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Mosquito Bat Circuit

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So the mosquitoes do not fly away when the see the bat coming at them? If a human touches the bat do they feel any pain? The circuit is probably an oscillator driving a step up transformer.
:D How does Electric mosquito Killer bat work, and send us the circuit as well as the part spec...:idea:
Hi all. Can anybody help me to repair my mosquito killer bat . These bats works properly 2-5 days in new condition. But after then, these can't fry mosquitoes. I found that there is voltage in it's output terminal but not so high to fry(spark). Can anybody say wht's the problem?
Hi All, Does anyone know how to troubleshoot Electronic mosquito Racket ? Because it can not generate the voltage to kill the mosquito anymore. So, how can it generate such a high voltage? And, the Electronic mosquito Racket requires only 3 dc volts (2 batteries of 1.5 dcV) to work. On the other hand, I discovered (...)