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Hi Arpkum, If any one of your operand is a constant one then there is an easy way like this: Say if one of your multiplier operand is 11, then 11 can be represents in the power of 2 as 11 = 8 + 2 + 1 = 2^3 + 2^1 + 2^0 and if A is the other (...)
Here is my code for shift and add multiplier (datapath controller method) Can anyone please see the code and see where I'm going wrong. It just doesn't seem to work. The datapath is like this Datapath. However I've c
hi is there any body who khnow the circuit of below?: i want this for logic circuits lab : i want to make a multiplier with "shift & sum alghoritm",for example with shift register and etc...,if any body khnows,how can i make this , tell me immediately,plz i will be thankful
Hi, i have learned the shift register code in VHDL as the following: if (reset = '1') then shift <= '0000" ; else if (clock' event and (clock= '1')) then shift <= shift (2 downto 0) & si; can anyone tell me this is shift left or shift right? because (...)
Hi, What are the bit shift and rotate instructions used in visual Basic (like << or >> operators in C Language) ? Thanx in advance
Dear Forum Members, Why We Use Copper Pour In The Circuit, and How To add It In Orcad?
what is the difference between arithmetic shift and logical shift? What is the advantage and disadvantage concerned to both? Does anybody know?
Hi all, How >>(right shift) and <<(left shift) 2'complement number (both positive and negative integer). Is x>>2 equal to floor(x/4)? and is x<<2 equal to x*4? Best regards, Davy
hi all, I want to see know how shift and hold registers are loaded with values in EDT mode. When i open in the design i am seeing the values in the first shift register is the result of edt_update and edt_channel input. But in the reference guide it is given the masking bits will be (...)
Why we are using various frequency for Functional mode and shift mode??? whether physical design engineer have a mandatory work to MET the setup and hold time in both mode?????
Hello, What is the difference between Doppler shift and Doppler spread? and what causes each of them? Thanks
How can we verify scan shift and capture timing in a design? --Kumar
Hello, I have written a code of counter counts from 0 to 9999 using mikroc to interface old mcu PIC16F84A with 7 segment display using multiplexing technique and shift register 74hc164 This is the source code: unsigned short j=0,k=0,l=0,d=0,m=0,n=0,o=0,p=0; unsigned short seg(unsigned short num) { switch (num) { case 0 : return 0x3F
Hi dear friends what is difference between buffer and signal and register and bus in vhdl? thanks
Hi, I have: 1 XOR gate, 2 and gates and 1 OR gate. Now i need a NOT gate that has to be done only with the above mentioned gates. Is it possible? If so how?
Hi all, I have 2 inputs A and B and 1 output Q(14:0); I want to do this in vhdl: If a=5 and B=10 then Q=000001111111111 Thank's in advance regards voho
hi all, i want some clarification about tech file given with the software. -- normally what i have seen that we refer λ as scalable parameter for sizing and generally use 2λ = X micron . but for o.5 micron tech file they wrote that λ = 0.30 micron for this process SCN3M_SUBM. -- whats the difference between SCN3M_SUBM (...)
I use UT-CPC6264-70LL I don't know how to read and write,and how to see the data in 6264 by MEDWIN. For read,I just need to MOVX A,@DPTR?
PLEASE, can you tell me what are iofiller and how and where we use theme in a layout
MS by research mode and (course and/or Mixed mode) What are the differences betw. them (pros and cons)? What is your prefered type?Why? Thanx.
Hallo people I am about to begin my first steps in the Microcontroller world and I have some questions: What is the difference between the Flash, RAM, and SRAM and what is the function of each? How can I use certain communication protocol in a microcontroller, for example I want to (...)
can any one explain the difference between the sp and psp ac and pac,and the function of pss.thank you !
Would you suggest a free software for playing these file types? please note the "and" best regards El-Hadidy
Dear all i am working on a new project named timing advancer for cng/lpg vehicles. all i know is that the ecu of the vehicle is controlled according to the tps and map volatges. but dont know the details. can anybody help me out on what exactly does it do and what is the relation between tps (...)
what is DAC in DRC and LVS and anttena effect
Hi I have doubt regarding the FPGAs and ASICs and STructed SoCs. Can any one explain about this?
