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Robotman now that I know you use to design motherboards I know you can help me. I am basically designing a 486 embedded system for mainly educational purpose, (never design a PC motherboard and want to try it). I have choosen to use the 82c206 multifuction chip for interrupts, timer, dma, and rtc. My problem is that it runs at 8mhz (roughly
hello, could you give me some PC motherboard schematic and layout,or some linkers about these, I learn to design a board some function of schematic are very similar with it. so please help me thank you
I am looking for P4 or Athelon motherboard schematic, Also do you know how many AMPs cpu needs in its normal operation and from which voltage source it is provided, I mean from +5 or +15 or +3.3v?
Hello I searching for Dell M1330 Model:PP25L schematic of motherboard because my mobo is dead and I want to repair it. If someone know what are parameters of R010 please inform me because I want to buy it and change it. Another thing what I searching for are fuses on this boards how can I search for it's on this mobo.
For Sale Laptop motherboard Schematic Diagram Acer :- Aspire :- 4810-5810, Acer 4520, 3690, 5105, 8730, 7738G_DDR3, 5930G, 6935, 6920, 7520/5520/5220, 5510, 5670, 6530ZK3, 7100, TM2440 - AS3640, TM4220_AS5600, 1670, 4262, 7520, 4262, 7520, 3680 ASUS :- ASUS_Z84FM, ASUS_Z62HA, ASUS_Z62H, ASUS_T76S ASUS_F9S, ASUS
I am loocking for schematics to a KT400 dragon lite. Any help would be great !
Need Intel DG41RQ motherboard schematics.Please help
Are you referring to personal-computer (PC) motherboards, or general motherboard (incl. mechanical design) concepts involving e.g. mezzanine and similar expandable/stackable-card system design? Intel used to provide reference designs for their commercial PC chipsets - I used them years ago for helping debug with a PCI add-in card development proje
IF you buy a brand new motherboard the manual is already there. Ask to the dealer were you bougth that unit.If not, specify us the name of the motherboard
Intel has the motherboard manual and other user information at - There's no schematic, but there is a drawing of the board identifying all the various connectors, bios settings, etc.
Hay all, Can anyone help me I am really in need of A Schematic for a Dell latitude D800 motherboard Type DDQ12 LA-1901 DELL D800
I have problem with intel d845 (motherboard). I need schematics diagram if anyone have,please help. Thanks
I mean, is it humanly possible to use a fast RAM module like DDR2 typically used for PCs properly plugged into a homebuild PCB? I need a fast way to write some digital data coming from an input source of my circuit into the RAM, and then be able to read the content of it from another homemade circuit. Is this possible? How can I do that? And al
i have hcl p28 laptop for repairing need schematic diagram schematics about this thing is hard to find. Manufacturers of motherboards, laptops, and such things... never give circuits of their products. Be carefull this motherboard is multislice maybe 15 layers! You need hot air solder station, good flux and other
Hello Freinds I need schematic diagram's for new motherboards supoorted for core i3 , i5 or i7 processor's. PLZ help Me out. thank you very much.
my laptop works normally when not plug in, but when i plug my charger, it shuts is a toshiba satellite A300 model..pls help..
I need schematic for Asus P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard. Thanks
For repairing a PC motherboard , is a Oscilloscope or a logic analyzer more suited ?
Where BSDL files can be found for AMD & Intel Flash devices ? I need to repair a BIOS Flash chip on a PC motherboard, which got erased by the CIH virus ....
Hi, Are you Asking for papers, PCB or schematics for motherboards? or you want to design your own mother board? Regards, Carlos
hi. As i heard, most of the companies, especially the big ones separate the schematics and the pcb design for different people. why is it? -because it worked 30 years ago with simplier circuits? -because it works very well? (I dont think so) -because the managers want to separate the required knowledge between employees, to easily replace
Hi, There are lots of programmers for this chip. The determining factor of which to build is whether you have a dedicated parallel port available or not. USB to parallel port adapters will not work. You need a parallel port on the motherboard. If so, then is one example of a simple DYI programmer.
hi whats the difference between Concept HDL and Capture CIS? for complex high speed designs, is the concept hdl better? why? i saw some intel motherboard reference designs in capture cis (orcad .dsn files).
Hi Iouri, I work in a little company which designs in the first place video IP cores for TV and professional video applications. We also offer implementation to schematics and PCB design of our IP cores. These boards (a motherboard and an add-on card) are our first prototype and strictly video oriented to develop, test, and show IP cores or qui
I blew up my VCR dv output by wrong connection to computer (firewire cable plugged in computer otherwise). I have panasonic nvds29ege service manual, but there is not published the main c.b.a. schematic diagram because they write that the motherboard is not serviceable in component level. I don't think so, but without scheme it is not so easy. Is a
i have a toshiba satellite l300 it goes off when i connect charger. when the system is off or no use then the battery gets charge without any problem even works very fine on battery. please guide in which section may be the problem on motherboard.
Dear All, Hello ! I am looking for a solution to a dead HP DV6-1235ee laptop with the following motherboard:Foxconn ML1-H94V-0E253117 168UT30001-094D Quanta UT3 schematics PU1:: ISL6262 PU2:: RT8206B PU3:: 8119LN PU4:: P2805 PU5:: ISL6251 some of the voltages I measured: DC jack = 19.93V +VA =
Any chance to get the schematics for the HP pavilion zd8000 ? The motherboard seems to got a spill and a thorough cleaning made no changes. It turns on all leds but does not start at all. Thanks in advance.
oh my *** lolls.. what you are thinking ? You thought motherboard can run good without io controller which have 128 legs. i am just experiment about it.............i have no option, few of tracks are broken(due to rust):cry: - - - Updated - - - I NEED ITS schematics VERY BADLY