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Is it posible to design a 90 degree phase shifter using a single PIN diode and microstrip lines?? :!: :idea: :?:
Dear all, could you give me some advice or paper about 8 bit digital phase shifter.Frequce is 2 to 6 it can be maked by microstrip? Thanks very much for your view and help.
Dear all I want to design a wide band phase shifter (90GHz-220GHz) based on microstrip technology (Niobium superconductor) Schiffman phase shifters seems to be good for that Could anyone give me some technical notes concerning such things or if I am wrong, suggest another technology. Thank you
hi go to the following link in the search menu type microstrip antennas, u will get good material
thanks, but I need a design paper not a product. I prefer with microstrip, no MEMS
Hello, everybody! I model a planar ferrite phase shifter with a meander-like microstrip like this one - Experiment has shown that losses are equal 2dB. Is it possible to have losses about 1dB? Any help or paper is appreciated.
Because the L and C values will be very small at high frequencies, the variation of induction and capacitance due to temperature or other factors, will be translated in a phase change. LC phase shifters are recommended for relative low frequencies. For high frequencies better is to use microstrip lines.
You can use a mmic phase shifter chip, such as The trick will be to find one off-the-shelf for your 1-2 ghz frequency band. You can design your own phase shifer, using time delay length of microstrip line that get switched in/out. The benefit of this approach is that you can
hi i want to design switched line phase shifter for 8X8 microstrip patch array antenna at 35GHZ using transmission lines. Can anybody give idea about how to design it in ADS ?
okay, thanks for the answer i'll approach our local PCB manufacturer:smile: also if i may ask what the best methods to realizing the lumped element filter into microstrip filter for 4-bit LPF/HPF phase shifter?? i propose a stepped impedance methods to realizing the filter, but the result is not quite good. o yeah, the substrate, (...)
Hi, I've been designing 2-bit phase shifter based on microstrip, all i want to ask is how to measure the phase shifter to gain the S-parameter? Thanks
Same length of various transmission lines like: stripline, microstrip, coaxial, waveguide, twisted-pair, will give totally different phase shift. On top of this, the same length transmission line made on the same approach (stripline, microstrip, coaxial, etc) would give different phase shift if they use different dielectric (...)
Hi all: I am looking for a Comp. that makes a 4 or 5 bit phase shifter for KA( 33 to 36 Ghz). If some some can help me out? it's for a R&D T/R system Thanks Basskiller
Do you want a fixed phase shift or a variable one? Do you want a mechanical version, such as a double stub tuner or an electronic solution using something like microstrips and PIN diodes? Whats the application?
How to see the phase difference of the phase shifter in spectreRF?
A wide-band reflection-type phase shifter at S-band using BST coated substrate
Hi to all, I want to design a 45-degree broadband phase shifter in the 6-18GHz frequency range. Can anybody help me? thanks
PIN phase shifter ,ku band. simulation with ADS ,but the datas are terrible. I wanna know how to make a good simulation. wish you can help , my e-mail : thanks
files or links highpass lowpass phase shifter thanks 8)
i would like ask about phase shifter to use in endfire antennas arrays regards
What Xilinx components can I use to create a phase shifter of 10° ? Thanks
how can we made a audio phase shifter
Hi to all, I want to design a broadband Schiffman phase shifter in the 2-6GHz frequency range with fixed 45 (or 90) degree phase shift. I read some papers (most from MTT). but I can't implement them in simulatiom. Any implemented circuits or design thechniques can be very usefull for me. Thanks in Advance KMPA
Hi all, I have to design a 90 Deg. phase shifter for a 20kHZ square wave. Can any body share some info. I need a digital circuit solution which should not use R and C. Also shifted wave should have the same timing spec. as original wave( ie PW and period). Regards Worksmart
i want to simulate a phase shifter.which can do this work? CST? ADS? thanks
the above structure is the GPS downconverter IC CXA3355R from Sony: They use a so call "phase shifter and Adder" to reject the image. Is this phase shifter: 1. a polyphase filter 2. a 90deg phaseshift as the img below 3
Hi, dear friends, I plan to design a rectangular waveguide quadrature hybrid (3db directional coupler) and a phase shifter (45 degree). They are illustrated in the attached figure. Is there anybody can introduce any material on how to design their parameters? Thanks a
who can give me some advise about wideband phase shifter ? eg. 2Ghz to 18Ghz
anybody can give me how to calculate the phase shifter of a constant k filter?how to analysis a t network?
