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Hi friends Let us start posting some basic interview questions onCommunciations/Wireless Technologies /Mobile ........ /Antennas /microwave ..../Electromagnetics.... Please every contribute and share your experience in interviews by posting few basics of communications like What s the need (...)
Hello All, I am MTech student doing microwave Engineering specialization.Now in campus recruitment process Nokia Netwroks is coming for recriutment. I don't have any idea about what will be the selection procedure etc etc.Will you expert guys help me in knowing what to prepare? Can anyone post RF and commu
Hi all, Every one can contribute in this thread with experience or background from microwave field. Any questions(with answers) which you think could be asked in a job interview for the position of microwave and system design engineer should be shared here in this thread. /SC
Assume a device can be represented by the transmission line network. We measure with a network analyzer calibrated to 50 ohm reference impedance. -------------------(line length = 15mm, Zo=30ohms)---------(load = ZL = ?) S11--------------> 0.4(154 degrees) @ f=3GHz (S11 looking into this network) What is the co
I will be doing an interview with two professors (phone interview) at university in germany. I applied to their master program in microwave engineering and they told me they will call me and interview me for 20-30 minutes by asking questions about mathematics and selected topics in electrical engineering. (...)
Let's be frank! If you kept under the pillow for 6 months David Pozar's book "microwave Engineering" you will do fine.
I want to revise microwave theory as fast as possible. is there any good source for learning microwaves. in simple and fast way.. i left microwave 1 year ago and i need to brush up my knowledge. any good site any good ebook or pdf files or djvu files any good articles