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Hi all! I am experiencing a very strange and rather frustrating problem while trying to run the same backannotated simulation in two different versions of modelsim. In both cases I am using exactly the very same files for everything, and also the same compilation and simulation commands. The old version (modelsim 5.8b) simulates fine and (...)
a problem in post simulation using quartus2 4.2 and modelsim se6.0. I first creat a project in quartus2 ,and in quartus 2 "setting" ->simulation tab,"tool name " i select "modelsim(vhdl)", and turn on "generate netlist for functional simulation only", and compile the design get a *.vho file,and copy this file and it's testbench into (...)
snehanidhi, It looks like you need to include the library where your fifo is compiled. Or, you failed to compile the fifo. So, if what I said above is correct, you need to use library statements and use statements to bring in the unbound object. If the internal_memory: fifo is compiled in a library other than "work", you will need to add
Which HDLSim tool is better(performance), like NC-Sim, VCS, modelsim ...? Thanks!
Yesterday I generate modelsim license using ef@licgen. It can't works. I changed pc's date backward and regenerate license. Then change pc's date now. modelsim works well. I tested another pc. Same problem. Anyone have the same problem ? Sorry my bad English.
HI all can Mandrake 10 be used for LDV,modelsim,DC,PT Have anyone tried .. which versions of these EDA u have tried? which is the best mandrake version for these toools thanks whizzkid
I have been trying to update my simulator to modelsim SE 5.8c and modelsim SE 6.0 and I have not being able to run a simulation, when I add the signals to the waveform window, modelsim closes without reporting any error. I have tried the two different versions and in different PCs with W2K and Win XP and I did not succed. (...)
Help me! modelsim Error when Start Up I can NOT start up my modelsim after I missed changing a setting in modelsim pe 6.0. I uninstalled the modelsim 6.0 and delteled the installation directory, reinstalled the modelsim 6.0, but I can not start up the modelsim too. Updating the (...)
Hi all, Currently, I’m using ISE v7.1i with modelsim SE as the simulator. Previously, I’ve synthesized my code with DC and verified it with NC-Verilog. No problem. But now, I want to transfer my rtl into Spartan-II. In ISE project navigator, I ran a post-translate simulation. It showed this error in modelsim SE 6.0D: # ** E
Does link for modelsim integrate with modelsim 5.7g.
As angelote suggested, Xilinx ISE WebPACK is free and contains a lite version "modelsim XE III Starter": Mentor sells several more advanced versions. The full featured "modelsim SE" costs approximately $20000 US dollars.
Altera and Xilinx provide a "light" version of modelsim. It is fine for small projects, but it has some limitations and runs much slower than the full version of modelsim. However, modelsim PE costs around $5000, and modelsim SE costs around $20000 US. More info on the Xilinx version:
hello, i got a problem recently. i use modelsim 6.0a before to do systemc work and it was ok. but recently i updated the modelsim to 6.2c version and it has problem. when i run sccom command. it says: # ** Error: (sccom-95) Your installation directory does not contain the appropriate GNU C++ compiler. Download and install the tarball from the
can somebody tell me the differences between modelsim SE EE PE ? And equally which of them is supirior. Thnx
I have being wondering how much does the main simulation and/or sysnthesis tools may officially cost. Lets say a single node-lock license (ie per ingenieur) per year for modelsim SE and for SynplifyPro or other tools. I've heard that licences could be upto about 1million $US is this true and if so what tools and what services(e.g availability of up
Hi all, Error: This version of the compiler is incompatible with library file "work/mt48lc2m32b2/_primary.dat". # child process exited abnormally # ** Error: Sub-invoking of C:\altera\61\modelsim_ae\win32aloem/vlog failed; return status = 1. # ** Error: (vsim-3171) Could not find machine code for 'work.mt48lc2m32b2'. # Operation not permitted.
Dear all, I was wondering to hear opinions about aldec/modelsim. Best regards,
Are the latest versions of modelsim backward compatible with SE 5.8C ? I'd like to see if designs made with later versions can be imported to this version. Thank You
Hi Sunil, Some student versions will not allow to use complete set of of "option" switch while simulating. You can just check-out FAQs of modelsim for the simulation with encrypted verilog files. Pressumes that without encryption your design are getting simulated. Try to do the verror number in your simulator also for finding out the root cause
can anyone tell me the meaning of PE in the versions of modelsim.?
I have installed modelsim pe student edition and i got a license for it through mail. I have placed license in appropriate folder as per mail instruction. so does any of you have idea that why it is not working?
I'm trying to use the hread procedure from std_logic_textio.vhd from synopsys in modelsim and I'm running into some trouble. Currently my vhdl testbench throws an error during compilation saying: "Unknown identifier "hread". Here's what I have done: 1. I've added std_logic_textio.vhd to the Project in modelsim from C:\modeltech_6.5c\vhdl_sr
Hello, When compiling my program, the following error is being printed: Library lpm not found. Is there anything i can do to resolve that in modelsim?.....
hi. since the modelsim official website has closed the download links of "modelsim v6.5 se", who can tell me where I can get it?if anyone who can send the software to me,I will be very grateful. my email is thank you.
