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Hi people, I'm trying to design a 1 Watt push pull amplifier using dual NPN RF mosfet at 40MHz and a 24 Volt single supply. I'm not using any inductors or transformers. I'm not sure how to bias the mosfet correctly. What type of biasing circuit should I be using ? Since I'm using dual NPN, does this mean I need a phase (...)
Hi, How can i design a simple push pull with mosfet (like the classical push pull with an NPN and PNP bipolar transistor) ??? At the input, i have a feedback current Amp Op and i want to use it to cancel the distorsion.. Regards
first circuit is you give supply voltage to the output or pull the output to gnd.. and second circuit open collector(if you use mosfet then open drain) you can just pull the output to gnd..
Hi any one help me irfp250 push pull configuration what is maximum dc volt use how to calculate?(Vdss-200V - Rds_on 0.085- Id 33A) Regards kicha in a push-pull configuration the voltage across the mosfet in off state is double the power supply. Moreover there are spikes due to the leakage inductance of (...)
Hello, Are you working on a push-pull converter with center-tapped transformer? When you are using mosfets, the magnetizing current will find its way through the body diode of the mosfet that was off. Depending on the leakage inductance of your two windings that form the center-tapped primary, you may need a (...)
Can anyone help me with push pull Transformer Design....12V on the Low voltage side....Switching Frequency is 100Khz and Demand on Secondary side is the Primary No of turns by formula N = (V x ton) / (B x Ac) *verified by many books where ton is the switching on time for one mosfet and B is the change in flux density which i have ke
Hai i wish to design a push pull smps with 12V input center tapped. I need 230v output. i did a trial circuit, but the mosfet is getting heated (Half bridge). Please anybody help to design a proper transformer and snubber.
You can measure the primary leakage inductances on your push pull transformer, you can assume the dominant cap will be the mosfet, use a snubber cap 5-10x this value. calculate R from 0.5 x SQRT(L/C), if you have very high leakage and/or reflected energy from the secondary there are other ways to work out the RC based on Ipk at (...)
It is a tube amplifier push-pull in Ultra Linear system. It was modified ? there is additional tone adjustment system, described below:www
for mhz range u can increase efficiency by using "Low Charge" mosfets like IRF740LC by International Rectifier. they have LC suffix in their part number. for rf simulation with LC tanks it is better to use harmonic ballance simulation rather than transient; it is fast and accurate. u can simulate your ckt with Microwave Office, Serenade or A
RF mosfet prices start at about $35 each !!! I know that it's possible to use low cost power mosfet like IRF or others ... but how choose this mosfet (which parameters are essential for the HF ...) Have you got some reference for an application at 5Mhz ? Thanks...
SELECT DEVICES. see the application notes. search google for "push pull amplifier" mosfet .pdf look for similar examples. start with
Hi, a very rough approximation, would be that the outputpower is RL*I^2, where I=75V/10. I've roughly put the coupling factor k between the transformers equal to 1, but it should rather be somwere 0.5
Hi, I am trying to drive a mosfet in a dc-dc boost converter. Does anyone have a design that I can use in PSpice, or is there a chip already available in the PSpice library? Thankyou.
Hi everybody, I would like to build a push-pull amplifier (minimum 100W) and I miss few thing (almost everything) to achieve my project. I will need a lost of help from all of you. My first question is, mosfet or darlington ? Second, how do I desing the circuit to avoid the crossover-distortion (flat) and finally, can someone send (...)
the way you have biased the circuit is right only also the mosfet is stable even through temperature changes.... i think you have to be careful in the selection of resistors and caps to be used....
How to invert 3Vdc to 115 Vac using mosfet circuit, send me the circuit if anybody possible to support . Also is it reliable for some long time usage for their components:idea::D
Can anybody help on designing firing circuit of mosfet. Specially I need this circuit for inveter. Thanx in advance.
