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Hello, I am currently trying to simulate an output balun for a power amplifier with ADS momentum. I am having trouble with some ports for the DC-blocking capacitors though. I set up the simulation with a finite ground plane and want to simulate with ports for the blocking caps on both the ground plane and the microstrip line on the (...)
Hello, I am simulating on momentum/ADS 2012 a CPW transmission line with finite ground planes. I am wondering if my substrate is well defined. I selected : - for the top layer: strip layer (I define then two ports connected to the conductor and I associate to them their 4 ground ports (2 for each one)) - for the conduc
Hello, I'm actually designing a spiral inductor (gold) on a InP substrate scalable in a range from 0,1 to 1 nH with the smallest capacitance possible and there are a few questions I would like to ask you. 1 - I did the tutorial of the spiral inductor from HFSS and tried to apply the same method to a InP substrate. As far as I understand I d
Hi all, I am trying to simulate a structure in momentum, actually a Marchand balun. However, on the input and output ports, I need to place a longer traces so that the edge of the balun will not be too close to the edge of the ground plane (I draw ground plane and not using the bottom most metal as infinite ground). Thus, (...)
can you tell me the S parameter right or wrong?109773109774109775109776109777 - - - Updated - - - I think the impedance from S11 means Z11. Why the real part of Z11 is so large(2.000E9)
Yes, ports are among the most important EM topics and it is amazing how few tutorials are published on the underlying concepts. The choice of ground reference for the port is important, and port calibration can also be an issue. What is your application? For momentum, I have published a few RFIC/MMIC port appnotes h
I'm confused. MSUB is used for circuit simulation and not for EM. For momentum EM, materials are defined in the momentum substrate definition. You have not mentioned which ADS version you use, so I assume it is ADS 2011 or newer. Define the conductor material for your bottom ground plane in the substrate editor: Technology > Materi
If Sonnet is available, you'd better to use it.Or momentum.. FEM is not very healthy for planar circuits
Hi all, I am experiencing something in momentum S-param simulation results which seems strange to me. I am simulating a piece of metal on a 2-layer FR4 substrate to see its capacitance to the ground. I use a rectangular piece of metal (Cond) with no Cond2 on the bottom. I put two internal ports on two opposite sides of the rectangular and do
hi, i want to implement this antenna in ads 2011. how can i define ground plane in ads as shown in the paper? What is slot plane in ads momentum and what is its purpose?
Use momentum will cover your whole structure by a closed Perfect Conductor. For more information, read relevant help topics.
Hi, I am designing a CRLH unit cell with an interdigital capacitor and short circuited stub (with via to ground) in ADS momentum. I want to use this single unit cell as a matching part for my rectifier circuit ( as of now i am using a diode for simplification). Can someone help me in suggesting a way to find the impedance of the unit cell using
hi all, I ve been searching thru the similar threads, and I see that there is not a clear consensus on the way we can define the ports in momentum simulation setup for ads version 2011; (NOT the 2009 version). My question -however it may sound silly- is as follows with the figure below: In this figure the orange colored line is a thick top
Besides, it seems it requires the ground reference for an internal port should have an "infinite" ground metallic plate (refer: ). Since, this is possible in momentum and not in EMDS; thus, it seems I should N
Hello all, first post, hope it's an easy one to fix! I am trying to model a via thru a 4 layer PCB in momentum. I have port1, a trace on top layer, a via to bottom, then a trace to port 2. Simple. When I have a 3 layer construction (slot type ground, with a circular hole to clear the via) all is fine and dandy, but I'm not sure where to go
Is your software under Agilent support contract? They have some really good support guys in Belgium & Netherlands. My best guess as a non-momentum user is that the ports P1/P2 for the SMD are invalid because there is no ground below, as you mentioned. Every port needs to have signal (+) and ground (-). In your case, without a (...)
I don't think you need a 3d simulator to do this. momentum will help you. The ground layer will be infinitely spread. Place the coplanar waveguide structure on the substrate layer and put sufficient vias in the ground strip on cond layer and then do a simulation. Now by narrowing the width of the ground strip you can see (...)
