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hi i want to program an lcd with the pic18f family but with c compiler (may be mplab) lcd module has sed13305 compliant lcd controller, i found some software, best of them is easygui program but it is too expensive for me. is there any other software like this and cheap or how can i make a gui program for my (...)
Im using mplab IDE to compile my program. i tried changing the above mentioned by jayanth. but it is still the same.. 84021
Am very new to PIC programing and want to display a very simple message on 20x4lcd. Am using PIC16877A with mplab Hi-Tech C compiler my code are demonstrated below :-( void main(void) { init_IO(); // initialize the Input and Output of PIC16F877A pin lcd_clr(); //clear (...)
Finally I choose MikroC to to some Research... and finally had done something.. Let me show you this in this PIC 64164 This is what i had done, and due to this i have some more knowledge, but i want to make my own functions to use it with Hi-Tech C and mplab Hope i will start this from tomorrow onwards..
Hi, it looks like project configuration and search directories problem. Look here: (mplab IDE) Project -> Build Options -> Project -> Directories. Another thing may be localisation of the files in directories and include defs: #include "..\" vs #include "" Good look :) Mariusz
hi! plz guide me in mplab coding. tell me how to display a mesage on lcd through coding in mplab and its interface in proteous????????
Hi! I searched for many codes for lcd displays which is written using mplab in the internet. But most of them don't work for me. I even tried the example given by Microchip ( ) The only one that worked for me was the following one. 98276 But I cannot use a string array
Hi Guys, I want to learn how to interface a PIC16F690 with Liquid Crystal Display using C language in mplab. I've been searching the internet and used the search engines but no one has posted regarding how to start with lcd interfaced in to the PIC16F690. These are the links to some searches that I find helpful quiet a little but still I don't un
Hi; MikroC for PIC has a PS2 and also an lcd library too: And there is my PS2 simulator library for Proteus (with example projects), while this is just for a PIC16 (for now) and in mikroC, not in mplab, sorry. But you can use the free compiler too.
Hello Gurus, I am using PIC16F877 in mplab IDE 7.60, using Hitech C Compiler and mplab ICD debugger. Now I want to display 10 bit ADC output in float point on 16x2 lcd. I am getting ADC output in HEX and by modulo division method I am getting individual decimal value and storing it in one array. In array I am getting exact decimal (...)
Hello i would like to convert a mikro code to mplab with Compilr C30 that display a parameter in a lcd with the pic24f This is a project in MikroC that works with pic18f. please help me thanks in advace
hi all i have an 320x240 lcd that has a builtin sed1335 controller and i have to control it with pic18f6520 mplab c18. I want to write its program with c but can be assembly i cannot manage the initialization code that lcd displays nothing anyone has a sample code for that ? Thanx MeCeX
Hi there, I am building up a sensor project, but i am new in this area. I have choosen SHT75 2-in-1 Relative Humidity & temperature sensor. With PIC16F628 I am using as the microcontroller. I use mplab together with Hi-tech C Pic C lite as the compilers which is compatible with C. The last part is too show the measurements in a Char
I'm using mplab IDE V7.20 when I include "lcd.c" it generate error during make: Error C:\HT-PIC\samples\lcd\lcd.obj 24 : multiply defined symbol: _lcd_init (C:\HT-PIC\samples\lcd\lcdtest.obj) Error C:\HT-PIC\samples\lcd\lcd.obj 24 : (...)
