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Can some one help? npn transistor 9014 model
I can't find this datasheet; this is a npn transistor...could help me?
I am a newbie, in my ele design , I never use PNP transistor , I always use npn transistor . why we should use PNP, where We should use PNP,and how We use PNP.
Hi all, Now I need a equivalent model of npn transistor which works at 1~2GHz. What parameters should be considered? The best way is to show the equivalent model topology as a picture. Thanks a lot! Added after 1 minutes: some papers on this problem are also good. Thanks.
Hi, Currently, i am searching this bc162 transistor. However, it cant be obtained at my place so is there any replacement/substitution for this transistor? I would like the replacement to be in a case style rather than SOT form. This is the link for the transistor.
Hi everybody, I have a question for you. How can I specify which is the B C E pin of a pnp or npn transistor, just using a simple VOM?
Im designing a board with a pic microcontroller. In the past i have used darlington arrays, which can be driven directly from the microcontroller. I now need to use a single npn transistor as a switch. In most applications that i have seen there is a biasing resistor being used. I am wondering if i can bias the transistor without (...)
How to identify a PNP or npn transistor in real component? A guy from the electronic shop said it can't be tell? And anyone have multisim free software? Tq a lot!
Hi Is it necessary to use DNWELL guardring across npn transistor..? (npn transistor has a DNWELL layer in it..) Thanks in advance... Prakash
Hello, This is a bias circuit for the gate of an LDMOS transistor. I can tell you that S5 in the picture is LM7805 and S4 is BCP56 npn-transistor. Can sombody tell me what is the purpose of the npn-transistor(marked with the red circle). i can not really see the purpose of it when the emitter is not (...)
is it possible to implement this VCO with a npn transistor??? and please suggest me the stability of the same....... arnab/vu2bpw
In brief and for most ordinary applications, an npn transistor could be seen as working in 3 modes. All modes depends on its base current (mosfet on gate voltage): (1) The base current is zero (or negative if its Vbe junction is biased in reverse so the current value is rather very small as long it is below Vbe breakdown voltage which is (...)
Here's the circuit: It's simply designed to ensure that on an old engine with the spark controlled by points the points will not have to carry the current for the coil. I have access to some BUV46 npns V
what is the diffference between general purpose npn transistor and power npn transistor? is it the power npn transistor can sustain higher power or voltage flow?? thx.
Hello all this is my first post, hopefully in the correct section! I've finish reading the book "Electronics for dummies", so only basic basic knowledge I've visited this site and found this schematic 58630 The curious part about it is this : 58631 I've simulate the
Hi, I need to use an SMD equivalent of the npn transistor BC149C, is there any device that meets the specs?? thanks a
105357 105356 My project is car turning signal. 1. Use only 2.4v (Two AA eneloop). 2. I would like to use SPST for all switchs and super save the batteries power. Hard to find 4P1T push switch with LED inside. 3. Left and right LEDs should be flash in the same rhythm. The problem is
Hi guys, I have been looking to other people's design and found out that transistor can work as a switch, mosfet can be work as a switch, and opto-isolator can be work as a switch too. What i want to know is, application wise what are the difference between this 3 components?
P-Channel mosfet seems to be much better option .. See: "P-Channel mosfets, the Best Choice for High-Side Switching" Regards, IanP
Hello, I have discrete buck regulator (12V to 5V) in my design. PWM switching signal is generated from microcontroller. To drive high side mosfet (P/N) i would like to use TPS2818 gate drive IC. My controller works on 5V. Can i feed this PWM to TPS2818? Can this generate proper drive for high side mosfet? Niks
Use one P-channel mosfet, with Vth about 6-8 volts. connect its source to 10V, its gate to Vi input and its drain to Vo. regards
To qoute can be seen in figure 1 that the source metallization connects both the N+ and P implantations, although the operating principle of the mosfet only requires the source to be connected to the N+ zone. However, if it were, this would result in a floating P zone between the
who can tell me how to understand the npn
It looks like the voltage that drives the mosfet's gate is to low .. Digital mosfets (those designed to by driven by low-volt logic) like to be driven from roughly 4-5V, whereas standard mosfet shoud have the U close to 10Vdc .. Try to add 1kΩ in parallel with , see attached drawing .. Rgds, IanP
If you asked this question some time ago the answer would be BJT, then mosfets became better and better, then IGBTs were available, and so on .. .. Here is an article that could help you to choose: IanP :D
following fig, use npn Vebo for over voltage protection,how it work?
