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i have a photodiode with a multimode fibre pigtail. however, most of the devices in my lab have single mode fibre configuration. is it ok for me to use them together? please help. thanks cray
Hello everybody, I am trying to simulate a microwave oven. Since the entrance to the chamber might have multiple modes, i want to use a multimode waveport. I saw the option to check "multi mode" but then i have to insert the integration (...)
what is difference between single-mode and multi-mode shortform UIMID?
Can someone please explain multi-mode CTS is done? Wouldn't there be impossible situations too where balancing in one mode breaks the other? What would happen then? To simplify my understanding, can someone explain with this example - Assume there are two functional modes mode1 and (...)
How to partition design for multi-VDD low power?
HI Do we need seperate sdc's for doing multimode multi corner sdc or we can merge sdc and run the P & R. Suppose we have funcitonal and Scan mode. And these modes are both operating at different frequencies. SO during optimization how tool decides (...)
on what basis MMMC can be created? maximum how many corners a design can have?
Hi, I need the following paper: "multi-Stage, multi-Way Microstrip Power Dividers with Broadband Properties " Who can help me? thanks a lot.
A design of multi-stage, multi-way microstrip power dividers with broadband properties
Could someone tell me is there any pspise models for multi collector, multi emitter or not. If not, how should we connect discrete transistors to obtain an accuracy model. thankyou
Hi I have to implement multimode / multicorner in Magma for a particular unable to generate different timing reports after would be of great help to me if anyone could share abt this topic. Thanks inadvance
hi, my 2 cents, what do you mean by timing convergence, is it timing corelation? * how to model wireload models and achieve better correlation and a faster timing convergence after p&r stage. * how to model the onchip variations and what are the various variations to account for and how much percentage to apply and achieve timing (...)
hi can u help me in writing a c code for multi level multi access MAC protocol?
MMMC - multi mode multi corner. Design need to close in different modes (Func mode, Test modes,TFT,ATPG ,MBIST etc). multi corner. In Lower technology nodes, design need to close with (...)
GPS is not transmitting standard, it's just a GPS Receiver.. The other Tranceiver standards are using different modulation schemes and each standard has its own power levels,modulation scheme,data rate,time domain or frequency domain multiplexing.. etc etc.. You can not find a single device that performs all of those standards simultaneously.Each t
Dear all: I am studying the Synopsys "low power design flow". There are some questions list below need your help. 1. I create UPF file for Design Compiler to describe power domains of my design. One power domain (PD1) can be normal supplied or turned off, one domain (PD2) is always on but can be reduced voltage level when PD1 is
Thanks kssai, Is ther any ECO flow? What is multi mode/multi-vt designs and timing closure? Plz tell me about this concept? Din
multimode vs Monomode ----------------------------- I know that multimode optical fibers accept light rays with a wider range of acceptance angles than the monomode. Now for diff. wavelengths of light the relative refractive index varies and also do the (...)
excuse me,can you tell me what decide the multimode characteristic of quadrifilar helix antenna?is feed circuit network?if we feed fixed phase with 0 180 180 0,we would get different mode?thanks!
I hope to get some information about multi skirt antenna. I don't know the exact spell. It may be multi scot, multi scat, multi scott, and so on. I attach the shape I found and the directivity I want. The upper directivity graph is horizontal (...)
could anybody send books related to multi code multi carrier division multiple access(MC-MC-CDMA) AS IAM DOING PROJECT ON IT if possible matlab code... i have to find BER vs no of users,SNR of this and compare with single carrier CDMA,MC-CDMA
shahal, advanced STA questions will be more related to OCV (on chip variation ) , CPP ( common path pessimisim), how to calculate it...they will most likely draw a clk tree and a datapath , they will give you some values and will ask you to account for CPP and will ask you whether the given ckt meets timing or not ... there will be questions on
Hi When defining more than one mode for a port (say n modes), HFSS produces a nxn matrix for S parameters. how should I obtain the actual measured S11 parameter? clear?
Hello everyone, I am using the HFSS program to find the Q factor of a multi mode cavity. I saw that i can set the program to solve for multi modes but the results are "mode 1, mode2..." how do i know which actual mode each (...)
Is there any tutorial? Thanks very much.
This is the first time I've done CPS in any simulation software. So I'm not sure on ports. I have a section of CPS transmission line with a wave-port on each side, thick substrate, and no ground plane. In HFSS do I want to have my wave-port surround both traces and use two port modes? If so do I have the integration line be in the opposite directio
MCMM is only multi corner & multi mode, that's means, you indicate to the tool, all the combination (rc-library) where you want the tool check the setup and the hold time. OCV (On Chip Variation), just add more timing varation over the design, for all the MCMM, it it generally apply after (...)
Hello fellas, I wonder if there is a proper method to design a multi-focus (multi-beam) reflector (only for Rx purpose). I mean, is it possible to design it on a electromagnetic simulation software? In case of designing that kind of antenna, how could we define feed network? As you know there are tons of LNB's with (...)
