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Hi I want to interface a microcontroller and zigbee transceiver for home automation project. When i browsed through atmel's website. I found the following models in which they are already interfaced and available in a chip format.
pls help me. i want send a voice signal through microcontroller to zigbee. pls help hoe to send and receive that.
If this application is an SIL or other S-word (Safety) critical system, you may be better served by a safety-oriented microcontroller, such as the TI Hercules parts. Make sure that you have a clear set of the requirements (or as clear as you can get the marketing guys to give you) to help ensure that you pick the right platform to start with.
hi, i got a microcontroller with zigbee connected. The zigbee is able to receive data. But may i know how can i send data wirelessly via the zigbee? Thanks.
Here is some nice microcontroller projects using Atmel AVR MCUs: Oscilloscope using a microcontroller and a TV: Projects in Neurobiology and Behavior : Student Projects: Digital Oscillos
Had there been an issue from Elektor Magazine discussing microcontroller and FBUS? Thanks.
Is there anu one who have morse code reader using any microcontroller and LCD module.
8051 is a microcontroller and NOT a micro processor. The difference between a controller and a processor is that a controller is designed for controlling functions (hence it name) and a processor like the old 8086 (6802/6809) are only the cpu core no PIO (input/output units). microcontrollers are all in one (...)
hi everyone, i started working on miocrocontroller.I wanted to use it for compreesion purposes.Someone told me that dsp board would be abetter choice.What i want to know is what is the difference between microcontroller and dsp board .How do they differ as far as processing is concerned. Any response would be helpful.Thanks.
hai. Iam a last grade student of college from indonesia. My final project to graduate is " Monitoring billboard based on microcontroller and GSM module with ULP-RFID". i use GM47 GSM module and avr microcontroller. I have seach through this topic. Please help me if anyone know some good reference.
what is the main differences B/W microcontroller and microprocessor in detail
Hello, Can I share an antenna between a 802.11b system and zigbee system. With regards Pankaj
Hi I have a trouble in my project.... :cry: I design a circuit which use 7 relay and atmel 89c4051 (also 89s52) microcontroller and uln2003 which drive the relays. This circuit should working near a gas cooker. Everything is ok until the gas cooker electrical spark generators activate for burning the gas on ? At this time system (...)
I would need a TCP or UDP communication between a microcontroller and a PC. The required speed: 1-2 Mb/s. Can you recommend me something? Does anybody have experience with WIZnet stuffs? Thanks
How can I interface the USB(universal serial bus) with the 8051 mcu? Can you give me a sample circuit which includes a microcontroller and USB...:?:
Hello World! Can you help me with this problem?^^ I have a microcontroller which is ATmega16 and ATmega32L and also i have a module for RF communication which is the RC2100 by radiocrafts. My problem is on how can i used this devices to communicate it wirelessly!^^ can you people teach me on these matter! can you send me some resourceful (...)
Hi, I am looking for a programmer, who knows MC13213 and zigbee. Please contact me via baba_sanfur at linux dot org Thanks
can ANYBODY please tell me from where to download the mazidi book "The 8051 microcontroller and Embedded Systems Using Assembly and c" please i am pretty desperate my email
dear all I am using TL783 for powering microcontroller and driver circuit. My input is 130VDC Out put required is 12VDC Current required is 50mA When I testing with out load it is generating 12VDC output. But when I connected load the voltage is reducing to 2V?.. Can you please suggest something here than
Hey all, I'm new to this forum, so I'm not sure if this is the right board or not! I was hoping I could get some references or tutorials to get started with microcontrollers and zigbee. There's probably a sticky'd topic somewhere with some of this stuff, but I couldn't find it... Anyway, I'm relatively new to programming with (...)
Hi there!! I got into trouble trying to stablish a SPI communication between my microcontroller and a DAC(mcp4822). I don't if setting low the LDAC pin will cause problems to my circuit. It seems that this pin is to sincronize the input and output latches. I don't need to read anything from the DAC, the only thing i need is to send data (...)
Hi All, I want to develop a system that reads Active RFID Tags from various locations and send to a central computer. To achieve this I have the following design in my mind: Read RFID Tags using RFID readers placed at various locations. Send the TAG information to the central computer using zigbee Network. In this system I have to place
Hello, I was previously using LM1117 interface for interfacing. I was using Max 232 to get data from PC to microcontroller and interfaced lm1117 between microcontroller and zigbee connection. So, if i use Max3223 (and connect tx,rx and ground of PC)and (...)
