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Mosquito Bat Circuit

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bat circuit , mosquito , sub circuit , l298 circuit
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I want to build my own electric mosquito bat which works on 2-3v cells. anyone know about its circuits details? like this,
:D How does Electric mosquito Killer bat work, and send us the circuit as well as the part spec...:idea:
I think the insulation in the cheap Chinese transformer breaks down. We don't have mosquitoes in my part of Canada any more because the government uses a safe chemical in drains and ponds that stops baby mosquitoes from maturing. The bats (the real alive ones) are also gone.
Hi All, Does anyone know how to troubleshoot Electronic mosquito Racket ? Because it can not generate the voltage to kill the mosquito anymore. So, how can it generate such a high voltage? And, the Electronic mosquito Racket requires only 3 dc volts (2 batteries of 1.5 dcV) to work. On the other hand, I discovered (...)