When you said two libraries, I guess that is the same std cell but with two voltage characterization? yes, the same std cell operating at different PVT but not merely min/max libraries what I means is two voltage levels such as 3.3V for slow and 1.8V for fast mode If yes, during the synthesis and P
HI, all~! I have question when trying to run post-layout simulation. the design is sign-off under MCMM ( multi-corner multi-mode ) For each scenario, we can generate a particular sdf by PrimeTime. There comes a question: Do we have to generate each sdf under different scenario ? (...)
It's better for you to prepare two timing constraints ( common part and specific part ) for each scenarios. After that, MCMM ( multi-corner multi-mode ) is one of the way for your purpose. But for PrimeTime, you can analyze each timing respectively. One for 2:1 mode and the (...)
XFP MSA design for serial to serial connection. You can find the spac in . The connection that discribe in the spec can be optical (single mode or multi mode) and also by copper wire. If you need help to design 10GB/s on PCB I can help you. Send me E-mail
I'm a new comer to fiber optic cables field I face some expressions that I don not now what is the technical behind it as return loss, insertion loss, single mode, multi mode, ...etc. can any one help me to know more about the specs of fiber optic patch cord. thanks
Pls look at this ebook: Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications. Jia-Sheng Hong, M. J. Lancaster publishers: 2001 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBNs: 0-471-38877-7 (Hardback); 0-471-22161-9 (Electronic) Contents Preface xi 1. Introduction 1 2. Network Analysis 7 2.1 Network
The answer is NO. Fiber is basically classified into 3 groups: -Glass (silica) single-mode and multi-mode, -Plastic clad sillica (PCS), -Plastic. All of them are constructed in such a way that the light is reflected inside them at more then critical angles (light reflected at less than critical angle will be absorbed in (...)
i need also to simulate in 3d FDTD an optical fiber in multi-mode case so how can i find the update equations for multimode optical fiber in FDTD please help me regards
Hi, everyone, I am looking for the Fiber Collimator with competitive price. And it do not need a high specification, but have to be wavelength as: 532nm. Working distance: 10mm Insertion Loss: <1.0dB Return Loss: >30dB Fiber mode: multi-mode Coating: 900 um Wavelength: 532nm (very inportant!) Qty: 200 Length (...)
actually my final year project is to design low cost optical power meter...can i use pin photodiode compared to photodiode..what is the advantage between them? if i use multi mode fiber optic about the connectors to connect to pin it possible? any idea..or anywhere i can refer to.. and bout the wavelength of the optic source
anyway,actually my final year project is to design low cost optical power meter...can i use pin photodiode compared to photodiode..what is the advantage between them?any suggestion on the pin photodiode i can use?any reference? if i use multi mode fiber optic about the connectors to connect to pin photodiode.. any idea..or anywhere i (...)
RTL Compiler's advantages: 1) timing optimization --> from a) global synthesis, b) boundary optimization 2) area --> from boundary optimization 3) power --> from its low power synthesis infrastructure 4) capacity 5) runtime ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Other advance
For estimation of losses you can use the attached graph .. The amount of attenuation for a given cable is also wavelength dependent. Figure 3 shows the attenuation profile for the two main types of fibre; multi-mode and single-mode cable (described in detail below). The absorption peak at 1000nm is caused by the (...)
Hallo, when calculating the multi mode scattering matrix of a differential pair from single ended measured data, for which impedance are the common and odd mode matrices valid. If each of the the single ended line has the impedance Z0. Thanks for any reply. elektr0
several things come to mind. 1-Dr. Gu's book "RF System Design of Transceivers for Wireless Communications" is a decent book, although it's in need of a grammar editor. He covers CDMA/GSM. 2-multiband/multi mode receivers/transmitters are an active research topic. Take a look at where I've (...)
Hi There are no good and bad way to define a port. You should choose one direction and phases of S parameters will be referenced to this direction. For an example, if you are analising multiport microstrip circuit use the same orientation for all ports, it doesn't matter if it is directed up or down as long as all of the ports have the same dire
Hi all, Stumbled across this website whilst do some research into understanding the memory usage for large models in Ansoft HFSS v10. I didn't find the exact answer I'm looking for, so I thought I would register and be more specific. Currently I am (attempting to) simulate an industrial multi-mode microwave applicator, (...)
Thanks. This is a 5GHz PLL. There are PFD, charge pump, divider and VCO. The divider is multi-mode (eight), so it can be used to select different channel. The following shows the detail. I did not use any circuit to initialize the control voltage.
This is a common problem, I did it once and learned from it. The output ports 2 and 3 are balanced; therefore ports 2 and 3 must be driven simultaneously with equal magnitude and opposite phase. You must use a multi-mode converter (or a transformer) between the balun and you're measurement port.
Hello, Yes, use a multi-mode converter (MMCONV) or a transformer between the balun and the measurement port.... Their is an example which shows how you can use this model (Mixed_Common_and_Differentia_Measurements.emp)..... ---manju---
Hi, I am trying to simulate a rectangular waveguide and I am looking for a better understanding of the integration line especially under multi-mode condition. I searched HFSS help but it's not very clear. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Raj