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I am designing a filter by HFSS and the filter has to perform as equivalent circuit layout by microwave office....... I want to plot the result of HFSS and microwave office in one figure,but the data file from microwave office is not .s1p so it can not be plotted with result of (...)
how to export file to dxf in microwave office? Any body know the step?
Yes this works but it´s just gives me a something like the shape of the filter which I´ll ´have later to fill with copper. Also the vias don´t appear on the layout. Can you give me a more detailed description cause maybe I am doing something wrong. I misunderstood your request. You need to transfer a layout from "Microw
Optisystem 6.0 can do cosimulation with Agilent ADS via signal waveform data. The data contain time and voltage of each sample. Description of Optisystem: "This component can save files in the 'TIM' format. The .tim and files are signal data files in Agilent EEsoft ADS, MDIF format. They contain time-domain waveform data for defining the signals
Hey guys! How does one export structures form IE3D and use it inside AWR MWO?I heard there is a direct way of importing the 3d structure itself.I have a coaxial probe fed patch antenna simulated in ie3d I want to introduce this geometry inside microwave office .i.e the coaxial cable too.Could somebody help me on this?Maybe some tutorial (...)
Dear all, I would like to simulate an PA in microwave office for my MSc Project with the ATF 50189 from avago technologies but I have some issues to export the ADS model (zap file) of this transistor to microwave office AWR. Do you know how to do it? I think it is possible to (...)
hello, i designed a LNA in AWR microwave office and used mikrostrip lines for my design. i have to place vias for my design (for emitters and for bias part). but i can't make this, could anyone help me with my problem??how can i place vias, add them to the layout, and connect them to the ground and get gerber files of my whole design including via
hi every one I'm going to draw the PCB of some transistor in microwave offic and save it to library to use in future.would you please help me ?
Sir, In AWR microwave office, I want to convert the TABULAR data into the EXCEL sheet data to plot graph externally using the EXCEL sheet data. Using ORIGIN 7.0 software , I will take the EXCEL sheet data and draw the graph. I have tried in the MWO and went the Graph > export Trace Data and the data is shaved in the NOTE PAD. (...)
On 2001-10-11 08:56, CharlieTheTuttle wrote: Has anyone tried to do an EM model of a stripline and compared it with the model S1LIN. Test Conditions : Substrate : 1mm thick FR-4, Er=4.7. Stripline in center, thus 0.5mm FR-4 each side. Line is 80mm long, 0.3mm wide. Test Freq is 450Mhz. RL = Return Loss with other side of line i
Here are some microwave office example files that I got from a Besser and Associates course. They are pretty good. Hope it helps Cheers Uploaded file:
there is only version 5.02 on DirectionPlan. but AWR announces new 2003 version: March 24, 2003: AWR Announces microwave office 2003 With Focus on RF Closure EDA Solution Dramatically Improves Harmonic Balance Simulator and Adds New Time-Domain Simulation Engines and EM Socket Interface
hi, all Is any turor for microwave office 2002 available? Thanks.
Because i begin use the software of microwave office,i am not familiar with it. I kwon it can optimize the circuit schematics,but i do't know how i can use it to deal with the bends of the hairpin filter ,and optimize the EM structures. if you know it ,can you help me . thanks
please i want a tutorial or book about ((microwave office ))program
hi, I am using microwave office to design a PA @900MHz. However, as seen in the circuit, there is no gain at all. I am new to this and want to ask if anyone can let me know what's wrong with my circuit. And there's one more doubt: when I fabricate the circuit, I need to add certain microstrip in between the SMD. However, is there any ru
does any one have ebook or help files on using microwave office 2000 or later. thanks for your concern
does any one have ebook or help files on using microwave office 2000 or later. thanks for your concern
Hi everybody; i'm looking for a tutorial for working with serenade. i desighned a bandpass filter with it. and i want to know more about working with it. some examples (with explaination of designing) and some document is useful. and this is for working with microwave office.
I have had fun using Genesys and made a little amp using a BF199. I have started playing around with microwave office now and I like it more. I have used the tutorials and can analyzer and simulate filters and impedance network. But am not to sure how to get a bf199 in there. Which model do I use? What parameters do I need? As you can tell
Hi all, I have a problem with importing graph into microwave office and hope that someone can help. I have receive some impedance measurements for an antenna. The data of real impedance and imaginary impedance are in seperate files. No s1p files. How do I import it into microwave office to plot it in the smith chart. I (...)
the microwave office has load Pull wizard and you can use it as well
anyone has information on using microwave office for load pull simulation?
Hi, there are a lot of examples comming with microwave office that you can use as a starting point to see how to set-up your amplifier simulations to simulate specific feature. You can start by modifying this examples to suit your problem. ADS offers step-by-step guide to optimize bias point, gain, etc. and could be a great help if you didn't
How do I obtain the IP3 in ADS and microwave office?
