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Hi Group, Could anyone tell me where i can get a 16-bit multiplier code in VHDL. i 'v been searching all over the net including google code search, but end up finding code that uses in-built blocks. Tanks in advance, Sishir
Hi cmuraztaz You Are Also There: Nobody Has Given A Satisfactory Answer For You. May I Can Help? First Of All I Need To See The
Hi Arpkum, If any one of your operand is a constant one then there is an easy way like this: Say if one of your multiplier operand is 11, then 11 can be represents in the power of 2 as 11 = 8 + 2 + 1 = 2^3 + 2^1 + 2^0 and if A is the other (...)
ello guys.. Well the concept of low power can be explained by factors such as Switching, shortcircuit, leakage and static -- Keeping these factors in mind, i propose to design a VLIW processor which wud be under the Globally Asynchronous and Locally Synchronous technology(GALS) , First i have to design an ALU (...)
could someone tell me the difference between multiplier and mixer?
hi is there any body who khnow the circuit of below?: i want this for logic circuits lab : i want to make a multiplier with "shift & sum alghoritm",for example with shift register and etc...,if any body khnows,how can i make this , tell me immediately,plz i will be thankful
Hello 1- No one is going to "draw" the code for you. 2- concerning the 4 leds problem, for any multiplier it is very common to just neglect half of the bits(or less) in the result register. For example 1011)binary * 0010)binary which is 11x2 in decimal the exact result should be 00010110, now we can either throw the most 4-bits or the least
Are you using the graphical editor? then use the LPM library from the mega wizard for multiplier and divider and make all the data paths the same length,
anyone want to help me with this? I'm having a bit of trouble with the control and resultant register block. Here is the code I have so far: -- M x Q --C A Q M --bit(0) of Q => if 1 add and shift elsif 0 shift, A=A+M --eight cycles register is 16 bits --store M in (...)
Why is not it used in RTL for multiplication? Generally speaking, it is used. Thus I don't exactly understand the question. There may be reasons to instantiate explicite multiplier blocks instead of infering it from a "*" operator. It depends.
90236 I am trying to implement a sequential shift and add 4bit multiplier as shown in the image. I am having a separate module for the 4 bit ripple carry adder. I have tested the adder module and it works fine. now i need to trigger (...)
Gate count is not indipendent from your target frequency (in some particular technology like .13um TSMC LP, not in general), your wire-load models, input/output delays. For memory, you could look into Memory Compiler you use (if it supports 2 read and 1 write ports!). All those blocks you mention are extremelly small (even multiplier) for (...)
Dear All, I want to implement a multiplier, but I don't know which multiplier is better for cost sensitivity. Could you tell me the related algorithm by your consideration? Thanks a lot.
hi all, I m a student of Mtech. I want 2 give seminar on multipliers .can anybody help me out regarding the study material of multipliers or about websites where i can find out relavant information about multipliers . thanx reply soon
Hello everyone, I have been trying to design a 4 bit ALU. I have designed it for some arithmetic and logical operations. Now I want to add the multiplication operation with my design. For that I am trying to design 4*4 multiplier. But the problem is it's giving me 7 outputs and the rest (...)
Hi there, Recently I was trying to write a Verilog Code for Multiplication by 3. Condition-My Input is variable-Unsigned or Signed My multiplier is fixed-3 So if i have -20 as input in binary my output should by -60. and 20 as input my output should be +60. I want to declare only one output that is product (...)
hi everyone a student from Vietnam. i have a project and have to submit it to my teacher on the 20th of May . Can you guys here help me with this project. I would really appriciate your help^^^ the project is: design and test 4X4 bit unsigned multiplier using right shift (...)
In the past, I taught college labs for this problem. Some people will just understand how to do this, and others really never caught on. If you ignore the book's advice, you can actually get better results in less time. (it might have been the instructor's advice, I really only used the book for the specifications of the (...)