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Hello, Here's one more component looking to identity: H116124 motorola Transistor: Numbers: E5742 940 Should I assume this is the same as this? MJE5742 Thanks again for all the help! Greatly appreciated.. Ken
Your schematic is wrong (you missed some key components). You may encounter parasitic triac turn-on when switching on the mains. This is the complete schematic from the MOC3021 datasheet: 114434
Hi guys, Would anybody help me find some materials on designing motorola SRAM (MCM69F737) in Altium Designer? Even basic implementation circuit diagram can help me a lot. Thanks
MH I think is motorola IC.
Hi everyone, I'm building a benchtop power supply using the MC1466L. motorola discontinued these years ago, but I found some of these on ebay. I could use some help choosing the correct transistors for the output stage. The output wil be 0-30V at 0-2.5A . May build another up to 5 or 10A later. According to datasheet for MC1466, the output amp
MOC3041 has inbuilt zero crossing detor ckt. it'll trigger the TRIAC when the supply crossing zero (zero volt switching). If u r trying for phase angle contro method u need to use MOC3021. Ref: use the ckt on pg no. 4 includes a capacitor which will act as snubber will give be
I am trying to set up a a 4-bit binary counter to rest at count ten. Since I didn't have LS390' I had to create a condition rest clock made from an AND gate chip. First I used one gate to get triggered when Qc and Qa where active. However when I do this it only
Here is what the datasheet says about the processor that you can use... The VPC3+C has a parallel 8-bit interface with an 11-bit address bus. The VPC3+C supports all 8-bit processors and microcontrollers based on the 80C51/52 (80C32) from Intel, the motorola HC11 family, as well as 8- /16- bit processors or microcontrollers from th
Check which offers reading and programming services for old motorola processors.
Hi, all. I have an IC produced by motorola. I wrote the all texts on it to below. SC85297P MIC-1 A95E8940 my question is, what is this? is this a microcontroller or something and how can i get its datasheet. thanks...
= 5V 100mA Some circuits that are not pin-for-pin compatible
Looks like a mistake in that datasheet (bad motorola!). Check the truth table on the following page though - it tells the truth. The '240 has both active low enables. Also check TI's - it is correct:
It depends of the complexity of the implemented slave and what options you want it to support... While the actual functionality of SPI is simple - it has A LOT of operation modes. Did you read the datasheet (motorola/freescale)?
Hi, It depends on your circuit configuration. But I think the best thing is to use an MOC3021. That makes driving easy and provides isolation as well. MOC3021 datasheet Hope this helps. Tahmid.
I need motorola 185 M9627 NPN bipolar power transistor datashhet or at least basic info like Hfe, Vceo, Pd, Ic, etc... Tanks, Fernando
I am looking for a datasheet of EUB0002B. But ı can't. If anyone has, please send me.
Hello, I am looking for a datasheet for the MSD701R from motorola. I searched the Internet but no succes yet. Can anybody help me with this or point me to a place where i can find the datasheet. Thank you and best regards, Wamor
You need a mixer that supports near DC on RF input as the one below. The topology will be: Low Pass Filter, Mixer, LO (LO=IF-150Hz; IF can be anywhere in the mixer range), IF filter, IF Amplifier, etc.
MRF422 is a 150W/28V transistor. From motorola datasheet looks that it has approximately -36dBc at 130W but supplied at +28V. I don’t think there will be more than 6dB degradation if you supply at +24V, but have to retune the output match for best IM3. Also try to increase a little bit the Icq quiescent current.
hi all, I would like to redesign a analogue circuit but de transistor is obsolete. Wich on i can use instide of BFS17R (Vishay) MMT 3960 (motorola) thanks in advance
motorola MC1496 datasheet contains all you need.
It has been introduced by motorola/Freescale. Thus regarding SPI terminology, e.g. mode definition, their device data sheets should be used as a primary reference. I'm not aware of a general specification document, as Philips has published for I2C.
Hi- I'm using a motorola DSP. I want to use the 74HC595 for serial in-->parallel out to create more outputs from less DSP pins. Thanks to CTownsend for this suggestion on another thread. :D There are some things I don't understand from datasheet 74HC595 1. VCC supply- ca
I guess this is a non-official motorola IC..Custom design or a similar thing.. Produced in Malaysia in 1980 wk21
hello, can anyone send me motorola IDE68k data sheet..or where can i find it?
