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Hi. I am doing a microcontroller based design for a Wearable Wrist Band Application. Here I need to detect if user start washing his hand or not. So I am considering if there any suitable Dry or Wet small size sensor which can be used? Please let me know if any or any other idea? Thanks.
Market forces, obviously. Just because you may have a need for a GHz micro-controller doesn't mean that the volume consumers of it (washing machines, car radios, etc..) need such a device. Would you invest millions making a GHz microcontroller for a sale of 1?
Yes Let us try What Are The Things You Are Trying To Do With Washin Machine And microcontroller?
simply go here if article required i will post Timer Switch for washing Machine - | Electronics: microcontrollers Embedded Audio Digital Analogue Test Measurement regards Fragrance
What microcontroller you use? What c compiler you use?
I am working on a washing machine make GODREJ (Fully automatic) the problem is that the microcontroller has got shorted. Can I replace it directly or is it necessary to program it?if yes where can I get programmed IC?pl help thanks.
If you want microcontroller connected to the internet, check for embedded web servers.
one single PIC microcontroller is not enough. Overall you need an array of PIC's synchronized with each other in order to make it altogether work. The higher the frequency the better is it. Plus you need a large memory over 64-128kb attached in the chip. Idea seems great, francky must yeild inexpensive solution to the problem and becomes better
I use microcontrollers for a long time in low voltage (instrumentation and display) applications. But when I tried to make a washing machine controller, I was in a real problem. The microcontroller operartes some small relays to drive some 220 volt operated devices of the machine e.g. pump, heater, door lock, motor etc. but I found that one (...)
salam,,, can any body help me finding some approach to the design of a microcontroller based automatic washing machine timer and what microcontroller can be used in this and with what sensors????

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