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Hi Gurus, I have a problem and I need help. I have a touch cell phone and LCD is not working. Some times LCD show display but most of the time it display nothing but even with no display, the touch is working. For example, I can pick the call by swiping the blank screen. I have checked the connection of LCD flex pcb to the main board LCD c
Worldline Computer Ltd established in Maurtitius since march 2000. We are specialized in chip level repair (for laptop mainboard) since 2010 We are looking for an experienced chip level technician from asian countries Please leave message if interested Regards Ismet Skype : ismetonline WorldLine Computer Ltd. ? 11 Rue Lord Kitc
Good morning. I live in Paris, FRANCE and at this moment i'm unemployed. So, I looking for a job in mobile phone, computing devices or two way radios repair. Meanwhile, I study troubleshooting lessons and mobile phone and two way components with documents i find on websites. I improve my English too. (...)
I just wanted to start from zero. From knowing how to find and read schematics of mobile phones like Nokia,... to flashing,repairing(changing) defected parts and so. I know it may be somehow hard but hardness wouldn't discourage me. Thanks.
Hi Who can you give me a link for learn about mobilephone repair. Thanks
Has anyone a schematics for mobile phone SIEMENS S25? I have broken an small inductivity beneath the speaker, might be 1-2 Micro-Henry or so. Dont know the exact value of this component
I want circuit mobile phone siemens SL45 for repair microphone