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jammers are illegal in USA unless you have permission from the Police. PA layout
Hello, I would like to know how i can simulate a GSM mobile phone jammer device, it consists of Power supply, IF-section and the RF-section with Voltage Controlled Oscillator. Thanks
Kindly share working circuit diagrams for mobile jammer to use in Pakistan, GSM900,GSM1800.
im engineering student. looking for small jammer with least range of 2m of diameter. i'm also intresting know is there any material which can absorb mobile frequency.
hi, I was testing a low power GSM jammer. I made it from the design available on internet. I found that it can jam mobile networks within 10 meter range. But if a call is already established and the caller comes near jammer the call does not disconnect. is there any problem with sweep rate or more power is requred to (...)
normally mobile fones are built in assesment of carrier frequency GSM 900 works on different frequency and 1800 (1890-1990MHZ) so there is obivious reason if ur jammer is not wide band then ur fone will work on any available band. best regards zamir
To use as a mobile jammer, you want to create a circuit with a strong signal power and feed input data from long pseudo-random number generator. the random number creates the "noise" and the signal power and frequency the jamming.
There are different frequency band like MW, SW, FM broadcast band or for mobile phone. In which ,you are interested?
a. Develop a miniture device which can cover an area NOT MORE THAN 3 to 5 Meters only and sense if any GSM jammer activity which is hampering GSM Sim communication. (this distance should ONLY be limited to 3-5 Meters as otherwise, it will pick up wrong and false Jamming surrounding signals. b. This miniture device will be fitted (...)
hello friends i am planning to do my final year project regarding mobile signals. in examination hall and other worship places we require to stop the usage of mobile phones. so how to generate noise signal which i will transmit through RF such that we wont recieve calls or messages in our mobiles. with Regards Aamir
Hi, im looking for even one datasheet of these are 3 VCO for a portable mobile phone jammer: -VCO for CDMA/GSM -> code KC DDC1748F 0105 (12pin) -VCO for 3G -> code 40EB A038 (8pin) -VCO for DCS -> code 9P3-1880 D020 (8pin) Actually they are supplied with 4V and Im looking for
can any body explain me please??i need help! and can we vary voltage with 555 timer IC??
i need the circuit diagram of a mobile phone jammer and its principle of operation.
Hi, There are some harmful software's which when downloaded to ur mobile will completely destroy ur mobile's OS. U need to reinstall ur OS to make it work. mobile jammers (u need special transmitting device) installed in institutions and companies interfere with the signals sent from the (...)
Can Any one help in project to build a silencer (jammer) for GSM and CDMA systems either using some existing mobile phone or from the geginning. This is for a good porpuse (silence in worship places - mosques) Thanks in advance for help
You problem can be solved with a Cell jammer (or mobile jammer) and I think jammers are allowed with the permission of communication agency (like FCC). This agency provide NOC with restriction of power etc. You can first go to this agency and ask the procedure or terms and (...)
can someone upload diagram of mobile jammer??? Naveed
guys with respect to above matter if you have any material please inform me.
i have built my owen mobile jammer i used a sawtooth generator and shifting aplifier and feed it through VCO The VCO used is POS 1060 and there is some one is better in MINICIRCUITS that work in the GSM band only and this will not need level shiftre to get (...)
hi jolly man how are you i want to do mobile phone jaming project can we do some thing combine
Hi friends, i am going to do electronic circuit that can make a jamming or a noise on the mobile phone, so the covarage will be die or decreases to the minimum limt. any body can help with schematics, links or any other usefull data thanks much
Just search the forum using the word "mobile jammer" and you will find alot. Here you are an example:
Hi boy,.. Would you mind sending me the mobile jammer schematic.??? I'll really appreciate your help
I'm not getting the VCO Zcomm V580MC05. Is there any subtitute for this? Please help... Kasamiko...where are you? i'm waitng for you...please help... Maybe you can find it on repair shops doing repair on mobile phones.. Take note also that I never tried this circuit.. I posted this only for reference..If you plan to built
Hi everybody, how to build a tool to jammed the handphone signal. if i'm not mistaken there is a product in the market but i can't find out where. Is there anyone can help me to get the circuit is better. thanks
Please i need a schematic diagram of a circuit that could trap and possibly cease the signals of a mobile phone. its a project topic. kindly help me out.