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Of course then you add the resistor mismatch term (hopefully better than mos; likely so if mos is small and resistor is not challenging lithography). Mismatch is driven down by more area (emitter for bjt; W*L for mos). In leading-edge minimum mos, random dopant (density) (...)
Hello, Has anyone used bjt available in TSMC65? There are pnp and npn transistors in the library and can be used. I wonder if any one has simulated Monte Carlo for those bjt. For mos, one should replace "_mac" transistor and add "stat_mis" library. How about bjt? there (...)
I suggest a simple solution... Use a mos transistor instead of a bipolar for switching applications.mos transistors have much less Rds resistance and drop-out voltage across D-S is much less than Bipolars.
There is always at least one lateral bjt in a Cmos device. There are even more in JI. But the qualities as an amplifying element are always deliberately degraded in order to make the mos behave more ideally. Body is base, gate is field plate, S/D are E/C. You would be well advised to pull your own data across the full temp (...)
In saturation mos has a "voltage drop" D-S that is greater than Vgs. This is certainly not the case. Perhaps you are confusing it with bjt saturation which is sort of the opposite. What you believe about mosFET on-resistance can easily be put false by realities of packaging and PCB design. 20mOhms pad-pad on the die (...)
IRF510 is a Power mosFet but BLW30 is a bjt.They are not direct replacements. Even if you re-design the bias circuit to get the right OP, mos and bjt chararactics are so different.Re-design your Power Amplifier with your new transistor is much easier. I'm sure there are app. notes for that frequency (...)
I am designing a class AB power amplifier and i need to use a 2N6757 N-channel mosFET & its complementary P-channel mos.I could've used a 2N3055 npn bjt & MJ2955 complementary pnp but i need faster switching speeds & hence need complementary p-channel mosFET. Thanks, rahdirs
BF862 is a JFET and is very good for your application. JFET's have much lower noise than any other transistor type (bjt, mos, GaAs) at low frequencies.
Hello, I need a good reference book on transistor-level analog design, describing circuits and principles of the essential building blocks (Current Sources, Mirrors, Differential Amplifiers, Cascode Amplifiers, Translinear Circuits, etc.) based on both bjt and mos techonologies. Please, point the title/author. Any (...)
A majority carrier diode (mos, Schottky) should have no recovery "porch", just the depletion capacitances to discharge. A bipolar diode (PN or bjt junction) will in reality; model quality is always a question and small signal transistors may simply assume no saturation and have no proper modeling depending on plans (...)
I don't think that your circuit design alternatives are clearly described. "Totem-pole" drivers are rarely used in mos circuit design, thus I'm not sure why you consider it all. It's a classical single polarity bjt topology, e.g. used in TTL logic.
You could begin with simple substitution, but you run into the problem that mos VT varies way more than bjt Vbe, in "make" tolerances, and about as badly with temperature. You would need a shunt at the final devices which is not there, probably because pumping the shunt bjts into saturation and staying (...)
Let us consider CS and CE configuration. In CE configuration the dominant pole is in the input (where Miller effect plays a major role) but whereas in the CS configuration the dominant pole is at the output (this looks as if the Miller effect doesn't play any role at all). What's wrong with my understanding? I have another doubt too. Which has h
Is there any other methods of building a circuit without mos-tsr or tsr? me thank u
weak inversion region and subthreshold region are the same regions. If you look at the cross section of the layout of a simple mosfet(nmos and pmos) you can see a virtual bjt b/w Nmos and Pmos thru which a current flows: leakage current. (...)
in Vbe expression: Vbe=Vg0-(Vg0-Vbe0)*T/T0-(η-α)*VT*ln(T/T0) what is the meaning of η and α? and what is the exact value of η and α? η=4 is OK? and is η related to mos transistor or bjt transistor? thanks all.
Gate to Drain Voltage: Votage appearing between Gate and Drain Terminal of mos. Pretty Obvious? Not sure what are you asking here. To make it reverese bias: Never heard of this in case of mos, it does matter for bjt (base-collector), but not sure about mos.
The old blue Gray & Meyer has way more depth than I've needed. I just look at the pictures mostly :)
1. Definaitely not bjt. Modern processors use mos devices, either NMPS, Pmos or Cmos. 2. Intel invented the microprocessor so they had a head start in the market, they also produced other types of ICs (ROM, RAM etc) many used as support for their processors. AMD came into the market quite late and (...)
Yes, you will need a bjt or mos transistor to drive the motor
methods for biasing bjt and mos transistors This is a typical example for somebody who is too lazy to formulate a clear question. Do you really expect an answer to this "contribution" ?
NNMATE, I like to remind you that the offset current of a differential amplifier is the DIFFERENCE between both input currents. This applies for bjt as well as for mos stages.