Use only one initial block. Secondly does modelsim 10.1d PE support system verilog?
modelsim eventually supported nested class declarations in versions after 10.1 But the example code you show here will never compile because there is a missing endclass. Even with nested classes, there needs to be a matching endclass for each class declaration. The error message is misleading because the intent was never to have an nested c
Early versions of modelsim do not support untyped mailboxes. My recommendation is to always use typed mailboxes anyways - it is safer. class generator; packet pkt; // parameter type T = bit; mailbox #(packet) mbx; function new(mailbox#(packet) mbx); this.mbx = mbx;//(100); endfunction task run(int count); repeat (count) begin pkt = new(); voi
Hi all, Is anyone here using modelsim 5.6a (or modelsim Altera 5.6a) ? I have a few problems on running simulations. My flexlm license.dat :wink: does pass the checking at startup. However, it saids "# ** Error: Failure to obtain a VHDL simulation license." everytime I try to run the simulation. Can anyone give me a hand on this ?? Any
The xilinx Spartan III board is in fact made by Digilent, but is subsidised by Xilinx. From the Digilent website their $89 board is loaded with a 50K gate device, as opposed to the 200k device on the $99 'Xilinx' board. Evaluation versions of ISE 6.2i and modelsim 5.7g (xilinx edition) are also supplied with the $99 kit.
If you can somehow scrape up only $99 US, you can buy the Xilinx High Volume Starter Kit. It includes a Spartan-3 board, a CPLD board, cables, manuals, and starter software: Or you can simply download the free development software (ISE WebPACK). It i
Yes, I have ISE 4.2i, 6.3i, 7.1i, and 8.1i all installed. I simply change that XILINX environment variable when I want to switch between them. Don't try to share anything between versions. Do full installations into separate folders. I don't use Project Navigator. I build my projects using a command line makefile. That makes it really easy to
Why can't you try modelsim or OrCAD. If the symbols are not available in their libraries, You can get them from the vendors by request.
u down loas the max plus -2 from altera r modelsim for student version. if is available on net
SV is not a simulator,it is an advanced feature of Verilog. Which can be used for System level design,Synthesisable RTL design and can be used for Verification to interface C to ur Verilog or SV code. Verilog95 ---> Verilog 2001 ----> SystemVerilog. So any simulator which u are working earlier(modelsim or NcVerilog or VCS) will be ok,provide
Hi, welcom aboard, you can doenload it from the internet. 1. go to this link: 2. select modelsim se under windows 3. register using any name and press "request download" 4. new window will apear with username and password write it down 5. connect to that FTP if you have
you cam download qurttus web edition from Altera website it is also including modelsim
use AES in modelsim
There are many commercial EDA tools for simulating VHDL. On a PC running under WinXP : modelsim from Mentor ActiveHDL from Aldec Are very good tools.
Both Xilinx and Al.tera have *free* versions of their development software. You could download it today and try it out. Xilinx ISE WebPACK includes two HDL simulators: modelsim XE III Starter, and ISE Simulator Lite. I'm not familiar with Al.tera's software:
I used Clocking Wizard to initiate the DCM when I assign the CLK2X_OUT to my OUTCLK port, I couldnt see anything when I simulate it in modelsim. But when I assign CLK0_OUT instead, I can see the waves... am I on the right track?
Hello, I am writing VHDL code, i am using log2 function there. At the beginning of file i have the following declarations: library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.std_logic_arith.all; use ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all; during compile in modelsim 6.1b i've got the following error: ** Error: C:/PROJECTS/models
hi , i know that modelsim is used for simulating vhdl codes , but i dont know waht is questa sim and what does it do and how it works ? can any body help me ? thanks in advanced omid sharifi
you can downld the student version of the modelsim or Icarus. I have used modelsim but heard Icarus is good and free simulator. You can start learning Verilog by the author Samir Palnitker.
I don't understand your question. You would simulate this using a simulator like modelsim, activeHDL, etc.
hi guys, Has anybody downloaded or used Xilinx ISE 13.3 webpack edition recently which is about 4.9GB?. My concern is what are the current limitations offered in this webpack (like any device limitation\chipscope\ISIM\floorplanner etc) and I could not also find Xilinx modelsim version along with this package, why is that?. If this is the case,
don't forget to download software modelsim also to generate waveform for your coding....
The following happens in modelsim : signal noise : std_logic := '0' ; signal stable_one : std_logic ; signal x : std_logic ; stable_one <= '1' ; noise <= not noise after 100 ns ; x <= noise , stable_one after 10 ms ; I expected that signal 'x' will stabilize to a stable log
you dont need to compile textio, its already included in modelsim. the standard_textio_additions is a VHDL 1993 version of the VHDL 2008 additions. A newer version of modelsim will support this by default (so you dont need to include it).
modelsim 6.3f is very old. How about updating to 10.1?