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How do ???? use a digital meter ??? detect fault in a pcb/motherboard
I turned the PC on and there were 3 long beeps. Therefore a Keyboard issue. So I plugged in the keyboard (a USB one) that I was using with it before the fault & heard the same beeps. So I tried 3 different PS2 keyboards all with the same result. I tried a PS2 & the USB one together - same result. The LEDs on the keyboards don't flash as they n
I have checked that the cpu heats normal but motherboard not give display I have checked by changing Adp chip but no help.
Hi there i have a faulty acer 5315 / compal la-3551p motherboard with no charge light, no power up and the fault that i know of is a burnt out RB751V-40TE17 which i believe from a bit of research is a 40V 30MA SOD-323 Schottky barrier diode, i have removed the broken diode and was wandering if bridging the pad's will get the board working (...)
Dear All, I will continue to post x86 motherboard layouts, schematics (full) and related designs. This is for education purposes only and should not be used for commercial purposes. 1. Mobile Atom Solo Processor for Mini-ITX Form Factor with Intel 945GSE Express Chipset (Prototype Schematics as Reference Design) See Attac
hi could you any1 look some part from gigabyty ga-686 slot1 (or similar) motherboard. parts location is right upper corner and it is square with 3 legs and attached through board with screw. now i would like to know letters and numbers from this part.
Robotman now that I know you use to design motherboards I know you can help me. I am basically designing a 486 embedded system for mainly educational purpose, (never design a PC motherboard and want to try it). I have choosen to use the 82c206 multifuction chip for interrupts, timer, dma, and rtc. My problem is that it runs at 8mhz (roughly
Hello everyone. It?s really important for me to find a detailed layout of a motherboard. The newer the better? I don?t mean the layouts you can find at a common motherboard?s manual. My purpose is to simulate computer buses like PCI bus, memory bus e.t.c. So, I need a layout which shows the multiconductors? structure, their dimensions and l
I'm looking for the hall RPM meter that can be connected to the PC motherboard and read through the Winbond monitor chipset.
I am looking for information (e.g. manual, layout diagram etc) for the AMI Series 87 Enterprise IV 80486 EISA VLB motherboard. Does anyone have it? Know of any dealer that sells such a motherboard? Any suggestion or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I need a motherboard with 64 bit 66 MHz PCI bus that can run on Dual XEON processors with DRAM of 1-2 GB and a 64 bit Graphics Adaptor that will be placed in the PCI bus of the motherboard. Could anyone plz suggest which would be the best. I need to build a system to capture high resolution video in real-time with a data transfer rate of approximat
Dear my friends, I forget my pc setup password. I know any motherboard has a hint password that is constant and independent of user password. Does anybody know hint password of ASUS P4S motherboards? Thanks, This had happened to me once. I removed the motherboard battery and restarted the system. Later no password
Hi all!!! Somebody could explain me what is a "earth fault"??, and there is any circuit to detect it? Thanks in advance!!!!!!
The attributes in the following Verilog snippet cause fatal syntax errors in ModelSim 5.8. Is this my fault, or a ModelSim bug? Xilinx XST accepts it. If I rewrite it to eliminate the 'generate' loop, ModelSim accepts the attributes, and correctly ignores them. (The attributes are for Xilinx ISE.) input inp, inn; wire tmp; out
I made an imlementation on CAN bus using MAX3055 transceiver (fault-tolerant mode) :arrow: when I use a cable longer than 30 meters between 2 nodes communication is broken on whole network. :!: Do you have any idea about my problem and solution :?:
I did encounter a similar problem with a similar configuration but the mother board was an ASUS P4C800 deluxe (not the -E version). I did update the bios with the very good utility that they provide but it did not solve the problem. Fortunately this mother board was under warranty and I could g
hi what is the use of a SPDIF output in a motherboard or an AGP Card ? Can we use it to connect it to the television? please reply ... thanks
You must program BIOS using FLASH utility on OLDER motherboard (HOT SWAP CHIPS ON motherboard , I PROGRAM > 100 pc and not problem ).
I have a new system with an intel 865perl motherboard, ati9800pro video card, 2gb of ram, creative labs audigy 2 zs sound card, 120 gb hard drive, dvd rom, cdrom. The problem is that the 3.2 ghz ht pentium 4 is running at 1.6 instead of 3.2ghz. I checke the bios and it is up to date. I checked for the clock setting and multiplier settings in th
Hi. I would like to know your opinions about the ASUS A7n8X Deluxe motherboard with an AMD Athlon XP Vs Intel D875 PBZ with P4. (considering the prices!). Additionally, I have a question: does this motherboards need a video card, or it is embedded? I am waiting for your posts...................
Hi, I am facing a problem with DRACULA LVS. When I run, it dumps the core ( Segmentation fault). Can anybody help me to solve this problem. Thanks and Regards Ramesh
I am using the turbo fault to caculat my test pattern's fault coverage. what tools are you using? How about the performance?
