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Is there any tutorial on how to design capacitor in momentum, @DS? /k
Hello folks, I need to simulate several resistors of very low parasite capacitance in ADS momentum. I contacted the vendor for the model but they charge me a lot of money. I tried with the model from other company but seemed not applicable for my case. Actually the resistor is physically equivalent to one pure resistor parallel with a 41fF ca
Hello folks, I need to simulate several resistors of very low parasite capacitance in ADS momentum. I contacted the vendor for the model but they charge me a lot of money. I tried with the model from other company but seemed not applicable for my case. Actually the resistor is physically equivalent to one pure resistor parallel with a 41fF
Hi, I am using momentum 2006A in order to simulate a planar spiral inductor with a patterned ground shield. The problem is that I do not fully understand how to insert ground to the shield. I tried to use ground ports but they need to be associated with another port. When I associate them with either of the inductor input ports, the results of t
HI everyone, Anyone one know how to place monoblock capacitor on top of thin film?And below the thin film there is cavity? I would like to simulate it using ADS/momentum/EMDS.. Thanks a lot..
hello,i want to layout a inductor and capacitor ,the capacitor musst withstand high power. see please the attached photos who can layout the capacitor and the conductor(the values of the capacitor and inductor are just example)) in momentum with the given 300MHz frequency. thank you very much for your help.:|
Hello, imado_60. Unfortunately, ADS has limited number of coplanar components, only transmission lines i think. If you want to simulate an interdigital capacitor in ADS you can only in momentum, from the EM field point of view (depends now what kind of result do you want from the simulation!!). As far as I know, i don't think any kind of microwave
In momentum you can not simulate lumped elements such as capacitors,inductors etc. except microstrip based components like interdigital capacitor... First you create the schematic and use tline discontunities where the discontunity occures. Then you simply click generate/update layout to generate layout.Look layout if there is a problem (...)
Hi all, have any one ever simulating a mim capacitor in momentum? I understand that the mim capacitor uses some extract layers and different substrate thickness. so the substrate definition in momentum will be different in momentum for mim capacitors. Then I have problem in (...)
Hello all, I am working on a filter design and I use ADS momentum for simulation. Its a microstrip filter which is in a complex shape and can't be set up in ADS schematic. Now I want to add a varactor at some point to make it tunable but I don't know how to do it. So I guess I have to do this in schematic window to be able to sweep the biasing v
You should put 10 times 1pF MiM cap parallel.. If your operating frequency is pretty high, then simulate them in momentum to check the parasitic inductances and stray capacitances..
I was trying to use ADS momentum, but somebody said it was a 2.5D simulation software This "2.5D" refers to the layered modelling, instead of arbitrary 3D shapes. However, the solver solves for the full 3D solution of Maxwell's equations. which I guess will ignore the horizontal EM field bet
capacitors are NOT recognized by momentum EM simulator.All you can do is to put 2 ports between capacitor plates' pads on layout and then connect a capacitor or equivalent circuit when you transfer your layout into schematic.
Hi, I have a simple question: I want to make an audio filter using switched capacitor filters (LMF100 - national). There is one problem however: I know I need to use a Bessel filter, but in the specs of these filtes, they don't say how you can create a bessel or butterworth filter. I guess it has something to do with the Q factor. Does anybody h
Web based calculations. Car Audio: Passive Crossovers/capacitor & Coil Audio: Passive Crossovers Index of Calculators, Charts, and Diagrams
A tool created to assist RF designers in making fast and accurate calculations for all essential capacitor performance parameters
I have some bad experience with tantalum capacitor (tp)on board after leaving it for about a year or two: 1. While I'm trying to revive an old pc board, two of the tps exploded. I thought something wrong with the board. 2. I'm trying another board, samething happened. 3. While I'm trying to power up my home build variable power supply uni
I suggest for your application using momentum to simulate the actual capacitor geometry you are using. You can import your gdsII file directly into the ADS layout to do this. If you define your silicon substrate losses correctly and also the process layers then you will get a very accurate result. I simulate complete MMICs this way with excelle
Dear all.... Can any one teach me, or show me some documents, to learn how to extract on chip capacitor model....and also the Q factor ... (ex, if I have a measured S parameter form on chip can I use this to extract all the equivilent circuits?!) Thanx!! YiLi
I think the current momentum can't handle that. Can you use momentum's result in the schematic mode?
Who can comment on the accuracy of probe feed model in momentum?