What is difference between microcontroller and FPGA
where i can buy this microcontroller and programmer in small quantities? i have search everywhere but that website sell at quite large quantities. You'll get 8051 programmer for all 89XXX Devices using USB port for 1650/- including postage anywhere in India Untitled Page OR
it is possible. u have to read zigbee's datasheet where it explained types of communication protocol that can be used to interface with the microcontroller.
how to easily learn c language and microcontroller and rtos
i want some information about controlling firing angle....and dimming my incandescent bulb i am using moc3020... any circuit or any information about dimming using microcontroller and optocouplers thanks
How to power the RF transmitter while i have to transmit any command? After transmit power should be OFF. Next time when i have to send command power should be ON, Otherwise OFF. power is given by the battery. Note : RF chip is connected to the microcontroller and data is send via SPI? can anyone help me?
Hi, I am looking to design a system with a programmable motor to release or wind back a string. and it needs to be small in size too, preferably smaller than 4cmx4cm in dimensions for the entire system (the smaller the better). May i know which microcontroller and motor is suitable for this application? I am very new to microncontrollers (...)
Hello All, I need help regarding the subject Jamming Attacks (Constant, Deceptive...) on Bluetooth. Is there anyone who can help me to implement this on NS-3? I am a new user in NS-3. For Bluetooth and zigbee there is no such modules available. Is it Possible to help regarding this issue? Also I need to make year energy consumption model f
Dear All, Could anyone attach the link or the pdf for the book, "The 8051 microcontroller and Embedded Systems" by Muhamed Ali Mazidi and Janice Giliispie Mazidi. Thank you.
Dear Sir/Madam, I am doing a mini project using microcontroller and zigbee wireless control. I had done the hardware interfacing. I had connected my zigbee module to the serial port of my microcontroller. I prefer to program my microcontroller in C and using DS89 chipset. (...)
Hi guys .. Anyone has any idea about the nature of the interface between the zigbee silicon part (zigbee PHY and MAC) and the upper zigbee protocol stack (on a piece of microcontroller) ? and if some one has implemented zigbee's MAC .. did you (...)
dear friends, how can I connect my microcontroller to the analog or digital input values? example signal strength value or battery level in a cellular phone thanks in advance
There was a reply from user "shree4u" posted wrongly in report system. just do onething u can intewrface with zigbee module with ur controller in serial communication for example ur interfacing one sensor to microcontroller and that data is goint to be transmited one zigbee module with controller use cross cabel to (...)
Hello...... i m doing project on "implementation of zigbee hardware for enviornmental monitoring system".i purchased 2 zigbee pro modules and their interfacing board and adapters.Then using X-CTU software i perform communication between these 2 modules.Now i have to do main part of project that is to sense (...)
Salam, Do you any info how to load my custom characters into this printer using microcontroller ? I want to write in ARABIC for example. Samsung SRP-350 (Serial) Thanks very much
No problem to interface a modem to a microcontroller, simply connect RX, TX and GND (you need for example a MAX232 for the microcontroller) and use AT commands. You should get the pinout of the modem connector with your modem it is like the PC pinout except RX and TX and (...)
Hi everbody.. i have a project about radio communication and i chose cc1000 rf transceiver my project.its fine but difficult to practice. so do you have a code between microchip microcontroller and chipcon transceiver ? thanks everybody..
Especially for the relation between RTOS and microcontroller. and it will be great if it is more practical. Seems most books are for RTOS internal which is very academic, not practical. thanks! zcq
The defference between them is becoming less and less with the electronic integration technology development. Not indeed. Microprocessor is a microprocessor although is more powerful than microcontroller. microcontroller indeed is a computer,loosely based, because has everything. Take one example I/O ports. Computer has t
i've known that protel dxp 2004 can be used for simulating microcontroller like 8051 with assembly or C coding. But i don't know how to relate the microcontroller (philips 8051N) and assembler file written in dxp 2004. I tried to learn from examples projects like LCD_Keypad but TSK51 OCD microprocessor of Altium doesn't seem (...)
Hello I have many 64Kb Sim cards from GSM phones. These cards have 64Kb for custom Java programs. I would like to know how to interface these cards to a microcontroller, so to write and read information to the card. I hope somebody can help me. My idea is to load a program in a sim card, and when connected to the MCU, the MCU upload the (...)
HI Maxim have application code for PCM codec over there MAXQ microcontroller The software written in assembler but you can translate it to C langugae since the MAXQ is an advanceed micro See MAXQ application note at All the best Bobi
microcontroller modelling???
What kind of microcontroller do you intend to use?
Hello anybody can give me some resource on how to make a dual slope adc using discrete components (Op amps, resistor, etc) and it's interfacing using microcontroller. Any micro will do. I like the simple and stability performance of the adc. Gracias
Hi I a designing a circuit with a microcontroller, and a series of high current motors. I need to isolate the grounds from each other so that the noise from the motors doesnt cause the microcontroller to shut down. Do I just keep two grounds and separate and join them at the supply with an inductor (...)
hi Im student of BCE and want to join the fields of microcontroller/Microprocessor and Telecom parallely. So I and to develop a project by involving both of these fields can anyone Help me or give me idea of some projects on which i work.