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hi guys im looking forward a way for doing monte carlo simulation for current steering DACs . does any body know any way for doing it in cadence .
Hi guys, After running some monte carlo simulations in a current mirror, I would like to compute the amount of mismatch in percentage. To compute the mismatch in percentage I should do it taking into account the (3 sigma * std. deviation) or just the std. deviation? For example I see people saying that the current mirror has 5% of mismatc
I have designed a low pass filter in cadence with cutoff frequency 50Hz. However when I do a monte carlo analysis it gives mean cutoff frequency as 80Hz. How is this possible.?? All the parameters are same?? Please help me to understand this. Thanks
When I run monte carlo simulation it shows, Warning 369: COMMAND ignored: No LOT or DEV specification found ERROR 26: No analysis specified what does it mean?
Be neither obsessive nor a procrastinator, so to speak. Rather, be timely. Do it ATAP. So soon or late also has factors of probability of being wrong from tolerances and exceptions to mean, thus the precise algorithm must consider all potential variances and the probabilities to yield an optimal schedule. monte carlo simuations often test (...)
Hi everyone, I want to do monte carlo analysis of a circuit by varying its device width . I am writing the syntax as given below : .param W1=gauss(2.072u,0.2,1) and the using sweep monte=30 in ac analysis. Everything is fine upto this point but when I rewrite the syntax as below .param W1=gauss(2.072u,0.0667,3) then the (...)
--- > What is sigma value ? See here. The sigma value (σ) corresponds to the standard deviation of a distribution (or the square root of the variance). In monte carlo simulations the σ value often
Can anyone please help me explain the monte carlo results for a SPDT switch?
I guess you've seen the Cādence monte carlo simulation tutorial? Try the method described with nmos_rgfac on pp. 9..13 with nmos_toxfac and pmos_toxfac as multipliers for toxe. BTW: toxp is the physical gate oxide thickness, toxe the electrical gate oxide thickness, adapted to best
When performing monte carlo using HSPICE, does the order in which transistor devices are listed in the netlist, matter? I am working with certain 90nm design kit where changing the ordering of transistor instances is showing different results. But if that's true, is it a fault/feature of HSPICE or design kit?? Thanks -Niranjan
AA, all how can i make monte carlo to get mismatch in capacitor , i need to know standard deviation and mean from histogram or from where?
Hello all, I am in the process of designing a new DAC and am having trouble with determining the transistor sizes for a specific matching. I need to size them to have a 7bit linearity with only a 4bit DAC. Now normally at the end I would do a transient simulation and look at the FFT but this takes to long everytime when trying to find the corre
Hello everyone, I wish to perform a monte carlo analysis on my circuit. I have set up the simulator and it works as long as I give it, in ADE, the variables´ mean and std.devs. Still I do not understand how to make the simulator take the parameters that are given by the foundry (TSMC) and are in the design kit. I want to simulate the (...)
Hi all, I want to find the complexity of problems with no closed form solution. Is it possible? For example, finding the intersection area of N circles has a non closed form solution. It is solved using monte carlo methods. Is possible to find the complexity of solution. With complexity i mean O(N) expression. I can run different (...)
Hi all, How many the number of monte carlo iteration need perform to have result exactly? .TRAN 1n 10n SWEEP monte=val That mean val = ? Can anybody answer ? Thanks, Val=100 is ok if you don't need high accuracy
hello everybody , i want to run monte carlo simulation manually so what i mean is just use the simulator for generating the random parameters value , and i will run the simulation myself can somebody tell me if it's possible many thanks in advance
Corners determine the mean value, while monte-carlo gives the standard deviation. There are 3 main types of corners, mainly PVT as you mentioned, of which you can trim only for process corners. So an example of a corner is NMOS FAST, PMOS SLOW, VDD=VDD(nom)*0.9 and T=-40C. To get the worst corner, you will need up to 2^N, or 16 corner (...)
Dear all, I am designing trimming bandgap reference. The trimming range, or trimming bit is identified from the 6-sigma monte carlo simulation. What I mean is, the worst case of monte carlo simulation results can be trimming fallen within the spec. but how can I guarantee the tempco meet the spec (...)
Hello THUNDERRr, You mean to say Regression analysis of Circuit in AWR Microwave Office (MWO)... Then Yes, it possible to do Regression Analysis using Parameter sweeps of variables or Statistical analysis using monte carlo Simulations (Yield Analysis)... There are couple of Examples on Swept Variable analysis & Yield analysis using (...)
hi guys, what 's the op for an AC simulation? I mean, when using spectre for ac simulation, different op means different gm etc. so before ac, simulator must know exact DC right? then another question, if I use monte-carlo ac simulation, will the dc varies as monte-carlo ac runs? (...)
You can simulate with monte carlo.
Hey guys, Can anyone tell me as to how we can simulate the following equation: C = log (1+KP/N) Where P/N = SNR = 0db. The graphs should look something like this (only for Rayleigh fading):
Dear all, In the figure, I have some questions about monte carlo. In the figure 1, (1)param L=gauss(8u,0.01,2) Is σ 0.01*8u? Is L at red region? In the figure 2, (2)param dvtn=gauss(0,0.01,2) *nmos VTHO=0.5455576+dvtn If mean is zero, is σ 0*0.01 or 1*0.01?
I would like to find the taps weights of a dfe adaptive equalizer. I would like to use monte carlo simulation of the least mean square algorithm to estimate equalizer tap weights. Do you have any code to do that?
Hi ALL, I want to know how the monte carlo analysis work, is there any document which illustrate this topic ?? Thanks in advance
Well monte carlo analysis is not for switching waveforms. One very good technique is to do a parametric sweep of one of the inputs at the mean level and then run a transient solution. Another good technique is to use the .NODESET/.FORCE option and run a DC analysis. By using the NODESET option, you can always maintain whatever voltage you (...)