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I think studying the spice model in analysis process then set parameter in spice program to more practical and proper for purpose . Pspice has monte carlo analysis option , But no 3D graphics result shown .
Hi! I am trying to model an Arbiter PUF in Hspice. You can google it if you don't know what that is. So I am trying to implement the delay differences in the multiplexers due to process variations. In order to do that I have to run monte carlo simulations using hspice and vary the oxide thickness and the threshold voltage of the mux's to get (...)
Hi all, I am trying to run monte carlo analysis on a variable, from veriloga model. I had initially done the implementation with cadence-spectre flow. below is the example of how it is achieved in cadence-spectre. I put it here, so i can explain clearly what I want. 1. included the following in verilogA (...)
monte carlo analysis is a statistical analysis perfomed on the components (here Mosfets_mac). The MC analysis predict the effect of randomly varying model parameters of the Mosfets_mac , category of Mosfets. Essentially , these categories of components contains model parameters with specified tolerances.
Hi, From a sensitivity analysis following a process only monte carlo analysis, I have a variance contribution report showing that the main contributions to the noise figure of a Low-noise amplifier are due to the parameters xbpos, xncjcu and xndren. I am using the IBM process BiCMOS8HP and ADEXL (Spectre RF). Any one who knows where to get info
please provide a netlist for full adder simulation with monte carlo analysis i am using 120 nm model. i want to do threshold voltage variation how can we come to know allowable variation for a particular technology say 120 nm thank you
Hai all, Got this error message during monte carlo simulation in mentor graphics OBJECT "M6": model P not yet defined. OBJECT "M13": model N not yet defined. Can anyone the reason for this error? Do I need to add new library files? I'm using pyxis version 10.1
you mean i have to manipulate (fix) monte-carlo library in PDK??? No. Copy it to a new file, out-comment there what you don't want, and .include this file instead of the original one.
friends..i designed simulink model for m ary fsk modulation of reed solomon codes but my BER curve for monte carlo method is not appearing similar to that of theoretical.can anybody help???
Hi, I do monte carlo analysis to my Bandgap project, in this simulation I'm interreste in Opamp parametetrs Dc Gain,PM etc.... But as you can see on picture I have 100run but no sigmas no results no distribution. It looks like monte carlo doesnt change any parameter and do 100times same thing.I'm sure that library is (...)
Hi, It must be in your pdk path... and it is located in model file folder generally.. find it and add as model files in the monte-carlo simulation.. Thanks..
Not really. Not here. Comes down to what the foundry's modeling people decided to cover. Which can be anything from dumb digital corners to monte carlo of most model params & geometries. As a minimum it'd be VTs, tox, maybe mobilities and delta-L (Leff). But that's pretty simpleminded for anyone doing more than stringing (...)
in my ofdm simulink model with AWGN channel,using bertool my monte carlo BER plot is coming horizontal.I have followed all the steps as specified in the bertool mathworks document.please help me understand why i am getting an horizontal BER plot.Also how to get the correct BER vs Eb/N plot? -sharvari
Did you understand the purpose of the tolerance parameter? It's only used for monte carlo statistical analysis.
AA, all how can i make monte carlo to get mismatch in capacitor , i need to know standard deviation and mean from histogram or from where?
Hi all, I have built up a verilog-a model for my device, and to study the statistics of the behavior of my device given randomly varying parameters I need to perform monte carlo simulations on it. Now I know it is feasible to alter the parameters in the schematic view of my circuit which consists of my built-up device (...)
if i am designing my chip to work at only a particular temperature and well-contolled supply/other inputs, local+global montecarlo should be sufficient, right? Yes, if you can guarantee a stable power supply and temperature.
I am new to Cadence environment. I am comfortable with basic simulations, pz analyses etc., I am in need to perform a monte-carlo simulation to estimate the yield in a DAC design. Kindly help me out in performing the analysis.
Hello! I have both macro model and monte carlo model of single electron transistor (SET). I am simulating it under cadence virtuoso tool, but I am not getting the desired response. Can I simulate it under cadence or a different tool is required? Many research papers have said that they have simulated SET under SIMON or (...)
Hi there, Thanks for your answer. I'm not sure if that exactly helps - I want to create a set of DC voltage sources such that in monte carlo analysis, each will have a random voltage. The random voltages on each should have a gaussian distribution with a sigma of one and a mean of zero, and they should all be uncorrelated. From these I will creat
From TSMC manual, I find this "The designers will need to turn off (mismatchflag=0) or turn on (mismatchflag=1) in the macro model for nominal or monte-carlo analysis". Any idea, how can I turn it on?
Hello, I have a model for a new technology for which I would like to add mismatch statistics blocks. So I wrote the .scs file as: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ library potft section typ simulator lang=spectre // ahdl_include "" // parameters deltaWp=0 //Width variations
Thanks for reading the question. I want simulating the monte-carlo simulation in TSMC process(65nm). But i want just mismatch factor(inner die or inner wafer variation) in the simulation, but don't want include the process skew - such as TT/SS/FF. When i look at the model parameter, it has several selection items but i cannot find what (...)
... it calls files like and i see some values for process parameters there ..But if i look in the correspoding process.scs file (called from central.scs model file), i see some different parameters I think the process.scs file just states the corner parameters; the MC a
Hi, I'm using 130nm TSMC monte carlo simulation. In their rf013.scs file, there is a mc section for monte carlo. There is also nch_mis/pch_mis for mismatch nmos/pmos transistors. I'm just wondering what the purpose is for the mc section if I am using nch_mis/pch_mis cells in my netlist. Thanks. SC
As said above - monte carlo process is running statistical variation (gauss) within /- 3 sigma arround typical process. In this case all devices have the same model for each run. Each run will consider different model within the gaussian distribution. That said you with your resistors will see variation over process and how (...)