Acer notebook motherboard schematics:
I have Mandrake 9.2 running on the K7VTA3. Mine is also a Fry's combo deal :) No problems running cadence verilog-xl, novas debussy, xilinx ise, etc. In fact, no problems at all. The onboard network, audio, and usb 2.0 are supported. I haven't tweaked or recompiled the kernel. I think it's a great combo deal considering how inexpensive it is
I?m looking for a way to find what is the functional coverage of our testing. We don't have scan in the current chip. So the only way to find what is the coverage is with some kind of tool that will determine what the vectors coverage is. Which tool does that, how easy it to learn it etc ? I did use NC to find out what is the RTL coverage. But
A more Updated Link to wire wrap a motherboard would be: . The 80486 is probably the last generation you could get by with wire wrapping, (Lower clock than 33mhz that is). Even so the original message is so old that I doubt the author cares about designing a motherboard.
Hi! Could anybody send me an example or a paper that shows me how to do a fault simulation with verifault-XL? thanks Make a proper subject /Cl
The ground pins on the video connector are signal return path grounds. The shell of the conncetor is grounded to the case of the computer, which is generally connected through the computer case to the grounding pin of the AC power cord (earth ground). The signal ground is isolated from the case ground by virtue of the fact that power for a PC i
When I run debussy, edit *.v and delete some lines, but when I run 'undo', the program drop out and I get such info: Segmentation fault (core dumped), How should I resolve it?
hi.. I'm trying to built-up pattern generator for IC 74181 (ALU). I've got the problem how to detect fault location in IC for gate is any software to do this detection? Perhaps somebody could help me. Thank You Best Regards
hi; could you explain these fault models:toggle;transition;delay;IDDQ thx
Hi: Any one is kind to tell me. Runnig EDA tool : which motherboard and CPU combination is best for dual processor which OS is the best
I can simulate a structure in CST without adaptive pass successfully. But when I run adaptive pass, sometimes, the program will have memory fault error such that I am forced to abort the simulation or the program hangs and I need to re-start the program. Does anyone have any idea why this happens?
hi, could you explain fault simulation? thx
Hi, I have this simple concurrent prog with 2 threads. It compiles fine but when I start it I get a segmentation fault. Why? #include #include using namespace std; void fun1() { for (int i=0; i < 100; i++) cout << "1" << endl; pthread_exit(0); } void fun2() { for (int i=0; i < 100; i++)
How to build an electronic ground fault detector which can be used in protection of a diver working with tool and light under water. The protection should be reliable and very fast. Thanks DrWhoF
Hello everybody, I´d like to save some files on my hms720´s flash. So I start to mount jffs: mount /mnt/jffs Then I create/copy a file on this file system. It stores proper for files <= 11 byte. For files > 11 byte I get an segmentation fault and a mem dump. Can anyone explain me why and how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.
I am looking for P4 or Athelon motherboard schematic, Also do you know how many AMPs cpu needs in its normal operation and from which voltage source it is provided, I mean from +5 or +15 or +3.3v?
I am getting a ttg unlocked fault on a gps rcvr. I have never seen this acronym
Hello, I simulated a gate-level netlist with SDF annotation from layout using LDV 3.4 for LINUX. It showed Z state from a few registers at the waveform, although the simulation proved that the circuitry worked fine. First I suspected it was a bug of the waveform display. Then I printed the register value using $diaplay. It was Z state, too. The
i have design BIST multiplier . to calculate fautl coverage of above chip . i have to induce fault in intermediate nodes. can any one know how to induce fault in RTL desing .
I'm designing a BIST circuit for memory application using Verilog codes. Once I've got my design ready, how can I evaluate the fault coverage in my design - BIST? What's the normal practice?
Hai Can we construct a programmer to programme the BIOS chips in a motherboard like we do for a microcontroller? My purpose to programe EEPROMS used in motherboards with respectivee BIOS externally. Any Software drivers available with hardwre details? my target EEPROMS winbond w49f002u 2 mb bios dip synmos s29c51002t 2
Hi! I don't think that there are training manuals as motherboards are treated as "throw away" products. The most common failure are blown electrolytic capacitors, they are easy to find and easy to replace (only with really low ESR capacitors!!!) The next one are blown BIOS flash eproms where a user has tried to make an update, and somethin
Dear everyone, I have 4 quetions about IC testing. Plz help me!
Hello, I am interesting on information/examples/books for a fault tolerance architecture, specialy for aircraf aplications (SEU) and PowerPC microcontroler. Can anybody provide me information about this? Thank you for all TaPa
Hi all and a happy new year, I want to represent an earth fault for a system. The earth line is connected to power's earth, then to Junction box enclosure, then to power line to main system. How can I show that by using the allready existing MC of the system? Will it work if I use on of the inputs for earth, another for +5VDC and constantly che
I need a schematic diagram of any atx pc motherboard.I need to specify the ps2 mouse schematic that I can locate the problem easily.
Could somebody please help me to find schematic for "AC7 DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM motherboard" (TI). Many thanks in advance.

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