I had a new motorola cell phone but unfortunately it is now dead because my wife throw it and missed my head :) , I wonder how I can use its color lcd display for some project. So how to run big color cellular lcd displays, any info is appriciated...
Hi there, I try to find the datasheet of this mysterious chip but I can't. Does anybody knows somethind what is it, is there any datasheet thanks.
The logo sounds like a Fairchild transistor. However, there is an old motorola transistor that matches your description. It was BD415, and you can find some data for it at :
Hi friends I want to research on video adapter board and graphic cards I want to know how it work and what is the circuit block diagram i think that board base motorola MC6845 (CRT controller) is good point to start this article,i attach it's datasheet with this point Thanks :!::?: mohsen
Somebody has documentation (manufacturer, interface, protocol, etc) on camera used in some of this cellular motorola? V3 V300 V500 V500 V525 V600 Tks Edson
Hello, I have got a piece of assembly code of motorola 68HC05P1/P9 microcontroller. I have found out the meaning of different instructions from the datasheet. Now i need to find out the meaning of statements like: 1. IR_Input equ !5 2. T_500 equ $A2 3. Key0 equ %1111 4. ADD #!03 5. LDX #5
GSM Modem: + Telit GM862 GPRS +WaveCom Q2501 +motorola G20 +Simcom All modem use AT command, and can connecting to microcontroler through UART. Best Regard.
MBC13720 LNA has only unbalanced output, when MC13192 transceiver has differential RF input (to use a differential antenna). You can use a balun between LNA output and transceiver input, and keeps the output match recommended by motorola in the MBC13720 datasheet. The balun could be microstrip like this Atmel design:
mtv112 datasheet attached mn32 Search Results Part Number = MN32 Manufacturer Name = motorola Description = Ge PNP Power BJT V(BR)CBO (V) = 30 I(C) Abs.(A) Collector Current = 3.0 I(CBO) Max. (A) = 3.0m h(FE) Min. Static Current Gain = 30 h(FE) Max. Current gain. = 70 @I(C) (A) (Test Condition) = .50 @V(CE) (V) (Test Condition) = 12
Would be hard to find a Spice model for this high power transistor to put into a simulator, but probably not impossible. Usually the manufacturer post in the datasheet only the Series Equivalent Input?Output Impedance at maximum output power, to help finding the matching components.
Hello All, I am looking for a datasheet for a motorola device that I think is a microcontroller. The numbers on the device are SC80575VFN 4632459 C96N9331 and JENXQ. There is also a motorola "M" on the device. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I Need motorola Manual or datasheet or tech. Specs or any info. for the following " motorola T99 DX + 147W - ASTRO " it is two way radio fixed telephone ........... thx for any help bye
There is an old applicaton note from motorola at this address: is the fifth item with the following title: AN267 Application Note Matching Network Designs with Computer Solutions It is quite useful for your needs. Mandi
Hey i'm looking for datasheet motorola satellite series 9522 L-band tranceiver any information can help
Hi All, I need advice about programming this motorola chips. I've made a programmer as per application note AN2317 and chip datasheet . I use Vtst and external 9.8304mhz. Also using P&E programmer 2.05 software with algorithm 1.20 for QT/QY. I have the following problem... I can enter monitor mode , erase, check, but get an error when
Hi, i'm looking for a datasheet of a motorola bluetooth modul: BT0352A108 A picture is attached. regards revolt
Try to follow the motorola recommendations what they have in the datasheet. Usually they are very good in these specifications.
This file contains Motorols dsp56800 family: Block diagram, Registers,Interrupts,clocks,SSi&Codec,Assembly Language,ect. And useful links to some manual & datasheets.
24-Bit Audio Digital Signal Processor
I neew datasheet for motorola MC6805 p,p2
I am looking for datasheet of TP251 trasistor from motorola. Anyone? thanks, pool_77
Here you are, it's equivalent/Pin Compatible with motorola's:
did you go to motorola web site?
Don't know if this helps. Enigma460