What's a RGC? You could use a Norton Amplifier (Current-in voltage-out Amp) where you take the input current through the drain/collector of a mos/bjt and mirror it through two separate branches invert one of the signals and then convert to voltage. Just be careful with the delays your get through the inverting stage, (...)
anyone knows that why mos has better an-radiation ability than bjt? thanks
A lateral bjt with base width under a micron, is probably only going to be geometry-repeatable when drawn as a self-aligned structure. That means a mos gate over the base region, a lightly doped (rather than mid-doped) base and a high pinched base resistance. Possibly suitable for a very low bandgap current, but with (...)
Which transistor has higher gain- bjt or mos and why
If it is a bjt based system, your transmitter may not work. If it is mos based the system is likely to work even at 3.0 volt. But even with mos based circuit the performance cannot be guaranteed.
What you are asking is a very involved question..there are lots of differences between between bjt and mos, the foremost being what "darla1" said. Further, 1) in bjt there is a static power consumption due to finite Ib(base current) whereas in mos we can have a zero DC power, the reason (...)
I see some vendor can supply the active antenna with 0.5dB NF of the LNA and total NF with about 1.2dB, that's really good. Now , anyone can tell me which type LNA component will be used in active antenna design?? use bjt or mos? can tell me detail???? thanks in advanced.
Well, the bjt part of the biCmos is the fast one in the sense that for the same gm the current needed is quite smaller than the one needed for the mosT. As a result the size of the bjt is smaller, its output resistance is bigger. If you build an amplifier with the same dc gain with bjt and (...)
Hello all: A bipolar current mirror with beta helper is aiways used. Sometimes I can see that a resistor is connected between the common base node and the ground. But in classic books ,such as gray and meyer's book,there is no resistor fron the common base node and the ground. I want to know what is the resistor used for? My second (...)
In what way mos overtaken bjt ?? plzz explain briefly
bjt is controlled by current, mos controlled by voltage. bjt has p-n junctions between input (base) and collector and emitter, mos no junctions. bjt has input current that depends on operation region, mos has no input current in any region. (...)
this circuit has same function as fully cmos one. just replace the bibs with moses. Tha cap there is to add 'peaking" which adds a little peak in ac reponse and so extends the bandwidth of a circuit
i know that generally bipolar logic is faster than unipolar logic.... i want to know the speed of the fastest bjt and the fastest mos....
mosfet has a faster turnoff time , and the gate drive circuit can be designed to supply some few extra current to rapidly turn on the mos, also note to this expression from abraham pressman in the "switching power supply design" book ,chapter 9-introduction : "the faster switching speed of mosFET's has permitted increasing (...)
how do the Categorys of ttl and cmos fall under the elementary transistor categorys of p-n-p and n-p-n?
how to implement the parastic bjt equations of mosFET into a SPICE circuit simulator? I think at first, I should get to know how to do with the standard mos SPICE equations implement to the SPICE circuit simulator, right? i read there is a paper: "Modeling mos Snapback and Parasitic (...)
I'm not sure .When Vin goes to zero, the bjt will be at cut-off and for the mos ,it has VPBIAS across its gate and source which will make it on but because there's no current path (assuming that the inverter's input is at high impedance) then it will be at triode with Vds=0 ,so, the inverter's input will be Vdd (...)
Hi bjt's were replaced by the Nmos technology because it increased the fabrication capability... how Nmos techonoly increased the density of transistors in the chip...
what type of mixer you are using i.e. bjt mos topology ?
It depend where and for what do you want to use it In integrate circuts design, the morest importent problem are space and power. using cmos construction (not transistor, cmos- complementary mos(using both nmos and pmos) we decrease space (...)
It all depends upon the criteria. JFET is the lowest noise, bjt is the next lowest. mos takes up less room on a wafer surface area and therefore is lowest cost.
there r four methods of biasing a bjt/mos wich is the best and why?
I gain the basic concept of bjt and mos design from the book "analysis and design of analog integrated circuits".
Hi, I defined my own technology file using DFII version 5.1.41 and now I don't know where to define the basic devices (mos, bjt ...). There is the possibility to define the devices inside the technology file, but this approach seems to be not state of the art, isn't it? So my thought was to create ROD/pCells to define the library devices (...)
1. use Hi-Res resistor .. some process have un-dope poly close 1~3K/square , SRAM Hi-res have 1G~2G/squre and use long snake shape 2. use mos switch , but long channel > 20um you should know , spice model maybe have error in gerneal , spice model is fitting for short channel device 3. use circuit , like bjt use (...)
Hi, I think the explanation u got on bjt is fine.For mosFETs u will have 2 parameters which regulate gm. They are δ(Vth)/δt=(-K/q)ln(Npoly/Na). and ?(T)=?(T0) √((T0/T)?). Where Vth and ? are threshold voltage and mobility respy.and ur gain α gm which again is (...)
Could any expert advise the transistor selection for switch purpose. Should I choose bjt or mos ? What's the character btw them for switch purpose. Thanks.
Sorry but I was looking for the mos, bjt breakdown voltages and using them, their significance and what exactly do they mean.