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I am looking for a datasheet of EUB0002B. But ı can't. If anyone has, please send me.
Hello, anyone knows what is the lowest power supply for Motor0la pressure sensors MPX2xxx ? In the datasheet, there is mentioned Vs=10V, but according to other app. notes, it is possible to use these sensors with Vs=5V, 8V, 3V etc. I would like to know if I can use 2.5V.
Can please somebody help me ? The motorola Hp contains nothing ! Thank you very much Regards
Don't know if this helps. Enigma460
Obviously he tried alread since he said "motorola"... only pinouts though...
I need the MC145453 lcd driver datasheet from motorola (not the MM145453 from Fairchild). Could anyone help, please? :o
I am looking for datasheet of TP251 trasistor from motorola. Anyone? thanks, pool_77
I neew datasheet for motorola MC6805 p,p2
Anyone have identification- datasheet of ic 5220 made by mitsubishi...dual or mono-opamp ...needed for replacement with a better specs. BurrBrown or AnalogeDevice type...... any ideas,sites...Max Do you think the pin configuration is similar to EL5220 from Intersil?
i'm using microcontroller motorola 68HC908JK3 in an HVAC applictaion lately I faced a big problem regarding saving data on the flash during the run time program. I couldn?t emulate the flash as eeprom . I read the application note AN2183 and AN2346 and AN1831 they are very complicated and not well organized . in most of the other controllers like
Hi, i'm looking for a datasheet of a motorola bluetooth modul: BT0352A108 A picture is attached. regards revolt
Hey i'm looking for datasheet motorola satellite series 9522 L-band tranceiver any information can help
I Need motorola Manual or datasheet or tech. Specs or any info. for the following " motorola T99 DX + 147W - ASTRO " it is two way radio fixed telephone ........... thx for any help bye
Hello All, I am looking for a datasheet for a motorola device that I think is a microcontroller. The numbers on the device are SC80575VFN 4632459 C96N9331 and JENXQ. There is also a motorola "M" on the device. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I'm designing a simple FM transmitter using the MC2833 chip. The datasheet for this IC can be found HERE . I've designed my own filter and audio amplifier. All i need to figure out is how to input my audio signal to the chip, use the Oscillator and FM modulator and the
Somebody has documentation (manufacturer, interface, protocol, etc) on camera used in some of this cellular motorola? V3 V300 V500 V500 V525 V600 Tks Edson
Download the data sheet at Go to page 8 of data sheet and read! On page 4 there is the timing of motorola/Intel bus type
Hi friends I want to research on video adapter board and graphic cards I want to know how it work and what is the circuit block diagram i think that board base motorola MC6845 (CRT controller) is good point to start this article,i attach it's datasheet with this point Thanks :!::?: mohsen
Hi there, I try to find the datasheet of this mysterious chip but I can't. Does anybody knows somethind what is it, is there any datasheet thanks.
Hi All, Any body know replacement of transistor motorola MJ 15004 use TO3 package model ? Thanks in advance
I had a new motorola cell phone but unfortunately it is now dead because my wife throw it and missed my head :) , I wonder how I can use its color lcd display for some project. So how to run big color cellular lcd displays, any info is appriciated...
hello, can anyone send me motorola IDE68k data sheet..or where can i find it?
MRF422 is a 150W/28V transistor. From motorola datasheet looks that it has approximately -36dBc at 130W but supplied at +28V. I don’t think there will be more than 6dB degradation if you supply at +24V, but have to retune the output match for best IM3. Also try to increase a little bit the Icq quiescent current.
Hello, I am looking for a datasheet for the MSD701R from motorola. I searched the Internet but no succes yet. Can anybody help me with this or point me to a place where i can find the datasheet. Thank you and best regards, Wamor
I need motorola 185 M9627 NPN bipolar power transistor datashhet or at least basic info like Hfe, Vceo, Pd, Ic, etc... Tanks, Fernando
It is too new for my old motorola databooks, I think. Sorry. Keith
Search Results motorola M952 Transistor 2N592 NOS Transistor Ampex - JEDEC Transistor Cross Reference 2N592 Ampex Transistor Cross Reference 014-214 transistors_2N 2N592 Ge pnp 125mW 20V
Hi, all. I have an IC produced by motorola. I wrote the all texts on it to below. SC85297P MIC-1 A95E8940 my question is, what is this? is this a microcontroller or something and how can i get its datasheet. thanks...