1-why momentum(ADS) works with an infinite ground plane? The advantage is that these infinite planes (=boundary conditions) are available "for free", without having to mesh a "drawn" ground plane. This is more efficient for memory and simulation time. we can define a finite ground plane
Hello: I come to you guys with a question. I am designing and simulating a CPW structure in momentum ADS 2009. On the layer I am working on I have defined slot structure, so basically I place 2 slots that have between the conductor line and on the other side of each slot there are the "semi infinite GND planes " of the CPW structure. The ports
How to add chip resistor in microstrip antenna (which is to short ground plane and patch) in ADS????? Draw a resistive sheet in layout (layer resi) and include it in your momentum substrate definition, with the correspoding ohm/square sheet resistance. You can also use the TFR element if you prefer to auto-gen
Dear experts Consider a case in which we have an inductor (or whatever passive component) that has no explicit ground. That is, for increasing the Q factor, ground beneath the inductor is removed. Also consider that we don't want to excite it in a differential mode. Now if I want to simulate this inductor in momentum simulator of ADS, (...)
Does it mean : 1. i should be linking the port1 only to Cond2 2. Once i add the Finite ground plane , i will link the port2 as a ground reference wrt port1. I am not a momentum user (use Sonnet), but from what I understand about momentum: yes, both is correct. 3. Is i
"There is 2 way to do this: 1) Define the Defected ground Structure (DGS) on the SLOT layer. 2) Define it on the STRIP layer and assign ground reference ports on it. Hamid" Or you can use a 3D simulator like HFSS and CST. Microwave123 Hi, I appreciate your inputs. ADS2009 actually have an integrated full 3D
Hi In agilent ADS momentum there are two ways to model a ground plane: slot_planes and strip_planes. In slot_plane method the program only meshes the voids, like antipads and splits, while in strip_plane method it meshes the copper areas. The strip_plane method results in a lot more mesh cells in a simulation. I would think that using strip
Hello, I am using the momentum tool of ADS 2009 which requires optimization. I was using ADS 2006 previously which allowed me to perform optimization in momentum itself, but I found that ADS 2009 momentum does not support Optimization within it. The layout has to be exported to the Schematic window to perform the optimization. My (...)
Evaluate S21. If needed, evaluate S21 in diffential and common modes. Could you explain how to evaluate transformer's common-mode using momentum? For differential-mode, defining differential ports will do the job but how about common-mode. I am asking this because usually solid ground is not used for transform
al_dddd I have done the same thing in momentum and got pretty good results. I hope that your structure has two single ports for two terminals of CPWG. If you are defining your layer as STRIP (as it is now), then use vias to connect the side grounds to the infinite ground of momentum (///GND///). in this case you don't need (...)
Put a port to your POLY shield with same layer and make it grounded in your schematic simulation. Global ground is NOT a layer, it's just a infinite dimensioned ground definition in momentum,you don't have it to tie to the ground, it will be presumed as ideal ground at infinite. Otherwise, (...)
Hi grot_fire Thanks for your reply and sorry for my not appropriate settings Regarding your questions: 1) For transmission line case, imagine that we have our TL on say cond layer. Then there is two way to define ground: first is using infinite GND which is not needed to be defined and indicated by ///GND/// in the layer stack; second way is to
Dear experts, Let's say that I am trying to simulate an on-chip CMOS inductor which its GND plane has pattern on it (Pattern ground Shield). How I should define this GND plane in momentum? I think the way for doing this is defining a finite GND layer with pattern on it. First, to make sure that I am doing it right, I designed a branch-line
I would have a look at port calibration. Not sure about momentum, but in Sonnet non-passive data usually means that something is wrong with the port calibration (no proper ground return, overmoded substrate etc.) What is your substrate? Where is your ground return for the current?
Yes you can do this ... make a substrate without the ground... to do this in layout window go to momentum>Substrates>Create/Modify select the //////GND////// and make it and open boundry now add the substrate layer below the required one as air(permittivity=1) Now mark a metal layer as strip between Air and required substrate layer Now the metal
Dear all I have made the following circuit and now i wish to manufacture it. But when i export it in Gerber format,it looks like this.The substrate or ground plane is not identified in the question is how can i draw the groundplane in momentum beacause the pcb manufacturer is asking of the boundary of the circuit. Please its ve
In momentum, the size of the substrate is infinite. Always. The size of the bottom ground is also infinite if you use the //// GND //// ground boundary condition. If you want to simulate with a finite ground, you can draw that and map it in the EM layer stackup and then use FreeSpace boundary above and below. But for (...)
