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I am sure many of you have seen shunt stub built using microstrip line on a pcb, but what about series stubs? It seems to me it is physically impossible. Is there anyway to build series stub matching network on a pcb?
I am trying to create a microstrip line with a complex impedance. Actually, all of the microstrip lines I am trying to design are purely imaginary (j*some number or -j*some number). I think you misunderstood the meaning of the line impedances real part, and want to have a lossless line? Having a real part of li
How to implement a wideband microstrip stub which is short at dc and open at the fundamental and 2nd harmonic?BW > 20% around the fund and 2nd harm? Hi I am looking for a microstrip stub which is dc short and open at the fundamental and 2nd harmonic? The BW should be more than 20% around (...)
First of all the circuit presented will never oscillate without feedback capacitors, whatever the series inductor is made by microstrip or lumped. Just put the circuit in a simple simulator for confirmation. Even the circuit is considered a Negative Resistance VCO, would need some feedback components. Second, the DC current bias of BFP420 (30mA) is
hi maryam you know for microstrip RF choke you need lambda/4 line that shorted to the ground using capacitor or some thing like that.for lambda/4 line,considering the substrate parameters you can use calculators of AWR microwave office or ADS and calculate the lenght.for the parameters that you need to consider for this line are S21 and sh
but I have open stubs. do you have any Idea about them? An open stub in ideal lines is ideal open. An open stub in microstrip has some extra capacitance. For T-junction and cross, you will also see some difference between ideal (connected in one ideal (...)
replace a capacitor toward ground with a "open ended" stub and the inductor with a narrow microstrip; after that optimize the dimensions for better performances of the PA
1) Narrow band compact non-degenerate dual-mode microstrip filter Sheta, A.F. National Radio Science Conference, 2008. NRSC 2008 Volume , Issue , 18-20 March 2008 Page(s):1 - 7 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/NRSC.2008.4542317 2) Compact hexagonal open-loop resonator bandpass filters using capacitive side-coupled stub and (...)
Over different frequencies and around the resonance frequency of the microstrip antenna, the stub offers either capacitive or inductive impedance and realizes dual frequency response. This is done placing an open circuit quarter wavelength stub, or short circuit half wavelength stub on the edges of a (...)
Shunt distributed microstrip inductor cannot be realized using open stub. Try to integrate somehow in your circuit the shorted stub necessarily to make the equivalent inductor.
Hi all, I need to design a balun and I read the tutorial from On the last page, an improved microstrip version (Figure 10) is given but no explaination. Can anyone tell me why the value of L1 is different from L2? And where can I find the ralated paper? The circu
What is the capacitance of an open microstrip stub that measures 250mil wide by 850mil long. Fo=1GHz er=10.2 height=25mil rfc