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What are you doing? You can use your mosfet switch to limit the inrush current. Look up mosfet transconductance, for a given Vgs a mosfet will allow a certain Ids. The reason there is an inrush is because when you first flip the switch to your SMPS the bulk input capacitor is discharged the inrush current is the (...)
.i modify gate voltage to mos transistors,therewith the high mos resistance is controlled ,and the fc is further on controlled.:D Hi, In weak inversion the mosfet transconductance is given by "Id/nKT" i.e. independant of Vgs. So assuming you are using MOS as R or simillar to OTA-C implementation, the Res = 1/gm. So
Can anyone help me to provide to find parasitic capacitances Cgd,Cgs, Cgg, etc and transconductance of mosfet using hspice? i need the command to use during analysis in hspice synopsys...
mosfet is voltage drive device, what's the point of measuring Ft? And what is the usage of Ft for mosfet?
The main different is that the JFET have a PN juntion for it have high input impedance. The mosfet have isolated gate with polysilicon.
I have a few questions about fMAX and fT of a mosfet: 1. What's the definitation of fMAX, the maximum oscillation frequency of a mosfet? 2. I remember the definition of cut-off frequency fT is the frequency when current gain Iout/Iin = 1. This gives out fT = gm/Cg. My question is: is transconductance gm a function of frequency? (...)
Mr.venkat3271 for ur kind information the drain current Id of a mosfet depends on the effective voltage.... please do refer some material on mosfet.....
Why mosfet IS OPERATED in Saturation region in most of the analog applications? please explain with some references..
un, up, Cox are all parameters that are dependent on the process. You dont get to select them unless you use a different process. The only control an Analog Circuit Designer has on the mosfet is the size and bias current (or voltage).
I'm new to mosfets and mosfet-drivers and would just like to check if I correctly determined the correct mosfet + driver to use using the correct calculations. Any criticism/suggestions are welcome. Thx in advance! mosfet: FDS6898A mosfet H-bridge Driver: MC33883
Hi, I am new to this filed on analog design. I am reading the book by Behzad Razavi on "Design of Analog CMOS Integradted Circuits" While reading on mosfets, I encountered an equation for transconductance which says that : gm = 2 * Id / Vgs - Vth .Its explanation states that Transcondutance decreses with overdrive (Vgs - Vth) when Id is co
hi Do you know the relationship between transconductance (u*Cox) parameter and technology? In other words how does change that parameter for a mosfet in .25 micron to 0.18micron? Regards
which transistor provide more gain...Enhancement mosfet or Depletion mosfet? Please explain with solid reasons.... :) :)
Hi! I need to plot transconductance(gm) of a mosfet(NMOS) in LTSPICE. Any idea how to do it? I am using TSMC 0.18um technology file. Also I need to observe gm upto 5 figures of precision. Please help me with that too... Right now I can view gm using dc operating point (.op) and going to Menu Bar->View->Spice Error Log (screenshot attached) and
I'm looking for Toshiba and Hitachi lateral power mosfet models. Does anyone have any available or know a source for these? 2bulldog
I have been using Multisim and its prior versions for a good number of years. Multisim comes with a good number of IRF mosfet models, but an extremely limited number of 2SK and 2SJ mosfet models. Does any one have good modes for 2SK and 2SJ parts that they can share, or perhaps provide a link to? I have done many searches for these and have neve
Dear friend, Each mosfet model has its merits and drawbaks, like accuracy or simulation time, thus converting them maybe loss the accuracy. some programs like @dv@nced D esign Sys. can open all spice format like HSpice or PSpice without any problem like mosfet modeling incompatibility,also this new softs. have a large number of known and common
in fact,you problem is not so easy.but if you want low power dispension,maybe mosfet is the only can use four 20V 0.005 oum mosfet parallel,get a very low instance, only about 1W dispension,and four SO8 chip mosfet can work well with about 30 degree temprature warry about others,if you find a error in one power modle,you should shut
Need to shut down a small signal dual gate mosfet amp the idea is to switch off the amp during transmit in a transciver ? any idea thanks bobi
for mhz range u can increase efficiency by using "Low Charge" mosfets like IRF740LC by International Rectifier. they have LC suffix in their part number. for rf simulation with LC tanks it is better to use harmonic ballance simulation rather than transient; it is fast and accurate. u can simulate your ckt with Microwave Office, Serenade or A
Are there any ic's that contains 4 mosfets in it which can stand 4-5A at 55V?
SELECT DEVICES. see the application notes. search google for "push pull amplifier" mosfet .pdf look for similar examples. start with
Hi How we can reduce mosfet leakage current for both P and N channel. Im designing low power equipment. Actualy Si3443DV and FDC6305 have more leakage current at VCC=3V. Can anyone tell me how we can reduce it or replacement for the same thanks Niks
Hi I need P channel mosfet with IDss less than 5uA @ 75/85 degree IF u know any FET let me know. ~niks~
Hi.. You could use mosfet drivers which are specifically design to do the job. Linear techbology has very good one for N or P channel FETs. International Rectifier has very good one too.. Makes your work easy and a finished reliable product. Regards
Hi, I am trying to drive a mosfet in a dc-dc boost converter. Does anyone have a design that I can use in PSpice, or is there a chip already available in the PSpice library? Thankyou.
