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A comprehensive book that I can recommend for all aspects on on-chip inductors and transformers: "Integrated Inductors and Transformers" by Angelo Scuderi et al, CRC Press, ISBN 978-1-4200-8844-1 Overview paper on integrated transformers: J. R. Long, ?monolithic transformers for silicon RF IC design,? IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol.
Hi, for this application I would recommend a monolithic buck converter IC such as the LTC1076 with an input voltage up to 60V and an internal switch up to 2A. To set the current through the LED strip to 1.2A, use a shunt resistor of 2.21V / 1.2A = 1.8Ω in series with the LED strip for the LTC1076 feedback input. This must be a 3W resistor sinc
What is difference between Microwave integrated circuits(MIC) and monolithic Microwave integrated circuits(MMIC) I have following doubts (1) Which is chiefer in making and which is costlier in making (2) How to connect ports to the MMIC PCB, because MMIC total size is itself mm or um. (3) How to place components in MMIC technology. (4) How to
I'll give a rough explanation.. imagine monolithic as a big chunk of code running in specific address space...they are not modular because of this very reason, a huge number of lines tightly linked. Furthermore, for the same reason, they are not very tolerant to faults as any error in kernel level, may collapse the entire system (what happen if you
At the time the ua741 was intruduced, the integration of the 30 pF capacitor in a monolithic IC was a technological innovation. The 748 is the same but without internal compensation.
Most silicon transistor datasheets specify a base current of 1/10th the collector current to guarantee a fairly good saturation. You do not assume a base-emitter voltage because it is different for each transistor (unless they are monolithic on an IC) and it depends on the amount of base current. It is from 0.6V to maybe 0.8V for an ordinary little
1. I think, the times when discrete FETs promised an advantage over monolithic OPs for high performance amplifiers are over for 30 years or so. Nevertheless you can get a few suitable devices, for replacement and special designs, e.g. 2. I guess you are asking about monolithic differential pairs? Tw
Timing sign off is not accurate through such lib pins and can be risky. I think you should try to analyze why delays are non-monolithic.
Anyone has RF model +parameters for EC2612 PHEMT from United monolithic semiconductors for ADS simulation?
If you are looking for the drain current in a monolithic MOSFET i.e. an independent NMOSFET/PMOSFET you should look into its data sheet which will give the maximum limits. If you are in the VLSI scale, you should use the Drain current Equation. For an NMOS Id = 0.5 ?n Cox (W/L) (Vgs - Vth)2[/SU
Hi, I need to identify 3 MMIC (monolithic RF amplifiers) markings are E2, E3 and S5, all have the dot which indicates the input below the marking. Plastic package is similar to mar1 Thanks
I just wanted to ask the name of three op amps used in INA114P , i googled the same but was unable to find it. Yes, because INA114 is a monolithic IC, not assembled from individual parts. The question can be answered in two ways: - It 's easy to build a basic three OP instrumentation amplifier circuit, you can do with any gener
Shaiko is right. An IGBT H-bridge would have very poor efficiency. 15 A is apparently unsuitable for monolithic multi-phase ICs. Multi-chip would be feasible, but I'm not aware of low voltage, high current modules. Available "smart power" modules are dedicated for high voltage and moderate currents (a few A maximal).
