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i have problem with g31 motherboard it start with post card error 1915 and no display on monitor if i remove the ram beeps can sound . please help.
had you checked processor with another motherboard? if not check with it any i5 supported motherboard. did you get any sound,that internal fan is moving or not?
Dear All, Hello ! I am looking for a solution to a dead HP DV6-1235ee laptop with the following motherboard:Foxconn ML1-H94V-0E253117 168UT30001-094D Quanta UT3 schematics PU1:: ISL6262 PU2:: RT8206B PU3:: 8119LN PU4:: P2805 PU5:: ISL6251 some of the voltages I measured: DC jack = 19.93V +VA =
How do ???? use a digital meter ??? detect fault in a pcb/motherboard
I turned the PC on and there were 3 long beeps. Therefore a Keyboard issue. So I plugged in the keyboard (a USB one) that I was using with it before the fault & heard the same beeps. So I tried 3 different PS2 keyboards all with the same result. I tried a PS2 & the USB one together - same result. The LEDs on the keyboards don't flash as they n
HI Anybody know what is the sign of northbridge or southbridge fault? I have giga ga-8i865gme-775 mainborad .I checked all capacitor and mosfet on the board all of them are healthy and I repalced my RAM and CPU but with this motherboard my computer wont boot up.what is your opinion ?
i have two ecs 915-M5 motherboard here the problem of no.1 is dead and i measure voltage it has no 12v supply,where can i begin to diagnose the fault..can you please give idea, do you have schematic diagram? and the other board is no display but power...what will be the fault? TIA.