Hi Friends I am doing my project on inverter. So I want gate driver circuit for mosfet and at the same time circuit diagram of multilevel inverter
Hello guys, I am driving DC motor 12volts 6Amp via mosfets with Heat sink & cooling fan, the problem is that when I decrease the duty cycle below 20% the mosfets become very very hot (some times burns out), It works fine above 50% duty cycle runs motor under normal temperature. How I can protect mosfets from burning??
hello i am making an LED driver and i wonder if my mosfet driver will turn the fet off quickly enough? as you see below if you you know what resistance the mosfet sees looking back into the emitter follower i right to saying that it sees 500 Ohms/hfe 500/100 = 5 Ohms
I am trying to find a gate driver for a P Channel mosfet, but can't find anything. Any suggestions? Id= -6.5A, Vgs= -10V and Vdd= -50V.
Check ringing frequency .refer to Unitrode app note on snubber design you can calculate values of res. & cap. First check leakage inductance of your transformer. Increase value of gate resistor to reduce rise time / fall time. This will also reduce ringing. But increase heating in mosfet so don't increase beyond 33E/47E
Hi everyone,can anyone please explain to me how the circuit in the above link works?How the mosfet push pull driver works in the circuit?and what is the purpose of putting a capacitor at the gate of the P-channel mosfet.(main concern is to understand how the push pull driver opereate and the (...)
... It should deliver as much power as possible to a 20 ohm load. Therefore, I am trying to make the output impedance as near to 20 ohm as possible. No, to achieve this, Rout ≪ 20Ω ! Thus, obviously I should use a common drain mosfet. However, the problem is output impedance of a common drain mos
What are you trying to accomplish? I'm by no means an expert, but I used PWM for controlling a simple heater output, and I simply connected V+ to the heater, then the low side of the heater to the drain of an NPN mosfet, then the NPN mosfet source to ground. +24V | | | R_heater | | | NPN | | ------ (GND) I
Hi, i like to drive this mosfet with a microcontroller , but i have a doubt on the protection of the PIN of the MCU, i suggest ti insert a resistor between the gate and the PIN of the MCU, on order to limit current, have you an idea on how to c
i a novice in electronic and i'll appreciate if anyone can help me with the problem am facing with my diy inverter i output mosfet short at times when i connect my transformer then i get 240volts at d transformer output at 13 volts but when i plug my t.v (79watts) d volt drops to 201volt with a bulb of 60watts it drops again to usin
hi Sir, Thanks alot, I do have some light on the part of the mosfet, PWM and gate driver. "BTW : for secondary , the start point isn't correct" May i know which is the start point? Do you mean that the centre is tapped wrong at the centre? Do i physically get a block core that look something like the one i've drawn? Any specific CORE tha
I want to make 2kw inverter at 24 volt battery and 50hz freq: using sine wave PWM technique. How can i calculate current through mosfet and voltage ,watts ,and which type mosfet can i use, how many numbers ? Please help me This has been explained here:
In general, you should not rely on mosfets matching well, unless you've binned them so they match. In a single production run, the mosfets will usually match okay; they might differ only by 50mV or so. However, if you obtain two mosfets from two different production runs, they might be 200mV off from each other. A difference this large would (...)
Concerning power mosfets encapsulated in pack case, assemblable w/ screw, can be interconnectable w/ stack metalic plates, properly isolated. It makes easier build the power stage, and also restrict current flow into a confined region. I saw this concept with a pack IGBT set on a 5KW UPS based on push-pull topology, allowing a very (...)
there a way to protect the mosfets from saturating using resistors or capacitors? Due you are under development stage, I suppose you are using a DC regulated power supply, with limit current protection, wright ? That´s the standard procedure, and if the case, there is no need to do that you are asking.
I'm try to run mosfet with high frequency..30 khz..10 duty cycle. i got turn off switching in mickro second but when i read data sheet is about nano second. Is it normal?, or is anybody have idea to reduce this turn off switching90037
Hi Friends, I have a problem that I would like you to address. I have an analog board which produces a 1 Mhz signal (close to sine wave).I used a mosfet push pull terminology using a 24v DC input to generate this signal by switching the DC input using these Fets over a planar transformer. The problem is that one of the (...)
