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metal pitch = metal Width + metal Space. Second part of your question I didn't understand.
Hi, All what is a metal pitch? I have to design a Full Adder with 12 metal pitch, what does this mean to layout? thanks, all!!!!
there r two types of pitches. 1.manufacturing pitch 2.layout pitch. manufacturing pitch is the one tells u the resolution of the lithograghic chock. layout pitch is grid what we maintain . via 2 via pitch via 2 metal pitch line 2 line (...)
What is meaning of pitch of metals: like 1x pitch metal, 2x pitch metal. Is it related to thickness of metal ??? Is high pitch metals provide more current than lower pitch one???
The ITRS value accounts not only for a single area-to-area cap/length but for a full-around-the-wire cap/length value, this means Ctot/length = Cup/down + Cleft/right + Cfringe,corners -- and thus states a worst-worst case. With metal_width = metal_pitch/2 and an appropriate value for metal_height = 15
Normally we leave some space for power ring around the macro. You may need to calculate the required space through applying the Power metal pitch value. The required space should be able to accommodate the 2 power routing tracks.
STI, shallow trench isolation, is more repeatable and finer than old-school LOCOS. Packing density is the goal. But it can come at a cost because the trench and refill can add higher stresses / strains that make devices sensitive to local geometry. Density rules are for lithographic field loading, and at some extremes of sparseness the aligner ma
The standard cell height is normally set up based on number of metal tracks. For example, you could design a 10-track standard cell library, which means that the height is 10 M1 track high. M1 track is minimum M1 width+spacing. For example, if your minimum metal pitch is 120nm (60nm wide metal, with 60nm spacing), the 10 (...)
Generally the technology file is related to a std cell library, to match the metal pitch versus the std cell pin (in metal) position.
Hi, I observed the Spacing and pitch of the metal lines values in the lef file .Whats the purpose of mentioning two ?Is any one is not sufficient to Place & Route tool?
When seen in an LEF file for a technology, we get width and pitch infos for metal wires, how is this pitch siginificant to EDA tool that use it, what for they mention in the technology file, help me in this regard au_sun
Hi, If you are using the same process (i.e. it is still a M6 process, but you want to use only up to M4), then I suggest that you remove all route and then re-route everything again. If you are switch to another technology (i.e. a M4 process), than I think you shoul d get the M4 volcano, port the placement to the new process uisng the def int
It is related to Encounter. This helps the place and route tool to place the cells in such a way that you don't get any DRC errors wrt to notch errors, metal to metal distance and metal area etc.. If this is not followed there is a good chance that there will be a lot of DRC errors and you would have to correct them manually.
ya, its true the pitch is the center to center distance between two pins or two metal geometry. Thanks.. HAK..
I am new in ASIC design and had a question.. I read that power straps are routed on top metal layers because the top layers are more conductive because of their greater thickness than bottom layers. now my question this arrangement done deliberately and if it is... why and what if the bottom layers had more thickness and conductivity?
I am looking for metal detector's shematic based on microcontroller. I'm especially interrest by the tesoro's metal detector shematics. If someone could help me. Thanks
I have stored 2 kind of metal detector based on microcontroller. I build both and i am sur it is good. Have a look at filemanager: Neron/metal_detector. If someone have other schematics i am interrest.
Hi Send a Private message to Simbox. He loves metal detectors, and I think he's the best person who can help you. Regards No Fear
lots of schematics and free tips and advice pi classroom ask questions etc
Oh well, the BFO type metal detectors are on the bottom of the food chain ;) Here is a nice colection of info about the metal detectors/magnetometers.
Slots in metals are very important in order to relief stress due to matal dilatation caused by an increase in temperature
Hello! Wich materials are used for production of low cost bare metal shunt resistors for current meassuring for power 0.1R-1R//2W//5%. Every information is wellcome. Regards!
In Momentum go to "momentum" -->"Substrate"-->"Create/Modify..." The variable "T" is for the metal layers thickness. Go to the have a lot substrate info. Good Luck
I am looking for good and simple schematic of sensitive metal-detector on large width (approx. 1,5-2 meter). Please, help! Please search forum first or use google. and I think both elektor and EPE mag have published such projects. Alos try to post in right topic
Hi I would like to study electromagnetic waves behaviour specially when strike a metal surface. Reflection, transmition and absorbtion for example when they fall on the surface. I would like to study these mechanisms and surface shape and roughness on this behaviour and related topics. Could experienced please recommend good sources? practical s
Hi, M1 width is the smallest one since it's going to limit your transistor density and it is used for intra-cell routing. The upper one, in general it is used for global power distribution and is thinker than the others, therefore, you cannot achieve smaller width. In the middle the minimum width is fixed by your litho system capabilities.
how to print metal & poly layers in GDSii file.