I want to replace two comparators and one and gate with a PIC10F200T. What I want to do is set two I/O ports as inputs this would perform the comparator function. I then need to be able to check when both inputs are high simultaneously (the and function), for 10mS are greater. When this (...)
hi I started building an embedded webserver with ENC28J60 and ATmega8. can you help me and send easy sample shematic and circuit and bascom program for esay web server tnx.:?: Edit: Heading corrected. Nandhu
hello everybody, can any one tell me about the "meaning" of RS code decoder included "error only" and "error and erasure"? Or maybe you can tell me the difference between them, thanks! Otherwise, if you know the "Berlekmap algorithm", please tell me the procesure of decoder about "error (...)
what is guide and fence and region in floorplan? pleaSE replay me.
Hi All What is Metal slotting? I need defintion and merits and demerits? Din
i'm somewhat new to fpgas and digital design. i'm using ISE Webpack 11.1 to learn about all of that. after i design something i simply follow a series of steps a tutorial "told" me to do, so that the design could be put onto the fgpa. however i don't know why i'm doing it. out of the steps i take i only understand what (...)
i need full solution manual for data and communications and networking by behrouz forouzan {even problems}??
I need RELATION between "np and frequncy and stop" for fft in the hspice . for DESCRIPTION stop time what is the np rules.
how to easily learn c language and microcontroller and rtos
what is profi bus and how and were it is used
I've constructed a 4-1 multiplexor with and not and or gates, then i converted it to nand gates. I removed the extra not gates to simplify and was left with the circuit attached. Do you guys think it is simplified enough?
how i can calculate area and power and no. of transistor using cadence , and also i hope if any one knows how to give an input in bus
can u give me the circuit diagram, source code and proteus simulation of digital voltmeter and ammeter and frequency meter to measure ac as well as dc. very urgent. - - - Updated - - - using microcontroller
I need Help how to interface GLCD (LM3229 or LM240128TCC) which available in the market I want the generic solution not any micro controller solution. the way to configure pins ,how to write text and shift and how to draw (using equation ???), I don't want to use any library as I want to do it myself (...)
Hello 1- No one is going to "draw" the code for you. 2- concerning the 4 leds problem, for any multiplier it is very common to just neglect half of the bits(or less) in the result register. For example 1011)binary * 0010)binary which is 11x2 in decimal the exact result should be 00010110, now we can either throw the most 4-bits or the least
I'm using virtuoso and need to add one layer to metal1 for port label, but when I add one layer, I cannot find how to set its TEXTTYPE number, how should I do? Thanks for your help!
Greeting Does anyone know which microcontroller is suitable and cheap for caryying 'add and multiply' instruction per cycle? Also how can I work the precise time per instruction cycle out? For example I want a processor to complete the process such as a large number of 'add (...)
In a normal receiver frequency offset can be detected and compensated by AFC(Automated Frequency Controller). If Doppler frequency shift exists, can this frequency offset be detected by AFC in the same way? Or we have to do something special to cancel Doppler effect?
Hi folks, Any relationship between phase/gain/bandwidth and jitter? I am designing a limiting amplifier using acticve inductive peaking configuration. I found everything else is ok but jitter. I thought this mightbe because of too much phase shift (1.5G, about 180 degree) due to (...)
below is a 8-bit shift and add multiplier code in vhdl. u can take it as reference and design a 16-bit multiplier. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- The multiplier (...)
hi, can any one give me the reason of phase shift and calculation of phase shift. thanx.
Dear developers How can I implement an shift left and shift right instruction with using the default instructionset for the 8051 and PIC18 Can somebody help me with give code examples for create shift functions in assembly only? Thanks Stefke
Hi I need to shift the whole band into baseband. To do so, we multiply by e^-2*pi*f(c). Can you please show me how to implement this in VHDL and Verilog?
Can u draw a picture for 4 bit x 4 bit unsigned multiplier using 4 bit adders, and upload here i will be highly grateful to you for that