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salam,,, thanks for concern i need to sense temperaure ,pressure the timers used in my country almost mechanical timers(cam) so the snsors all are high power sensors (220 V) pressure(daiphragm) ,solenoid , and heater those all are used to measure water level ,and allow water in and out ,and heat water respectively i need
one single PIC microcontroller is not enough. Overall you need an array of PIC's synchronized with each other in order to make it altogether work. The higher the frequency the better is it. Plus you need a large memory over 64-128kb attached in the chip. Idea seems great, francky must yeild inexpensive solution to the problem and becomes better
I use microcontrollers for a long time in low voltage (instrumentation and display) applications. But when I tried to make a washing machine controller, I was in a real problem. The microcontroller operartes some small relays to drive some 220 volt operated devices of the machine e.g. pump, heater, door lock, motor etc. but I found that one (...)
Hi everyone I need to control the washing machine using PIC microcontroller : The following are the design considerations to be followed: 1. Set the time using a DIP switch (maximum value is 99 seconds) 2. The setting values should be displayed on the seven segment display 3. The spin process should begin when the start button is pressed an
What microcontroller you use? What c compiler you use?
Yes Let us try What Are The Things You Are Trying To Do With Washin Machine And microcontroller?
Market forces, obviously. Just because you may have a need for a GHz micro-controller doesn't mean that the volume consumers of it (washing machines, car radios, etc..) need such a device. Would you invest millions making a GHz microcontroller for a sale of 1?
Hi guys, someone know about a decompiler for microcontroller's code like 16F84. Decompiler! Not Disassembler. Thanks for support
Hello, Does anyone know or have information about the possibility of doing an interface between a nokia cell phone and a microconttroller?? ... I've got an "old" nokia 5160 and i'd like to know if it's possible to use a microcontroller to send datas over the cell phone .. cheers, chak-mool
I am planning to build a microcontroller power supply. Should be symmetrical, 0-30V and adjustable current limit.. both voltage and current limit controlled via D/A converters. Anyone out here who already did something like this, or has some suggestions ? ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful info
Has anybody infos on interfacing usb cameras to microcontroller. I'm interested on the packet of data coming from the camera...... Thx
Generally overclocking a microcontroller doesn't generate a problem, until a certain percentage of course. The manufacturers guarantee what they have their parts tested for, although they can be quite conservative sometimes. The issue is though that what seems to work fine in the LAB is not guaranteed to work well in a product, over the compl
I search to buld project mobile robot with PIC or AT (ATMEL) microcontroller. Project have must hardware + software.
hai, u will order the part to its nice mc with isp facility but it will operate 6 clock cycle so speed fast enjoy :lol: :lol: :lol: Does anybody know where to buy 89C51RD2 microcontroller? Thanks in advance?
do any body have knowledge how to read and write smartcard using microcontroller. or any project for smartcard redader
uC/OS is for microcontrollers. HCS12 is fully supported. Check it out.
Writing Optimized C Code for microcontroller Applications
hi, I just finished a board to make a direct conection to internet via modem, my board has an embbeded 8051 microcontroller. It's conect to my ISP very good and my problem is, I have a network at home, this network is connected to internet by an ADSL router. Well i have an static public IP, the port i'm going to use is 4390 and i have open t
At past I used 8051 with ISA graphics. I want to use PCI graphics card by pic or other microcontroller. Do you know any data?
Try this PIC online books in english.Everything you are asking is there. Schematics, sources and explanations: PIC microcontrollers PICBASIC for PIC microcontrollers regards meax98
1. Serial interfacing LCD with Pic microcontroller 2. Software SPI interfacing ADC with Pic16F84/Pic16F628 3. Simple multi channel digital voltmeter 4. Stepper motor controller
hi which is the best programmer for programming microcontrollers. i hav looked into topmax and lv48 serial programmer. can any1 justify which 1 is good. i am also in search of logic analysers with debugging tool. i heard these logic analysers can read the program in the microcontroller and give it in pc is it so can u suggest sum companies
Hi - Looking for a pager module to interface to a microcontroller. End result is to be able to send commands to microcontroller by calling a pager phone number and entering codes. Good article here : Does anyone know of any others ? Thanks -
can any1 give me a circuit for capacitor discharge ignition using microcontroller. i had tried few circuit but it is not working properly. i found few pspice version also but no use can any1 give me working model of cdi sriram p.s: automotive electronics is a good field y dont we start for forum for automobiles
Hi - I didn't get any response over in the RF forum, so I though I would ask here ... Looking for a pager module to interface to a microcontroller. End result is to be able to send commands to microcontroller by calling a pager phone number and entering codes. Good article here :
This program uses an 8 bit DAC along with a 16F84 PIC microcontroller to generate a keyed sine wave. The 16F84 uses an RC clock which can be varied (with a suitable potentiometer) to allow a variable frequency control for the sine wave output. A key or keyer output can be connected to pin 1 of the PIC to control the tone output. h**p://www.qsl.n
See Regards. Mr.Cube
is there any microcontroller with the following spec for the cost of 2 - 5$ 1. 16 bit ALU 2. 32k flash 3. 2k ram 4. 4 * 16 bit timers 5. 4 * 16 bit PWM 6. Power on reset 7. 8 * 10 bit ADC 8. watchdog timer built in 9. temp range : -40 to 125 10. CAN controller i am intending to use this chip for automobile. i will b buying in large
I need to build a microcontroller network, i have tough to make it with CAN or RS-485. What do you think is the best protocol for make it, thanks Is there any other protocol better for make an emmbedded network?
