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I have a 3.8 volt 11 ampere battery. I built a dc booster circuit, which boosts 3.8 volts to 5 volts. I want to charge my android mobile having 2 ampere battery. As i connect my mobile for charging it shows charging for a few seconds then the charging stops. What could be the possible reasons for that. 136963[attach=config
Hi all, I'm designing bank power for cell phone. Any one can show me a block điagram of it? Thanks
Hello Is it possible to connect the charger points to the battery directly when the points of the same battery are connected to mobile input connectors inside ? Is the idea applicable or totally a silly thing i am trying & ll destroy mobile circuitry or battery etc ? (...)
500mA is not very high rate ,mobile chargers are available for even 2A
I am trying to make a battery bank. I have soldered 9 lithium polymer batteries of 3AH in parallel to give 27AH of total capacity. They are soldered and glued and i can not take them apart. After doing that i found out that how hard is to make a boost circuit with decent Amps. did a lots of search and ended up with nothing. No diagram online, seri
This article, talks about smart batteries as devices having 4 or 5 terminals. The text suggests that most smart batteries have at least 4 wires: "For safety reasons, most battery manufacturers also run a separate wire for temperature sensing.[
If the battery voltage is the same it will probably be OK. Things to watch for are whether the Cowon uses additional contacts to the battery. If you look at most mobile phone batteries you will see they have more than two contacts, one is positive, one is negative and the others are for data communication so the battery can (...)
Hi all I have a simple question about wall charger. In fact, there are many ic which provide cc and cv regulation. Then, when we make wall charger (adaptor) for battery charging application, i think it should be operated in cv mode for constant output voltage. Because mobile charger uses this voltage (...)
Hello! Im developing mobile phone charger for myself and I have done it but works not correctly I have rechargable 1000 mA/h 3.7V Li-Pol battery with 1.5A max pulse current and 3.0V cut-off voltage And I have to supply 5V+-0.1V load with up to 2.4A current I decided to use cirrent
Hello, I am driving a 7805 by a 6V battery. The load is basically a LED lantern and USB mobile charger. The LED lantern part of the circuit works fine and use no current while not in use or open circuit condition that is no load condition. However the 7805 itself is depleting 2.35mA, and according to my calculation the (...)
I found this wonderful devide: Works on just 1 18650 battery. If I buy an 18650 Panasonic 3400 mAh, can I more than twice charge my 1500 mAh phone battery? Or the capacity is actually lo
I want to know is it possible to change mAmps rating of mobile charger for safe charging in car. I want to have circuit; rating like 5V, 800mAmps for my mobile phone battery(Li-ION) charging. kindly provide the link to this or new power circuit diagram for such ratios. One more can we calculate the components rating (...)
(actually i want to give a dc battery supply to mobile phone charger when there is no current) it will not work on 12v dc higher dc voltage required. and the charger should be a smps based not iron core transformer based.
My nokia charger is not working.when plugged in,mobile shows "charging"...but only to my dismay,the baterry is not getting charged...wat could be the problem?i wish to repair it.can anyone help me in this
I had bought 2600mAH solar panel powered battery bank off ebay and it arrived today. I just now tried charging my phone with it. Funny thing is that the android app now shows the charging current to be around 100 to 140 mA but the mobile IS getting charged and the charge percentage IS rising. On the other hand, when I try to charge the cell phone w
i want to make a switch mode battery charger for li-ion battery of mobile.i need a circuit diagram and i want to use microcontroller to stop the charging automatically after some time and to stop charging if over temperature occurs You can use cheap dedicated chip for this purpose MCP73832. Complete circuit requir
i had read similar threads but need to confirm that i want to charge my mobile which uses 5v 1.5amp charger and the problem is current rating. can i use 7805 voltage regulator and get 5v 1.5amp current output without burning my mobile? Is their any other IC for regulating 6v 4.5ah battery to 5v 1.5amp? thanks in advance :-)[/
Hi, can we charge the 3.7 v Li.Ion battery (mobile battery) by directly connecting the + and - wires from the commercial mobile chargers...? Thank you. If you mean under "mobile charger", wall trafo with 5V voltage output, of course not! You need (...)
Dear Friends, Can we power a 89C51 Circuit using a 9V Multimeter battery or a mobile charger? It is a daily occurrence, to power PCB with uC from 12V, 9V or mobile charger 5V, even with 1,5V. You can power every uC with 1,5V battery as source of power. How? In manufacturer (...)
Good day All, I have got a new 12volt, 5W, solar panel. I have planned to start a new project on solar mobile phone charger. I dont know how to get/build a circuit. I want to charge 2 or more mobile phones at the same time as my solar panel is bigger in size and capacity. If possible, I want to charge a 12volt lead acid (...)
