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Hi i search for different type of mimo OFDM architectures/configurations tnx
thanks from MR ahmedseu, manojshukla and enigmachen but which courses do you propose in communication theory for P.H.D level? can you please send me some paper or book(links or files) about "Adaptive modulation of Coded (convolutional and Turbo coded) OFDM-mimo " and cognitive radiO?
hi I need this thesis:mimo communication systems: receiver design and diversity-multiplexing tradeoff analysis thanks
Wow great you are persian, me too and i think you can't work on any HOT topic if you live in iran do you know what i say ? any how if you realy want to select a topic on wireless you can choose mimo Because this topic may use in future of mobile telecommunication and it is great choice for next standard. which university you are studying there
I need MATLAB code for simulation of mimo detection methods : ZF, MMSE,ML and V-BLAST? Could you plz help me ? cheers
mimo Antennas
Hi to all!I need to plot capacity-VS-SNR for some mimo configuration for my thesis. The formula I'm tryin to use is C=\log_2 \left Where M, N are the numbers of RX and TX antenna. H is the channel matrix and to generate it: H=randn(M,N)+i*randn(M,N) Can anyone h
I need thesis "Complexity Aspects in Near Capacity mimo Detection Decoding" Please let me know if anyone have an ecopy.
dear friends i think im facing some little problem here with my final graduation working on wimax mimo and i am supposed to simulate the project with wireless insite and i have to use MATLAB to construct mimo system. If anybody have any idea?If so,i will be glad to share it with me thanks
Hello everyone! I'm looking for collaboration with anyone who wants to discuss different subject about radio communications. My domain is radio channel (narrowband, wideband, UWB, mimo). I'm looking for one people/group to work together, to publish articles and books. Radiocommunication domain is my passion and I want to learn more an more! I'm
Dear all Hi I'm a phd candidate, I want research on wireless networks, mimo , qos , lte , .. for my thesis, would you please introduce me some new and orginal subjects for a phd thesis? beforehand, i'm thankful you. kind regards
Dear all Hi I'm a phd candidate, I want research on wireless networks, mimo , qos , lte , .. for my thesis, would you please introduce me some new and orginal subjects for a phd thesis? beforehand, i'm thankful you. kind regards
I need this thesis very very urgent I search alot to find link for downloading I coldn't find but,I have all it's detail name: CARRIER FREQUENCY OFFSET ESTIMATION IN mimo OFDM SYSTEMS A DISSERTATION Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of MASTER OF TECHNOLOGY in ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION
please I need urgent help in simulation mimo ofdm system and any thesis has similar work on mimo ofdm synchronization please help
I m new to mimo- OFDM, but i want to do thesis on mimo-OFDM, so i need suggestion how i can i start and what are the areas in which i could find possibilities for research in mimo-OFDM.
hi everyone I am working on my thesis bt i need some guidelines about the simulation on non-cooperative nodes in mimo antena system
Either Google: Channel Estimation using Matlab thesis Or use Yang's Book mimo OFDM using Matlab
Hello I think there are many universities have research groups in this field you should be more specific in some points 1- What was you master (& bachelor) thesis and major and from which university ? 2- Did you read anything about mimo to select a specific point of research or interest ? 3- Are you a citizon of USA , UK or German
salam alikom all I just want to find any thesis, paper, or any tutorial that shows bit error rate curves for spatial multiplexing dual polarized mimo for different cross polarization discrimination (XPD) parameters as I searched for them, but I didn't find any thing can you please give me or just send me in a private message any thing related
hello everyone. I am M.E. (E.C.) student of GTU. I have selected one field for thesis is in Advance Digital Communication. I want to perform any project work based on any OFDM or OFDMA applications.or mimo applications. So kindly suggest any topics with guidence and related appropriate material. Waiting for your response. Thanks.
i working graduation thesis , my topic is mimo OFDM using DPC and Tomlinson Harashima precoding if you have matlap code , please sent to me thank you very much my email :
CAn anyone help me about thesis on mimo radar .Please anyone give me any idea .
STC -> Space Time Code is a method to improve the performance of wireless systems typically mimo OFDM based systems.. i hope its the right answer..
Hi!!! this is tayyaba siddiqui from lahore-pakistan. well i m working on wimax as my research thesis .. basically the help needed is i want to show results regarding increased coverage and capacity while deploying wimax for lisenced band.. i m having no help from any technical persons here in lahore if any one can help me out for this.. i want to
any one who is working in cooperative mimo ? I want to discuss some issues with him/her. Thanks
implementation of space time codes and mimo systems in cellular networks
I think mimo.. i.e multiple input multiple output systems are the wave of future in RF IC communication systems... you can make a thesis in this area... mimo means having more than one antenna.. considerable signal processing theory is involved herre
i want to make a thesis on mimo OFDM but i think i need a suggestion for a more specific subject i've heard something about FPGA or a SIMULINK/MATLAB simulation i have plenty experience working on both but i need something more specific :)
you can get information from the ebook mimo communication. it covers all the topics related to space time multiple access. in addition i will give you the PHD thesis. you plz Give me your E mail address thanks
The next generation of wireless communication would be Sapce Diverse system with space diversity. In space diversity we can increase the capacity but could not do beamforming. 2ndly MUD Multiuser Detectoe are comming in mimo (Multi input Multi Output). In which we have the array of transmitter and the array of recevrier
Hi people I have a question about mimo matlab code. I'm making my thesis about mimo channels, in a brief I take a SISO transmission and only with the SNR I should tell you how good will be this transmission if we use mimo instead of SISO. I also wrote a channel generator with only the matrix correlation factor (...)
Hi everybody, i'm a newcomer! I'm from Viet Nam, and being a senior of Post and Telecommunication Institute of Technology. Now, I'm trying to finish my thesis which is about "mimo and space-time coding Technique". And i have a trouble with Puncturing Technique which is used in encoding and decoding. I create this topic to ask someone to help me!
Hi everybody For my thesis paper i need matlab code for Multiple Antenna Technique in WIMAX.if anyone have plz send me through my mail(;it ll helpful for me ; code for :BER performance in BPSK - OFDM - SFBC system code for :Capacity Analysis of mimo System code for:BER for BPSK modulation with Alamouti STBC (Rayle
I am going for a master thesis on wireless communication. My professor asked me to choose any new topics for wireless communication and make a project proposal. What topics should I choose that will be helpful for me to peruse further research and PHD. Temporarily I am looking forward to mimo OFDM Will it be wise?
HELLO!!! i am student of M.E. in electronics and communication. i am here for expecting a help for ieee papers as well as theoretical and MATLAB help regarding mine thesis topic . i want to generate the alamouti code for 4x4 mimo. so if any one has any idea regarding to it than please share it. thanks. waiting for ur help.