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Hi I have Problem with strcat() Find attached mikroc PRO PIC project and Proteus simulation file. Press A button and it will show "Set frequency" Frequency will be 100.00MHz Now use B or C button to decrement or increment the value and then make again value 100 then it shows (...)
Given that (totally inadequate) problem description, I would guess that you are not debouncing the key. I think mikroc (a compiler I have never used) has a function that lets you do this but you can always look up key debouncing on Google for a number of examples (many using PIC devices and you should be able to implement the code - or at least the
hello guys im newly using timer1 interrupt on overflow with mikroc in the interrupt function i call a display function to drive 4 digits 7 segment displays & its ok i want to select between 4 functions by push button then by another push button select tht function to do the job any idea will b appriciated John
How i generate push pull pwm by using CCP1 CCP2? Here is my code : ***Pic16F73 using mikroc****** short duty1=0; short duty2=0; void main() { duty1 = 50; // initial value for current_duty_1 duty2 = 50; TRISC = 0x00; // PORTC as output PWM1_Init(50000); // Initialize PWM1 PWM2_Init(50000); // Initialize PWM2
void main() { TRISA.F0=1; TRISC=0; PORTC=0; while (1){ if (PORTA.F0 == 1){ PORTC=1; delay_ms(1000); PORTC=0; } } } the above is a simple code to make all leds in portc to turn on when ra0 is pressed, unfortonately nothing happens when
Post the circuit if possible in Proteus format. I will have a look at your code and try to fix the problems. Also zip and post the complete mikroc project files. In your code it doesn't show the sbit defines for the LCD.
I can help you if you can use mikroc PRO 8051 Compiler. I don't use Keil C51.
Maybe there is a better way to handle buttons with polling? I think simply moving your ISR code into your main infinite loop should work for polling the buttons (without the INTF interrupt-related statements of course). EDIT: Save the value of the current state of your button and compare that (...)
Hello everyone.. As a part of my project, I want to take input from sensor and send it to PIC16F877A MC,which sends an SMS through GSM SIM900A to another GSM module at the other side.Another PIC MC at the receiving GSM module turns ON an LED , which is the output required. I am a newbie to GSM modules and hence I tried sending an SMS to a mobile p
It is mikroc PRO PIC compiler code. Download and install mikroc PRO PIC compiler from mikroElektronika. The demo version will compile the code. - - - Updated - - - Edit: You have to use attached circuit. Tomorrow I will give you interrupt based Hi-Tech C code. Replace Delay_ms(100); by Hi-Tech C de
hi people would help one to make a program with three button: button1 = forward positive button2 = forward negative button3 = select
Hi, im working with EasyPIc7 at 3.3v 18F45K22 MCU and mikroc compiler. unable to run this simple program, i checked with volt meter, when i press button RD6 there is logic 1 at RD6 of MCU. plz help void main() { ANSELA = 0; ANSELB = 0; ANSELC = 0; TRISB = 0; TRISD = 0xFF; PORTB = 0xFF; //PORTD = 0x00; Delay_ms
Hello Everybody, I hope someone will help me in resolving my problem. I am new to Microcontroller and mikroc. My project details in short is given as below. 1. I am using PIC16F886 for this project. 2. I have setup 2 ADC on PORT A0 and A1 for input. 3. I have setup a button(Push to on Switch) on PORT A1. 4. I have (...)
this working code of keypad and lcd. I upload schematic in proteus and project in mikroc. This from help of mikroc. It displays the pressed button on lcd and also display times of pressing button. Be free to ask any question.
well i don't know what it happen but i hape a problem with isis,after writeing my program bu mikro c and it's simple one, just click in the button the led will lights that's is but i use pic 16f887 nut just a button and led, so this it the condition (if (porta.ra0==1) { portb.rb0=1 } else portb.rb0=0 that's all (...)
i have a problem in rs485 communication with keyboard as the i/p (ps2) ...the o/p i get has a great delay...i use it to run h bridge...motors take about 3- 5 seconds running after i remove the i/p from the keyboard and sometimes there is no delay at stops immideatly if i push the last button again...this is the code on mikroc ,i am using
Hi All! I am trying to work with PWM. I understand the concept of PWM but when I tried the mikroc sample for PWM at PIC16f877A it doesn't show any significant result. I configured the PIC16f877A project at 8MHz crystal so as the proteus project. unsigned short current_duty, old_duty, current_duty1, old_duty1; void InitMain() { //A
Hey guys. I am trying to debounce a switch. So I wrote a basic code which uses TMR0 to generate a 10ms wait. Once this wait is reached, the program goes the button routine using buttons library in mikroc. Its not working. Ive breadboarded it up. Any suggestions? I am using mikroc and PICKIT2 to burn the (...)
Hi, I'm using mikroc for this project and I have some problem. I just want to turn the servo motor +90 degree when a button is pushed ( logic 1 ) and when button release ( logic 0) the motor goes back to 0 degree. Previously I manage to achieve that but the motor in the servo keeps on running because (...)
Where did you get Lcd8_Cmd() and Lcd8_Out() ? ..... Can you give the original code? internetuser2k11 is using the mikroc Library, both of the above routines you mentioned belong to this library. Unfortunately, MikroE does not make available the source code for any of its library routines. BigDog
Hello Everyone, I am almost done with my project thanks to edaboard :-D. One last thing I need to do. Say for example I have this code: void main(); { - - - if (PORTB.F6); } if I press button at RB6, it will reset the whole operation back to the very beginning and execute same program (full restart). How sho
How the button library in mikroc works ? bit oldstate; // Old state flag void main() { ADCON1 |= 0x0F; // Configure AN pins as digital CMCON |= 7; // Disable comparators TRISB0_bit = 1; // Set pin as input TRISC = 0x00;
Have problem, buttons on PORTA not working .LCD work OK bu buttons not answar. Please help. Thak You Here CODE: sbit LCD_RS at RB4_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RB2_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at RD7_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at RD6_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at RD5_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at RD4_bit; sbit LCD_RS_Direction at TRISB4_bit; sbit LCD_EN_Direction at TRISB2_b
hi.. is there any sample program (mikroc) that could display arrays of text which can be browse using up and down button? what will happen is.. when i press the down button, the lcd(for example 4x20) displays the text, that was previously on the 2nd row, on the first row, the text on 3rd row on the 2nd.. and (...)
Hello, I'm trying to count how many times the button has been pressed. I'm using TIMER 1. What am I doing wrong over here? Please help! Using mikroc v8.0 and pic18f series. Thanks in advance! char *text1 = "Count:"; unsigned short cnt; char str; void main() { ADCON1 = 0x0F; // Config AN pins as digital //Set (...)
hello, this is my first post, I am new to pic and C, but learnig fast so please be gentle: I'm looking for a code snippet in C, that would help me view the filenames on an SD/MMC one at a time, something like pressing up button display one filename, another press the next, and a previous button. I'm using (...)
I don't use mikroc and I don't know the answer but you should join mikroelektronika forum and ask there. You will get the answer for sure.