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There are some free books at this website related to uC. Quite good. It also has a book on design of RF circuits which is particularly good for beginers.
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Hi, I am looking for BITMAP image display on NOKIA 3310 LCD.I am using AT89c5132. Can Anyone help me about showing BITMAP image on LCD. Or Someone tell me how to convert BITMAP image into Image array. Because I can show Image array on LCD Correctly. I am using FASTLCD to currently. Can anyone help.....:?: You c
you will need a compiler for the microcontroller I suggest keil mvision, also an easier one is MikroC which has a lot of manuals, mikroC PRO for 8051 2009 - C compiler for 8051 microcontroller - mikroelektronika using the serial
nice tutorial on this chip here Chapter 4 : AT89S8253 Microcontroller - Architecture and Programming of 8051 MCU - mikroelektronika
I'm working on a project about remote controlled house (home automation). This is for my capstone project which I'm working on.:smile: I want to send SMS messages from my mobile phone to a Telit GM862 GSM device and those messages need to pass throw UART to a 8051 microcontroller (Atmel AT89S8253). The microcontroller needs to understand them as
It is: PIC microcontrollers Autor: Nebojsa Matic Paperback - 252 pages (May 15, 2000)
has PIC compilers in C, PASCAL and BASIC that include library for USB. I hope that this helps. bimbla.
Try starting by using microcontroller from Microchip --> PIC Here is a free online ebook PIC microcontrollers, for beginners by Nebojsa Matic 1. Build your own PIC programmer, try JDM PIC Programmer 2. Software to use
If you were not so particular about Atmel, I would have suggested PIC from Microchip along with mikroC compiler from mikroelektronika. Most importantly, their hardware boards are good too. It is the fatest way to directly hot the applications. bimbla.
Hi, You can check those sites : regrads,
hi this book is a freedownload book at
elsalm alykom, thanks alot siongboon for ur very very good website . i think for Mahul000, u want to start working with microconrollers and u have the basics and the general idea of the microprocessor. so as that is what i understood, u should first decide with which u want to start working 8051 or pic? for the PIC u will start with th
I suggest you start learning with PICmicro from Microchip company. Go to to download the MPLab 7.42 that come with free assembler and CCS PCB C Compiler. MPLab also provide simulation, so you can write your codes in assembly language or C, compiled them and start running using the simulation. You can type "PIC projects" in the s
Go through the mikroelektronika site itself. There is an online free book that should help you get started. Regards
Which uC? 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems using Assembly & C (M. A. Mazidi) The 8051 Microcontroller (Scott Mckenzie) (For AT89C51) PIC Microcontroller (M. A. Mazidi) (For PIC)
try to use a MicroC compiler from mikroelektronika for microcontrollers, there are lots of examples that demostrate the use of scrolling text(s) of a graphic lcd... it has built in commands that you can use depending your needs... but of course it's not for free. you have to purchase a license... :D
Check on Mikroe smartgm 862 schematik, have an example too for 8051,pic,avr,etc also download telit 862 pdf,all command are clearly documented. RTS must be connected to the GND (on the module side) if flow control is not used. SmartGM862 Board - Telit GM862 GSM/GPRS devel
Hi there, Start by reading this material : "mikroelektronika published an article in March 2009 issue of Elektor magazine about Ethernet. Article contains useful information about practical usage of Ethernet and microcontroller. This article allows reader an easy example and tutorial on Ethernet
hello, I'm glad to annouce that I have published GLCD Font Creator 1.1.0 - mikroelektronika Edition free of charge for anyone using mikroelektronika compilers. I also published with it XGLCD Library 1.0.0, an extention to mikroelektronika GLCD Library that let the compilers handle BIG FONTS of any size on glcd displays. XGLCD Lib source
It is not complicated since it has I2C interface as depict in the datasheet. check this mikroelektronika • View topic - TC74 temperature sensor I?C with problem with mikroC
Hi, Following books will be useful for you - 1. Pic Microcontroller and Embedded systems using Assembly and C for Pic18 by Muhammad Ali Mazidi, Rolin D. Mckinlay and Danny causey. 2. AVR Microcontroller and Embedded systems using Assembly and C by Muhammad Ali Mazidi, Sarmad Naimi and Sepehr Naimi. 3. 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded systems b
can you tell us what is your problem with ISIS? actually for me, ISIS is the best simulation software that i ever use.. anyway..visit mikroelektronika - Development tools, Compilers, Books there is so much thing that can help u..
Hi, Graphic Lcd Bitmap Editor by mikroelektronika would be handy for interfacing Graphic LCDs with PIC or 8051 microcontrollers. It comes with mikroC PRO compiler. Output is the mikroC PRO compatible code. kindly check these links Integrated Tools - Supp
Refer IE register Chapter 2 : 8051 Microcontroller Architecture - Architecture and Programming of 8051 MCU - mikroelektronika ES - enables or disables serial interrupt: 0 - UART system cannot generate an interrupt. 1 - UART system
keil for c51, microchip MP lab for PIC and mikroC pro for PIC MPLAB Integrated Development Environment mikroelektronika - mikroC PRO for PIC - C compiler for Microch
hi-tech c compiler is nice to use as compared to other compiler....if u use hi-tech c compiler,you can able to write any type of coding for any controller family like atmel,microchip,freescale etc...... Are you sure about this? I know that mikroC can be used for many families: mikroC for dsPIC - [url=
I just purchased a development board Ready for XMega from mikroelektronika and have to use this in my project. I am not having that much knowledge of AVR Micro-Controller's. But very good knowledge of PIC and 8051 Micro's. Please suggest me some tutorials for AVR XMEGA128A1 micro-controller.. I have to use GCC Compiler as i am not having