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Try simulating this one with Pspice or Electronic workbench. The "lower" end of the strip is grounded. The bottom of the PCB is all ground. The specific dimensions depend on the dielectric but generally the wider the "vertical" part and the closer to the ground is the connection with in/out,the narrower the bandwidth. The limit is set by the lo
which is the best type of microstrip bandpass filter for the application of bluetooth and what is the best substrate to use???
i want to design a hairpin microstrip bandpass filter for bluetooh application (center freq 2.45GHz) on the roger 4003c subtrate.But ii dont have any idea how to start the design.Anybody could please help me on the equation for the filter dimension.What is the best specification for a hairpin microstrip (...)
or this book "microstrip filters for RF/microwave applications". This is by a guy called Lancaster. You can also search for articles on him. He and his group makes a lot of compact filters. Regards
hi guys I'm dealing with a project to design an ultra-small microstrip bandpass filter in which the filter is preferably square-shaped with dimensions 27-30mm?.The PCB substrate is Duroid (er=2.5) and I'm using ADS( Agilent Advanced Design System) as simulation tool.The filter is designed for Ku band (...)
i need to design a microstrip bandpass filter for Ku band frequency range the resonant frequency is designed at 12.5GHz while the bandwidth should be in the Ku range 11.7-14.5GHz my question is does the PCB substrate FR-4 suitable for designing microstrip filters for high frequency range that i would be (...)
You may reference this book microstrip filters for RF Microwave Application (Jia-Sheng Hong & Lancaster). There is one special chapter for the miniature microstrip bandpass filter.
i need some suitable references to design a microstrip bandpass filter for Ku band frequency range (11.7-14.5 GHz). I shall be using the Rogers R03010 substrate for hardware implmentation and Advanced Design System (ADS) for simulation purposes.The filter is preferably miniature and compact in size.Please help.Thanks
hie can you guys pls recommend some good online reference books, journals, pdf documents or other sources which describes designs for microstrip bandpass filter? I am dealing with a new type of microstrip bandpass filter project and I need some suitable references in order for me to complete (...)
hi guys can I get some lectures or tutorials on microstrip bandpass filter design? Thanks alot
Hello guys! I would like to design a microstrip bandpass filter with a BW@ 3dB beetween 5.7 GHz to 6.8 GHz . My question is what is the best topology hairpin, coupled line? what is the best subtrate? thank you for your help
I want design microstrip bandpass filter Fcenter = 600 MHz with methode Half-wavelength UIR with tapped-line ports and T-shaped center stub. Can anyone help mee about the calculation methode Half-wavelength UIR with tapped-line ports and T-shaped center stub.????:-)
i want to know approximately how much would be loss in 3 and 5 or more elements microstrip/bandpass filter at frequency above 10 ghz. in case frequency is in filter bandwidth center
Have you looked at any of these references?
Hii I am new to microstrip filter design. Can anyone tell me good reference material that helps to do quick designs using ADS. Also, if anyone can help me with their layout projects, suggetions. At the end of this project I want to have a bandpass filter for 2.4GHz on FR4 with good out of band rejection (...)
hello everyone, i m trying to design the 5th order interdigital microstrip bandpass filter in ADS..i don't know how to calculate the dimensional values of resonator and i don't know the exact components for designing the filter.i have used the dimensional values calculated for parallel coupled filter using (...)
Dear all, I had simulated a microstrip bandpass filter using Ensemble, and three poles were obtained in the passband. So, can anyone tell me the method to determine the number of poles of a bandpass filter? Thx a lot... Best rgd!!!
what material is best or suitable to design it, if i design bandpass filter using stepped impedance resonator)SIR for bluetooth application. And also why SIR is better than UIR?
If bandpass filter for frequency F is successfully tuned, so PCB layout size after fabrication is final lenght that works without cutting or adding copper, can the same filter for halve F/2 or double F*2 frequency be made just by halving/doubling microstrip lengths in layout? Or there is a possibility, that this thing scales (...)
I never cease to be amazed at the variety of filter topologies hiding within ADS... I haven't used this one before! I believe the one you're looking for is the "CMfilter" ( ), which hides in the "Passive circuit DG - microstrip circuits" component palette.
I m trying to design a 5th order microstrip combline bandpass filter in ADS.but i don't know the component used for designing a combline filter in ADS.the combline have direct ground connection at one end and capacitor grounded at the other end. so,pls anyone let me know the exact component for designing the 5th order (...)
I've designed a microstrip bandpass filter in range 3.2-3.9 GHz using ADS. The substrate is FR4 (Er=4.7,tand=0.01,h=1.6mm). The simulation run ok and everythinng seemed to be ok. But when I built the filter and started to measure I discovered few strange things. First, the whole filter response was shifted (...)
Hello everybody!! I need to design a tunable bandpass filter 910-1150MHZ center frequency and 20MHz bandwidth to included in a bigger design. I haven't been able to find many articles-white papers-books or former design in the web. Could please anybody help me, ideas, papers, resources???? The idea is quite clear, suppose coplanar or (...)
Hi I to had to design such a filter a year ago. I can tell you that there is no "cookbook" like when you design low, -high or band pass filters from Pozars book. I can recommend articles escpecially from M. J. Lancaster. He has also written a book called "microstrip filters for RF/microwave applications" which could be (...)
Recently I designed a microstrip BPF at this freqency using Taconic RF60A (Er=6.15. loss tangent=0.0018), which is quite good for both size and performance.
well there's many implementations depending on your specs and applications like coupled lines capacitive gaps zigzag filters hairpin resonators filter and comblines read pozar and mathaei for background also microstrip filter jia sheng hond and lancaster or if you need a fast design try the ADS design guides
USE die-electric resonator methods as microstrip circuits are wide band in nature.
