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I am new to HFSS simulation.I am simulating a CSRR on ground plane of patch. I have already extracted parameters of unit metamaterial cell using master -slave boundary and floquet ports.I dont know how to apply boundary conditions to the patch antenna integrated with the CSRR.should i use periodic boundary conditions for the patch antenna?.Kindly h
Hi MEGHA_UNNI, In the future, such questions may be more appropriately asked in the Electromagnetic Design and simulation forum, as this one is more oriented towards theory. On to your question: Since you're working with a metamaterial absorber, I assume you are simulating just a single unit cell. In this case, you would want to use a Floquet po
Hi, I have designed a single unit cell csrr metamaterial and microstrip patch antenna using CST. I don't know how to combine these two structures together and what port (waveguide/discrete) should I used to run the simulation when they are combined. The boundary condition for metamaterial is magnetic for z axis, electric for x axis and open (...)
hii all, i am just start studying metamaterials so i have alot of problems>firstly,i am using HFSS program to design mtm unit cell and the first problem appers that i do not now how to excite this cell to calculate "S" parameter of the design...then if any one could help me to do this. how can i use these results in calculating epsilon and mu of th
hi everybody i design a MTM unit cell in HFSS like that. the wave port that i assign is true?C:\Users\mohammad\Desktop\1Untitled.gif111946 i use pec/pmc boundary
hi all, could any one give me some simulation of any ind of metamaterial in cst? i didn't get anything from Google. but i need to see how can i simulate a cst file which works on meta-material and an-isotropic.
dear I want to redo this article; "Suppression of the Mutual Coupling between Microstrip Antenna Arrays Using Negative Permeability metamaterial on LTCC Substrate" i do the simulation but in S21 i can not get the result of paper's simulation so i add the 16 SRR but i can not get the result please help me 106863 106
Hi everyone. Normally, when simulating unit cell SRR of metamaterial structure which is excited by H-field, we often put 2 wave ports and H-boundary parallel to SRR-Plane, E-boundary normal to SRR. is that right? I wonder there is other ways? Is this possible to use Floquet Port for Unit cell simulation? How can I do it? Many thanks
Hi, everybody. I am working for a project about Wireless Power Transfer using Magnetic resonance. This field is quite new to me. I use HFSS simulation for this. I have two resonance loops with the same resonant frequency and two metamaterial blocks as repeaters. Resonant frequency is 13.56MHz. Diameter of loop is about 200mm (From previous pape
Hallo every one, I am a beginer to HFSS as well as antennas , I have chosen my area of research as metamaterial based planar antenna for which ,i have collected many papers , i have gone through them . My need is if any one can help me in giving tutorial for simulation of such it is very urgent.Thank you in advance.if. any one can su
i simulate a SRR unit cell in HFSS but when I change the height of the radiation box ,result have change so what should be the height of the box .Please help me ,it is very urgent.
I need an example project with setup (antenna with metamaterials (HFSS ;CST) ) and what should be the height of radiation box while simulate in HFSS
what is a difference between dispersion diagram which get from eigenmode solver in cst and other ways such az manipulation whit ABCD parameters? how i can simulate one unitcell of a metamaterial structure inorder to obtain dispersion diagram : it means i should ommite other unitcell and i do the simulation just for a unitcell?!!!8-O 8-O :!:
Any one able to correct this setup of metamaterial unit cell with periodic boundary condition and floquet port. What should be the size of the airbox. And what should be the orientation of unit cell. And What should be the criteria to choose the scan angles for phi and theta. And How we can run metamaterial unit cell with periodic boundary simulati
I want to extract the LCRG parameters of a structure based on a method established by S.Otto & Al. in this article "An Energy-based Circuit Parameter Extraction Method for CRLH Leaky Wave Antennas". In simulation, i've used PMC wall (Perfect H), periodic boundaries (Master & Slave) and PML box. My first objective is to get the shunt and the seri
std. FR4 is too lossy > 500MHz so consider low loss polyamide FR4 like GETEK. Consider fractal design of conductors.
hi i am new to metamaterial i want to design microstrip antenna on maetamaterial using cst microwave studio since i am very to cst microwave studio , can any body help me for desging metamaterial microstrip patch antenna. thanking in advance asit
Hello!! I'm trying to simulate a metamaterial srtucture in HFSS, the problem is that when i change the size of the vaccuun box, the S-parameters change too, which causes a switch on the ressonance frequency, i read the topic about the size of the air box, but i still couldn't figure out what's wrong with my setup, i add the file of my simulation
hi, I'm working on metamaterial structures. In HFSS, I'm using PCB (Periodic Boundary Condition) (Using Master-Slave) for simulation. my problem is that i haven't any Phase in the S11 and S21. what i have to do? thanks for your help....
Hi friends Does anyone has a project in HFSS about split ring structure? I am trying to redo the project of M.Z.M.Zani, M.H.Jusoh,...'''Circular patch antenna on metamaterial'. If anyone help me to do this, I would be very grateful.
hi can anyone help me getting some example for running metamaterial simulation in COMSOL with nonlinear property exploration. i like to determine the SHG and THG efficiency of the metamaterial.
