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Robotman now that I know you use to design motherboards I know you can help me. I am basically designing a 486 embedded system for mainly educational purpose, (never design a PC motherboard and want to try it). I have choosen to use the 82c206 multifuction chip for interrupts, timer, dma, and rtc. My problem is that it runs at 8mhz (roughly
For Sale Laptop motherboard Schematic Diagram Acer :- Aspire :- 4810-5810, Acer 4520, 3690, 5105, 8730, 7738G_DDR3, 5930G, 6935, 6920, 7520/5520/5220, 5510, 5670, 6530ZK3, 7100, TM2440 - AS3640, TM4220_AS5600, 1670, 4262, 7520, 4262, 7520, 3680 ASUS :- ASUS_Z84FM, ASUS_Z62HA, ASUS_Z62H, ASUS_T76S ASUS_F9S, ASUS
Acer notebook motherboard schematics:
I am looking for P4 or Athelon motherboard schematic, Also do you know how many AMPs cpu needs in its normal operation and from which voltage source it is provided, I mean from +5 or +15 or +3.3v?
Hello guys, I've read through the thread and cannot find the links for the motherboard schematics... I also have a Dell M1330 that went dead, and is out of warranty. I am pretty sure that if I find out which capacitor died I can replace it, but the motherboard schematic would cut a lot of the work from the job. Also, since
I am loocking for schematics to a KT400 dragon lite. Any help would be great !
Need Intel DG41RQ motherboard schematics.Please help
Are you referring to personal-computer (PC) motherboards, or general motherboard (incl. mechanical design) concepts involving e.g. mezzanine and similar expandable/stackable-card system design? Intel used to provide reference designs for their commercial PC chipsets - I used them years ago for helping debug with a PCI add-in card development proje
Dear All, I will continue to post x86 motherboard layouts, schematics (full) and related designs. This is for education purposes only and should not be used for commercial purposes. 1. Mobile Atom Solo Processor for Mini-ITX Form Factor with Intel 945GSE Express Chipset (Prototype schematics as Reference Design) See Attac
Hay all, Can anyone help me I am really in need of A Schematic for a Dell latitude D800 motherboard Type DDQ12 LA-1901 DELL D800
I have problem with intel d845 (motherboard). I need schematics diagram if anyone have,please help. Thanks
i have hcl p28 laptop for repairing need schematic diagram schematics about this thing is hard to find. Manufacturers of motherboards, laptops, and such things... never give circuits of their products. Be carefull this motherboard is multislice maybe 15 layers! You need hot air solder station, good flux and other
Hello Freinds I need schematic diagram's for new motherboards supoorted for core i3 , i5 or i7 processor's. PLZ help Me out. thank you very much.
I need schematic for Asus P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard. Thanks
For repairing a PC motherboard , is a Oscilloscope or a logic analyzer more suited ?
I'm looking for the schematics of the probes of two logic analyzers: 1) HP6315 2) Dolch LAM 4850A does someone has it ? thx proton
i uploaded some pic programmer schematics that i found from some sites i wish they will be usefull for you. fm/digitallan/pic digi...
hi could you any1 look some part from gigabyty ga-686 slot1 (or similar) motherboard. parts location is right upper corner and it is square with 3 legs and attached through board with screw. now i would like to know letters and numbers from this part.
I'm searcing theory and working schematics for sabj, can anybody help me?
Hi, i need schematics / docu and tutorials for good input stages for oscilloscopes in the range up from sevreal 10 MHz to 200 - 300 MHz. Please help me ! best jk
Anyone having schematics of an USB to RS-232 adapter? I need it for my laptop.
Need, schematics and pcb and chips, links please help me
Does anyone have any schematics for PAL-M to NTSC and PAL-B to NTSC transcoders? I'm looking for such schematics for ages, but had no luck finding them. Any help would be appreciated. Alex
Hi all I've a problem capturing schematics to PCB in proteus pro (ISIS->ARES) I cant import a netlisting from ISIS to ARES. Really i can import the components from schematic to pcb design but i cant keep wires and connections. Why? I want make a schematic in ISIS, and get its PCB in ARES. I generate the netlist to ARES, but as i said, it on
I'm looking for schematics and source code PIC for Dejan-Box to connect nokia phones. Anyone knows about?
hallo, have anyone tipps for pic and midi connection? thanks, simba111
good friends, I got a ddb project in prot*l, schematics + pcb, but I'd like to import the schematics in orc*d 9. Does someone knows how to do it ? thx proton
If someone like (or need) valves unit schematics. look
Here is the second file of the complete archive.... Enjoy PS Can this give me some point? Uploaded file: Marshall schematics.r00
Where can i find schematics or documents related to 24x or 24xx DSP's i would really apreacite a schematic.
Where can i find schematics or documents related to 24x or 24xx DSP's i would really apreacite a schematic.
Hi, Where can i find the Elvis programmer schematics (program all card GOLD-PICCARD2-FUNCARDS) ? Thanks
Hi guys! I'm looking for any schematic, pcb etc about metal detector. Only thing I need is a WORKING CIRCUIT. I anybody know where to find it, please tell to me. I´m looking metal detector schematics, pcb's theory, or any related thing, specially any circuit easy to make it.
Hello, Is there anyone who could help me and find the schematics of a clarion pe 695 car radio. Thanx
have anybody been involved in designing a PRBS generator above 500 Mbps for test and measurement equipment for optical communications? i want to design a 2.5 Gbps PRBS (2^7-1), but none experience in this field yet... any schematics, links or tips about this welcome! regards, rfmw
Hello Anyone as PSoC ICE and pod schematics ? Thanks
hi. i do not find in www. i need barcode schematics(660mm red led,detectors). who. please help me. :( :( :( :(
hi all, I'm looking for schematics of a Philips Ktv, model 21GR2751/20B. I believe it has a 'G90B'chassis. I cannot find it on the internet nor in any forum. Please give address or URL of a scanned image. thanks! lody
I need links for schematics for a pH water meter for aquariums thank you
Does anyone have the schematics for Compaq Armada E500 battery? Or at least how it communicate with the notebook? Thanks
Looking for Atmel's stk500 Starter Kit's schematics.
Hello everybody does anybody know a good solution to project an embedded Modem connected to a regular UART (with handshakings) or RS232. schematics appreciated. :D thanks in advance Marcelo
Hi all, I'm interested in building a compact MP3 player and are therfore looking for some schematics (including programming files for used FPGA / MCU) that allows to clone the player :lol: Thanks in advance for any constructive suggestion, Maddin
Anyone has a modern telephone circuit schematics, no transformer. as small as possible? thanks ahgu
Hallo, I would like to ask, if anybody has information (schematics, hex-files, ...) for the MPLAB ICE 2000. Is there any possibility to clone this device, for example. thanks a lot for all you idears... salamander >>> Sorry, for my bad english
Hi, Does anybody have the schematics to eZdsp F2812 for TMS320F2812 from Spectrum Digital? - Jayson
Someone may find this link useful. It has a lot of helpful schematics including : Power Amplifiers and Accessories Preamps and Accessories Crossovers and Effects Power Supplies Musical Instrument Mixers, Meters, etc. Digital Audio Applications Test Equipment Microphones and mic preamps Miscellaneous Lighting H**p://sound.westhos
Hi Information on waveforms and any schematics or design is needed. (a medical instrument)
Hi More than 1600 schematics links on this page : :idea:
|schematics of radios. Programming soft.