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I found one paper and one book on this topics with this below title: H. Atwater, ?The design of the Radial Line stub: A Useful microstrip Circuit Element?, Microwave Journal, November 1985, p. 149-156. and B. Wadell, ?Transmission Line Design Handbook?, 1991 Artech house Boston.London, p. 300-305. but i have not none of the abow. ha
thanks for answering, we can use some simulate tools to caculate the is easy to simulate the microstrip,however,if the line is just single layer copper, what is the characteristic of the line?i think is not the same as a microstrip. when the length is far shorter than lamdar,it is a inductance,but i don
Hi all, I need to design a balun and I read the tutorial from On the last page, an improved microstrip version (Figure 10) is given but no explaination. Can anyone tell me why the value of L1 is different from L2? And where can I find the ralated paper? The circu
Shunt distributed microstrip inductor cannot be realized using open stub. Try to integrate somehow in your circuit the shorted stub necessarily to make the equivalent inductor.
Just for testing? You could use conducting silver paint, or cut a a thin sheet of copper and solder it the your line. I often used the second method (copper sheet) for experimental tuning of microstrip circuits.
I am curious if there is a way to tune a FABRICATED microstrip circuit? I sent my design (9GHz oscillator) to a fabrication company. After they build its prototype, would I still have a way to tune the prototype?
It seems we can buy coupler that made by strip line technology,not microstrip line. What's the benefit ? lower loss & good directivity?
Hi all, I am going to design a short range device at 868MHz, but i am not familiar with the antenna theory. Can anyone suggest which type of microstrip antennas is more suitbale? Loop antenna , open stub antenna or a slot antenna? The major concern is the size of the antenna. ThX Best rgd :D
Looking to the layout of an X band VCO (tuning range 9.2GHz--9.5GHz) I have seen that the GaAs Fet was polarized in reverse mode. The +5Vdc power supply voltage was directly connected to the source terminal through a choke microstrip circuit. Along the Drain output line (rf output of VCO) a 82ohm resistor was series connected ( It ac
Hi, In RF circuit design, using microstrip, which gound methos is better? (1) Use Via to ground; (layer 2 is ground layer) (2) Use 1/4 of wavelength (open stub). Please give a short explaination. Thanks.
step1 : open the layout window step2 : place the radial stub from microstrip library step3 : open component properties , and activate the optimaztion for the desired varialble u want to optimimze step 4 : from momentum drop down menu slect optimization step 5 : spcify the goals of optimization then run see (...)
Hi all , I would like to know your opinion about output matching of power amplifier design. I am designing a power amplifier and from 50 ohm I need to get short circuit at H2 and open circuit at H3 and at the same time I have to match my power amplifier to the optimal load impedance (28.8+j4.65) at the fundamental frequency at the current sour
For the RF choke you can use a Bias tee in microstrip. A λ/4 High Impedance Line (usually 100Ohm) with a O/C radial stub at the end centered at your frequency of operation. For reference about Bias tees check the following site: However 1.2nH will be a very short line. Play in ADS and see if is feasible
how the stub can make a dual band microstrip antenna? what are the theory and mechanism?
replace a capacitor toward ground with a "open ended" stub and the inductor with a narrow microstrip; after that optimize the dimensions for better performances of the PA
Hello, BPF_Layout.jpg is a microstrip stub-line Filter... Transversal_filter.jpg microstrip coupled resonator Filter... ---manju---
Hello, I'm using a microstrip quarter wave transformer with an open end connected to a short stub(part of impedance matching for a transistor). As far as I know a wider microstrip(smaller Z0) for the transformer would result in better bandwidth. However I cannot understand why! Can you help me with understanding the (...)
Hello, does anybody know for what reason the pads in the above picture are used ? Thanks.
Hi, This kind of structure is called a Marchand Balun. In a Marchand balun, the microstrip and the slot line meet in orthogonal directions on the opposite sides of the substrate. microstrip line ground plane is in this case created by one side of the slot line metallization. microstrip line is terminated by a stub, which (...)
but I have open stubs. do you have any Idea about them? An open stub in ideal lines is ideal open. An open stub in microstrip has some extra capacitance. For T-junction and cross, you will also see some difference between ideal (connected in one ideal (...)
Hi, I am trying to design a microstrip complementary HPF (High Pass Filter) for my diplexer design. I have already designed the LPF section for that diplexer in microstrip using Pozar's equations. But, I am getting problem to design HPF. I am using a series capacitor as a first component in my design as I have restriction to use a parallel componen
Hi, I need micro strip line matching network for 1825MHz , designed in ADS MOMENTUM. Schematic files are in attachment . I want to match (0.5-j*0.6) ohm to 50 Ohm. I have tried many times but design does not work on prototype board. There might be some discontinuity issues which i have tried to solve using MSTEP component. I want the matc
hi maryam you know for microstrip RF choke you need lambda/4 line that shorted to the ground using capacitor or some thing like that.for lambda/4 line,considering the substrate parameters you can use calculators of AWR microwave office or ADS and calculate the lenght.for the parameters that you need to consider for this line are S21 and sh
hi all.. i want to design a matching system by using microstrip.. the idea is zin=50 ohm and zl=75 ohm for example.. first try is by using open series single stub.. then i want to using a double stub but not really understand about how to draw the double stub smith chart.. second idea is by using taper (...)
What is the capacitance of an open microstrip stub that measures 250mil wide by 850mil long. Fo=1GHz er=10.2 height=25mil rfc
Hi Hassan, Basically you need a short circuit at the end of the transmission line to get the proper termination. How do you get this ? By using a open circuited transmission line of quarter wave length. You set β=2Π/λ and Ls= λ/4 in the formula you have given and you get the stub impedance referred at the center
Hi I designed and tested some microwave oscillators using the negative resistance method ( as described by Gonzalez and Vendelin ). I first designed the load and terminating networks using a shorted stub and transmisson line the get the oscillator oscillating. But my problem was that the resonating frequency deviated from the wanted one.
1) Narrow band compact non-degenerate dual-mode microstrip filter Sheta, A.F. National Radio Science Conference, 2008. NRSC 2008 Volume , Issue , 18-20 March 2008 Page(s):1 - 7 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/NRSC.2008.4542317 2) Compact hexagonal open-loop resonator bandpass filters using capacitive side-coupled stub and (...)
Hello Everybody I have designed a band stop filter with shunt capacitivley coupled L/C resonators, I have then converted those resonators to open circuit stubs and finally converted the whole circuit to microstrip lines. I am now stuck for weeks trying to convert the coupling capacitors to microstrip gaps and I cannot (...)
Hye everybody,could u help me to calculate the value for microstrip interdigital capacitor (MICAP 1) in ADS...I need the value for W,L,G and GE..i can't find MICAP type in my spec is FR-4 h=1.6mm tand=0.019 t=0.035mm Zo=80.9 f=2.5Ghz and 4 Ghz E_Eff=90 degree