Dear Sir In my inverter there is a IC Sg3524(16 pin ic) used for osscilation & pin 11 & pin 14 used for Mos drive voltage, as we know when these voltage has any type of difference then mosfet is blow out. Plz suggest me to some modification in circuit if any voltage diffrence found in both mos drive voltage then s
Hi friends, I am sending you a schematic , I can drive a series rlc circuit directly with a microcontroller.However I need more current to drive it.I can not design a switching circuit or driver for it.I use a power n cahnnel mosfet but system is not working!Can you command on why it is not working.All I know is if gate-source voltage is greater
hi all, i am designing a power supply which employs a 2 stage down converter. A buck followed by a push-pull converter. the circuit has 3 mosfets(IRF840) whose PWM will be controlled by PIC16F877. i have the following queries: 1) while switching the Buck converter mosfet, during the off state, the source will be (...)
what's the output impendence do you preferring? a R-R OPAMP plus push-pull mosfet pair is an option. mike -------------------------------------------
hi wjxcom, i attache equivalent circuit of your diagram. M4 & M5 used to bias M1 & M2. when we connect drain of M4 to drain of M5. it is equal to set two mosfet threshold voltage equal to zero. In this way output/input charactristic will be changed. and it produce distortion.
let start from output section. my old 3-phase inverter project made use of power mosfet like IRFP450 it stand for 14A,500 volts. be carefull about dead time of all power mosfet and make sure there have no floating gate before turning that DC 400V input voltage on, or let us know when u get a BOOM!!!
I encountered a problem during switching up the two-transistor forward converter topology. I used TL494 as my PWM generator and connect the HO pin to IR2110's HIN and LIN. From IR2110, the VB pin is connected to a dc voltage of 10V and the VS pin is connected to the source of the upper mosfet while the HO pin connected to the gate of the upper
Yes, what ll happen when both the transistors are in saturation, the two mosfet behave as a divider. the output is Ron(nmosfet)/(Ron(nmosfet) + Ron(pmosfet)). best regards Hey, In the basis CMOS inverter ( having NMOS and PMOS ) what ll happen when both the transistors r in saturation and what ll be t
If i increase the PWM frequency (not the dutycycle) , the transient voltages across the inductive load will increase or decrease? I using a push-pull mosfet driver..
hi friends can anyone explains this circuit how the mosfet is turned off when over
Hello, Does any reader know what is the cheapest SMPS PWM controller with on-chip mosfet driver in the world? The cheapest i have found so far is the MC34063 at 20 Cents (US$) I have an application where i will need a lot of them, so need the cheapest
hi, i tried a ckt to make light weight ferrite core base hf 50 hz invertor.first i converted 12 v dc to 350 v dc with a center tapped ferrite smps transformer with push pull tolology and hf switching.after that i converted this 350 v dc to a square wave 50 hz op with H bridge.But even after using currentt limit circuit to the outputs the (...)
By increasing the gap the inductance wil go down. The inductor current will increase but, as previously mentioned, this is a technique used to avoid saturation. Your mosfet will heat more, leakage will increase (bad regulation) and the EMC will increase.
Dear all, I want to make a motor driver to drive the power window motor that use to drive up and down the car's window, so far, I have the component like FDD8424, 2N3904, 2N3906, LTP521-2, what kind of circuit should u guys advise me to do? I need to drive the motor in 2 directions, the power window need 12V, nearly 3A to start driving. My input
There are no component values on the circuit and the connection of the DR1 input is not defined, so I can only generalise as to how it works. If you label the transistors Q1 to Q5 left to right, then Q2 will turn on when the voltage on its base is above around 3.4V (2.7V plus one Vbe drop). The exact input voltage this happens at will depend on