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Hi! I am working at transmit ecg waves to android mobile phone via bluetooth .First I try application that communation the bluetooth module and pic16f877 appliction is that count from1 to 100 in for loop on microc pro for pic program . I try this.I write the android (...)
Connect your mobile to PC using USB if it has USB port. Then Run proteus simulation with the .hex file obtained by compiling flowcode project. There should be a COMPIM part in proteus. Set proper COMx port. You may also need a mapper in VSPE. Virtual Serial Port Emulator. For better help zip and post the complete Proteus design and floawcode (...)
I want to access my wifi with my pic 18f452 controller. I dont have a wifi module I wish if I can connect the controller to mobile phone and then use its wifi to connect with my network. Can any one help. Posted via Topify on android
then you need to get some mobile phones and connect it to controller.............
Hello everybody,i am new to this forum and i am hoping that somebody will help me out in solving my problem. Recently,i have started doing a project where by i interface a microcontroller(pic 16F628A) to a mobile phone (NOKIA 6500) to send a SMS.after a lot of googling,i have decided to use AT commands as (...)
hi can any one tell me code.. If i call to a sim connected on gsm module,after getting the signal it get a stored sms on pic microcontroller 16f877a and sends to the calling mobile phone..? Or If i call to gsm modem it sends the stored sim message to the number from which gsm modem recieved calling signal.. plz i have to (...)
we have a project to develop the complete hardware and software of a mobile phone.. can any one tell which kind of a keypad and LCD display can be used...?? using ARM9 or pic controller to code.... how to access the GSM using AT commands..????
GSM by itself is a transceiver, so 1 single GSM modem will be enough for your application and the master can be any mobile phone... if you search interfacing GSM to pic in this forum I have already answered everything about it. If you dont have modem then you can buy one . it will cost you around 2500rs. visit (...)
What distance does the data have to travel? Bear in mind that 3G and 4G use the mobile telephone network and if data has to be sent live and continuously it will make a VERY expensive phone call !! It might be better to think in terms of a local controller for the sensors (...)
Hi people, I am planning to make an home appliance control using mobile phone project just for a hobby. Am a ok with coding but need help with some concepts. first how do we record voice into the apr9600 ic. it has 60 seconds memory and if i need to record many small pieces of voices and play different combination to (...)
Dear lockman_akim I need connec my mobile phone (Nokia) 1100 with pic 16f877 please help dayan
Dear all Please advice me, I need to know that how connect with any nokia phones with pic 16f877 microcontroller. I know AT commands and rs232 protocols and IC (please advice with phone wiring diagram with rs232 chip thanks Dayan
Hi all, I want to send AT commands pic to phone(sony ericsson k700). For that I did simulation using Proteus software with MAX232 and pic. But as in attachment AT commands convert to unidentified version after MAX232. My real circuit also didn't work. Can any one clarify this (...)
I am using Sim 300 Gsm and pic 16f877a.. sum 1 help on which language to use to interface the two.. pic shud send the message to the gsm when a situation arise..the gsm communicate with a specific mobile-phone..
You need to study AT commands.Go through SIM300 GSM module for your referenece or Any mobile phone with its data cable you can do.
I'm working on an SMS project using a pic16F and a Siemens A75 mobile. The program is working fine and the mobile is communicating with the pc. The microcontroller is also communicating with the pc perfectly. However, when I connect the microcontroller to the mobile it appears as though (...)
i'm doin a project called access door system which a combine of pic and a gsm mobile phone... my target is to set the pic to send an sms via the mobilephone when somebody trigger the wrong access number.. the problem is i didn't know how... plz someone outhere (...)
Hi, I need a way to connect a Sony Ericsson K810i phone to a pic16F877. and need to communicate between pic and Java mobile application running on the phone. I have one idea, connect the phone through USB host controller IC like MAX3421E. (show in the (...)
First of all, select nokia mobile phone with serial port Rs232. onces you have selected the mobile, search your mobile's cable datesheet. short all pins(of ur data cable) except Tx,Rxand GD. Search google for At command and serial port
Hi, I want to send AT commands to the phone by pic(Serial communication). To do t this Should I Use MAX232 IC between pic and mobile phone. Because my simulations worked properly without MAX232. Thanks
Hi :-) I am building a security system for my college project using pic16F877 in C lang. The first part of building the system is over and is working fine. Now in the second part I need to send an sms like "Thief", to a mobile number. I went through the posts in this forum. I got totally lost and confused. (...)
Hi dear, i have same project. i need to connect same modem to the pic 16f877. i havn't any datasheet of this modem, but i can help you. because several time ago, i can connect mobile phone with pic16f628 and it work very well. and i can send and receive sms with the (...)