I would like design a 3-phase filter,I need to find the high voltage capacitor for it. and suggestion/ link to find it. It is DC rated capacitor also fulfil my requirment (Non Polarity)
momentum has an interesting bug in latest version. When you make a simulation MW Mode and if you try the same structure in RF Mode and again when you turn back MW Mode, simulator uses still " substrate function" which is already obtained in RF Mode and therefore the results seem to be " strange " ( e.g. S11> 1 etc) To correct this , go to mo
Hi, I thought these little Matlab programs were pretty useful. Say you want to find a resistor value combination that most closely approximates a particular divide ratio, or whatever other function you can think of for r1 and r2. Given discrete values in your kit, which two will get you the closest? Or say you want to pick a resistor an
TN-00-06 BYPASS capacitor SELECTION BYPASS capacitor SELECTION FOR HIGHSPEED DESIGNS Micron Technology, Inc. / File deleted. Download here:
Hi There , Looking for a Digital ESR capacitor Meter Schematic Thanks
Can anyone please explain the output of a diode in series with a capacitor? / File deleted, look in next post by jetsam for schematic.
Can I use the follwoing capacitor for decoupling purposes in digital circuits. It has the marking 100nK 63. It is 100nf 63v Besides this I have two other types in the same block shape but in blue and grey color. They show 0.1uF J. How to tell what type of capacitor it is from the marking or shape.
Hi, Anybody got any application note on capacitor selection or an introduction to different type of capacitor ? Out of the 3 type of dielectric X5R, X7R & CG0 (NP0), which one is the cheapest in term of cost ? Next, which footprint (0402, 0603, 1210 & etc) is the most common on PCB ? Thanks a million in advance ! Best Regards
Try this one.. exit ADS go to the directory user/hpeesof/config create a file "momentum.cfg" write a line MOM3D_SWITCHOFF_MEMORYSTATISTICS=TRUE in the file momentum.cfg, and "enter" after the line. save the file restart ADS.
This address explains what is the difference between sonnet and momentum. regards, Lkuzu
How to simulate their noise in switched-capacitor circuits? who know?
Hello, I have some problems for chip capacitors. Currently we are using some "quality" chip capacitors, such as Kemet and Phycomp (Ex philips). But I find them easily short circuit after wave soldering. Especially if the pcb is placed at high humidity environment. The problem seems to be caused by not enough acid cleaning from the (...)
hallo i want to make the artwork for a transistor in momentum (ads) any advice or hint how to make it thanx
I want to bypass the unwanted frequence , so i use the cap. but How can i learn the self resonance of a SMT capacitor ? for example , i want to filter out some frequences on the power supply of GSM900&1800&1900.
How to simulate Switched-capacitor Circuit in the frequency domain using spice? ynhe
When we place the DC source's decouple capacitor ,next to the DC source or pin of IC? thanks
Hi there, 1.can you give some idea about the method to find number of decoupling capcitor and its value? 2. on what criteria designer chose type of capacitor like ceramic,film or tantalum... i searched on the google but havent received any proper solution ... waiting for your reply tom
I'm on a project that works at 1.9GHz what will be consisted of passive circuits on a silicon substrate. I have some question in my mind about " differential ports" These are compiled as single ports but when this the case , source impedance will be what ? I mean if they are recognized as a single port How I can simulate this "Data Set of Mom
In momentum go to "momentum" -->"Substrate"-->"Create/Modify..." The variable "T" is for the metal layers thickness. Go to the have a lot substrate info. Good Luck
Since s-parameter simulation is related to DC voltage, why i couldn't find DC voltage input when run s-parameter simulation using @DS's momentum? :?: Help!
Hi everyone, I assume that in momentum only infinite ground plane can be properly defined. However ground reference ports are available. Did someone already experiment with them? They would allow you to define finite ground plane.
Hi all, does someone have experience with PCB antenna simulation with momentum?
Hi all, I am curious abt the difference between electrolytic and non-electrolytic capacitor. I know that electrolytic cap has polarity and non-electrolytic cap don't. Also, electrolytic usually has higher capacitance values. What I don't know is in what situation do I use the more expensive electrolytic ones and when do I use the less expensive
How to model the switched-capacitor Half Cycle Gain Stage (with offset compensation)using a four-port, z-domain equivalent model? Thanks!
I want to build a capacitor in ledit which will be recognised in the extraction. What should i do?
momentum employs MoM, thus the name. Please read momentum's manual. yours truly
Hi, everyone Does GSM transceiver allow to use cap coupling between following stages? LNA->Mixer_RF->VGA->Mixer_IF->BB_Filter (receiver) BB_Filter->Mixer_IF->Mixer->RF->pre_PA (Transmitter) Anyone knows? Or have to be DC coupling for all stages? Thanks a lot!
Can I reduce parallel connection ?
Hi If I have a circuit the have two parts and they are isolated by optocoupler.(both power and data it necessary to add a 1nf 1000V capacitor between two ground? is there any need to add protection device? Regards :D