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hi. I need circuit diagram for mobile battery charger, model no. JT-B50500 or JT-USB07, REV. 1.0
i want to make a switch mode battery charger for li-ion battery of mobile.i need a circuit diagram and i want to use microcontroller to stop the charging automatically after some time and to stop charging if over temperature occurs You can use cheap dedicated chip for this purpose MCP73832. Complete circuit requir
You really need to find out what kind of bettery you've got first. Lithium Polymers can only be charged/recharged a certain number of times before they have to be changed. Most mobile phones I have examined have NI-MH. Good luck
Hi all I need try use mobile battery in my handHeld Prroject (for example nokya 8210 or other popular mobile battery) can give me any help or datasheet of this battery ? i see some of it internal circuit how use it for charging ?
I want to make transistorised Li-ion battery chrger for mobile phone. The Li-ion battery is 800mAh for samsung cdma cell phone.
Can some one point me to the right direction to design the wireless battery charger? Any information relates to tranformer design, switching frequency, driving circuit etc.. for this specific application will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Please what "wireless battery charger" means ???
Is there any one who knows the circuit of mobile battery charger for Siemns SL55? Or other mobile charger from other company?
help me design mobile phone charger with battery 9 v as
i need some information for design battery charger for Nokia with source 3-12 Vdc. if you can help me.. thanx very much. please email to me at
Hi all can we use the mobile phone charger as the battery charger? i'd a mobile phone charger with output 5.4V,1000mAh and a battery of 3.6V,800mAh. the battery is of 3x1.2V AAA battery. can we make a charger adding a (...)
This chip using USB only like a power supply. You can use it with any 5V stable DC current sources for charge li-ion batteries. If you need an example of use this chip, I will post a part of my project where I used it for a li-ion battery from mobile phone. This chip provides a stable current on deep recharge phase and then stable voltage on 4.1 l
hello friends, I recently bought a Chinese mobile phone battery charger, the one in which you have to remove the battery from mobile phone and connect it to the leads of the chinese charger to charge it.. When the battery +ve and -ve terminals are properly touched to (...)
Hi, can we charge the 3.7 v Li.Ion battery (mobile battery) by directly connecting the + and - wires from the commercial mobile chargers...? Thank you.
mainly mobile battery charger and lead acid battery charger also. Hi ahcraton Many of the mobile chargers are based on HV oscillators which are without negative feedback and they only produce an AC wave which is HF and then a rectifier and then applying that to the (...)
Hi all I'd like to known if batteries of mobile phone (like Nokia or Siemens...) are Smart battery Systems ? Thanks in advance
Take care from the mobile which will be used in testing :wink:
Hello What chips are used for charging Li-Ion batteries(that used in mobile cell phones)? what protectors are used?
Another is to use the simple standalone universal phone charger. The good part is that the contacts are adjustable to fit your type of battery. I think you should be able to find it in places like ebay. Here's an example:
Hi all, I'm looking for a rechargeable battery for an MP3 player I'm designing. It should be similar to the mobile phones battery, no matter how many volts (I can use a boost DC-DC converter or a LDO regulator to get the 3.3V). Questions: -How much can I expect to spend? -Size? -Connector I should use on the pcb? -Should I use an (...)
this is a sample circuit of public mobile charger.
Hi, pls help me to explain the differience between + AA battery and (Lithium,Niken..) + How much voltage applied at 1 AA battery to charge them? can I use mobile phone charger?
I was trying to program an AVR tiny to make a pwm based charger out of it , A charger which could be used for charging mobile batteries... for this I experimented using the Nokia-1100 phone battery .. When I checked the signal at the o/p of the charger ,it was a pure ,regulated DC power supply of ~5 (...)
Dear All, I came across a wireless mobile charger circuit somewhere. The principle is that there is a server circuit which create and sends electromagnetic waves through a small antenna. The reciever which should be plugged with the mobile handset. There ia a tank coil which receives the transmitted signal and rectify with a diode and the (...)
i want to do my b. tech. project on the topic stated above. can anyone help me please??? does any1 have some idea abt this???
Seriously, a "mobile charger" should at least provide a modern mobile phone's idle current (mA order of magnitude). As dick_freebird said, the suggested technique is very unlikely to achieve this. Competitors like solar cells are performing much better. For quick charge a night time, a dynamo with a gear and a handle would be superior, I (...)
Voltage is a main concern . use proper voltage for charging.... More importantly regulate current to the specification or else you end up spoiling your battery and in long use spoil the mobile.... whatever you do take atmost care of current rating...