Hey guys i wanted to ask if anyone has yet interfaced any mobile phone which had usb data cable with the new pic 184550???
hello there, am a final year electrical engineering student in Uganda. am working on my final project, it supposed to monitor temperature using an LM35 sensor, that is interfaced to a pic 16F84 and the initiate sending SMS via a phone interfaced on it to any preferred number. am so stack, with the project (...)
Hi all now i make project to sent picture(JPEG format) to mobile phone use Module SIM300CZ by MMS and control by pic can u help me
i want to control devices connected to pic16f84A by sending sms in text mode to cell phone connected to my pic.I have the problem of serial communication between pic and cell phone because the pic has no hard ware uart i have to do it in software in assembly language can (...)
Hello all , I have a project this semester in which i use pic 18F4550 and a mobile phone, I need to send digital data from the microcontroller to the mobile phone , at first I wanted the communication between them to be through usb..but that wasn't now I will make it through serial cable (...)
i am using pic 16f84A interfaced with cell phone i want to send sms and control my devices.can i use text mode of sms rather than pdu format?serial communication between pic and cell phone can be implemented by software uart?
I am using pic 16f84A to interface to mobile phone so that i can control devices connected to pic will be controlled (ON/Off) by sending sms to the mobile do that i have to read the message form the phone memory and send to the out put port of the pic to (...)
Hello Everyone! can somebody help me. For my final year project i need to send a sms through gsm modem or mobile phone using pic or microcontroller.what shall i do..i really need the information asap. thanks..:cry::|:D
May i know how could i programming a keypad extractly like the mobile phone keypad using pic? For instance, when we first press the 2 button, it is an 'a', second press is a 'b' den is 'c',finally is '2', then it repeat the routine. Same for other buttons. So, the 4x3 keypad can have output for 0-9 and a-z. Please kindly (...)
its a good idea to explain how to connect a pic or ATMEL with mobile
Good day, May i know how could i programming a keypad extractly like the mobile phone keypad using pic? For instance, when we first press the 2 button, it is an 'a', second press is a 'b' den is 'c',finally is '2', then it repeat the routine. Same for other buttons. So, the 4x3 keypad can have output for 0-9 and a-z. (...)
hi all, i made communication between pic or PC and Nokia 3310 mobile phone...and now i couldn't continue because I lack knowledge with the phone's communication protocol... i got a document from the gnokii project but the way they documented the protocol is very much vague for me. Does (...)
Well you need "AT" command to communicate with your mobile. There's no special handshaking code but make sure you have the proper connection because some phone needs special cable to connect to a computer or microcontroller (ex. for nokia you need a dlr3 cable not the commercially available dau cable). For microcontroller (...)
Is anyone who knows if is possible to send msn from a pic to mobile and if is posible who to implement this applecation
you don't need to use any microcontroller at all all you need a mobile phone support At commands and connect it's serial data cable to pc com port may these links help you : for the mobile p
The 16F84 does not have a UART so you will have to send and receive serial data in software. Do you mean that I can't send the sms directly to the mobile phone.??? Thanks for help
mobile phones are like modem. What you need is a serial (RS232) connection to the mobile phone and AT command set to control. I suggest that you buy a serial data cable for the phone and try-out diffrent AT commands from the Hyperterminal (...)
Hi have worked on this project 2 years back. i have used seimens c35i mobile phone with Jupiter GPS receiver & 89c51 controller. please metion which gps receiver ur using.
hello there, i am looking for (mainly) those mobile-phone / digital-camera LCDs (typically 1.5 - 2 inches in diagonal). i wanted to do some test with pic and those graphic LCDs, I searched the google but could not find any spesific source of them, even not the specification. if someone can give me some (...)
I plan to build for electronics beginner -pic 16F876 -Color LCD (from mobile phone) -Keypad 4*4 (for each color and number) press color keypad and display value to LCD or press number keypad and display color to LCD Comning soon...
what about how to control color lcd mobile phone ? JELU sells Nokia 6610 color LCDs: Nokia 6610 graphic 256-color LCD (131*131 pixel). For use with yampp-7 (Rev.E), and yampp-3/U (Rev. E), or any other project where you need an extremely cool
hi friends, i want to connect my GARMIN GPS with my nokia 3350 to send the cordinates collected by GPS through sms of data tranfer mode can u suggest any method for the4 transfer or to convert my mobile as gsm modem. regards hemraj
Hi all, I'm just search how to use my LCD screen of my old mobile phone with an pic 16f877 ? I'm very interresting to interface this LCD screen with this ?P to hope write an message and perhaps graphics. thanks in advance for your help, Paul :)
Anyone know the serial port settings for nokia mobile phones or nokia 3310 in particular I would like to interface to it