Dear all, does anyone know how i can make a sweep on a Dimension in microwave office 2001? Thank you in advance
Hi jackie, find attached good examples on the MWO & Labview interface ... Linking microwave office and LabView These projects demonstrate how to link together MWO (microwave office) and LabView under Windows via ActiveX. MWO and the LabView runtime are required. These projects were written in Labview 7.1 Developer (...)
Hi! Does anybody know whether it possible to use custom device models with microwave office 6.x? I would like to simulate a nonlinear device model based on mathematical expressions described in C language.
Hi, I've and important question about microwave office. I've designed a printed antenna that works perfectly when I simulate it but the measurements in laboratory are completely different. I think the problem could be in the ports. I use an edge port to feed the antenna using coplanar feeding, but I don't know if the simulator understand where is
Hi, I've and important question about microwave office. I've designed a printed antenna that works perfectly when I simulate it but the measurements in laboratory are completely different. I think the problem could be in the ports. I use an edge port to feed the antenna using coplanar feeding, but I don't know if the simulator understand where is t
i've simulated several lumped elements circuits in microwave office (e.g. branchline coupler at 1.4GHz) and the simulation result seem suit my application. but when i implement practically using lumped element capacitor and inductor, the measurement results seems do not match the simulation result. anyone know why?
Can anyone use MRF5211 in microwave office software?
Hi: Somebody have microwave office 2004 demo to donwload please. Thanks in advance. Bye
HI,guys ,where i can find some videos about "how to use AWR microwave office 2004",or articles,i'd like to design a PA With it,pls help me ,thanks advance!
could somebody offer me all the freescale's LDMOS library for AWR microwave office 2004? everytime when i perform a design ,i must use XML's library ,which is time-cost.....thanks
Hi, Help me. I need for scientific use GaAs PDK for microwave office.
Hello erdem, Find attached presentation is a very easy & simple steps to create a Microstrp Patch Antennas analysis using AWR microwave office 2004... By the way which MWO version your using? ---manju---
Hello, I have a question about mathematic equation at the microwave office v.7. How could be 2d array defined directly at the equation window? For example 1D vector is simply to defined as vec={1,2,3,4,5} or vec={"a","b","c","d"} and for this definition vec: 1 (a) But I would like to define 2D array, and arr={{1,2,3},{4,5,6}} is incorr
dear all, is there someone here expert and familiar with microwave office? i need suggestion and wanto to ask something about antenna design. pleasee help me and very urgent.... thanks in advance hendra indonesia
Can microwave office be downloaded from some site?
How can i create bias for PIN diode in microwave office?
Hello , How can I design a phase shifter in microwave office. I am to use RT/Duroid as the dielectric...could anyone help with leads of the schematics....i knowi am to use 2 SPDT's at either ends of the transmission is to operate at 5GHz and have a phase shift of 45 degrees.
Hello, When using lumped elements in a microstrip circuit simulation in microwave office, what is the reference plane of the connection? Is it the end of the component or does it have to do anything with the component footprint? Best regards.
Hi Please help with microwave office. If you have done a design in schematic of lets say a hybrid coupler, with physical transmission lines. I know it is possible to have the layout done, but is it possible to import it directly into EMsight and simulated or do you have to make a new design in EMsight? I know it is easy to do in ADS. You j
CST microwave Studio is an 3D EM simulator. It has time domain, frequency domain, thermal, and solver for scattering problems. They also have some packages for magnetics and particles. microwave office is a general purpose circuit simulator. It has solvers for 2.5D closed boundry EM, 2.5D gridless open boundry EM (soon to be released), (...)
Hello Shahrul, I have sent these PDF files as attachement to your email id... You can also go through AWR microwave office Antenna examples, available in the installation folder... C:\Program Files\AWR\AWR2007\Examples\microwave_office\Design_Types\Antenna\ ---m
According to the API reference of microwave office Software (located at ), I have become able to automate graphic related jobs. However, I could not succeed to change font properties through scripting. Let me clarify myself a little bit. I tried to use gp.Legend.Font.Name="Arial" gp.Legend.Font.Size=20 (say
i just learn microwave office, now i need to design a single stage amplifier with specific gain. here i want to ask, should i use non-linear simulator or linear simulator to design my amplifier? thanks
Hi, ADS is more expensive than microwave office. The files are hugh in comparison to microwave office. It comes with 3-4 DVD dics. where microwave Ofiice is only 1 CD. I generally find ADS is much simple and easy to use for beginer. What I don't like about ADS is the momentum simulation. It is so (...)
hi... i need antenna design using awr microwave office... any kind of antenna except dipole or microstrip antenna.... hurry plz.....