Dear all, I am working on a simple model of differential coupled line. There are 2 tracks of metal on a FR-4 substrate, with ground layer. The goal is to put excitation not at the edge of the track, but as a touching probe, inside the conductor. I am trying to compare results from 2 different ways: - A) using Internal ports: I can defin
Defining a ground Reference ground references enable you to add explicit ground references to a circuit, which may be necessary if no implicit grounds exist in your design. Implicit ground is the potential at infinity, and it is made available to the circuit through the closest infinite metal layer of the (...)
Dear all, I have a simple layout, with 2 conductors and 4 4 ports are differentials, the substrate definition is a FreeSpace layer, a Dielectric layer (let's say Alumine), and another FreeSpace_0 layer with open boundary. So, no ground plane. The substrate cal
You can simulate this thing in ADS momentum and from S parameter you can fet equivalent circuit model in ADS schematic. akrcal
I have made a coupled line coupler which has three metal layer like below. Metal3(Gold) - Pattern plane Metal2(Nickel) - Pattern plane Metal1(Copper) - Pattern plane Dielectric Metal1(Copper) - Groud plane Metal2(Nickel) - ground plane Metal3(Gold) - ground plane I know that Before simulate a coupled line coupler i've designed using ADS
The board consists of 1.6mm FR4 with 35um copper traces. This is what I simulated in momentum. I did assume a perfect ground plane on the bottom of the board when in reality in some places it is broken by other traces. Breaking the ground plane is bad. This can introduce significant inductance, because now
You can insert a dielectric layout that should have a big distance ( for instance one lambda ) between GND of momentum and your real ground panel.But you should attach a port to your ground plane that will be grounded in co-simulation in your schematic view. momentum assumes that its GND layer is infinite (...)
Hi folks I am working in Aperture coupled Micro strip Antenna design in ADS. I am using ADS momentum for stimulation purpose. There will be three layers in the design PATCH SUBSTRATE ground(APERTURE) FEED LINE SUBSTRATE I don't know how to use the create modify/substrate for implementing the same in ADS. I have previously used create /m
Hi my friends. I use ads to simulate a antenna,I set two ports,One port is Internal port,other is ground.The internal port real part is 14 Ohm and Imaginary part is 144 Ohm,Howerever smith plot show the normalization Z0 is 50Ohm,How am i debugged the antenna?How am i lookking S11 plot?
hi all, I'd like to ask how many ports for dipole simulation in EMDS/momentum? 2ports or 3ports (the third port is for ground plane) for microstrip dipole antenna simulation, I wonder that I should use port definition iSinn EMDS, ADS 2009 as the following: Port 1: Single Mode Port 2: Single Mode or, Port 1: Differential mode (Asso
hi frnds iam designing a combline filter in the layout window of momentum(ADS) iam getting problem how to define a via hole grounding and how to place a via hole ground on to the resonators(since my resonators should be short circuited to ground) whether i have to modify the subrate layers and metallzation layers for (...)
hi frnds iam designing a combline filter in the layout window of momentum(ADS) iam getting problem how to define a via hole grounding and how to place a via hole ground on to the resonators(since my resonators should be short circuited to ground) whether i have to modify the subrate layers and metallzation layers for (...)
Hi,kgec I got the same result use ADS momentum, So, I want to find some papers which can explain in theory. Thanks for your help
Hi I've designed a transformer and wish to simulate it. My layout has 5 pins, pi p2 (primary coil) , s1 s2 (secondary couls) vg (ground plane) momentum gives me a 5x5 matrix. How do I convert this into a usable form for cadence simulation where I can treat it as a 2 port transformer with a ground pin? Could you please reply urgently?
Did you put port in the momentum/EMDS window?
Hello, Who can explain me in detail how to make a correct via between for example a trace (microstrip) on the top and the ground plane in ADS (Advanced design system) layout, to perform a momentum simulation and extract finally a PCB layout (gerber file). Thanks. JrV