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Hi, Would you please tell me the circuit diagram of automatic tuning/auto calibration for DFMD (Door Frame metal detector)? A beginner level explanation would be highly appreciated. Thanks & Regards.
What is your proposed Schematic for this metal detector? How Small of metal do you expect to detect and at What Distance?
Hi, I have seen a circuit as attached for metal detector. Can anyone please explain me what is basic functionality of the opamp in that circuit arrangement. Pin2 is going to the input (-)of another opamp. Please explain me the functionality of this type of circuit. Thanks.
use a metal detector (copper in cable!!) Frank Professional cable locators use an audio tone generator to inject signal into a cable, and an audio amplifier with a speaker that can detect cable presence under building material, by a small capacitive probe. No AC or other current needed, only a capacitor couplin
I need help understanding this metal detector circuit. The values for different components are R1,R4-56K R2-3K3 R3-22K R5-2K7 R6-2K2 R7,R9-680E R8-15K P1-5K pot C1,C6-.1pF(104) C2-1kpF(102) C3-220pF C4-270pF C5-12kpF c7-100uF The diodes are IN4148 signal diodes, but they are connected in reverse bias(I do not understand why) (...)
Hi everyone, I've build a metal detector circuit using a 555 timer as explained in this link: al-detector-using-555-timer.html instead of using a speaker as the informer of detecting I am checking the frequency at the point were the speaker is shown in the diagram. The frequency is measured by
Hi to all, I have build a metal detector circuit based on this idea: I'm using a PIC16F877 and a Bluetooth module RN42SM. I implemented the detector by oscillating a PWM wave via the PIC, sending it through an inductor, capturing the frequency at the timer1 and tra
Hi, I want to design the inductive proximity sensor which can able to sense a metal at a distance of about 40mm. Anybody is having any circuit for this one. Also it would be good if the circuit does not contain any specific proximity IC's like tca205a and all. Even any design document could be helpful for me.. Does any body can help (...)
I want to connect this metal detector 86193 to PIC16F877 analog pin, but don't know hot to do it. On LED there is from 1,5V to 2V voltage and 20mA current, and I need this voltage to be read by PIC16F877. I need that microcontroller would read voltage from diode and send signals to other microcontroller. Can anyone he
Remember CIVIL. Vertical vector = Ic, so Vc lags by 90 degs (inductive off resonant circuit), Vc across Cc-e, causes Ie to lead by 90 Degs, so is in phase with Ic and away it goes!!!!! can't see how this will detect metal? Frank
How about a metal detector? You never think you need one until you drill a hole in the wall and hit a water pipe.
It would be easier to use a ceramic emitter with a current controlled one shot and let it squeal like a metal detector for short circuits and click slowly for leaky circuits and nothing when open circuit.
Bottom Line Up Front: NO ELECTRONICS EXPERIENCE AT ALL! I'm too old/stubborn to learn it at this point, and I have exhausted all other resources. So... please help me b/c you're my only hope! :) Background info: - Some pre-1965 U.S. coins contain 90% silver. - U.S. half-dollars minted between 1965-1970 contain 40% silver. My goal: -
dear all greetings, i am trying to build a metal detector sensor based on LC circuit (at resonance). which leads to any metal come in the range of the magnetic field of the coil will leads to drop in the voltage so that i can sens it with amicro controller. now here is the problem the resonance frequency is 130khz (...)
Hello. I am looking for a PI metal detector circuit schematic using the atmega8 micrcontroller. Could anyone help me with this?
sir , plz send me a simple metal detector circuit using induction coil
hello please send me metal detector circuit using induction coil ,,,,, end please tel some summery about circuit
Dear Shmosep: the effect you see is due to eddy current induced in a conductive object close to your coil. Inducing the eddy current effectively adds a loss to your resonant circuit; if the object loads it too much, the oscillation stops. In the application like metal detector, you can detect metal object close to your (...)
This is the Eti 549 metal detector circuit I'm referring to. I'd really appreciate it if someone could guide me and tell me what's exactly happening in the transmitter section. The first stage is a relaxation oscillator producing 800 Hz which is being fed into the next stage, which is a Colpitt's oscillator, which modulates the signal to 130 (...)
Hi, yes metal detector. I consider any analog output from the circuit and using ADC + microcontroller to detect the coin. I need a simple circuit only. Just for hobbies. TQ.
Here is the Magnum metal detector: By today's standards it may look a little bit old-fashion, but it is well documented and easy to build .. IanP :D
You have two options: simple unit or one that works .. I prefer the latter .. So, here is detailed description of MAGNUM metal detector .. Funny thing about it is that you can use a couple of plastic plates from you kitchen as bases to construct the coils .. Rgds, IanP :D
Hi All, Actually I want to calculate the No of rotations by sensing that Black mark. So pls tell me about the suitable sensor for that? Give me details of common sensor in the market. Thanks....
works for me with firefox (mac version) be aware that the site I give ( doesnt exists anymore, and that I gave a link throught an archive system webarchive that still has the datas. if you want, I can reupload everything in the link here ? Added after 4 hours 2 minutes: BFO metal detector
does anybody have a metal detector circuit with cpu?
here is a design for a tesoro of the usa metal detector this italian/american company produced it several decades ago i made this design several years ago for a pal who runs a school electronics class i used lochmaster {brillient vero tool} and it was built successfully by 30 students that year and is still being used i
I am designing a new circuit for a walk through metal detector, i have the multisim workbench and i want this Ultiboard software to do the PCB, as from the Multisim u can transfer a file to this software and it will draw the PCB as i understand, is that right, have anyone try it before. Plz let me know. From where to download this (...)
well now you're going into high tech, I wonder for a simple circuit like an AM emetter and a kind of big coil for receiver. I know that this is working for metal objects, not sure about humans or animals! flyhigh
Guys could anyone have a related subject sites or links or anything concerning a walk through metal detaector, specially its schematic diagram could u plz pass it to me. This is not the metal detector that is used to detect metal or mine in the ground, i want the on that is used in the airport, and the embassies.
This is a microcontroller pulse metal detector.
There are several circuits, but the basic principle is the same for all of them. You use a "search coil" that you move over the area where the metal might be found. As the moving coil passes over the metal object, the presence of the metal in the coil's field causes a change in the field. Some (...)
Why don't you make your own touch detector??? Just a couple of metal or conductor plates... and you got it done. Open, no voltage (Open circuit), pressed, 5 v dc.
Another type is a pendulum that should be two meters long with a heavy weight on the end. You make a capacitor from the metal pendulum and a metal plate very close to it. Use this capacitor in a wheatstone bridge circuit. Null the circuit when there is no earthquake. When the earth moves you will get a low frequency AC (...)
Hi Send a Private message to Simbox. He loves metal detectors, and I think he's the best person who can help you. Regards No Fear