Check which offers reading and programming services for old motorola processors.
Hello, I find different datasheets for the 74ls240 chip. The differences are in the enable inputs, in some datasheets (eg motorola) one of the two inputs are non inverted, whereas in some other both are inverted. In the datasheets that one of the two is non-inverted, the truth table does not cope with it. Please advise me (...)
Hi guys, I need to program only 50 bytes on a smart card , but i found only a very complex smart card type in ISO7816 protocol !!!!! Where can I found a software routine in assembler for motorola 68hc908 microcontroller to program this type of card ???? Or is it possible to found another type of smart card in I2c protocoll ??? Thank you
I think what you mean is for full development with specific DSP Hardware. You may need more than MATLAB to do this work. I mean you may need more toolboxes for filter design and that is the target device such as TI DSP BOARD and motorola DSP BOARD. You also need Real-Time Workshop, DSP and some toolboxes. Then, the Filter design code or
Try Hitachi microcontrollers (H8, in example) or motorola (DragonBall, PowerPC). This controllers are better, faster and easier to programm than 80186. Also they have more peripherals. I don't know any compiller for Hitachi, but for motorola you may use CodeWarrior - this is very good compiller. I've used Am188 (80186 from AMD) and (...)
Hi everybody! I'm trying to find a replacement for this obsolete motorola's RF transistor. I don't have this part's datasheet either, so I can't work on the replacement search. Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks in avance
Most likely this will work in your design. Use motorola zero cross over optically isolated triac. I am not sure but MOC3041 and others are the IC numbers. They come in different voltage ratings and they are very cheap.
motorola have excellent devices a low cost! check now: The typical price is: $4.60 gorkin
mpx4115ap is a good start (motorola pressure sensor) it outputs between 0.2 and 4.8 volts from 150mbar to 1150mbar you only need to give it 5V
Its not a easy question to answer, it depends entirely of which processor you are using. You have to search in the datasheet/manuals for the specific processor you are interested in. Most of the manufactures specify how many clock cycles is takes to execute an instruction. For the Coldfire for example, you find this information in the ColdFire
24-Bit Audio Digital Signal Processor
This file contains Motorols dsp56800 family: Block diagram, Registers,Interrupts,clocks,SSi&Codec,Assembly Language,ect. And useful links to some manual & datasheets.
Does anyone knows the specifications of this MOSFET? What equivalents or where to find mor info? It is made by motorola, it is a plastic package and the prints display: DE 9640 MTW 32N20E in three lines as indicated above. I guess it is a 200 volts at 32Amps but just guessing Thank you in advance Platonas
can anybody tell me where is the gnd pin of mc68hc11a1p microcontroller by motorola............searched the datasheet but to no avail.thanx
Try to follow the motorola recommendations what they have in the datasheet. Usually they are very good in these specifications.
Hi ! The simplest way to do this is using a linear voltage regulator as 7805 (from National/motorola/Fairchild etc) device. It will regulate the output voltage to 5V @1A. This device has only 3 terminals (Vin, GND and Vout) and needs only a bypass capacitor in output (100nF). Another option is the LM317 (adjustable regulator), also for 1A,
You have several drivers from Maxim, motorola, Philips, Microchip... Did you consider use of SPI and not only I2C... What is the power consumption of your relays? Regards!
Hi All, I need advice about programming this motorola chips. I've made a programmer as per application note AN2317 and chip datasheet . I use Vtst and external 9.8304mhz. Also using P&E programmer 2.05 software with algorithm 1.20 for QT/QY. I have the following problem... I can enter monitor mode , erase, check, but get an error when
Hello! I'm trying to build the GBDSO (gameboy oscilloscope). For this reason I need the motorola MC33182D, which is obsolete. The datasheet can be found at: Is there any other chip with the same specifications? I have no experience in solving such problems. Regards,
There is an old applicaton note from motorola at this address: is the fifth item with the following title: AN267 Application Note Matching Network Designs with Computer Solutions It is quite useful for your needs. Mandi
motorola has DSP chips optimized for use in power supplies. Try this link: I hope that this helps. bimbla.