Hello, After many hours of online searches and reading and re-reading the documentations I am still stuck... I am trying to run monte carlo simulations to vary Vth in my model file for all of my transistors. I want them all to be different for each transistor (independent) so I figured I should be using the .local_variation instead of (...)
Hi, Is there any way I ca define the tolerance in Spice model. I have been trying to run a monte carlo analysis of simple resistor divider and wondering if I can define the tolerance of resistor to incorporate the variation.. Thanks & Regards, Umesh
Hi, dear all. I want to run a monte carlo simulation to detect the stablized voltage at one node of dice cell after injecting some current to that node. My model lib is IBM 40nm, in my hspice script i have .lib '/......./crn40lp_1d8_v1d1_shrink0d9_embedded_usage.l' TOP_GlobalMC_LocalMC I thought the above line wil
I think it is not easy to cancel the offset in the monte carlo Simulation. The component model has been changed to ***mc in the simulation. moreover, the offset is random for each iteration as you mentioned.
Hi all, I need the model file of TSMC 90 rf for monte carlo analysis in Cadence (spectre) Can someone provide me with the information of where I can find it? Thank you in advance, Vasilis
(1). I want to know how i can set a nominal , absolute and sigma value for monte carlo simulation of simple NMOS of L=0.35 u and W=10u with level-53 model parameters in HSpice tool (2). why variations in parameters changes with different absolute variation? (3). if i use gauss then no variation in TOX for 30 sweeps but if i use AGAUSS (...)
What's the difference of Process variation vs Mismatch? What i ask is what is the definition of each word and what model parameters includes? I am asking this because i am doing now monte carlo analysis and i have been confused with these terms. It's very important to know the definitions in order to understand what you are (...)
hi all before doing real analog circuit design in 65nm CMOS process, i want to emulate the device charaterisitics and get to know all the effects that differ from 0.13?m or 0.18?m processes, and what kind of models (gate direct tunneling current model, monte carlo model, mismatch model, (...)
Hi I am looking at a modeling design manual for a SiGe process and am sort of unsure of which HBT model to use. When i run PVT monte carlo the simulator defaults to gummel poon model for the simulation, but the manual states that HICUM may be more accurate. data shown in the manual show good (...)
Do you have monte carlo models? Some foundries only supply them for cadence though. I would edit the model to vth0={vth_n} instead if a fixed number and try that. I am not sure if the curly brackets are essential. Keith
Thanks, I'll have a look at monte carlo simulation. And, erikl, Thank you for you statistics file.
Hello all, Could anyone please tell me how to do monte carlo analysis for telescopic opamp in PSPICE. I have designed the opamp, i need to know what parametes i need to change in the MOSFET model. Any reasonable suggestion will be highly appreciated.
Dear ALL! I am designing Bandgap circuit using tech 0.35u. I want to simulate monte carlo, so .PARAM xx=GAUSS(nominal_val, rel_variation, sigma <,+ multiplier>) Where can I find nominal_val, rel_variation, sigma <,+ multiplier in model file? ThankS!
Hi, I like to run montecarlo analysis in cadence 5.1 version. I have the follwing files for running a monte carlo analysis on a resistor: simulator lang=spectre parameters monteres=1000 inline subckt model (monteres PLUS MINUS) parameters (...)
I am trying to simulate the mismatch between BJT's in 0.35u technology.I have a separate model file to run monte carlo simulations.But i am stuck now since i do not know where to find or how to calculate the parameters for a given mismatch. For eg: the gummel poon model of the BJT in 0.35 u tech specifies the bipolar (...)
Hi, I'm trying to do some Hspice monte carlo sims by changing the VTO's etc. inside the Hspice .model card in order to avoid the hassel of chaging the VT's for every devices in a circuit. To do this, I need to access the device w and l from inside the device .model card. Does anyone know how to do this? Once I saw (...)
i have a model file with process and mismatch in the statistics block. i have gives distribution as guassian for all and sigma value as the SS corner values in the mismatch block and simulated in cadence spectre using monte carlo with "process and mismatch option " in the simulator. it s giving some errors and iam not getting proper output. (...)
Hi, technically it should not be changing. do u have both run results/log files??? if u do we can get some clue as wht made it to happen... what abt initlal condition/ operating point for both run?? are they same?? try doing monte carlo run by distributing u r device parameter to check wthr any 1 value gives u r first results. B
You must ask monte carlo model from your foundry first. The model is different from basic device model.
Firstly you need to specify the SNR you need to calculate. and then find corresponding values of sigma square. Then define the channel model (rayleigh or rician). After that define the transmitted signal ( BPSK, qpsk e.t.c) and then do the monte carlo ANALYSIS. HOPE THAT IT HELPS
You have the TSMC 0.18 model card? It has monte carlo.
Hi all, When I choose a section in my model file for monte-carlo analysis, I see two options: mc and stat. Can anyone tell me the difference (or similarity) between the these two types of models? thanks, rajath
I am trying to perform the dc mismatch simulation of a simple current mirror in cadence spectre simulator, i have include the model nmos2v_mis from the tsmc18rf library.I am getting variance as 0%.for voltage as well as current.. what else is needed to get correct results, I am not performing monte carlo analysis, but a simple dc mismatch (...)
do i have to write model for candence monte carlo analysis?? as there is no statistical description in foundry file