Hi. Plaes show me a sample for writing on lcd whit mplab (asm). Thanks
hi there, I need your help. I need simple code for PIC16F84 & lcd 2 X 16. I have also 4MHz crystal connected to the same chip. I want to use all 8-bits to connect them to that PIC16f84. The problem that I can't add any extra parts accept some capcitors and resistors. I'm looking forward to see your feedback. I have mplab wh
hello, i'm trying to do digital clock project. can anyone give me the source code for interfacing DS1302 with PIC16f877A, then display the time to 2x16 lcd? i am using mplab IDE / Hi-Tech PIC C-Lite. thnx in advance
Because your lcd uses a standard Hitachi controller you can google out a heap of examples. Anyway, here is an excerpt from one of my commercial projects I've made in the past. It uses 16F877 MCU and 4-bit mode connected lcd with a standard Hitachi HD44780 controller. I also strongly recommend you to take a look at Application Maestro software n
Hello i am very new to pic programming, but i am trying to initialize a lcd using a pic16f84 series. can anybody help me to get the code please........ Thanks The lcd is : Samsung Ks0066u the compiler is : mplab Any help would be much appreciated
Hello All, I am working with a basic PIC microcontroller, and I have created my own user interface which performs actions for extra periperhal debugging such as for example,7-segments, keypad, lcd, etc.. I want to be able to during the DEBUGGING process in the mplab IDE, obtain the values from say for example PORTB register and set values to
Hi I am wondering if anybody has a source or sample code on interfacing lcd to pic 30F3012. I am using 8 by 2 char lines 8-bit lcd display from matrix orbital (lcd0821). I am also planning to compile it using mplab . Thanks.
I am trying to interface PIC 16877a with this lcd JHD162A. in mplab, the code is working nice but when connected to the lcd, it just light up with 1 row of black box. what can be the problem. this works with hitach lcd. any major difference with the two? any help is appreciated. thanks in advance
Here is it , use mplab to open
Hai Alsindi, please open the .asm file, enable the line ; __CONFIG h'3F31' by removing the semi-colon save the file in a location like c:\ call mplab select the device properly and then, project build it will save the hex file at c:\ with the same file name as asm use it to program the chip it works Sarma
Hi guys. I need your hlep badly with this. I have no idea in programming a 2x40 lcd USING PIC16F877 in mplab. And i need this program As Soon As Possible, can someone share even the simplest assembly program for 2x40 lcd that displays a single character. Please Help me with this......
Use the simulator coming with mplab from Microchip. Once you cycle through your software, you could se why / where it is wrong.
I'm using PIC18f452 using C language for my project. I want to display NMEA code from my Gps receiver (garmin) to the lcd via rs232. I write my code using mplab and simulate the project using Proteus but cant seem to get it working.Can some1 help me with the c
Hi friends , This is praveen from hyd, friends i need help in interfacing lcd with PIC 16f877 controller.I m fresher and learning controller programing using Hitech PIC C complier in mplab.Please help me in programing lcd interface and where can i get material so that i can develop programing skills Thankyou:D[/quo
Hi friends , This is praveen from hyd, friends i need help in interfacing lcd with PIC 16f877 controller.I m fresher and learning controller programing using Hitech PIC C complier in mplab.Please help me in programing lcd interface and where can i get material so that i can develop programing skills Thankyou:D
Hi guys, i need your help,how do i convert a hex to decimal using mplab assembly language? Added after 2 minutes: oh,forgot to mention. How do you convert FE to 254 with each digit in a different register?because i want to display it lcd
Same problem here. Does anyone now any sample code in asm. I'm using 16f887 I found only this: but mplab doesn't compile. And it doesn't have any schematic. it gives this error message: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Debug build
hello everyone! plz help in my project. I am trying to make an electronic lock. This Electronic Code Lock uses a 12-keys keypad that is used to enter a password and open an electric lock or any other device with a signal. Uses an 8-pin PIC 12F629. I thought of preparing it in mplab software. The problem is that i m completely new to pic microc
Equipment: PIC18F4520 MCU 2x8 lcd with HD44780 I am using Pickit2 to program the lcd in assembley language using mplab IDE. The project is to display my name on the lcd, any ideas on how to get started on this project? How to interface the two pieces of hardware would be much appreciated.
Equipment: PIC18F4455 MCU 4x20 lcd with HD44780 assembley language using mplab IDE. Helo I tray display integer value on lcd. I know, it`s only convert int to string and voila! but standard C++ convert procedures like ---> itoa doesn`t work. Any idea ? void main(void) { int k = 1234; TRISD = 0x00; //-- Port D as ou
Hai to all, The code below for an lcd with pic24fj64ga002 and mplab c30 compiler gives me an error as pic24lcd.c: In function 'cmd': pic24lcd.c:28: error: syntax error before numeric constant pic24lcd.c:32: error: syntax error before numeric constant pic24lcd.c: In function (...)