Hello, BPF_Layout.jpg is a microstrip stub-line filter... Transversal_filter.jpg microstrip coupled resonator filter... ---manju---
Hello, Yes, FR4 is not good for your High Frequency filter.. Try alumina (Er 9.8)... There are good books on filter Design & also synthesis works with AWR Microwave Office... Text book: J.-S. G. Hong and M. J. Lancaster, microstrip filters for RF/microwave applications, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2001. (...)
hi... i'm new to this software, cst microwave design, so i really need help regarding this software. i need to design a microstrip hairpin + stripline bandpass filter for UWB application. can any of you recommend a tutorial or lab sheet or books that i can download it as my references?.
Hello, I am new here. I am doing "3.1-5.1 Wideband microstrip bandpass filter" as my final year project. I am using ADS for the designing and simulation. I had done a lot of the readings for the wideband microststrip bandpass filter. But I still do not know how to start the first step in the designing. (...)
hi all I'm going to design a microstrip bandpass filter using microwave office software.the filter pass band is:9525~9625 MHz.would you please tell me that which filter type is approperiate for my job? for example?hairpin?interdigital?? thanks in advance
Hi everyone, Can you help me to design a band pass filter using ADS and microstrip technology. The parameters of the band pass filter are: 1. Center frequency: 1.575GHz 2. BW=50MHz and the following is parameters of the substrate: 1. εr=4.6 (Fr-4) 2. H=1.59 mm 3. T=0.035 mm 4. Tand=0.02 5. Match Impedance = 50 Ohm In (...)
Use Tools > LineCalc > Start LineCalc and select Component MCLIN (for microstrip) or SCLIN (for stripline and enter the required substrate parameters and frequency on the left. Then in the center you can either enter W, S and L and analyze the structure to get ZE, ZO, Z0 etc. or enter ZE, ZO, Z0, etc. and synthesize the structure to get W, S and L.
RF / IF bandpass filter circuit & coil design program
how to go about the microstrip line filter design in hfss boundry conditions, defining material and all thanks in advance
The references are too simple. Anyone give me an example in detail?? :?: :?:
Hi I have to design a passive bandpass filter. I need to do it with the Cauer synthesis. ( i.e ladder network with R and C's). We have to take incount that the source and the load are non-ideal. So the formulas off the transfer function Z21/1+Z11 change into a much more difficult one. Does anybody knows a software tool who can synthese th
Currently, i am doing research on CMOS bandpass filter using RF 13.56MHz. How do i know how many order is suitable? What type of topology is suitable?
i want to design a bandpass filter at millimeter band. what software is better? can some one design it for me? substrate: quartz, er=3.78, tanD=0.001 Fo= 35GHz, BW=1GHz. rejection is -30dB at 34 and 35GHz.
dear all rf buddies, i need an especial microstrip LP filter, substrate parameters: er=2.53, h=1.53mm (fixed, could not be changed) passband edge:2.2GHz; stopband edge:3.2GHz; stopband center freq.:3.7GHz; minimum atenuation:20dB or more!. and the space limitation that i have, which make this filter a little especial: it should be (...)
Hi, I am new tofilter design and have some basic circuit books, but was curious if anyone had suggestions or maybe a spreadsheet where it would give you the poles and what not. I am trying to design a bandpass filter for UWB for the 3.1-5.0 GHz range. ANy insight would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, I am new tofilter design and have some basic circuit books, but was curious if anyone had suggestions or maybe a spreadsheet where it would give you the poles and what not. I am trying to design a bandpass filter for UWB for the 3.1-5.0 GHz range. ANy insight would be greatly appreciated.
Hello, I would like to share information about this topic " MEMS bandpass filter for RF tranceiver" I have read a lot of papers that talk about the advantage of utilizing MEMS filters in modern RF tranceiver instead of the off chip SAW and crystal filters. I think we can say there are 2 types of MEMS (...)
Hi guys, I wanna to design a bandpass filter of bandwidth = 1kHz, i wants the center frequency to be able to shift about. For example, i can tune it to fc of 2kHz (BW=2.5kHz-1.5kHz = 1kHz) and later i wanna to set the fc to 5kHz. How should i do if i am only using the RC circuit. Which means that i wanna the center frequency be able to shift
ok,, this might sound stupid, but i have the following situation,,, i want to design a bandpass filter, and im using a general purpose op amp, it looks just like the filter here problem is when i power up the op amp in the filter, the output is always
I'm designing microstrip bandpass filter to be used in 3.1-3.8Ghz I'm getting about 18dB in S11 Is it good or bad? I'm using FR4 with Er=3.7
i wanna design a bandpassfilter on a FR4 pcb 1.6mm thickness.The range is between 70Hz and 30kHz.Cutoff frequency at 200Hz and 10kHz. Pls advise me what type of capacitor to be used as listed below: 1. 220nF 2. 100nF 3. 470uF Is there any strict rules to make a good design during layout a PCB?
I wanna design a bandpassfilter on a FR4 pcb 1.6mm thickness.The range is between 70Hz and 30kHz.Cutoff frequency at 200Hz and 10kHz. Probably capacitor in nanofarad(nF) and microfarad(uF). Could somebuddy advise me how to choose suitable type of capacitor for this pcb design?Thank you. Regards KP
I want to design a bandpassfilter that is used for IR_Detector, the frequency is 36Khz-40Khz and the output signal is always active low when the signal passes and active high when no signal. Does any one give me the schematic or documentation....? Thanks and best regards