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hello all, I must design a low jitter monolithic pll in cmos technology but I donot know how to start? please help me .. could you pleased state your frequency range and how low your jitter? for what application?
Design and development of compact and monolithic direct conversion receivers
i want to buy a folding and interpolation adc monolithic, if anyone kown how where can buy one ,please give a help.many thanks
Hi all Do you know which was the first monolithic-VCO ? Do you know which was the first CMOS-VCO ? Do you know which was the first 0.35um CMOS-VCO ? ... and when was it??
Hi guys/girls I want to know, does the company monolithic Applications Inc still exist? I cant find a website from them. Thank You
hello to all, What do you mean by monolithic? example monolithic transistor...
i need a link to download this book : monolithic Phase-Locked Loops and Clock Recovery Circuits: Theory and Design by Behzad Razavi thanks alot
Hi, can any one help me to get the following papers.. J. B. Beyer, S. N. Prasad, J. E. Nordman, R. C. Becker, G. K. Hohenwarter, and Y. Chen, "Wideband monolithic microwave amplifier study," ONR Rep. NR243-033, Sept. 1983 Invited paper Distributed, monolithic travelling-wave amplifiers Author: Max N. Yoder Thanks
hi good day to all can anybody explain me the construction of a pv panel right from the arranging the pv diodes and to the external covering and please explain about monolithic integration!!:!:
I need some problem is how to design monolithic integrator in analog signal conditioning blurrr...
The WE9187 is a monolithic CMOS integrated circuit designed for dual-tone-multi-frequency(DTMF) telephone dialing.The WE9187 was designed specifically for performance:single contact static keyboard inputs,sigle tone inhibit option,wide-supply operation with regulated output,and opposite-polarity
I've just realised exsistence of monolithic VCOs. Most of them are about <10Ghz. Can it be used as LO in short-range FMCW measuring system? If distance is <5meters, can such VCO be used as stand-alone VCO (without amplification stages on Recieving antenna, etc.). Do I still need some ZCC circuity to control frequency, or such VCOs have well-known
I'll give a rough explanation.. imagine monolithic as a big chunk of code running in specific address space...they are not modular because of this very reason, a huge number of lines tightly linked. Furthermore, for the same reason, they are not very tolerant to faults as any error in kernel level, may collapse the entire system (what happen if you
What is difference between Microwave integrated circuits(MIC) and monolithic Microwave integrated circuits(MMIC) I have following doubts (1) Which is chiefer in making and which is costlier in making (2) How to connect ports to the MMIC PCB, because MMIC total size is itself mm or um. (3) How to place components in MMIC technology. (4) How to
A good "tutorial" article is: "monolithic Transformers for Silicon RF design", R. Long. journal of solid state circuit, vol. 35, no.9, year 2000
I need the full paper of these article below,whoever there can give a help? Thx very much!! 1.K. S. Ang, S. Nam, and I. D. Robertson, "A 2 to 18GHz monolithic Resistive Distributed Mixer," European Microwave Conference, Munich, Germany, 1999. 2.I. D. Robertson and A. H. Aghvami, "A Novel 1 to 15 GHz Matrix Distributed Mixer", 21st European Mi
Try using the following system: Amplifier (monolithic cheap amp), 2.4 GHz filter, again 30-50 dB amp. stage, then a simple diode detector, and some DC comparator circuit.
You can easily build one with very few components with a monolithic amp of Minicircuits (MAR, ERA) or HP/Ag_ilent (MSA, INA) for a few $.
What kind of amplifier do you need ? Discrete or Integrated.. Low noise or high gain .. P1dB ? IP3 ? cheap or expensive? Please be more specific about your projects.. Initially , to design an amplifier from 900MHz to 2200MHz , negative feedback is necessary with transistorized amplifiers. But it's always possible to use very wideband sing
On this site U can find a lot of good books for this pourpose...don't use monolithic modules, you'll loose all your fun!
a paper : Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation of Phase Noise in monolithic VCO
Hi You are usually using an instrumentation amplifier. A monolithic one likes AD622 from Analog Devices or use a circuit with 2 or 3 separate OP-AMP. Other manufactures of Inst. Amp are Texas instrument, Linear technology, Maxim, ST and more... Linear technology has a good app note, see
Switching Regulator Design (SRD) is a program dedicated to support the first phase of the DC-DC converters design based on the STMicroelectronics monolithic integrated regulators. This tool is a guideline for the selection of the switchable device and of the main external components. The user is guided by a context-sensitive help and at the end
1) D.Zoschg,W.Wilhelm, "2dB noise figure,10.5GHz LNA using SiGe bipolar technilogy" , Electronics letters, Decmber 1999. 2) U.Erben, A.Schumacher, "Application of SiGe heterojuncion bipolar transistor in 5.8 and 10GHz low-noise amplifiers", Electronics letters, July 1998. 3) H.Ainspan, "A 6.25GHz low DC Power low-noise amplifier in SiGe,"
If U have no experience try useing monolithic LNA, Like Agilent's. They're inconditionally stable (useful for frequencies where your loads are unmatched) and easy to use. By Mrm
Consider that 741 was the first internally compensated monolithic OpAmp. Its 30 pF compensation capacitor (making the OA stable at unity gain) ocuped a big area in the chip and was a technological innovation. Z
In this book you can read about IGBTs: Power Electronics: Converters, Applications and Design, Media Enhanced by Ned Mohan, William P. Robbins, Tore M. Undeland
They are called voltage reference diodes. You can find them from many sources by using a search engine. A couple of examples are: If you are looking for a low voltage shunt regul
monolithic = "of one stone" Means that the program is one tightly integrated whole, which cannot be conveniently broken apart. monolithic code is said to fail catastrophically. It is fine when it runs, but when it goes bad it goes horrid.