Hi Abdullah, I a also new in metamaterial. Would u mind to share your finding. How to create it. TQVM
hi, can anyone share with me the theory of metamaterial to become a transformer in microwave application. i need a simple simulation in ADS or CST.
Hi, IN the attached document you will see step by step information about metamaterial lens simulation using HFSS. Hope it help you. /SC
hi jillu i suggested u this paper "MICROSTRIP ANTENNA'S GAIN ENHANCEMENT US-ING LEFT-HANDED metamaterial STRUCTURE" by H. A. Majid, M. K. A. Rahim, and T. Masri in Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 8, 235-247, 2009
Forgot to add, first characterize your metamaterial and get the 'dispersion diagram' and identify your 'bandgap'. This bandgap will stay the same,for it near-fiel/far-field thing is irrelative. The next step then would be to put antenna on top of it and see the effect. The high-impedance surface will act as a perfect reflector only in the 'band-ga
Have been trying to simulate this paper: Having the parameters mentioned in the paper, I couldn't get the resonance! Need some help...
hello i want to learn simulate metamaterial with MATLAB with a simple simulation, Where should I start please help me thanks
Can anyone give me some knowledage or tutorial on how to simulate metamaterial on FuLLwave software by Rsoft. how to set PML, PEC and PMC
hi guys, I am using cst to simulate metamaterial sturctures. One problem confuses me a lot : I oftern got results of s11 and s12, which do not satisfy law of energy conservation, since s11^2+ s12^2 >1, even in the case of lossy metal structure. I thought something is wrong with my simulation . To my surprise, many cst official modals also gen
Hi all Can anybody help me with simulating metamaterials with FDTD Codes? thanks
I am very interested in this topic. I am working on this now. there some information about MMT in FEKO on the FEKO website , dont know if you know about it: and
In metamaterial simulation, CST and HFSS are widely used. I don't know people using FEKO to simulate metamaterials. But I think in principle it works too. By NO ports, do you mean you just computed the problem as scattering? Then you got the scattered field, from which you want to obtain conventional S-parameters?
Hello. Now, I try to simulate ring resonator metamaterial for THz region using CST. I got a similar simulation result like reported in PHYSICAL REVIEW B 75, 041102 (2007). But, I wonder my result is correct: mesh size and other conditions. I attacehd my simualation file and papaer. Some CST and/or metamaterial guys give me (...)
hi please check this paper it contains the the equationes used to recover the MMT parameters Design, fabrication, and testing of double negative metamaterials Ziolkowski, R.W. Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA; This paper appears in: Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on Publication Date: Ju
Hello stone12345, Here is the good & hot news for you.... New design tool for metamaterials paves way for cost and size reductions in wireless products electromagnetic simulation software developed for AMULET project opens up powerful ways to decrease BOM and size of antennas, filters, phase shifters?. Oxford, UK, September 4, 2008 --- Vect
i have little experience on CST, more on HFSS. your choice should depend on the type of metamaterial unit cells you are using. as far as I know and remember, CST is using rectangular grids and subgriding. It becomes a little bit difficult for rounded geometries to use these types of rectangular grids. and, from my experinece, adaptive gridding w
Hi guys I urgently need to simulate the smith paper using HFSS. (paper: Electromagnetic parameter retrieval from inhomogeneous metamaterials) Can anyone help me to obtain the refractive index, impedance, permittivity and permeability? Thanks...
Hello! I am totally newcomer with HFSS and what I want to do is to simulate a simple metamaterial unit cell structure in HFSS. The structure dimensions, boundary conditions and the structure itself are from Kevin Buell, Hossein Mosallaei and Kamal Sarabandi - "A Substrate for Small Patch Antennas Providing Tunable Miniaturization Factors" IEEE a
I don't think Jin A. Kong would run the simulation himself. Even if he does so, that doesn't mean CST is "Good Enough". These professors might know a lot about metamaterial, but...
I want to redo this article: ?Dynamical Electric and Magnetic metamaterial Response at Terahertz Frequencies? but I have find a big problem in the value of S11 and S21. I plot the S parameter which oscillating up and down. According to article, the sample is a planar array of SRRs fabricated upon semi-insulating gallium arsenide substrate (A plan
May i know for metamaterial which simulation is necessary to prove metamaterial property if i am designing a stop band filter?
I want to simulate metamaterial's S parameters in HFSS. I want to use periodic boundary conditions instead of PEC and PMC. I cannot use master/slave boundary counditions with waveports. Can you help me?
what is ur cst version,i have cst 5.1,we could paritcipate ur design,i also interested in directivity improvement using metamaterial
Thanks everyone I need a help on the topic of simulation of metamaterial. Who can tell me which software, or any codes, or any method is avaible?
I was trying to redo a simulation that I read in a article. It is about measuring permeability of a metamaterial. I have finished the model same as the sample D1 described in the article using HFSS 10. But I don't know how to set up the excitation and boundary, and how to measure the permeability. Specifically, I want to create a graph of the imagn
Hi all, Has anybody simulated a simple metamaterial structure that exhibits negative ε and a negative ? in CST or HFSS ? I just am curious to see how stacking wires and SRRs closely provides this effect. It is purely for academic interest. Anyone who has done this type of simulation, can you share a simple model with me ? -svaru

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