Have you tried a higher power supply voltage? The TDA2030 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Pentawatt? package, intended for use as a low frequency class AB amplifier. Typically it provides 14W output power (d = 0.5%) at 14V/4Ω; at ? 14V or 28V, the guaranteed output power is 12W on a 4Ω
Thank you everyone! I need several papers ,Is there anyone who can help me? 1 G.Erdi "Instrumentation Operational Amplifier with low noise ,drift,bias current" in Northeast Res.Eng.Meeting Rec.Tech paper,Oct.1972. 2 "A low drift,low noise monolithic operational amplifier for low level signal processing" Fairchild Semiconductor,Application Bri
Hello, I search for Recommended Application Circuit for monolithic Amplifi ERA-2+ DC - 4 GHz working from 1mHz to 350MHz. Problem is in low freequency and DC coupled on output. Datasheet
I've just realised exsistence of monolithic VCOs. Most of them are about <10Ghz. Can it be used as LO in short-range FMCW measuring system? If distance is <5meters, can such VCO be used as stand-alone VCO (without amplification stages on Recieving antenna, etc.). Do I still need some ZCC circuity to control frequency, or such VCOs have well-known
Hi, Does anybody has any architectural schematic diagram or Paper on it. DDC manual doesnt provide much information about design details. Please, post it. If you have it. "A Single-Supply, monolithic, MIL-STD-1553 Transceiver Implemented in BiCMOS Wafer Fabrication Technology " If you have this paper then please pass it. Thank You
In a short, it's effectively impossible in a discrete transistor design without capacitors, because amplifier offsets and offset drifts are too large. An monolithic op would achieve input offset drifts, that allow to substract a fixed DC component. If the DC part is changing however, AC coupling using capacitors would be necessary as well.
Thanks friends for ur suggestions.... But mine is a monolithic DAC and it is a part of an ASIC. It has to bias a sensor inside ASIC. Sensor is biased 0.64v to 1.28v across it where + ve voltage is 3.3v from power supply and -ve voltage is given by DAC and varied insteps of 5mV from 2.02 to 2.66v. And DAC reference voltage are to be gene
check these LM5015 High Voltage monolithic Two - Switch Forward DC-DC ... [url=
The UGS3059KA and UGN/UGS3060KA ac-coupled Hall-effect gear-tooth sensors are monolithic integrated circuits that switch in response to changing differential magnetic fields created by moving ferrous targets This is switch-type sensor , not useful for measuring
I designed a freq source, and the phase noise is as attached. But the problem is the phase noise is not monolithic, I don't know what is the cause? The 1899M signal is coming from X3 of 633MHz signal, and the 633MHz signal phase noise is monolithic.
if ur trying to make charger for portable applications.. Li-Ion is the perfect selection.. But the charging methedology for charging this type of battery is little complex... bcoz the Li-ion battery required very sensitive charging... many monolithic chips are available for this purpose.. just go to National Semi or texas instruments.. u shud get m
Pls search on: monolithic Power Systems, Inc. - The Future of Analog IC Technology; or Richtek Technology Corporation
First post so be gentle. I am need of a amplifier circuit that has the following characteristics: DC amplification 1uS rise time 250VDC 2ma max O/P 0-5Vdc I/P for 0-250Vdc O/P I have used the monolithic stuff from MS Kennedy and Apex but cost and form factor are an issue. The amp is used to drive a charge plate with a 6' length of COA
The WE9187 is a monolithic CMOS integrated circuit designed for dual-tone-multi-frequency(DTMF) telephone dialing.The WE9187 was designed specifically for performance:single contact static keyboard inputs,sigle tone inhibit option,wide-supply operation with regulated output,and opposite-polarity
to drive a motor use MC33886 is a monolithic H-Bridge.
You can use a monolithic Amplifier as MAR-6 which can give +13dBm at the output from the available input signal. This circuit is 50 ohms input/output and require minimum number of external components. Can be DC supplied to 12V using proper bias resistor.
It may be a monolithic RF Amplifier.Because two wide pins are connected to ground that is used particularly in SMD monolithic RF Amplifier Package...
I cannot figure out why in the datasheet of minicircuit amplifier (like ERA3, ERA5, etc) there is a "required" resistor. Suppose I have a power supply of 12 V, and a switching for other function to obtain 5 V. If a monolithic works at 5V, I think the best choice is to apply a voltage coming for example from the switching instead having dissipate
I need some problem is how to design monolithic integrator in analog signal conditioning blurrr...
hi good day to all can anybody explain me the construction of a pv panel right from the arranging the pv diodes and to the external covering and please explain about monolithic integration!!:!:
monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) are used in satellite systems that require smaller, less expensive circuits or when the parasitic reactance inherent in hybrid integrated circuits degrades the circuit performance, typically in the upper microwave and the millimeter-wave spectrum. Examples of systems that use MMICs are receivers
Hi Use linear LTC4412 to switch between battery and mains voltage - application circuit is included in the DS use any battery charger IC (lot of manufacture) to charge the battery( the easy one i use came from "monolithic power" Also you will need to use a boost circuit to drive the LED when main power go off Depend on product cost y
The monolithic IC amplifiers don't have SPICE models because there are few-probably different- components in it...