Here are a couple of papers about AGC: 1) "A DC to 1 GHz Differential monolithic Variable Gain Amplifier" by R. Meyer et. al., JSSC, Nov. 1991. 2) "A Single-Chip Bipolar AGC Amplifier with Large Dynamic Range for Optical Fibre Receivers Operating up to 3 Gb/s" by R. Reimann et. al., JSSC, Dec. 1989.
Now, my goal of this project control bipolar step motor (micro step mode 1/16, 1/32) at 8A with MOSFET IRF530, IR2112S, anyone can show me a good PWM current chopper circuit to handle it. Thanks, You may wish to read this articles from Allegro: FULL-BRIDGE PWM MICROSTEPPING MOTOR DRIVER www.allegromicro.c
Razavi's book "monolithic Phase-Locked Loops and Clock Recovery Circuits ", but it is not a text book:)
Hi, all, I really need the following thesis, wish some of u would share it, thanks. C. Hull, Analysis and Optimization of monolithic RF Downconversion Receivers. PhD thesis, University of California, Berkeley, 1992. PS: I posted this request on the request section too, I wish I'm not disobeying the rules here. (sorry!) Rgs. Ruri
Hi, I am working on LC-VCO design and am trying to get a higher Q value for monolithic inductor from ASITIC but the highest Q I can get is around 3.2 for 3nH inductor. Dose anybody get a higherQ value in AMI06 process? If you do, could you please let me know the parameters (spcaing, width and etc) you used in ASITIC? Thank you very much for you
Hello, what does MMIC mean? what are the research ares in monolithic Millimetre-wave Integrated Circuits(MMIC)? thanks
Advance Interconnect Technologies Pleasanton, CA Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA Advanced monolithic Systems, Inc. (AMS) Livermore, CA Agere Systems Allentown, PA @ltera Corporation San Jose, CA AMI Semiconductor Pocatello, ID AMIC Technology Inc. Santa Clara, CA Amphion Semiconduc
I have seen an windows CE os yet, but the XP~~~` Can Windows XP be used as Embedded OS ? that is the first time to hear that, i am really interested in it. maybe it is just a customered OS to work on X86 architecture
what I'm interested in discussing is the reason why one would use LC ladder filter over say OPAMP-RC, GM-C, GM-RC and few other topologies. What if one wants to design monolithic LC ladder equivalent. What are the freq ranges (min and max).
hi kokabanga, monolithic narrow-band filter using ultrahigh-Q tunable active inductors Lucyszyn, S.; Robertson, I.D.; Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on Volume 42, Issue 12, Dec 1994 Page(s):2617 - 2622 You have the paper above? I can't find it through internet. Can you email for me or upload here? Thank
I am a newbie on rf pa design, only read some books&papers without any actual experience, Here are my questions 1. Some pa use this structure: rf input -> bandpass sigma-delta modulator -> Class S amplifier(PWM) -> bandpass filter As above, if input is audio frequency, this method is called Class-D PA, right? In rf, some amplifiers with ab
thanks for your material But could you tell me which book does these pages belong to? I would like to add the citation in my thesis. I can not find the book name. The book name is "monolithic Phase-Locked Loops and Clock Recovery circuits:Theory and Design" Edited by Behzad Razavi IEEE Press, 1996 ISBN 0-78
anybody has a 2meter band(144-148Mhz)class C power amplifier circuit..pls send it to me..or let me know wher to get it..i want a below 200 watts PA. You can use monolithic integrated circui amplifier RA60H1317M from MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC. The amplifier has Pout=60Watt at frequency band:135-175MHz. If you need mor
C. D. Hull, ?Analysis and optimization of monolithic RF downconversion receivers,? Ph.D. dissertation, Univ. Calif. Berkeley, Berkeley, 1992. K. L. Fong, ?Design and optimization techniques for monolithic RF downconversion mixers,? Ph.D. dissertation, Univ. Calif. Berkeley, Berkeley, 1997. thx. by the way ,i can't even find these two the
my probject is resistive mixer and its configuration is double banlance. I study "26.5?30-GHz Resistive Mixer in 90-nm VLSI SOI CMOS Technology With High Linearity for WLAN" by Frank Ellinger ,IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES, VOL. 53, NO. 8, AUGUST 2005 then i connect the single end mixer to double banlance. then i find w
MMIC-A.....Microwave monolithic Integrated Circuit Amplifier MMIC-PA... -*- Power Amplifier GaAs MESFET....FET Transistor Amplifier DSP...........Digital Signal Processing Circuit is, as it was said before, a 2.4GHZ to 4.4GHZ and vice versa frequency converter for wireless. In standby (RX mode) converter operates in 4.4GHz->2.4GHz directio
can anyone tell me which technology is now used to manufacture cellphone thanks
There are 3 structures.You can refer to a doctor thesis of Design of a 2.4-GHz CMOS monolithic fractional-N frequency synthesizer.
AD694 also is a 4-20mA monolithic Current Transmitter.You can use it!
Are you looking for some information on Phase Interpolator with a ring oscillator? If that is the case, follow these for the files. Actually I am searching for VCO (dela
I have a transmitter based on the BH1415 chip. What would your suggestions be for boosting the small RF output to 100mW output. The device is intended for a large farm in Namibia (2km range), where the main house must communicate with the worker houses - using a regular FM radio. I am currently thinking of using the MAR-8ASM monolithic amplifie