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hello, could you give me some PC motherboard schematic and layout,or some linkers about these, I learn to design a board some function of schematic are very similar with it. so please help me thank you
where can find intel atom n270 motherboard schematic?thank you
Hello I searching for Dell M1330 Model:PP25L schematic of motherboard because my mobo is dead and I want to repair it. If someone know what are parameters of R010 please inform me because I want to buy it and change it. Another thing what I searching for are fuses on this boards how can I search for it's on this mobo.
ASUS M51T motherboard schematic. Do you have a modern oscilloscope in your lab, my friend? If you have only multimeter on your hands .... than you don't need motherboard schematic .... its will not help you.
I am looking for P4 or Athelon motherboard schematic, Also do you know how many AMPs cpu needs in its normal operation and from which voltage source it is provided, I mean from +5 or +15 or +3.3v?
Could somebody please help me to find schematic for "AC7 DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM motherboard" (TI). Many thanks in advance.
For Sale Laptop motherboard schematic Diagram Acer :- Aspire :- 4810-5810, Acer 4520, 3690, 5105, 8730, 7738G_DDR3, 5930G, 6935, 6920, 7520/5520/5220, 5510, 5670, 6530ZK3, 7100, TM2440 - AS3640, TM4220_AS5600, 1670, 4262, 7520, 4262, 7520, 3680 ASUS :- ASUS_Z84FM, ASUS_Z62HA, ASUS_Z62H, ASUS_T76S ASUS_F9S, ASUS
hi i need 845/945 intel chipset chinese motherboard schematic.....
i find schematic mainboard asus P5GZ-MX, P5GC-MX and MainBoard Gigabyte MS-6334, who shared with me, thanks here : K or VinaFix laptop schematic,notebook schematic,circuit diagrams,power sequence,remove password,master password, laptop repair,notebook repa
i have hcl p28 laptop for repairing need schematic diagram schematics about this thing is hard to find. Manufacturers of motherboards, laptops, and such things... never give circuits of their products. Be carefull this motherboard is multislice maybe 15 layers! You need hot air solder station, good flux and other
I am working on an internal sound card issue with my current G73 Laptop motherboard from ASUS. For this I need a schematic diagram of the board. Unfortunately, no matter where i look, I cant find this schematic. ASUS won't sell it directly to me, and no one I know has it. Could anyone help me get this? I wouldn't mind if it costs me a (...)
Hello Freinds I need schematic diagram's for new motherboards supoorted for core i3 , i5 or i7 processor's. PLZ help Me out. thank you very much.
I need a mother board schematic diagram of Toshiba dynabook satelite 1800sa100p/4.Seeking help from every body.Pl.helpme.
I need schematic for Asus P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard. Thanks
1. Check adapter/charger on voltage and current? 2. Check DC connectors on adapter and laptop? ofcoz these basic things ardy done.. charger is fine & working perfect..i can measure the voltages at inside motherboard.. i need professional help plz.. or else jus give me schematic diagram of it..thx..
Need Intel DG41RQ motherboard schematics.Please help
You must program BIOS using FLASH utility on OLDER motherboard (HOT SWAP CHIPS ON motherboard , I PROGRAM > 100 pc and not problem ).
I need a schematic diagram of any atx pc motherboard.I need to specify the ps2 mouse schematic that I can locate the problem easily.
high speed signal propagation is one of the keyes of motherboard design.
hi iwaan some one to help me to create a PCI POST card to test motherboard computer in simple and cheap creation method thank you in advance
hi, I'm designing a USB A 2.0 interface. The goal is to put a connector on the board. The signals are coming from a PC-motherboard, USB header. This is about the EMI / ESD components; what has to be first / closest to the connector? The EMI components or the ESD components? On my schematic I have put the ESD components first: [URL=http:
Intel has the motherboard manual and other user information at - There's no schematic, but there is a drawing of the board identifying all the various connectors, bios settings, etc.
I blew up my VCR dv output by wrong connection to computer (firewire cable plugged in computer otherwise). I have panasonic nvds29ege service manual, but there is not published the main c.b.a. schematic diagram because they write that the motherboard is not serviceable in component level. I don't think so, but without scheme it is not so easy. Is a
You can use debug cards for some basic testing. Other than that there are no DIY (as far as i know) motherboard or laptop testers available. You need a specific tester for a motherboard whether its for a PC or laptop. Manufacturers have these and i've seen some. Also there are moterboard testers available online costing a fortune online. Do you
Hay all, Can anyone help me I am really in need of A schematic for a Dell latitude D800 motherboard Type DDQ12 LA-1901 DELL D800
My desktop dell optiplex 755 have motherboard problem, so i really need schematic to repair it. Please help me
hi, i need the reference design / schematic of intel/AMD processors' power supply unit . Please share me if you have.
Is it possible someone to post diagram shematic manual for notebook ACER 5942G with motherboard LA5511-P ? TIA EDIT: Sorry bad topic. plz erase it, i've already post it to requests topic.
