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Since your capacitor is planar, a full-wave simulation using 2.5D simulators like momentum (EM simulator of ADS) is enough. If by planar simulation you mean 2.5D simulators, then, yes you can do it and expect good accuracy.
capacitors are NOT recognized by momentum EM simulator.All you can do is to put 2 ports between capacitor plates' pads on layout and then connect a capacitor or equivalent circuit when you transfer your layout into schematic.
Hi, I am designing a CRLH unit cell with an interdigital capacitor and short circuited stub (with via to ground) in ADS momentum. I want to use this single unit cell as a matching part for my rectifier circuit ( as of now i am using a diode for simplification). Can someone help me in suggesting a way to find the impedance of the unit cell using
I was trying to use ADS momentum, but somebody said it was a 2.5D simulation software This "2.5D" refers to the layered modelling, instead of arbitrary 3D shapes. However, the solver solves for the full 3D solution of Maxwell's equations. which I guess will ignore the horizontal EM field bet
You should put 10 times 1pF MiM cap parallel.. If your operating frequency is pretty high, then simulate them in momentum to check the parasitic inductances and stray capacitances..
Hello all, I am working on a filter design and I use ADS momentum for simulation. Its a microstrip filter which is in a complex shape and can't be set up in ADS schematic. Now I want to add a varactor at some point to make it tunable but I don't know how to do it. So I guess I have to do this in schematic window to be able to sweep the biasing v
Hello, imado_60. Unfortunately, ADS has limited number of coplanar components, only transmission lines i think. If you want to simulate an interdigital capacitor in ADS you can only in momentum, from the EM field point of view (depends now what kind of result do you want from the simulation!!). As far as I know, i don't think any kind of microwave
Hi all, have any one ever simulating a mim capacitor in momentum? I understand that the mim capacitor uses some extract layers and different substrate thickness. so the substrate definition in momentum will be different in momentum for mim capacitors. Then I have problem in (...)
Hello friends, I need a LPF around 850 MHz corner and I found this is quite large as parallel coupled lines so I modified to a 9'th Chebyshev lumped version. Inductors are in 10nH range and caps in 3...10pF and I decided to made inductors on PCB and keep caps ceramics 0805. I choose for inductors W=10 mils (for Z>100) built from MLIN, MTEE an
FEM software is EM solver software use to do momentum simulation to find out parasitic resistance, capacitance of passive components. EM Solver or FEM tool most of time used to find parasitic from Board, of inductor, Capacitance. You can download some free trial licenses and setup eagle ware is EM Solver tool from Agilent Technologies.
I'm simulating the capacitance of a HEMT in off-state, and the capacitance values I got from Maxwell 2D (only simulated the cross-section), Sonnet, and momentum are different from each other, and Maxwell 2D's result matches the experimental value very well. I wonder if 2.5D EM simulators like Sonnet and momentum can calculate the fringing capacitan
hello,i want to layout a inductor and capacitor ,the capacitor musst withstand high power. see please the attached photos who can layout the capacitor and the conductor(the values of the capacitor and inductor are just example)) in momentum with the given 300MHz frequency. thank you very much for your help.:|
HI everyone, Anyone one know how to place monoblock capacitor on top of thin film?And below the thin film there is cavity? I would like to simulate it using ADS/momentum/EMDS.. Thanks a lot..
hello all i am trying to make Metal insulator metal capacitor using momentum, the only little problem i am facing is how to measure its capacitance with results in S parameters, i am using reactive part of S21 to measure capacitance, Is it correct!! secondly how could i use S parameter value to optimize the capacitor, the impedance value (...)
Hi,I am designing a capacitor using the microstrip how can I measure my capacitance in the sumulation for momentum ADS layout design. I have perfect matching port terminals 50 Ohm and interdigital capacitor. thanks
Is there any tutorial on how to design capacitor in momentum, @DS? /k
I suggest for your application using momentum to simulate the actual capacitor geometry you are using. You can import your gdsII file directly into the ADS layout to do this. If you define your silicon substrate losses correctly and also the process layers then you will get a very accurate result. I simulate complete MMICs this way with excelle

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