High side mosfet Driver Hi, I need to drive a mosfet to generate a constant current source, the idea is to drive the mosfet in linear region to obtain a set current corresponding to the VOLTAGE Value . Is this configurat
Hi, I'm using npn transitor to do the level convertion from 1.8v to 3.3v . And the maxium data rate will be 38400bs. I have attached the ckt whcih I have drawn . pls see this and review . And I have selected 1k at vcc to collector and 2k at the vcc to base . Suggest the resistor b/w emitter to base . regards chethan
In this instance it?s better to use PNP (or P-channel mosfet), as all what you need to do is pull the base (or Gate) down to GND via a resistor .. If you use npn transistor (I don?t know why you have mixed Source and Emitter ? these are pins of two different types of transistors) then you have to ensure that the Base is at (...)
Hello everybody!... I hope you all are fine......Recently i am stuck with a problem of connecting the output of an npn transistor to the input of a PNP transistor....I cant do the it would be very helpful to me if any one of you can explain it to me as to how can i connect the circuit!!.....thank you!!!:grin:
the mosfet gate turnon voltage is always in respect to its source terminal. So when the source voltage is at 4.5v and the gate is still at 3.6 it could already start turning on (logic level mosfet too ? ), so you drop the gate voltage to turn it on hard, sure it might not turn off then, no mystery there :smile: You must level shift the gate
What causes the electrons to move from base to collector in common emitter configuration. It is said that base is very thin so few electrons from emitter region will diffuse into base and rest of the electrons will move to collector region. If the purpose of the thin base is only that then what is the function of positive supply at base?
Post your circuit diagram.. How do you drive the High side mosfets? You may need a high side driver
hi all, i am using PSMN2R0-60ES NXP N-mosfet as switch for 50V supply, i have got 10K resistor from 50V to Gate and npn transistor is making voltage divider with 10K resistor to control switching of Gate voltage. Drain of mosfet is at 50V. now with out any load connected drop is 3.5 voltage accross drain and source.. (...)
Hello All, 71170 I can't make the BC817 working when i using HC32 to drive it. The transistor Collector is always Low, 0V. The npn nominal ON and Off is just 0.92us. The npn will work when I directly use the MCU I/O instead of using HC32. May i know what the problem is? Why the transistor can't work when using HC32
Just like raw examples of circuit
One question regarding PNP transistor. Emitter(E) & Collector(C) side seem to be able to reverse its current into Base (B), my question is : if i am using a microchip to drive a PNP transistor, and i am driving a 24V motor, from E-to-C (Emitter to collector), then if back-EMF happens, will the current flow back into Base (B) and spoilt m
yes, it was me. I destroyed the Inverter by adapting the on-off switch to a remote on - off switch. I accidently sent 120vac into the on - off switch with a slip of the screwdriver. I destroyed 1 power mosfet, 2 electrolytic caps exploded and vaporized some traces. yes the transistor has a hole in it. Cant really tell if it is a 3B or a 3D
I was searching for S8050 transistor datasheet but it is strange that both npn and PNP transistor have S8050 number. WS says it is an PNP transistor Weitron says it is an npn transistor
Hey peoples, i need your help here trying to power up a fan using a FET transistor. Fan has 3 wire . Red Black Yellow 84023 This is the mosfet im using. 84024 and i also believe there is this component that my supervisor gave me but i can't find the details and the datasheet. i believe i
Actually, it is about -1 at the gate of the mosfet. The gain is approximately given by -(R3/R7) or -1.0. Could someone explain the purpose of C4 and R10?
i have two smd parts 8FB and 9FB with sot23 package. does anyone have good source for identify these two problem parts. after playing with dmm i suppose these are npn and pnp tarnsistors
Hi, I want some information about how a npn transistor can be used for amplification? What is the working principle? Can somebody tell me?
I am using simple transistor switch(to turn on Relay) on 2n2222 that turn On when +5V on Base and turn Off when 0...-5V on Base How can I make it so that when +5V on Base it turns Relay On and then it stays always on even when voltage on Base drop 0...-5V Of coarse I can use additional Relay but is it possible to make it without additional re
Can you solve this little puzzle? If you already know the (surprising) answer, please don't reply too quickly and spoil the fun for everyone else.
hi there.. please give me a tutor step by step how to measure pin E, B, and C of bjt transistors using analog multimeter.. thank you very much :)
Hi Pls tell me how to use (information) npn and PNP transistor?? => how to measure PNP or npn? => how to calculation? Thanks!!!
hi can anyone give a ckt which measures the hfe of a transistor(BJT)?it would be better if the circuit could measure hfe for both pnp & npn transistor... regards
Which of following matchs best to a singal npn transistor with the relationship of 1:N? And which one is the worst? 1. n npn transistors. In layout, the n transistors can be put together and beside the signal transistor, but cannot put around the singal one. 2. a npn (...)
The 560ohm resistor will give a higher gate bias value. At 560ohms the gate bias is about 2.5 volts (asumeing 5volt VCC) at 1k ohms the gate bias is about 1.8 volts. I'm not sure how this effects the responce of the mosfet, but the closer to 'on' you can bias a mosfet without it actually turning on the better. Considering that lower resistance draw