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I am designing a filter by HFSS and the filter has to perform as equivalent circuit layout by microwave office....... I want to plot the result of HFSS and microwave office in one figure,but the data file from microwave office is not .s1p so it can not be plotted with result of (...)
Optisystem 6.0 can do cosimulation with Agilent ADS via signal waveform data. The data contain time and voltage of each sample. Description of Optisystem: "This component can save files in the 'TIM' format. The .tim and files are signal data files in Agilent EEsoft ADS, MDIF format. They contain time-domain waveform data for defining the signals
how to export file to dxf in microwave office? Any body know the step?
Hey guys! How does one export structures form IE3D and use it inside AWR MWO?I heard there is a direct way of importing the 3d structure itself.I have a coaxial probe fed patch antenna simulated in ie3d I want to introduce this geometry inside microwave office .i.e the coaxial cable too.Could somebody help me on this?Maybe some tutorial (...)
Dear all, I would like to simulate an PA in microwave office for my MSc Project with the ATF 50189 from avago technologies but I have some issues to export the ADS model (zap file) of this transistor to microwave office AWR. Do you know how to do it? I think it is possible to (...)
hello, i designed a LNA in AWR microwave office and used mikrostrip lines for my design. i have to place vias for my design (for emitters and for bias part). but i can't make this, could anyone help me with my problem??how can i place vias, add them to the layout, and connect them to the ground and get gerber files of my whole design including via
hi every one I'm going to draw the PCB of some transistor in microwave offic and save it to library to use in future.would you please help me ?
hi i want to import or export from microwave office what i do that it has import or export command at its list of commands regards abdoeng: i don't understand what do you mean...... 8O
Hello Asim, If you want to export Ansoft HFSS design to Agilent ADS then 1. Simulated design use export S-parameters (in touchstone format) then import for ckt simulation in ADS 2. Layout Design export in DXF or IGES/GDSII then import & use the Momentum for EM simulation... you can use even Ansoft Designer or AWR (...)
I regret to tell you this but if you want to get reliable results do not use microwave office at all. I went thru all these problems several years ago and then switched to more reliable simulators.
I've designed a number of planar microwave filters (6 to 18GHz) in MWO and now need to get them into Altium so that I can lay them out as part of a larger circuit. Altium have a method for importing Gerbers and converting them to *.PCB files (they refer to this as reverse engineering) but neither myself nor the Altium tech support guy could make
I've designed a number of planar microwave filters (6 to 18GHz) in MWO and now need to get them into Altium so that I can lay them out as part of a larger circuit. Altium have a method for importing Gerbers and converting them to *.PCB files (they refer to this as reverse engineering) but neither myself nor the Altium tech support guy could make
Hello, I think it's not possible to do that in CST MWS directly.. I suggest to export the calculated S-params of your microstrip line. Then connect these S-parameters with S-parameters (or complex impedance) of your actual antenna in any linear simulator (like microwave office). Also CST design studio can do this job. Cheers, e. (...)
You have lot of options... Use autocad or any good layout editors then export it as DXF file.. Then Simulate using Electromagnetic Simulators like Sonnet, IE3d, etc... or Completely draw the log spiral layout & simulate in a single tool like AWR microwave office (Laout+EM Simulator).... I attached typical Log spiral DXF file in (...)
Hi everybody : I've designed four prototipes of printed antennas for wireless comunication using microwave office and then I've export the designs to IE3D Zeland in order to compare the results, but they were totally different. Then I've built the antennas and the experimentals results are more accurate to the ones using IE3D. Where could (...)
Hello, Agilent ADS is not so good for Layout design... There much better tools available such as AWR microwave office... MyChipStation from MyCAD and of course Cadence layout tools
yeah you can use GDSII file format to import and export between HFSS and ADS also microwave office can be used. hope it helped
Hello handsprince, First select the device then follow th below mentioned instructions to simulate & analyse the Power Amplifier in AWR microwave office (MWO)... Step 1: Get the IV Curves by placing the model & IV Curve tracer measurement block--If these results are matching with data sheet results then Step 2: Build the small signal ideal B
If it's Gerber format you can import that into a PCB, then copy and paste into a footprint. Gerber is troublesome since the artwork is comprised of thousands of elements instead of a few polygons. DXF usually does not work since the polygons do not come in filled. If you can export in PADs PCB format (like microwave office does) then (...)
Dear Tot, You can export the design into *.dxf file. Then import it in another software as microwave office. From microwave office, the imported file will need some boolean manipulations as it will be imported as shapes. Then export to either gerber or pdf depending on the way you will (...)
Hello, There is a free tool from Nuhertz Filter solutions for Filter design... & also a 30 days full version trial license also available it even as the dxf & sonnet export for Planar combline Transmission line filters... Then finally use the Sonnet Lite free version to validate, see here some examples
Hello. You should check this page : They explain very well the structure of the wilkinson. To know the width and length of your traces you should use a tool such as TXLine in AWR microwave office (you enter your specifications and it gives you the dimensions you want). If yo
hi friends i use awr microwave office. i designed circuit in awr microwave office and export gerber file of my design from awr and i imported cam 350 layer by layer i can see all layer in cam 350 but i can't see dcode in aperture for drill . awr export drill data as txt format can (...)
in MWO how can we drow a curve as MLIN? Look at the MCURVE elements.
I can't set TFR properly in ADS momentum. Why? For the layer with your thin film resistors, you can set the sheet resistance (ohm/square) in the Momentum substrate settings. One example for resistive sheet can be found here: examples > Momentum > microwave > ThickCond_Spiral_prj
Hello everyone I have designed a schematic in microwave office now i am going to create its layout but i have some problems i know the capacitance, inductance and resistance of my lumped elements but i don't know how i could get their physical dimensions and the other is when i want to export the layout which is created from the (...)