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Hi all! I am experiencing a very strange and rather frustrating problem while trying to run the same backannotated simulation in two different versions of modelsim. In both cases I am using exactly the very same files for everything, and also the same compilation and simulation commands. The old version (modelsim 5.8b) simulates fine and (...)
I also experienced older modelsim versions crashing wth certain designs (also in functional simulation), I think it's a bug.
snehanidhi, It looks like you need to include the library where your fifo is compiled. Or, you failed to compile the fifo. So, if what I said above is correct, you need to use library statements and use statements to bring in the unbound object. If the internal_memory: fifo is compiled in a library other than "work", you will need to add
Is there any possible way to simulate my coding in modelsim 5.5e itself?? Why not, all reports are about basic Verilog syntax problems, nothing related to modelsim versions. I assume it's a pure simulation respectively algorithm design project, not related to real hardware implementation, otherwise the question of available hardw
Which HDLSim tool is better(performance), like NC-Sim, VCS, modelsim ...? Thanks!
Yesterday I generate modelsim license using ef@licgen. It can't works. I changed pc's date backward and regenerate license. Then change pc's date now. modelsim works well. I tested another pc. Same problem. Anyone have the same problem ? Sorry my bad English.
HI all can Mandrake 10 be used for LDV,modelsim,DC,PT Have anyone tried .. which versions of these EDA u have tried? which is the best mandrake version for these toools thanks whizzkid
I have been trying to update my simulator to modelsim SE 5.8c and modelsim SE 6.0 and I have not being able to run a simulation, when I add the signals to the waveform window, modelsim closes without reporting any error. I have tried the two different versions and in different PCs with W2K and Win XP and I did not succed. (...)
Help me! modelsim Error when Start Up I can NOT start up my modelsim after I missed changing a setting in modelsim pe 6.0. I uninstalled the modelsim 6.0 and delteled the installation directory, reinstalled the modelsim 6.0, but I can not start up the modelsim too. Updating the (...)
Hi all, Currently, I’m using ISE v7.1i with modelsim SE as the simulator. Previously, I’ve synthesized my code with DC and verified it with NC-Verilog. No problem. But now, I want to transfer my rtl into Spartan-II. In ISE project navigator, I ran a post-translate simulation. It showed this error in modelsim SE 6.0D: # ** E
which version of link for modelsim integrate with modelsim 5.8
As angelote suggested, Xilinx ISE WebPACK is free and contains a lite version "modelsim XE III Starter": Mentor sells several more advanced versions. The full featured "modelsim SE" costs approximately $20000 US dollars.
Altera and Xilinx provide a "light" version of modelsim. It is fine for small projects, but it has some limitations and runs much slower than the full version of modelsim. However, modelsim PE costs around $5000, and modelsim SE costs around $20000 US. More info on the Xilinx version:
hello, i got a problem recently. i use modelsim 6.0a before to do systemc work and it was ok. but recently i updated the modelsim to 6.2c version and it has problem. when i run sccom command. it says: # ** Error: (sccom-95) Your installation directory does not contain the appropriate GNU C++ compiler. Download and install the tarball from the
I have being wondering how much does the main simulation and/or sysnthesis tools may officially cost. Lets say a single node-lock license (ie per ingenieur) per year for modelsim SE and for SynplifyPro or other tools. I've heard that licences could be upto about 1million $US is this true and if so what tools and what services(e.g availability of up
Look at what versions of the modelsim program are compatible with your Altera libraries?
Dear all, I was wondering to hear opinions about aldec/modelsim. Best regards,
Are the latest versions of modelsim backward compatible with SE 5.8C ? I'd like to see if designs made with later versions can be imported to this version. Thank You
Hi Sunil, Some student versions will not allow to use complete set of of "option" switch while simulating. You can just check-out FAQs of modelsim for the simulation with encrypted verilog files. Pressumes that without encryption your design are getting simulated. Try to do the verror number in your simulator also for finding out the root cause
Everything you need to know is right here:
I have installed modelsim pe student edition and i got a license for it through mail. I have placed license in appropriate folder as per mail instruction. so does any of you have idea that why it is not working?
I'm trying to use the hread procedure from std_logic_textio.vhd from synopsys in modelsim and I'm running into some trouble. Currently my vhdl testbench throws an error during compilation saying: "Unknown identifier "hread". Here's what I have done: 1. I've added std_logic_textio.vhd to the Project in modelsim from C:\modeltech_6.5c\vhdl_sr
create the lpm library and map it to the pre-compiled versions as provided by modelsim-AE. You can download modelsim-AE from the altera website for free, and they contain all the libraries you need.