You should buy solar charger with builtin lithium battery. Price of this is about 12-15eur with 2000mAh battery and about 7eur with devices GPS navigations, mobile,.... my opin
no because lithium polymer battery which is used in the mobile should have minimum 45 min to recharge
The charger works on three Li-Ion accumulators size 18650 about 2200mAh each, connected in parallel. Accumulators were removed from a laptop battery. Converter DC/DC step up MAX1797 in a typical application from da
This chip using USB only like a power supply. You can use it with any 5V stable DC current sources for charge li-ion batteries. If you need an example of use this chip, I will post a part of my project where I used it for a li-ion battery from mobile phone. This chip provides a stable current on deep recharge phase and then stable voltage on 4.1 l
the charging circuit in the mobile phone is working fine Because the original charge of the mobile is chaging it in the normal way. may be problem is the input from 7812. if i put 4 AA battery instead of 7812 output. will it work? If the input to the 7805 is 7 or more then its output will be regulated at 4.75V t
Hi all can we use the mobile phone charger as the battery charger? i'd a mobile phone charger with output 5.4V,1000mAh and a battery of 3.6V,800mAh. the battery is of 3x1.2V AAA battery. can we make a charger adding a (...)
Hi all how can we find the charging current/voltage and time of different types of rechargable batteries? regards ml
Voltage is a main concern . use proper voltage for charging.... More importantly regulate current to the specification or else you end up spoiling your battery and in long use spoil the mobile.... whatever you do take atmost care of current rating...
There are API's in the RTO's or program written for mobiles. These are monitored through software where the battery voltage is monitored using a thread. this plugging of charger is an interrupt to the mobile. this interrupt is identified whenever the thread observes this interrupt.
Your Lithium-Polymer battery will catch on fire if you charge it wrongly like you said. The very hot fire is spectacular! A mobile phone has a charger circuit inside that prevents its lithium battery from catching on fire. You lost your charger circuit. The charger must measure the (...)
hi. I need circuit diagram for mobile battery charger, model no. JT-B50500 or JT-USB07, REV. 1.0
i want to do my b. tech. project on the topic stated above. can anyone help me please??? does any1 have some idea abt this???
Please i planed to design a solar bag that can charge a mobile phone, ipod and mp3. i also want it 2 have a backup battery and i got solar panel with 6.2v output. pls i need help concerning the circuit
Hai all, I am new to this and would like you to clarify my doubt. Here goes... I need to provide a charger from a Bike's battery (12V) to charge a mobile phone using the phone's USB. My problem is that, Motorola Phones do not enter charging mode at all. My MP3 charges, but not my Motorola Phone. But using the same USB Cable, the (...)
Hi , I need the concept behind the mobile charger, particularly tell me how the LED Indication will be their before chargering their will be RED LED after Charge gets over, How that green LED Glow... Can you guys please explain me the hole concept behind this.... I need it for my project... waiting for your valuable reply.. (...)
Hi All. I'm using my TYTN II to listen to radio when I have a long drive. The TYTN II is connect using a FM radio transmitter, with the USB converter. The problem: When using the Internet, then battery drain is quite fast, especially if you are on the move and the radio signal is not that strong. I tried few USB chargers, and all
i need some information for design battery charger for Nokia with source 3-12 Vdc. if you can help me.. thanx very much. please email to me at
help me design mobile phone charger with battery 9 v as
I was trying to program an AVR tiny to make a pwm based charger out of it , A charger which could be used for charging mobile batteries... for this I experimented using the Nokia-1100 phone battery .. When I checked the signal at the o/p of the charger ,it was a pure ,regulated DC power supply of ~5 (...)
this is a sample circuit of public mobile charger.
Hi, pls help me to explain the differience between + AA battery and (Lithium,Niken..) + How much voltage applied at 1 AA battery to charge them? can I use mobile phone charger?
Is there any one who knows the circuit of mobile battery charger for Siemns SL55? Or other mobile charger from other company?
Hi! This circuit it´s a simple DC DC converter...only this...not have many "dark" secrets. If You have minor knowledge in any mobile phone, You can see that the LiIon battery voltage for charger are: 4.0 or 4.2VDC maximun, the current charge maybe change during the charge process, but not much. This circuit can be simulated in ORCAD (...)
Your question is not easy to understand. do you mean that when your mobile phone has the battery in its place you can use the dc charger but when it is not you cannot? The layout you posted is not useful, I need the schematic. Anyway, if the problem is in the way I described above, then it may require the battery as a (...)
Hi I am Tolu and am new here. I have a NEC cellphone which a friend tried to unlock. the phone was old and battered and the battery was low so he tried to charge it but accidentally put the charger into the wrong port and the phone triped of and never came back on. Other engineers couldn't find what went wrong so i decided to ask if it's dead, wh
I want to make transistorised Li-ion battery chrger for mobile phone. The Li-ion battery is 800mAh for samsung cdma cell phone.
You really need to find out what kind of bettery you've got first. Lithium Polymers can only be charged/recharged a certain number of times before they have to be changed. Most mobile phones I have examined have NI-MH. Good luck