Greetings... When you design several layers of metal or poly, and you must change the direction, you must use 135 (or 45) degrees. This is better because you must keep soft changes of direction, in order to get a constant impedancie across the line. Applying closest corners (e.g: 90 degrees), the effects of corner difraction get more importance.
For serial rom ( implant code ), all the non-selected gates are active ( on ) and the selected gate is off, once the gate is coded, it will be on, no matter the gate voltage. In same condition but replace the ion-implantation by a metal which short the source and Drain of selected gate can also get same result and the code could be metal, via or c
Hi. You will use polysilicon as a gate material with some metal elements doped to improve the conductivity of the gate electrode. metal atoms including aluminium atoms can easily penetrate into the defeccts in the silicon dioxide material to form the spikes, which causes the shorts beteen the gate and the channel. Bye~~
Hi all, Can anyone give me value/um^2 about the double poly cap and sandwhich cap(five metal and one poly) in 0.35um or 0.25um TSMC process. Because I don't have the document on my hand. And what's the consideration in selection between them, such as area, noise etc, when design analog circuit. Thanks in advance.
You can use the top metal for power connections. The current capability of top metal is higher than for the other metal layers. Bastos
a hole in the cavity metal filter.the hole 's diameter is 3mm.the filter 's center frequency is 1.9G ,will the signal can let out from the hole???
Anybody know how to calculate the complete transformer property (dimension, no. of turns, wire type selection) for a transformer rating at 240V,50Hz input and 25V,20A output. Any books or website that 1 can refer u 2 which have a guideline for designing low frequency, high current metal stamping transformer?
help me How to calculate DIP angle from pitch and ROLL angles?
hi can any one give me the solution to the question below You have three adjacent parallel metal lines. Two out of phase signals pass through the outer two metal lines. Draw the waveforms in the center metal line due to interference. Now, draw the signals if the signals in outer metal lines are in phase with each other
Hi, I´ve just begining to work with HFSS and I´m trying to simulate a simple metal strip. I´m not sure if it´s correctly designed, as the results are different from expected. Could anyone have a look to the attached file and give me a hand? thanks regards aiturri
silicon ensemble uses rules described in "technology".lef. Simply look all LEFs which you read in. There is described e.g. the metal width, pitch, via rules. The rest has to be done in Silicon ensemble itself. So you need also a verilog netlist and the abstract blocks (LEF) for each primitive element used in your netlist. I do not think silicon e
What is the metal used in making metallic microstrip antennas for GSM band?
hi guys, I am trying to build a device that can change the pitch of an audio signal and I was wondering if this can be done with two 4 quadrant multiplier? As I understand it, when you modulate a signal with a multiplier you get the sum and the different frequency at the output therefore I was wondering if I could using 2 x 4 quadrant multipli
Hi guys, I am looking to build a circuit that will transpose the pitch of an audio signal, obviously the signal will be sampled from an AD converter then sent to the DSP chip. What I am having trouble is to the find the easiest approach to do this aiming for minimal latency at the output, so far what I can think of is to use FFT then multiply/dvid
All dummy metal should be connected to some fix potential. For example: in TSMC 0.13um gives errors if you left some fil metal floating, also they provide special metal layers just for filling that have different rules from normal metal. Hope this helps. Bastos
I'm plannig to buils uwb transceiver in band 3-5GHz. wil i need to put it in metal shileding, how can it affect the performance, and how can i simulate it in ADS?
wat is the advantage of using more number of metal layers wen going to deep sub micron or submicron tech? does this increase the flexibility of routing or does this minimise the emi between power and ground?
in layout , a small ring using top metal connects signal line ,why? sorry,I don't know how to show my picture here. I show it : # represent top metal ...........#..................#..........#.......... ...........#..................#..........#............ ...........#..................#..........#............ ...........###
This is a problem that occurs during IC fabrication. If you cut the metal close to the gate, you will not have the big metal connected to it until you go at end of IC processes. Another large used technique is putting diodes to each node (connected to bulk) to avoid this effect. I hope it can help. Mazz
I have to use some SMT IC with less than 8mil pads. The pins are on the side and under the chip... makes it even harder to do hand soldering. I got one done successfully. But it was pretty hard. I wonder if there's a better way to do this (but not very expensive)... Should I try pyropen with solder paste? Any other ideas? Thanks.
Wide metal on top Narrow metal on bottom
Hi Friends, I am presently working on LPC10 Vocoder. If any one has the MATLAB code for LPC10 then please send it to me. I also need a MATLAB code for pitch Estimation. Thanks in advance... Ankush

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