I want to design a phase shifter operating in the range of frequency between 10 KHZ -to- 1 MHz. pleaze i need your replies as fast as possible. thanks in advance. yasser samir
Dear helper, I want to design variable phase shifter. Frequency range is from 0.8 ghz to 1ghz. phase shift is 0 ~ 360 deg. I try to design it using hybrid coupler. But it's changed scattering parameter to bad. Please, recommend design method or technique. Thank you.
dear all, I want data(specially technical note) for design and implement of wide band passive microwave phase shifters. I want to design Schiffman phase shifter for 2-6GHz and implement it with stripline. please help me. thanks
Can I use this simple RC phase shifter for HF frequency band: ( 1) Is it possible to simply put such phase shifter between antenna, tuner and transceiver and get the proper phasing? ( 2 ) To make it work in different frequencies is difficult as Xc will
I need a help on this,can anybody explain or give me a site showing how a phase shifter can be implemented using BJT?
Hello Everyone; I'm looking for a 90 degree phase shifter for the 250MHz. Please help me.
Hi folks. I have a question for you. I'm making a device with 8 antennas in a circle and need a analog phase shifter so we can shift the signal and compansate for the distance between the antennas. I'm working on 3.5 Ghz. I found
I want to designa phase shifter (90 degree phase shift) on chip in bipolar process at 30 GHz . Please help me out for the effecient way to do it
Hi,I am trying to design 3-bit switched or reflection-type phase shifter,but I got confused when I tried to design the lengths L1,L2 for 8-state I mean how can I determine the lenghs for L1,L2 ,the angle for each state ,I am using PIN diodes Please give me anything(books,website,lecture notes,ur advice.
i came to know that lc oscillator can be used to gave phase shifter, let suppose i am designing a phase shifter and i am working on 418MHz and i want to gave a phase shift of 90 degree then how can LC oscillator can be used as a phase generator
I wanna design 6 bit phase shifter with lumped elements (L & C) using Microwave Office . It can be designed using hign pass and low pass circuit and a pair of SPDT switch. But how this switching will take place?
I need some papers on variable phase shifter. plz urgent
Hello, I am trying to build a compact phase shifter at low frequency, say 1MHz, with a phase shift of ?140~150 degree. The phase shift does not have to be tunable. Could you please show me some directions on it? Thanks a lot! p.s. i have done some literature review and found out that phase (...)
i want the diagram of phase shifter which gives 90 degree phase shift
hello all, This time I have a small querry about the phase shifer in ADS, is it broadband?. I am getting good image rejection for time delay component(which is in ADS library) but not getting good output power whereas phase shifter giving me sufficient output .give me your comment In the design of bluetooth what should be the output (...)
Hello all, Is it possible to design phase shifter of bandwidth around 80MHz. If someone has material on it then pls provide
I am wondering what types of phase shifter can be used in 60GHz range? Any information or materials will be welcomed. Thanks.
Hello, I found some simple examples of the microstripe phase shifters at the CST and IE3D examples see attach. Please could you know, where was this structures publicated or where can I find some information about this microwave circuit ? Somethink like basic princip or How-to design and calculation ? Thanks for information
i want to know how can i design a phase shifter myself which is cheap and efficent.i need it for electronic beam steering.
Hi, everyone. I have some questions about the phase shifter measurements. Generally speaking, is it possible to measure the active phase shifter noise figure by spectrum analyzer and VNA? Any references or information about the method and test fixture designs will be appreciated. Thanks in advances.
Hi, I'm doing a Butler matrix feed network, I need help to design a 45 degree phase shifter I'm using HFSS...I designed one as per my knowledge I got 90 Degree..........please help me at the earliest.