop in the voltage so that i can sens it with amicro controller. now here is the problem the resonance frequency is 130khz (...)
Bottom Line Up Front: NO ELECTRONICS EXPERIENCE AT ALL! I'm too old/stubborn to learn it at this point, and I have exhausted all other resources. So... please help me b/c you're my only hope! :) Background info: - Some pre-1965 U.S. coins contain 90% silver. - U.S. half-dollars minted between 1965-1970 contain 40% silver. My goal: -
This article presents a very simple construction of metal
sum info about metal Locators. Basic Types and Design Factors
There are several circuits, but the basic principle is the same for all of them. You use a "search coil" that you move over the area where the metal might be found. As the moving coil passes over the metal object, the presence of the metal in the coil's field causes a change in the field. Some (...)
Guys could anyone have a related subject sites or links or anything concerning a walk through metal detaector, specially its schematic diagram could u plz pass it to me. This is not the metal detector that is used to detect metal or mine in the ground, i want the on that is used in the airport, and the embassies.
can somebody please help me how to write program to interface metal detector circuit with atmega8 ???? o/p of metal detector circuit is beep sound....
Hi All, Actually I want to calculate the No of rotations by sensing that Black mark. So pls tell me about the suitable sensor for that? Give me details of common sensor in the market. Thanks....
Gating amplifiers are those gated by a control signal. Some opamps have "ENABLE" control pin, so by a TTL signal they can be switched ON or OFF. In metal detectors, such device may be used as a multiplier or mixer, to generate a beat frequency. There are two oscillators, one fixed, the other connected to search coil. If a conductive object is app
give the output of metal detector to PIC port pin and scan the port pin for a change in level..... the pin status should change when metal is detected.......
How about a metal detector? You never think you need one until you drill a hole in the wall and hit a water pipe.
Remember CIVIL. Vertical vector = Ic, so Vc lags by 90 degs (inductive off resonant circuit), Vc across Cc-e, causes Ie to lead by 90 Degs, so is in phase with Ic and away it goes!!!!! can't see how this will detect metal? Frank
Hi, I want to design the inductive proximity sensor which can able to sense a metal at a distance of about 40mm. Anybody is having any circuit for this one. Also it would be good if the circuit does not contain any specific proximity IC's like tca205a and all. Even any design document could be helpful for me.. Does any body can help (...)
Where exaclty this component was, in metal detector board.... If it is at entry point of power supply and a capacitor with it then it could be inductor for filtering purpose. OR it could be Fuse or fusable resistor (normally low value) to limit the max current IN. If it is in series with metal detecor coil... then this component may be a (...)
Another type is a pendulum that should be two meters long with a heavy weight on the end. You make a capacitor from the metal pendulum and a metal plate very close to it. Use this capacitor in a wheatstone bridge circuit. Null the circuit when there is no earthquake. When the earth moves you will get a low frequency AC (...)
well now you're going into high tech, I wonder for a simple circuit like an AM emetter and a kind of big coil for receiver. I know that this is working for metal objects, not sure about humans or animals! flyhigh
I am designing a new circuit for a walk through metal detector, i have the multisim workbench and i want this Ultiboard software to do the PCB, as from the Multisim u can transfer a file to this software and it will draw the PCB as i understand, is that right, have anyone try it before. Plz let me know. From where to download this (...)
i am making a metal detector my goal is to desing a circuit that will enable the detection of the metal upto now i following this line 1 i made an oscilator 2 i made a bridge circuit with 2 Resistor ANd 2 inductor 3 my plan is that i will balance the bridge and will use the differantial amplifier to (...)
Ive tried this circuit too, it would not work with the values mentioned. I got ~20Khz with 700uH a 0.1uF and a 0.47uF for the biasing resistors I used 10K and the transistor was a 549c frequency was correct as per the is the oscillator in
Hi I want to build an LC circuit to drive timer 1 as an oscillator, referenced against the internal PIC oscillator i'm hopping to detect even small changes in the tank circuit oscillator and hence use it as a metal detector, has anyone tried this or know why this would/wouldn't work?
Hello, I am building a metal detector and I have succeeded. Everything is OK. I have connected a speaker to its output and it sends out different frequency waves whenever a metal is brought near the detector. However, I want now to interface it with the computer so that I can write a software to detect the different (...)
Hey So I have to measure change in voltage across the inductor of an LC circuit. This circuit would be energized by a function generator ( Sine Wave 2-3 Vp-p at 10 Khz (maybe less)) . The circuit is set to oscillate at resonant frequency. Now I will bring a metal conductor close to the inductor and will expect a drop in (...)
In certain limited cases, yes. A diode detector (at the very end of the chain) is a fair way to detect RF energy. Having some amplifier gain in front of the detector will improve its sensitivity, but it will NOT increase the detection dynamic range! So assume your 900 MHz signal is at a low but detectable level, like perhaps -70 dBm. And your
Would it be safe/practical to connect 5v to the wrist to complete a circuit when the finger tips touch a metal plate?
It would be easier to use a ceramic emitter with a current controlled one shot and let it squeal like a metal detector for short circuits and click slowly for leaky circuits and nothing when open circuit.
yep, you can easily get 90 dB of isolation if the light source and the detector are under different metal shields, with F/O cable running between them. If you try to do it all on one PCB, you will probably only end up with 50 to 60 dB of isolation. Using a single issue will be isolating the ground currents from the input to
Why don't you make your own touch detector??? Just a couple of metal or conductor plates... and you got it done. Open, no voltage (Open circuit), pressed, 5 v dc.
It is most likely a pulse amplitude modulated system. That is, it is a crystal oscillator whose DC power is switched on and off to send data. The most common method is the vary the duty cycle, so a "1" is 2/3 of a data rate period, and a "0" is 1/3 of a data rate period. You test it by having an antenna and a diode detector feeding a digital o
Have you researched the method which is used in metal detectors? It uses two air-core inductors in an oscillating circuit. If any metal or substance comes close, it alters the flux field, changing the oscillating frequency. The coin should probably roll past the coils. Sliding the coin may be problematic. The coin (...)