Hi all We would like to give a microcontroller introduction at our radio club. We were thinking of either the PIC or 8051 micro as a start. The idea would be to give a short intro and then get into making a small development board and then get into the programming of the micro. The reason for choosing the micro's above are easy availabilit
Does anyone knows a microcontroller with ADC (16bit,30kHz sampling rate) and USB interface? Something similar to TI-BurrBrown Msc1210 but with previously specified features. Optionally can work a separate ADC with SPI and uController with SPI and USB. Many thanks to
Hi, I am working with DS1820 in COP8 microcontroller. I have finished the routines but this don`t work. Please if any have any routine in C please help me. Regards
Do any body have schematic and source code for interfacing Compact Flash card with 8051 microcontroller in true IDE mode, its to urgent for me , Please Pm me the Project schematic with source code.
Hi! I am looking for extremely low cost flash/otp (2K) microcontroller with built-in 12 - 14 bit ADC and 16 pin LCD driver. Any link to manufacturers in China / Taiwan would be appreciated. Thanks Bye!
Touch Screen using microcontroller with source code and schematic
April 28, 2003 - AUSTIN, TX ? Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. today announced the C8051F305, a full-featured flash microcontroller priced at $0.99 (suggested resale price in 10,000 piece quantities). The C8051F305 is targeted at a broad array of consumer applications, ranging from print toner cart
Hey I have to make a frequencymeter using 8051 microcontroller. The measured frequency will apper on a LCD... Using "TR0" as a 16 bits counter, how do I convert the 2 bytes data (TH0 and TL0) in HEX to Decimal to ASCII (LCD receives ASCII data only) ? Thanks
Hi all is it possible to find a 8 or 16 bit microcontroller wroking at -55 degree Celcius? if 16 bit it will be better. thanks
Did anybody have a schematic how i can driver two MAX6952 IC'S with a microcontroller AT89C2051 or a PIC Maybe with controller software
Hi All I need a really inexpensive microcontroller with built in USB interface and a AD at least 8 bit I need something in the $2 range that is not going out of production Microchip and Cygnal for example is to expensive A higher price could be of interest if the vendor has a VID and PID that customers is allowed to use in production l
Hi folks! I am trying to build a gadget using microntroller to interface directly to print data to USb printer can any body expert out there helpme out to resolve this. my idea is to 1. Either use the popular 89c51/52 uC serially transmit the data to some suitable usb converter IC like populer PDI11 from philips or FTDI chip and interface
I am using motorola microcontroller in 1kW and 10kW FM transmitter and facing problems in displaying the character in LCD. I want to know How much reliable if i use Interrupts in controller design. If any then how to protect it. Thanks. :o :x :roll:
Hello , i have to count an amount of pulses during a certain time . I know that i can use a counter for this but the problem is that the pulstrain that i have to count has a frequenty of 10 Mhz . With a standard 8051 microcontroller i can only count 1/24 of the oscilator frequency. This means a 240 Mhz clock as a clock frequency this is of c
Hi. Does anybody have a Protel DXP library containing ST7LITE09 (or ST7FLITE09Y0M6) microcontroller from ST semiconductors? Thanks !!!
Hi all, I would like to design a PIC microcontroller based UPS ( 230V, 500VA, square wave output). Kindly suggest a microcontroller from PIC family for this design. If you have got any usefull links or any other information on this topic please share. Please note that I am new to UPS and a beginner of PIC, so watever
Hello. I've not understood how to use the internal expansion RAM of 78F0078 nec microcontroller. :( Infact the micrcontroller user manual don't specify the way to address the 1024 bytes located between F400 and F7FF. Please could you help me? Need to know which kind of variables should be allocated there, and how to tell IAR compiler that. Th
i need help for serial communication between PC and a microcontroller problem is my data is flowing in both directions how can i have some sort of handshaking so that no conflict of data occurs.I am using C language both on PC controller PC side i am trying to use function bioscom()
sorry for the repeat of this question in the microcontroller design section and this section however i do need help with this problem:::::::: hey everyone, i would appreciate any help with this little problem, basically i'm building a dso using a cypress ez usb fx2 board (connunicating through the usb port naturally) model num (cy7c68013. my pro