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Hello Guys, I bought a dual J-K flip flop; HD74LS3AP and I was wondering how can I use it for my sound following/obstacle avoiding robot. I have decided to use three microphones, compare the voltage of the 3 microphones and the output of an obstacle avoiding device(haven't yet chosen one) and the hbridges of the motors will get the suitable
The vibrate motords use 90mA. But the outputs of an LM3915 has a max output of about only 30mA each. The motors might not start running on such a low current and the LM3914 will get very hot.
I've never tried what your doing but understand how motors work, it sound's like your not driving the transistors hard enough. What does the voltage drop down to when you place your fingers on the motor. Plus how are you controling the transistor's, What's the bse voltage drop to at the same time sorry cant be more of an help
sound like he is trying to control the high current paths to the motors... That´s exacly the reason. The most critical buses ( Analog / RF / Power / uC ) are generally geometrically separated to avoid induced currents. However remains the need to keep them connected in order to don´t loss 0v (GND) reference.