Hi every one, i need idea or if possible code. I need to display rtc value on lcd. i am using PIC16F877A and DS1307 series RTC and lcd JHD162A i am using mplab ide with hitechc c compiler I am attaching sorce code which i have written which make rtc run. #include extern void I2C_start(void); extern void I2C_stop(void); extern (...)
Hi,everyone I am using RTC DS1307 and interfacing with PIC16F877A .I dont no how to read RTC register value i.e.,date and time information on lcd.Help me out.If anyone possible give the source code in C. I am using mplab IDE with hitech C.
I am using mplab v8.10 and am trying to innitialise an lcd display and write something to it just to prove I have control pf it via the pic in 8 bit mode. It will bviously be part of a larger program eventualy and I have also written the program for A/D as shown. At the moment nothing appears on the lcd and I can see where in the program I (...)
Hi everyone... I need a code (mplab IDE) to program PIC18F4550 for graphical display and word at nokia 3310 lcd.. I do not have PIC BAsic Pro to test out the source attached here before.:cry: Help me please.... Rose
Hi, I have successfully working on PIC18F4520 with LED,lcd. But Now I have work on PIC12F508 with LED (but with Internal Oscillator) Can I check on configure->configuration bits setting in mplab Simulator? Thanks in Advance.. Karan
I want to connect LM35 temp sensor with pic 18f452 and display reading on lcd,when i simulate it on proteus i get strange symbols (like #,! etc) instead of reading of temp sensor . plz help ,my C coding in mplab is #include #define rs PORTBbits.RB0 #define rw PORTBbits.RB1 #define en PORTBbits.RB2 void lcdcmd( char ); (...)
Hi i am doing my engineering training and i have got one major project on interfacing lcd with 16 bit controller pic24fj128ga010..using mplab i have encounter the problem in coding, please help me out......i tried for this code, but its not working #include sfr ldata=0x00D0 sfr ldata=0x00C0; #define rs portD
hi! i need some help here. but i am new to C programming so i am stuck. i have a 4x4 matrix keypad which need to interface with the lcd. the lcd has 16 characters x 2 rows. my microcontroller is 18f452. i am using mplab to do the C programming. the lcd screen will first show command in both rows for user to input the (...)
Am using CCS C ,mplab and Proteus. Please explain me the steps to display the message "hello" on 2x16 lcd using pic16f877. I know the hardware configs... Just need to know about the files to be added in mplab during compiling and the file contents. Already tried many... useless... Further the none of my circuits are simulating on (...)
hai iam a new commer. please help me the pic programming to display the lcd i used 16f 877a pic .i write the lcd c languge program to display name and compile this build successful message is get . i used mplab ICD 3 to progam the ic but no matter display the lcd PL provid schematic
pic 16F877A, lcd no-JHD 162A,My programmer is mplab ICD 3,i used c langue
can anyone send to me the source code for digital alarm clock with alarm using PIC16f877a,ds1307 and lcd. i also need the schematic diagram for the circuit.i`m using mplab ide..thank you very much.
Hi, Which language and compiler are you using? Tahmid. Hi Tahmid, I'm using mplab C18 and programming in C language. Best regards Kabanga
hey there i really need help with this. im programming pic 18f4520 as volt ampmeter. as of now, i could display the voltage up to 12v without decimal point on the lcd. e.g 8.45v is = to 845v on the lcd screen. i really need to put the decimal point so that the reading would be more accurate. here' my code. im using mplab v7.6 c18 (...)
Hi, You wanted to use assembly, which is a low-level language. mikroBASIC is a compiler/IDE which uses the high-level language BASIC. If it is okay for you to program with BASIC(mikroBASIC) instead of assembly(mplab), then I can help you as codes for assembly are quite large and mikroBASIC has functions made for lcd and Keypad. Hope this