Hi i want a N-ch mosfet with foll. specs- IDss <<0.5uA @ Vd=3V. IM looking for SOT23, 3 lead package or smaller one. can anyone suggest me ~niks~ are u shure that idss smaller the 500 nanoamper ????????
In theory this would be possible however you did not mention if it is a P or N channel mosfet? I would think that it is best to drive your power mosfet with a driver from linear technology ( or from international rectifier ( The heavy capacitance present on the gate may slow down things badly. As you did not mention which
Hi all I need some help, when you need hi power, in aplications like Hi power-current dc-dc converter, it's necesary to parallel the mosfet transistors to get more current and power, I need to know how is the formula or calculations, to know how quantity of mosfet that I need to specific current and power ???? in the example, it's use 4 7
Are there any programs to convert the hspice model to the spectre model? The mosfet models in MOSIS are only for HSPICE. It takes long time to convert them manually. Thank you in advance.
i want to know which mosfet will be best to design 100W power amplifier in the frequency range of 88 MHz to 108 MHz. thanking you.
Please suggest a cheap and commonly avaialable P-channel mosfet with following minimum requirements RDSon < 250mohm Operation voltage 32Vdc max Operation current 6A peak (for 15% duty cycle only), 0.8A average Switching frequency = 60Hz only thanks / techie
I have read some tutorials. I saw in the DC simulation controller that in Other, they can set something like to get Gm for the mosfet but I dont know how to set it. Also in TSMC library, how can I get Gm, Cox, Tox for the mosfet in ADS, thank you very much.
All the circuits show Transistor for current boost with 78xx 3 pin regulator. Why don't they use mosfet instead of Transistor.
Someone knows how to build a mosfet based solid state relay to be used with ac voltage?
I am designing an input stage of an Op Amp. I need to measure the transconductance Gm of the whole input stage. Can somebody give me a suggestion how to get Gm in Hspice or ADS? Thank you very much in advance.
Rf mosfet can get a large current Why you should rf mosfet instead Power mosfet?
By the way, all mosfets have a body diode, it's how thay are made. There aren't any without. All Jfets have not body diode. There are no Jfet for high power and high voltage.... bastos
Hi, I have encountered a circuit whereby I could not understand how does it suppose to work. There are 2 similar P-Channel mosfet (Vishay Si1413) which I shall termed it as Q12 & Q15. Both mosfet have their gate connected to a single control point which means if a low is applied, both mosfet will be turned on. Drain of Q12 : DC (...)
Where can i find and download the book "Motorola power mosfet transistor data book" ?
Hi, Could anybody advise me on mosfet driving circuit ? Based on datasheet, it is true that the higher the VGS for a N-Channel mosfet will result in a lower RDS(on) ? And if that's the case, isn't it will be much easier to operate a P-Channel mosfet than N-Channel since it only require a low on the gate ? Where do we usually find (...)
hi, when i select a mosfet, which parametere should i pay more attetion to? thansks and regards
Hi, You may want to refer to the following links for some application notes on mosfet. Cheers,
mosfet is a transistor technology. It is an extention of the field-effect transistor (FET). As with bipolar transistor, where you have NPN and PNP, you can have two kind of FET (P-channel and N-channel). When creating integrated circuits, using mainly P-channel mosfet transistors, the device is called 'PMOS'. Similarely, when using mainly N
Just wondering what it means when a mosfet is level 1 or 2 or so on. Im designing a comparator using B2 Spice and from what i can gather i can not adjust the W/L ratios of the models supplied with the program. To input the W/L ratios i have to design a mosfet from scratch. ie. need to input all parameters required for a mosfet. I need the (...)
Is there any good papers or books on power mosfet, both on design and test. Thanks
what choices are available for driving a full bridge mosfet topology. (formed using four irfz46n mosfets) Also i wonder if there are power mosfets (up to 20A at 30V) that can be driven directly and effciently from the ?c ?
OTA -> Operational transconductance Amplifier. An OPAMP is Voltage Controlled Voltage Source thus u can not connect output of them together but the output of VCCS (Voltage Controled Current Source) can be connected together, cos if the input voltage of any of them is zero, then the output is open circuit. u can use a simple jfet, mosfet or even a
that was exactly the answer i was thinking of when u asked for high side driver. but then i saw your circuit. i think you will run into a couple of problems when trying to use that king of circuit normally reserved for power switch application and not high side drive of a half bridge. half bridges are usually used because of high power and high
It looks like you are making a constant current source or current limiter. You will need to use a P type mosfet for the series pass transistor and put the source to the input and the drain to the output. This is a good situation where SPICE type simulators are very good because you can examine the simulated currents. PSpice has a free studen