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Hi friends Let us start posting some basic interview questions onCommunciations/Wireless Technologies /Mobile ........ /Antennas /microwave ..../Electromagnetics.... Please every contribute and share your experience in interviews by posting few basics of communications like What s the need (...)
Hello All, I am MTech student doing microwave Engineering specialization.Now in campus recruitment process Nokia Netwroks is coming for recriutment. I don't have any idea about what will be the selection procedure etc etc.Will you expert guys help me in knowing what to prepare? Can anyone post RF and commu
Hi all, Every one can contribute in this thread with experience or background from microwave field. Any questions(with answers) which you think could be asked in a job interview for the position of microwave and system design engineer should be shared here in this thread. /SC
hi, veterans please upload some good interview questions for ASIC\FPGA job hunters. I know there is another post on the same topic. But if anyone has more questions. Pleaseeeeee. help tnx
hi, no one is posting jobs here. :( .. Atleast anyone post some interview questions for digital asic design pleaseee. rgds
can somebody tell some interview questions for PCB designer or some other engineering job
I am in US and have an undergraduate education in RF. I learnt for LNA, Mixer, Oscillator, Filter, Amplifier, Stubs, Couplers with also Design Labs and Actual impementation of them and testing them using only Network Analyzers not the real world. What interview questions I should expect? Mostly I am looking for any trick questions I have (...)
Hello, From: please scroll down to "Some On-Site interview questions" and please post any questions, solutions if possible for these questions to benefit us all. Thank you.
Plz post interview questions or links to them from semiconductor companies. Intel, AMD, TI, Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, SGI, ATI interview questions most welcome. Would help others a lot too.
Hi does any one has interview questions for digital circuit design for digital audio. mainly audio signal processing, AGC, Digital filters. Thanks in advance
hi can any give some interview questions for digital circuit design thanks in advance
Can anyone answer the Fuding Ge interview questions.. It would benefit us all! Scroll down to on-site interview questions...about 20.
Hi Guys, I would like to know where I can find interview questions on DSP and related topics like ADC/DAC. Thanks in advance... -- Srivats
hi people, i would like to have some useful links or e-books which i would like to refer for motorola interview questions. Does ne1 have it? Regards, ganavel9783
Hello, I have interview questions for major mixed signal semiconductor company for analog ic/mixed signal/rfic cmos interview. some of them are very very tricky. i can send them by mail here to anyone interested in them, only if they will try to answer them seriously. thanks
Kindly provide me interview questions for Physical Design, for entry level and 1yr exp level. Thanks a lot
Hi, Can anyone share a number of interview questions for Analog Layout engineer position? and ofcourse possible answers will be much appreciate if you are kind enought. or can you give any URL that i can read for my incoming interview. God bless!!! Liz
please help me
Plzz I need perl interview questions................ Tnx in advance
Can anyone please post the programming question they faced during the interview? I think it will help members like me and others preparing for the software related interviews. There are books and website available for the interview but I would still like members to post their questions.
Hello all members; can any one tell us some of the question that may face anyone in the interview(i.e microcontroller architecture,c++,tricks of programming and so on. Thanks for the great members of the forum
Hi E'Body... Can any one share some questions based on digital logic design/Front end design/HDL would be nice if some material is posted. Thanks.
can any one post regarding verilog interview questions
Can anyone answer the following interview questions, it would help all of us. Thanks!
Hi guys, I am going to have a phone interview. I am very nervious right now. This position is about "design multi-gigabit copper cable assemblies and components" Do you what kind of questions they will ask? And could you give me some answers? Thanks
dear friends, do you have any idea of interview questions asked on hspice and spectre, for experienced people as a analog front-end designer. Thanx in advance.
hi all, where can i get verilog and vhdl interview questions.......?
This post is mainly for those who are going to face interviews(mainly vlsi). when i tried to search for interview questions in the forum there was no particular post/upload which could give me full details at one place. They were scattered so i felt of collecting all those questions from file,sites,posts and so on.. So i (...)
Dear all, I met with these interview questions, would you mind help me to answer them? Thanks! 1) What is meant by the term "porosity"? Why is it desirable for a cell or macro to have high porosity? 2) What is an "application-specific memory"? What are some specific examples of this part type? 3) Why is the number of gate inputs to CMOS gates (
friends... can any body help me out wid d interview questions on uart and vga controller... thanks in advance
hello evry one does any one has a collection of interview questions on vhdl state machines and cmos circuits i have an interview and the main skills are vhdl and state machines
hi everybody... i m starting new topic here. i requested to everyone who are working in the VLSI Front End Design, plz share their interview questions they faced and they asked.... it will really helpful to me and all other who are working in this field. thnaks to everyone in advance amit gangwar
Please post your interview questions here Job/Intership (DSP) with answers!!! 10x
1)exp various mosfet capacitance&their significance? 2)exp sizing of inverter. 3)give the expression for cmos switching power dissipation. 4)what happens to delay if u increase the load capacitance. 5)what happens if we increase the number of contacts or via from 1 metal layer to the next. 6)Draw a transistor level 2 i/p nand gate.explain it s
Hi all, Can anyone share some question and answers for asic-fpga design interview or any questions/answers for digital design. I tried looking in this forum but most of the topics point to the same 10-20 question in the internet. Is there any standard document which you could share ? I would really appreciate your help regarding this.
hai look at this generly asked interview questions
I have made list of digital interview questions with answers which I had faced during my interview. Hope this helps.
Hi all, Here is a nice collection of interview questions with reponses: CMOS interview questions. 1/ What is latch up? Latch-up pertains to a failure mechanism wherein a parasitic thyristor (such as a parasitic silicon controlled rectifier, or SCR) is inadvertently created within a circuit, causing a high amount of (...)
Hello Every one, Can any one help me out regarding the DFT interview questions. I know its a vast area and could not anaylse about the type of questions which i will be facing? I am familiar about DFT, FastScan, IDDQ testing, MBIST, Formal Verification and LBIST. Can any one post me the list of interview (...)
Hi Guys, Please send me some interview questions for one year experience Analog/Mixed signal design engineer. The group deals in PLL, ADC/DACs, PHYs... Thanks....
Hi Guys, Please send me some interview questions for the requirement of one year experience Analog/Mixed signal design engineer. Even suggestions (there is no restriction that you post only questions, you might suggest some topics) will be good for me... Thanks....
VLSI 1. Explain why & how a MOSFET works. 2. Draw Vds-Ids curve for a MOSFET. Now, show how this curve changes (a) with increasing Vgs (b) with increasing transistor width (c) considering Channel Length Modulation 3. Explain the various MOSFET Capacitances & their significance 4. Draw a CMOS Inverter. Explain its transfer characteristic
does any one have some material related to "PERL : FAQs and interview questions" please upload it.............. Regards Neetin
Can anyone send me interview questions for EDA tool support..or Physical design post... Its urgent please send me as soon as possible
pl give me embedded systems related interview questions?
Can anyone send me physical design interview questions for a fresher?
Hi Memebers, Here is a link to a nice website about interview questions: Enjoy !
Hello there, I 've seen this in forum many interview questions in respect to VLSI design. However I'm curious to hear some VLSI CAD interview questions. Can you share some ?
Hi, Can any one post some interview questions on digital domain??? any site....??
Hi all, Below are some interview questions. I need your answers/thoughts for those. Plz reply for these: 1.What happens to the VTC of a CMOS inverter if Vdd is reduced ? 2. What is the optimum value of Vdd for a CMOS inverter ? 3. A CMOS inverter has it 's o/p fed back to it 's input. What will be the function of the ckt? 4. How t