Hi all how can we find the charging current/voltage and time of different types of rechargable batteries? regards ml
Nokia 8110, 8310 can share similar battery charger, and this old mobile phone is still abundant in where I live. There is no problem to get new battery but finding the charger is pely pely difficult. Perhaps some smart engineer here can help design a charger for NOKIA 8110 family with (...)
I found an unused older style Samsung mobile phone battery charger, the type that is connected to vehicle 12 VDC cig lighter. I was interested to see if I could use it in a project so I checked & found: 1) Output voltage (no load) is 6.55 VDC. 2) The unit carries a 2 amp, vehicle style plug in two prong fuse, can't tell if its a fast or (...)
I want to build a charger for my phone whose output should be 3.7v ,800mA.WITH input 220v ,50 hz,10mA, any one have idea on this
Solar panel Voltage 12V Power rating 5W So you can charge 5/12 = 416 mA All the mobile batteries are around 3.6V Use regulator circuits or use 7805 regulator and use a USB mobile charger With this panel, it takes much more time to charge a 42AH battery. i.e more than two days Use more no. of panels to (...)
Hi Folks! I want to use an accumulator for a mobile device. the needs 5 V. it would be a good idea to have the charging parts and undervolt indicator in that device too. i would like to do that with an up/down switching supply which is able to supply within a +/- 10% TOLERANCE. does anyone have experience/tipps/advices relating to that topic???
Hi I am Tolu and am new here. I have a NEC cellphone which a friend tried to unlock. the phone was old and battered and the battery was low so he tried to charge it but accidentally put the charger into the wrong port and the phone triped of and never came back on. Other engineers couldn't find what went wrong so i decided to ask if it's dead, wh
Hi! This circuit it´s a simple DC DC converter...only this...not have many "dark" secrets. If You have minor knowledge in any mobile phone, You can see that the LiIon battery voltage for charger are: 4.0 or 4.2VDC maximun, the current charge maybe change during the charge process, but not much. This circuit can be simulated in ORCAD (...)
yes u can power up the phone without the battery. U need to first know about the pin connector at the end of the mobile.One of these pins is a power pin. Just give external power to that pin and ur mobile will be alive.
Use 470uf in series with bridge . need more study for you. You can go for the battery charger . What is your current requirement ? Bcoz battery charger is for 100ma ? 150ma. charger means mobile charger.
You can search at or for Li-Ion cells. On the other side, almost any accumulator for mobile phones, which is marked as "Li-Ion" will be good as well. Almost all are single cell, 3,7V type. /pisoiu
Dear i want to use my nokia mobile charger 12E, output=5.7V,800mA to power my sony walkman requiring 3V to power. it also has a cabinet for two AA sized battery cells.
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Hi All. I'm using my TYTN II to listen to radio when I have a long drive. The TYTN II is connect using a FM radio transmitter, with the USB converter. The problem: When using the Internet, then battery drain is quite fast, especially if you are on the move and the radio signal is not that strong. I tried few USB chargers, and all
Hi , I need the concept behind the mobile charger, particularly tell me how the LED Indication will be their before chargering their will be RED LED after Charge gets over, How that green LED Glow... Can you guys please explain me the hole concept behind this.... I need it for my project... waiting for your valuable reply.. (...)
Hi Audioguru, Its time to remove your bad assumption. all the mobile Li ion batteries hve atleast 700mah. and most of them have inbuilt protection.
Hai all, I am new to this and would like you to clarify my doubt. Here goes... I need to provide a charger from a Bike's battery (12V) to charge a mobile phone using the phone's USB. My problem is that, Motorola Phones do not enter charging mode at all. My MP3 charges, but not my Motorola Phone. But using the same USB Cable,
hi thanks for the reply the use of the circuit is in mobile phone charger for a college project . the input power source is from an antenna and then rectify it and then supply it to the circuit , the power level is too low(about 500mv or less) . the only important thing is raise the voltage , but the voltage is DC. the bandwidth is (...)
Please i planed to design a solar bag that can charge a mobile phone, ipod and mp3. i also want it 2 have a backup battery and i got solar panel with 6.2v output. pls i need help concerning the circuit
Hi all, I have made a wireless charger project using ball electrode as an antenna and a flat coil that has been developed by Prof. Mey ( ). I want to charge mobile phone battery that has 5.8 volts and the current 700 mA with a distance of 20 cm. The first project that I have
Your Lithium-Polymer battery will catch on fire if you charge it wrongly like you said. The very hot fire is spectacular! A mobile phone has a charger circuit inside that prevents its lithium battery from catching on fire. You lost your charger circuit. The charger must measure the (...)
When I plug in the charger to the mobile, what is the means of communication between the mobile and the battery, i,e, what signal is generated when a charger is plugged in and where is it generated. How does the mobile know that a charger has been plugged in and allows (...)