Request a trial for the current version, get an url to ftp server + a login, and download the older modelsim version from the same ftp server. At least that's how it used to be. Good luck!
Use only one initial block. Secondly does modelsim 10.1d PE support system verilog?
modelsim eventually supported nested class declarations in versions after 10.1 But the example code you show here will never compile because there is a missing endclass. Even with nested classes, there needs to be a matching endclass for each class declaration. The error message is misleading because the intent was never to have an nested c
Early versions of modelsim do not support untyped mailboxes. My recommendation is to always use typed mailboxes anyways - it is safer. class generator; packet pkt; // parameter type T = bit; mailbox #(packet) mbx; function new(mailbox#(packet) mbx); this.mbx = mbx;//(100); endfunction task run(int count); repeat (count) begin pkt = new(); voi
I would like to open a WLF file with modelsim. The WLF file was generated with modelsim SE 10.2a on a computer running Linux. At home, I am trying to open this with modelsim PE 10.2c on Windows. This is the error message I get: # vsim -view # WLF Error: Bad product number: # Cannot open file: (...)
Hi, I installed modelsim PE 10.1d and now I'm working with Quartus II for a design. I'm wondering with modelsim-altera. Can my design be simulated by my classical version or have I to install altera one? Can both versions be installed on a same computer? Please tell me what I have to do. Thanks.
Evaluation versions of modelsim are slowed down considerably if they go beyond a certain amount of code. Don't know the exact details. You'd have to look it up on the Mentor website. For example see:
Hi, Can anyone give me a modelsim's license? thanks.
License.dat for modelsim 5.5D (on 00crks00) is NOT working? Only the license.dat generated with EFALicGen.03b, altough it is for version 5.5a is correct, but lot of features is missing there comparing to license.dat in 00crks00?! Can anybody confirm or deny this or give some clue what to do?
modelsim use "mgls" daemon for linux , not modeltech
I installed modelsim 5.6 and it does not recognize the xilinx verilog lib? how do I convert or get the library? thanks ahgu
I am trying the modelsim55x NT version. The dump file in ".VCD" might be a large file. Does anyone know how to dump ".fsdb" in modelsim NT version?
Hi 1. f*p://download:oday@ * -> t tnx
Hi, I just heard aldec's riviera. who could tell me which one is better that riviera & modelsim. Are there any more asic design tools for mixed language (verilog & vhdl) simulator? :roll: Thanks.
I run simulation in batch mode with modelsim and the source code is verilog. On some conditon, I use "examine top/sub1/subx/signal1(3:0)" to capture the lowest 4bits value of signal1(63:0) and output it to a file . But every time I got all the 64bits, that is not I want. How can I do and who can help me? Thanks
modelsim 5.7a Hello xxx, Thank you for downloading modelsim's latest release, 5.7. Unfortunately we have discovered a problem with 5.7 that has now been fixed in 5.7a, available today. Due to a time related problem, the GUI was unable to detect double-click events in a number of windows. Therefore, certain debug functionality appeared to be
The versions of ADS could be installed at the same time ? For instance let's say that I would like use ADS2002 and ADS2002C at the same machine with different licensing. Any response will appreciate.
hi. i work whit modelsim 5.6b in win200 sp3. the license is ok alla chek is good but when i tri to simulate modelsim shoutdown whitout error. can anybody hel me? thanks. g.
Hi High performance FPGA versions of popular microcontrollers. 1. -> t tnx
Hi, at the moment I'm using modelsim 5.6f together with Translogic Ease/Eale 5.1R2. If I'm compling from Ease out with modelsim, modelsim creates a Directory work and a modelsim.out file on my desktop. What have I'm to to to change that so that modelsim or Ease don't create this directorys on my desktop. (...)
Who exactly know about the different between -sdfmin, -sdftyp & -sdfmax in modelsim?
Hi Visit click on modelsim SE 5.7b then follow the instructions to register.
I have a problem with using VPI in modelsim(version 5.4). The error message below appears when I try to get a handle on "vpiProcess". Kindly give suggestions on how to solve this problem. Thanks in advance. Error Message: :( # Module INFO: Module Name : test : test File : mod.tst, line no : 0 (mod.tst) # An error occurred during vpi_iterate(
There is stand alone version of modelsim 5.6f. It was released later than 5.7. You can find them MTI's ftp. Sorry for my poor English.
I think this is what you need afterall. SAHO
modelsim 5.7 Quick Guide
Hi, How to do post-sim in modelsim with quartusII? step by step ! Who can tell me ? thanks fr help!