Im thinking of using OrCad PCB Editor for creating a motherboard design due to the enormous costs of Allegro. This would be an 8 layer board, about 10"x8", standard PC components, so LGA socket and BGA, but nothing super fine pitch. My plan for getting around the DDR relative prop requirements is to just leverage an already existing ref design wi
Can some one give me the Diagram or schematic for INTEL DG31PR motherboard please also i need section wise diagram for that m/b like vrm section or rtc section etc i need it to troubleshoot one m/b that have problem of shorting in CMOS battery whenever i replace new battery it goes down immediately. another problem with another board is when switch
Any chance to get the schematics for the HP pavilion zd8000 ? The motherboard seems to got a spill and a thorough cleaning made no changes. It turns on all leds but does not start at all. Thanks in advance.
Hello mr Sandip Golani , im a big fan of yours , recently my wife spilled water on her asus Eee PC 1015BX seashell series she immediately turned it off but didn't wait long enough to turn it back on , when she turned it back on and pressed enter the screen looked like a TV screen when there's no reception i think horizontal lines, she then ca
Are you referring to personal-computer (PC) motherboards, or general motherboard (incl. mechanical design) concepts involving e.g. mezzanine and similar expandable/stackable-card system design? Intel used to provide reference designs for their commercial PC chipsets - I used them years ago for helping debug with a PCI add-in card development proje
Where BSDL files can be found for AMD & Intel Flash devices ? I need to repair a BIOS Flash chip on a PC motherboard, which got erased by the CIH virus ....
Upload schematic for you programmer, Possibility for many reason for this, 1. bad pic (try with another), 2. check communication cabel, 3. If you are setting CP ON bit, your programmer reed all location like empty, 4. JDM programmer use power from PC motherboard, may be your not capable to do this (do you before succesfuly programm some pic),
hi. how much time does it take for you guys, to design different PCBs, with different Layout tools? For example for me, with Altium Designer: -x86 motherboard with 2 BGAs, 1100 components, 8-layers, high-speed DDR-400MHz-DIMM... took 2-3 months. -ARM9 board with 400 components, 4-layers, SDRAM-80MHz... took 3-4 weeks. Now, I am che
hi whats the difference between Concept HDL and Capture CIS? for complex high speed designs, is the concept hdl better? why? i saw some intel motherboard reference designs in capture cis (orcad .dsn files).
Not only it is not possible, but also it is harmful! I had bad experinces of destroying motherboard IO chip during similar job, be careful
Could someone please help me determine what this part is? U5 in the images below Z84B is what it says on the top (90% sure using magnifying background: The two traces that go to th
Ok, I need a PSU with + 12V 10A - 12V 5 A + 5V 10A - 5V 5A + 3.3V 5A and I intend to adapt an ATX connector to supply directly my motherboard. It can be done, or I'll need an inverter ?
If you are happy, and you DON'T want to be, use this software and programmer cable. You will be sure to get a headache real fast! If you are determined, you should try a PC running windows 98. If it does not work, its probably something to do with the motherboard you are using (every one is different) OR maybe the cable you are using. Bes
i have two ecs 915-M5 motherboard here the problem of no.1 is dead and i measure voltage it has no 12v supply,where can i begin to diagnose the fault..can you please give idea, do you have schematic diagram? and the other board is no display but power...what will be the fault? TIA.
There is a temperature sensor on the motherboard which senses CPU heat and there is a fan controller on motherboard which adjusts PWM duty cycle that goes to fan to change the fan speed depending on temperature.
Sounds like you overloaded it. I would personely scrap it, unless you can see a component that has obviously burnt out. The reason is without proper test equipment like a mulitmeter and scope and a schematic of the PSU then it could be very difficult to establish what has gone wrong. Multiple components could have been destroyed or any one of m
i have a toshiba satellite l300 it goes off when i connect charger. when the system is off or no use then the battery gets charge without any problem even works very fine on battery. please guide in which section may be the problem on motherboard.
I have recently made a Pickit2 clone programmer on bread borad from the following link Microchip PICKIT 2 Clone - schematic+PCB (PROTEUS) - Sonsivri I program the uC from Pickit2 from some institute, when i attectched the programmer to USB some time it says "USB doe
I had started troubleshooting the capacitors on the motherboard and found c512 to pulsate rapidly when checking resistance during voltage rise on the charge cycle. I never seen a capacitor do this in all my years as a technician. My only problem now is finding out what value of capacitance C512 is? I do not have a schematic. Can anyone tell me wha
If you are trying to control a normal CPU fan, designed to connect to a PC motherboard, then that circuit won't work. The fan is not voltage controlled, it is PWM (pulse-width modulated) controlled. You need to make a PWM controller - there are many examples if you search google, here is one that's about as simple as you will find:
Hello! Yes, it's possible. I made a motherboard, and used a sensor at the end of a 1m cable, and I was driving the whole stuff at 12.5Mz. However, it will depend on the max frequency of the slaves. As it was a sensor, it was mostly reception. Sending data of course was used to tune the sensor's internal registers. Dora.