Hi Basically you will need a boost circuit from lower voltage to higher one all most all company who manufacture switching regulator have a boost type the easy one to use is the one based on capacitor and can deliver up to 200mA look at MP1517 from monolithic power to learn more All the best Bobi
Hi, can any one help me to get the following papers.. J. B. Beyer, S. N. Prasad, J. E. Nordman, R. C. Becker, G. K. Hohenwarter, and Y. Chen, "Wideband monolithic microwave amplifier study," ONR Rep. NR243-033, Sept. 1983 Invited paper Distributed, monolithic travelling-wave amplifiers Author: Max N. Yoder Thanks
The light-to-frequency converter has a photodiode whose output drives an current controlled oscillator (similar to a VCO). The frequency is therefore proportional to the intensity of the light falling on the photodiode. As the light level increases the frequency increases. The largest provider of such monolithic devices is probably Texas Advan
I don't see a problem to operate a transistor current source in the nA range. You have to check for sufficient low leakage currents of course. But I wonder, if it's an appropriate way to build a current source for a precise measurement. The current transfer ratio even of monolithic current sources is rather variable. I think that high ohmic resisto
Hi every1, we have complete suite of MGC nanometer design tools including RF components like eldo RF etc. i want to know that can these tools be used for designing of mmic (monolithic microwave ic), if yes then how is it possible? how and where can i get mmic design kits for MGC tools? plz help my boss is putting pressure on me:cry:javascrip
"monolithic Transformers for Silicon RF IC Design" JR Long you should have this one
The MM5314, is a monolithic IC, PMOS technology, in plastic case DIL 24, from National Semiconductor. It is a central unit for digital Clock circuits. The time base is 50 or 60 HZ, select .
The sg3524 has a very good advantage over monolithic cd4047 cus the output can be automatically adjust to normal a.c voltage when there is variation in load. The auto adjust is possible when there is feedback signal to the pin 1 of the ic, the circuit i have worked, but does not have a feedback. thanks.
You must guarantee a common mode input voltage within allowed limits. Usually this doesn't work with a floating source. You need at least high-ohmic bias resistors at the input. Consult a datasheet of a typical monolithic instrumentation amplifier for reference.
I am working on a monolithic CPW 4-way (maybe 8-way in the future) 2watts Wilkinson combiner with center freq 20GHz. BW is 4 GHz. The substrate is GaAs. The size is the major concern in this case. I want to use single-stage design to reduce the size. The problem is that the 4 or 8 quater-wave transmission lines have to be parallel with equal s
Please I need those references Ian E. Ho and Rory L. Van Tuyl, ? Inductorless monolithic Microwave Amplifier with Directly Cascaded Cells?, IEEE MTT-S Digest, V. 6, pp. 515-18, 1990. Yoshida, I, M. Katsueda, S. Ohtaka, Y. Maruyama, and T. Okabe, Highly Efficient 1.5 GHz Si Power MOSFET for Digital Cellular Front End?, Proceedings o
Hi, I am looking for : Hull C D.Analysis and Optimization of monolithic RF Downconversion D Dissertation,Univ Calif Berkeley,Berkeley,1992 Anyone who have it can upload? Thanks!
I am working for clock recovery loop now. who has this paper " A monolithic CMOS 10 MHz DPLL for burst-mode data retiming" . ISSCC , 1990,194-195. Thanks a lot !
The question seems somewhat absurd in the context. You are considering a resistance error of 1% and are passing the current through a current mirror build from individual transistors. Good joke! Have you an idea of the current mirror accuracy? This won't work sufficiently even with a monolithic current mirror, furthermore temperature dependa